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Brought to you by InvestKL- the specialist investment agency to attract and facilitate investments by multinational companies into Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


"Driving Sustainable Business in Greater KL" - EP 5: Digital Frontiers: How Technology Shapes Our Sustainable Journey
In the final episode of this season, we hear from Jonathan Smith, the APAC Regional Lead for Sustainability Solutions at Cognizant. With over three decades of consulting experience, he will share some findings from a report his team did and talk about how he collaborates with clients who are interested in starting their sustainability journey.
07:57 13/12/2023
"Driving Sustainable Business in Greater KL" - EP 4: Unravelling the Realities to a Low Carbon Organization
In this episode of “Driving Sustainable Business in Greater KL”, we hear from Yogi Nadaraju, Supply Chain Manager & Sustainability Champion for East Asia from SLB, previously known as Schlumberger, talking to us about the initiatives SLB has undertaken to tackle the demand of energy whilst driving sustainability.
08:27 06/12/2023
"Driving Sustainable Business in Greater KL" - EP 3: Driving Social Change Through ESG Performance
Join us for the latest episode of InvestKL Conversations as Malini Senthinathan, Associate Director of Financial Assurance & Technology for Alcon, shares how Alcon is championing sustainability in the eye care industry. Discover how Alcon is making an impact on people's lives and contributing to a sustainable future.
09:11 29/11/2023
"Driving Sustainable Business in Greater KL" - EP 2: Strategies for a Resilient Value Chain
As the vibrant city continues to grow and evolve, it’s more important than ever for business to embrace sustainability, innovation and responsible growth. In our 2nd episode of “Driving Sustainable Business in Greater KL”, we speak to Arvind Devadas, Head of Sustainability for Zalora. Being one of the region’s pioneer large-scale e-commerce platforms, Zalora has an extensive collection of brands and millions of customers. In an industry where consumers are growing to become more conscious with their purchases by the day, what is Zalora’s sustainability strategy?
08:49 21/11/2023
"Driving Sustainable Business in Greater KL" - EP 1: Building a Smart City Ecosystem
The global call for sustainable practices has shifted the world, transforming business landscapes and now regarded as an expected business practice.  As an investment promotion agency tasked to attract and facilitate leading global companies, InvestKL values the importance of our investors’ role in advancing Malaysia's sustainability agenda. At our recent roundtable session called ‘IKL Centre Stage’, we brought together speakers from diverse industries, sharing their best practices in daily business operations while maintaining the sustainability compass. In this episode, we have Mr Sylvester Wong, VP and ASIA ESG Services Business Lead for AECOM to talk about "Building a Smart City Ecosystem."
09:55 15/11/2023
At the Forefront of ESG: The Malaysia Story
In this exclusive episode, we explored what global companies in Greater Kuala Lumpur—and Malaysia as a whole—are doing to achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets and how their experiences can be applied globally. Listen to the discussion with Datuk Seri Norazman Ayob, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of International Trade and Industries, Wan Sayuti Wan Hussin, Head of Strategy & Policy for Corporate Sustainability of Petronas, Norliza Hashim, CEO of Urbanice, led by Manon Bernier, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative. 
17:47 05/10/2022
"Climate Action – Race to Zero": EP 5 - Food Waste Management
In this final episode of the series on “Climate Action - Race to Zero”, we speak to Suzanne Mooney, Founder of The Lost Food Project, a leading food rescue organisation in Malaysia, working to reduce food waste mainly in the Klang Valley.
07:29 21/07/2022
"Climate Action – Race to Zero": EP 4 - The Sustainable Food Systems
Today we spoke to Dr Chin Chiew Foan from Nottingham University, who's leading the Sustainable Food Systems research at the university. 
07:48 14/07/2022
"Climate Action – Race to Zero": EP 3 - “Malaysian Businesses for Positive Climate Actions – a CEO’s Guide”
Today’s episode we hear from Dr Avvari V Mohan, Director of Research, Nottingham University Business School, who co-authored the book “Malaysian Businesses for Positive Climate Actions – a CEO’s Guide”, together with Faroze Nadar, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network Malaysia and Brunei.
06:03 07/07/2022
"Climate Action – Race to Zero": EP 2 - The Roles in Tackling Climate Changes
We are speaking to Niloy Banarjee, UNDP resident representative for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, who is a development economist with specialization in effective institutions and capacity development. UNDP is currently supporting 120 countries to achieve their climate goals through climate change adaptation actions and meeting the challenges of climate change.
06:15 30/06/2022
"Climate Action – Race to Zero" : EP 1 - The UK-Malaysia Partnerships to Building Smart Cities.
InvestKL Conversations is back on the 5th season, where we feature esteemed speakers from the “Malaysia Climate Action Week”, a week-long program organised by the British High Commission of Kuala Lumpur, aimed to increase awareness about the impacts of climate change, trigger ideas and enable action to support-decarbonization in Malaysia.  In this first episode, Sam Myers, Her Majesty's Deputy Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific Southeast Asia, shares his insights on the United Kingdoms's vision and initiatives on Climate Action Plans and Smart Cities, and how the strategic collaboration between the UK-Malaysia brings value to the development of smart cities. 
05:56 24/06/2022
International Investments in Malaysia: EP 5 - His Excellency Charles Hay, British High Commissioner To Malaysia
Asia has traditionally viewed the UK as an economic gateway to Europe, with the new exit comes with new regulatory barriers for UK-EU trade, would this negatively impact or weaken the trade links with Asia? We hear from British High Commissioner to Malaysia, His Excellency Charles Hay.
08:00 02/11/2021
International Investments in Malaysia: EP4 - YBHG Dato’ Sri Norazman Ayob, Deputy Secretary-General, MITI
We have heard from a few of our British counterparts on why they have built their hubs here in Kuala Lumpur. Today, we hear from YBhg Dato' Sri Norazman Ayob, Deputy Secretary-General, Ministry of Industry and International Trade Malaysia (MITI) about what are some of the Malaysian government initiatives to further attract investments. 
11:15 19/10/2021
International Investments in Malaysia: EP 3 - Paul Gibbons, Managing Partner, Frasers Group (UK) Sports Direct
Started in 1982, Sports Direct is now UK’s no. 1 sports retailer. They have been one of Britain’s great success stories and has continued to expand around the globe. It is no surprise why they have set up a regional distribution centre here in Kuala Lumpur to reach out to the 10 markets in the ASEAN region.  In this episode, we hear from Paul Gibbons, Managing Partner of Frasers Group UK, a JV partnership with Sports Direct, who started their business here in 2010. 
05:47 05/10/2021
International Investments in Malaysia: EP2 - Natasha Pheiffer, Managing Director Asia, BAE Systems
In our second episode of "International Investments in Malaysia", Natasha Pheiffer, the Managing Director of Asia at BAE Systems spoke on how Greater Kuala Lumpur brought the opportunity and ability to provide high-tech talent to their regional operation. 
07:53 21/09/2021
International Investments in Malaysia: EP1 - George Thomson, Deputy Trade Commissioner For Southeast Asia, DIT UK
InvestKL Conversation is back with our new series! In our very first episode of "International Investments in Malaysia", George Thomson, the Deputy Trade Commissioner For Southeast Asia at the Department Of International Trade (DIT) UK gave a good overview of the UK ambitions in the region and the potential of growth.
11:10 08/09/2021
Greater KL – Where You Grow Your Business: EP 5 - Kadokawa Gempak Starz
In this episode, we speak to the CEO of Kadokawa Gempak Starz, Chris Yew to find out why did Kadokawa choose Malaysia as its base for regional expansion.
04:11 01/04/2021
Greater KL – Where You Grow Your Business: EP 4 - SOCAR
In this episode, we speak to SOCAR, a car-sharing startup from South Korea which had set up its regional hub here in Greater Kuala Lumpur.
04:40 25/03/2021
Greater KL – Where You Grow Your Business: EP 3 - Codemasters
In this episode, we speak with Andre Stiegler, Studio Manager of Codemasters, a world-renown British games developer, best known for its F1 franchise and various other racing game franchises.
04:05 11/03/2021
Greater KL – Where You Grow Your Business: EP 2 - Service Source
In the second episode of “Greater KL – Where You Grow Your Business”, we speak with Gnaneswaran S, Vice President of Operation Services for of Service Source International Malaysia to find out more about its operations here in Greater KL.
06:27 18/02/2021
Greater KL – Where You Grow Your Business: EP 1 - Leonardo Helicopters
InvestKL Conversations is back with a new series, “Greater KL – Where You Grow Your Business” where we spoke to many corporate leaders on their business operations in Greater Kuala Lumpur.  In this premiere, we speak to Vincenzo Alaimo, Vice President of Asia Pacific Global Sales for Leonardo Helicopters, who is also the General Manager of AgustaWestland Malaysia.
04:30 04/02/2021
Greater KL, Your Talent Hub: EP5 - Heriot-Watt University
In our final episode of this season, we spoke to the Provost and CEO of Heriot-Watt University, Professor Mushtak about the role of higher education today.
06:04 17/12/2020
Greater KL, Your Talent Hub: EP4 - University Malaya
In the fourth episode of this season, InvestKL Conversations spoke to the Vice-Chancellor of University Malaya, Datuk Abdul Rahim Hashim on industry-academia collaborations.
07:16 03/12/2020
Greater KL, Your Talent Hub: EP3 - Veolia APAC
In this episode, we speak to Ms. Selvi Muguriah, HR Director of Veolia for the Asia Pacific on building a talent ecosystem.
05:48 26/11/2020
Greater KL, Your Talent Hub: EP2 - Oracle Malaysia
In the second episode of “Greater KL – Your Talent Hub” we speak to Fitri Abdullah, Managing Director of Oracle Malaysia.
05:46 12/11/2020
Greater KL, Your Talent Hub: EP 1 - Subsea7
In this episode, we speak to Shakila Subiah, HR Leader & Advisor for Asia, of Subsea7 on the talent landscape in Malaysia, and their thought process of hiring and acquiring talent.
06:57 29/10/2020
Make Malaysia Your Regional Hub - Ep 5: MALAYSIA – Regionalising Your Supply Chain
In this episode, InvestKL CEO, Azmi Zulkifli, spoke on how companies regionalise their supply chain through Kuala Lumpur. 
04:34 23/09/2020
Make Greater KL Your Regional Hub - Ep 4: MALAYSIA - Make It Your Regional Hub
In this episode, we speak to Azmi Zulkifli, CEO of InvestKL, on attracting Multinationals to set up their regional hub, enhance their company’s growth in Asia Pacific.
03:30 07/09/2020
Make Greater KL Your Regional Hub - Ep 3: Building A Mature Ecosystem To Support Your Business
On the third episode of “Make Greater KL Your Regional Hub” CEO of InvestKL, Azmi Zulkifli shed lights on the importance of having a mature ecosystem in place in order to support businesses in Greater KL.
04:02 31/08/2020
Make Greater KL Your Regional Hub - Ep 2: Retaining Businesses During The Pandemic
CEO of InvestKL, Muhammad Azmi Zulkifli shares on what InvestKL has been up to during the pandemic hit in our second episode of the series “Make Greater KL Your Regional Hub”.
05:44 24/08/2020