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Things That Make You Go... Mmm

You know all those niggly things that don’t quite sit well with you but you can’t quite put your finger on why? Or all these new things that are appearing in our world: gender roles, the lost art of listening, relationships, divorce, communicating with different age groups? Join me, Karen O’Connor, and my guests each week as we talk about the aspects of life that are important to us all, and how we can use our strengths, experience and, yes, even our weaknesses to make changes in the world. Connect with us here:


How many social changes are a response to the concept of ’normal’?
We have been seeing more emphasis in society on what is considered to be acceptable, aka 'normal'. But what is 'normal' and why does the idea of 'normal' hold so much power over us?    Find out more here:
33:21 27/09/22
The Shocking Primary Cause Of Death For Women Aged 50+ with Dr Ron Eaker.
There are many physiological changes that happen during menopause, one of which is how much oestrogen your body produces, which you may already know, but are you aware of the impact that has on other parts of your physiology? Join me and Dr Ron Eaker, an ob/gyn with decades of knowledge and expertise on menopause to find out more. More information here:
55:40 20/09/22
WHY WE NEED TO LISTEN MORE! With Elizabeth Gould
Tune in to listen to this brand new episode where Elizabeth Gould and I discuss our culture and the power in listening. This fun and fascinating conversation offers a perspective on the importance of letting people to be heard. Find out more here:
43:02 13/09/22
Why We Need A Role Model with Elizabeth Gould, author
Are there any archetypes (aka role models) that are relevant to women today? This is an interesting thought when we consider that Kim Kardashian is currently a very big archetype. Join me in conversation with author Elizabeth Gould, why it's important to have role models and why midlife women need to step up as role models for future generations. Find out more here:
42:55 06/09/22
How To Tell Someone’s IQ From Their Social Media Posts with Ryan O’Connor
There are studies that show the correlation between the number of times you post on social media and your IQ. The more posts the lower the IQ... Find out more here:
53:24 30/08/22
Why We Need To Learn To Apologise with AJ Grossman, Divorce Lawyer
Join divorce lawyer AJ Grossman and I in this part two to last week's episode. This time we are talking all things apologies, feeling acknowledge and taking responsibility for our actions. Listen now! Find out more here:
33:13 23/08/22
So you think you’re always right? With AJ Grossman
Today's guest, AJ Grossman, is a divorce lawyer and an expert in conflict and dispute resolution. In this episode he shares with us how many people focus on being right and proving that they're right - at the expense of moving forward. Tune in now! Find out more here:
43:59 16/08/22
On voting, Trump and the terrifying future of the United States with Kerri Wilson
Today’s guest, Kerri Wilson, is a US citizen who is horrified and saddened at the way her country is going. Tune in to this controversial and potentially polarising conversation with someone who lives in the heart of the chaos. Find out more here:
49:21 09/08/22
Why are men angry all the time? And since when was pink a masculine colour? with co-host Ryan O’Connor
Join Ryan O'Connor and I in this light-hearted and thought-provoking conversation about gender roles, assumptions and stereotypes.
44:01 02/08/22
What is the difference between gender and sex? with co-host Ryan O’Connor
Today's guest and co-host, Ryan O'Connor, shares his own opinions, perspectives and knowledge on gender and sex. Join us in this interesting, light-hearted conversation about an important topic. Find out more here:
48:30 26/07/22
The Times, They Are A-Changin’...
Welcome to this final episode of the menopause marriage and motherhood podcast. I'm kind of not sorry for dropping that in on you, but don't worry. The podcast isn't stopping. I'm just doing a bit of a rebrand and having a bit of a change and a shake-up. Find out more here:
06:05 21/07/22
What was the role of women in the ancient world? With Jamie O’Connor
We all know of Julius Ceasar and Socrates, but who are the female figures in ancient history? There is distinct lack of prominent female figures in ancient history. Jamie O'Connor and I explore ancient history as we attempt to find important female figures. Join us in this fascinating and captivating episode. Find out more here:
37:01 19/07/22
Why We Need To Reduce The Stigma Around Menopause with Melissa MacGowan
Menopause is often seen as something that a woman should keep to her self, her own private secret. More recently, it has been talked about openly but there it still largely considered a taboo topic and women continue to suffer in silence. Connect with us here:
34:57 12/07/22
The psychology behind politics with co-host Ryan O’Connor
This is quite a confronting subject for many - due to its controversial nature it's one of those topics that isn't talked about. However, I've never been one to shy away from sharing my opinion, and this podcast is no exception to that. Join myself and Ryan O'Connor in this fascinating discussion about Australian politics and the inner workings of our nation's parties. In this (hopefully!) highly engaging episode, we share our personal opinions and perspectives.   Find out more here:
42:59 05/07/22
(Part two) How to be in a healthy, happy relationship! with Dr Thomas Jordan
On this episode I am joined by clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Thomas Jordan who shares his fascinating insight into relationships and love. We discuss how to overcome unhealthy habits, toxic patterns and ultimately, psychological barriers that are inhibiting you from achieving your dream love life.   Find out more here:
38:29 28/06/22
How To be In A Healthy, Loving Relationship, with Dr Thomas Jordan
Join clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Thomas Jordan and I as we discuss the root cause of toxic, unhealthy relationships. Dr. Jordan explains how we can overcome negative patterns and beliefs around relationships. Listen to this insightful and fascinating podcast to learn about how you can achieve your dream love life.  Find out more here:
42:49 21/06/22
Why budgeting doesn’t work; get your finances under control WITHOUT doing a budget! with Sherri Dumbrell
Money expert, Sherri Dumbrell, firmly believes that trying to create your financial future from a budget is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. Come and find out how to stop living from pay cheque to pay cheque and get on top of your finances without the whole lot of pain that goes with budgeting. Find out more here:
48:11 14/06/22
The Embarrassing Problem No One Wants To Talk About with Kate Hooper and Allison Bryant
Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause so many problems but overly strong and tense pelvic floor muscles can cause just as many problems. There are rows and rows of laxatives available at the supermarket yet a large proportion of constipation problems are caused (or started) by muscular problems not digestive issues. And it's relatively easy to resolve those problems if you know how. Find out more here:
42:45 07/06/22
The BEST way to look after your skin and hair during menopause with Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan
For many years now, I've thought of dermatologists as doctors who give you creams for skin conditions. Apparently, that's not true. Join me and Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan of ODE Dermatology to find out what we can actually do to help our skin (and hair and nails!) as it ages without resorting to surgery, creams or prolonged treatments at the salon. Find out more here:
37:25 31/05/22
Why does it seem like there’s a motherhood elite that makes some mothers put others down?
"Mother's Day is for real mothers. You're not a real mother because you didn't actually give birth to your child, you lost it before it was born." What constitutes a "real" mother? And why, in this age of supposed equality, careers and life choices, do women (and men!) have to justify their decision not to have children?   Join us as we consider three questions in this episode: how (and why) some mothers put a lot of effort into gaslighting other mothers, why we might want to bring children into the world (or not), and do mothers forgive - and defend - their children no matter what they do.   Find out more here:  
51:58 23/05/22
Why Period Pains Are NOT Normal with Alexis Wolfe, CEO Endometriosis Australia
Most women are used to the fact that once a month they - or someone they know - is incapacitated for a few days because of the "discomfort", it's "normal", "all part of being a woman", "just the way things are. Unfortunately, it's not. We shouldn't be allowing ourselves, our daughters and friends to struggle with monthly pain because the pain is very likely to be a symptom of something much more serious than "monthly problems" Find out more here:
42:01 17/05/22
Why You Need To Give Up Alcohol with Jo-Anne Bowyer
When Jo-Anne Bowyer and Lauren Lakin took stock of their lives, they realised that they were way too dependant on alcohol to "relax" and "wind down" and made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. But they quickly realised that there was nothing drinkable to replace their beloved cocktails, so they set about creating their own, the fabulously irreverent Smug AF Cocktails. Find out more here:
33:38 10/05/22
How to give up alcohol and still have a social life with Rachael Layton
If you've thought you need to cut down the alcohol or even give up altogether for a while, you need to listen to this. Alcohol coach, Rachael Layton, explains why it's a good idea to cut down and how to do it  in the face of no agreement. Find out more here:  
39:02 03/05/22
The FASTEST Way To A Superfit Pelvic Floor with Angela James
Think strengthening your pelvic floor is just about incontinence and prolapses? Did you know that a weak pelvic floor can have a seriously negative impact on your ability to have and enjoy sex? In both men and women. Find out more here:
39:54 26/04/22
How To Stop Blaming Yourself For Everything
There's a tiny gap between allowing people to fully express themselves and not making it mean anything and feeling like you're being a door mat. Find out how to stop taking responsibility for other people's stuff. Find out more here:  
36:57 19/04/22
How to deal with stress and trauma
It seems that so many people and teachings tell us that if our lives were perfect, we'd be happy all the time and that is what we should aim for. How would life be different if we stopped making 'negative' feelings such as anger or sadness wrong and instead accepted them as a necessary part of our existence? Join us for this deep dive into stress, trauma and how positivity is toxic. Find out more here:
38:24 05/04/22
How women are written out of history with Rahaleh Nassri
If a man is forthright and takes charge of a situation, he's called a leader. If a woman does the same thing, she's called bossy at best or something like "a b*ll breaker" at worst. In this episode, I find out about some of these Violent Femmes, these women "who were brave, bold, and ingenious, yet are mostly remembered for their brutality or villainy, if at all." Find out more here:
34:07 29/03/22
Why ”Core” Exercises Don’t Exercise Your Core with Angela James
What we call "core" classes are generally about getting a flat stomach or ripped abs, they're not actually exercising our true core muscles, partly because we don't know how to recognise or connect to them. Physiotherapist Angela James, explains the implications of this. Find out more here:
37:56 22/03/22
How The Medical Profession Downplays Women’s Diseases with Gabrielle Jackson
'Women are in pain, all through their bodies; they're in pain with their periods, and while having sex… And many are so, so tired … But women's pain is all too often dismissed, their illnesses misdiagnosed or ignored.' Guardian journalist, Gabrielle Jackson, talks to us about her research into, and personal experience of, Endometriosis. Find out more here:
31:44 15/03/22
Painful Periods Are NOT Normal with Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson had painful periods as soon as she began menstruating and it only got worse over the years. Join us as she shares her story, the problems she had with the medical system, being ignored as well as getting a diagnosis, plus surgeries gone wrong, and how having endometriosis impacts her life. 1 in 10 women suffers with Endometriosis yet it takes on average more than 6 years to be diagnosed and costs every woman with the disease approximately $30,000 a year* in lost wages and medical fees Find out more here: * Endometriosis Australia -
33:25 08/03/22