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Pursue Happiness. John Riley discusses San Diego news stories and interviews politicians, community leaders, athletes, coaches, authors and influencers. Topics including free market economics, entrepreneurism, politics, leadership, current events, sports, history and philosophy. We discuss living your life on your own terms, having the political freedom to make your own choices, and a variety of topics that give life meaning and joy. We broadcast from Poway CA in the San Diego metropolitan area.


Pete Murray for San Diego Judge, Criminal Justice, JRP0274 229:53 28/04/22
Richest Man in Babylon, Personal Finance, JRP0273 90:59 22/04/22
Oklahoma Abortion Bill, JRP0272 97:56 12/04/22
Daylight Savings, Ukraine, Tatis, Poway News, JRP0269 92:21 17/03/22
Pete Neild’s Pursuit of Happiness, “See Stories”, JRP0271 71:45 11/03/22
Poway Election Season is Here. Is Pete Neild?, JRP0270 66:43 11/03/22
Putin, Trudeau, Vaus, and the Pursuit of Happiness, JRP0268 85:41 24/02/22
Electric Vehicle Shopping Adventures, Presidents Day, JRP0267 62:36 22/02/22
NFL, Cannabis, and Canadian Truckers, JRP0266 40:58 10/02/22
Eileen Gu’s Pursuit of Happiness, JRP0265 37:09 09/02/22
The Happiness Dashboard, JRP0264 66:45 27/01/22
Poway and Rancho Bernardo, Top Stories in 2021, JRP0263 105:05 06/01/22
Candy Cane Lane, Elon Musk WSJ Interview, JRP0262 109:04 16/12/21
Smash and Grab, JRP0261 95:54 02/12/21
Solana Beach Climate Change Policies, JRP0260 90:36 18/11/21
Poway School Board Death Threats, JRP0259 99:11 11/11/21
SANDAG per mile tax, Squid Game, Poway News, JRP0258 73:53 04/11/21
Supply Chain Mess, Trucker Stories, Local News Update, JRP0257 102:30 21/10/21
Roots of San Diego State’s Exclusion from PAC-12 57:26 14/10/21
Poway Parks, Facebook Whistleblower, JRP0255 83:20 09/10/21
Reliving a Near Death Experience, JRP0254 93:38 06/10/21
Sales and Marketing Tips, Ed Franklin, JRP0253 88:53 19/09/21
Ed Franklin, No Limits, JRP0252 98:10 26/08/21
JRP Happy Hour 20210820, JRP0251 79:58 22/08/21
Afghanistan Withdrawal and Personal Independence, JRP0250 100:30 19/08/21
California Recall and Biden Infrastructure, JRP0249 84:09 11/08/21
“Free Road Trip”, Delta Variant, and Tonopah NV, JRP0248 97:55 05/08/21
Kathryn Cloward on the Passing of Father Joe, JRP0247 66:59 15/07/21
7 Lessons I Learned as an Entrepreneur, JRP0246 71:18 23/06/21
Ditching a Bad Job, JRP0245 58:00 21/06/21