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In Asia Matters Podcast, we go beyond the headlines with experts from around the globe to help explain what's shaping the region.


Delta Damage: Asia's Continuing Covid Struggle 35:17 13/10/21
South Korea: The Tech Powerhouse on the Cyber Frontline 37:40 07/10/21
North Korea: The View from the South 38:51 08/08/21
Myanmar Six Months On: A Failed State? 38:29 19/07/21
The Olympics in Asia: Gold, Glory and Geopolitics 37:29 12/07/21
How the EU Fits into Asia’s Security Puzzle 39:06 27/06/21
Does China See Itself as a Great Power? 48:11 08/06/21
North Korea: Is Full Denuclearisation Still a Viable Goal? 38:17 01/06/21
Japan and South Korea: Navigating an Era of Competition 41:41 28/05/21
Biden Post-100 Days: The View from Asia 48:15 12/05/21
Dealing with Disinformation: A Global Challenge 29:33 03/05/21
ASEAN and Myanmar: How to Handle the Coup Next Door 33:19 23/04/21
How China Is Changing - And Being Changed by - the UN 44:13 28/03/21
China Faces Up To Its Biggest Challenges 40:36 16/03/21
Islands Apart: Pacific Nations In The Covid Era 31:22 01/03/21
What to Expect from Vietnam’s New Leaders 30:06 19/02/21
Myanmar's Military Are Back: First Impressions of the Coup 24:22 07/02/21
US-India Relations: Why Modi Will Be Key to Biden's Asia Plans 36:53 10/01/21
Southeast Asia and China: Too Close for Comfort? 48:38 21/12/20
Biden in Asia: New President, New Rules? 45:19 29/11/20
Joko Widodo: Indonesia's Leader of Contradictions 38:53 26/10/20
Softbank: Asia's Most Influential Tech Company 34:32 07/10/20
India in the COVID-19 Era 35:54 28/09/20
South Asia’s Dual Crises: Coronavirus and Climate Change 46:33 11/09/20
Summer of China: Three Books to Read 49:56 27/08/20
Japan's Foreign Policy: The Art of Persuasion? 47:24 17/08/20
Coronavirus and Racism: Asian-Americans in the Crossfire 33:05 26/07/20
Do Middle Powers Have a China Dilemma? 48:25 05/07/20
The Luckin Scandal: How 'China's Starbucks' Crashed 28:30 07/06/20
China's 'Two Sessions': Hong Kong, COVID-19 and the Economy 53:24 02/06/20