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Are your Metal intake levels below the RWL (Recommended Weekly Levels)? Then you've come to just the right place. Take a seat, set your Mosh buffers to maximum and get ready to experience pure, unadulterated Metal.Buckle up, buttercup.This is a one-way express elevator to Hell...GOING DOWN!!


Episode 407: Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDVII
8th March was International Women's Day.  It would also seem that March is Women's History Month.  It would have been nice to actually have been informed of that.  Anyway, this edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show celebrates and commemorates the role of women in Metal.This one doesn't just look backwards. I'm not looking at the already established. That's why Doro, Nightwish, Butcher Babies, Leaves Eyes and so on aren't in the playlist.  OK, I sneaked in some White Zombie, but the rest is current and up-and -coming.  I've not even included anything by Alt Blk Era or Wargasm because I play their stuff regularly.Anyway, there's some good stuff here, so play it loud.
142:37 31/03/2024
Episode 406: Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDVI
This one came together a lot quicker than I was expecting, to be honest.  I just happened to find a lot of stuff that I wanted to play on the show over the last few days, so I thought I'd just record and publish.There's more than the normal amount of Power and Symphonic Metal in this one, quite a lot of it being from Italy. That was mostly because it was precisely what I've been in the mood for for the past few days.  Power Metal is excellent for when you just want to elevate your mood, isn't it?  Certainly works for me.Weirdly, there's also a song from the Republic Of Ireland's entrant for Eurovision in there somewhere.  Seriously.Anyway, as usual, you can find me (and a lot of these bands) on Instagram and TikTok.  Give them a follow.  Give me a follow too, while you're there.  You can find me at WyrdWaysRockShow on both platforms.  Come and say "hello".  Also remember to subscribe to the podcast on your favourite podcast app.
122:14 18/02/2024
Episode 405: Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDV
January was a bit of a git, wasn't it?  At least we've got the music to help get us through.  Some cracking new stuff came out, some of which you'll get to listen to when you listen to the show.  Plug in your headphones, turn it up, relax, get in the moment and let the soothing sounds of some excellent Heavy Metal take you to your happy place.
114:37 03/02/2024
Episode 404: Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDIV
This is definitely the last edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show for 2023.  I'm certainly not going to have the time to produce another one in the next few hours before midnight and the beginning of 2024. I hope everyone reading this had an excellent Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Zarathosht Diso or whatever you celebrate at the end of December each year.Here's the running order, with links to each of the bands' website, Instagram or Bandcamp accounts:All For Metal - RunBlood Python - The Gods That Fell To EarthAsomvel - Every Dog Has It's DayDoro - True Metal ManiacsSateilija - IkiyoJordsjuk - Siste SkanseVoltumna - VanthAlmost Dead - Commandments Of CoercionCognizance - Chiselled In StoneFinal Coil - ChemtrailsMetalite - Blazing SkiesTherion - NummoSylvania - El Río de los LamentosBorknagar - SummitsHyperia - Automatic Thrash MachineJenner - Prove Them WrongThe Rods - Rattle The CageDymytry - Everything Is BlackExilia - Sky Is Falling DownShylmagoghnar - EgregoreHanabie - Be The GAL - Early Summer VersionVENUES - Radiate MeScarefield - House Of The Rising Sun
116:08 31/12/2023
Episode 403: Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDIII
Incredibly, a second edition in less than a week.  You can tell I’m on holiday, can’t you?Be warned: there are a few naughty words in this show, and if you’re a gammon, a TERF, a homophobe or have any prejudices against anyone in the LGBTIA+ group… or, to be honest, anyone who is classed as having a “protected characteristic” (to give it in terms of the law here in the UK), you can fuck right off.In musical terms, if you like your Hard Rock and Metal, I would say there’s definitely something for you in this show.  I also give you a bit of advice about where to look if you’re trying to find new bands to listen to.
112:05 21/12/2023