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Career Crossroads

Getting to where you want to be in your career is not always as linear as we might think. Not everyone picks one career path and sticks to it for the rest of their lives, and lots of people are confused about what they want out of their career. On Career Crossroads, host Jonathan Collaton explores the stories of everyday people who have made pivots along their career journey. Starting with the question 'what did you want to be when you grew up?", they discuss all the jobs they have had, the people that influenced them, and both the expected and unexpected decisions that led them to their present career. They reflect on how sometimes we have these 'crossroads' moments where we must pick one thing over another, and they dig into the reasons why those decisions were made. The episodes are about the guests and their career stories.


Best of Career Crossroads #1 - Robbie 78:11 19/01/22
December 2021 Update - The Burnout is Real 27:12 22/12/21
Dakota – How Knowing His Values Led Him to Become A Professional Co-Author 79:38 15/12/21
Robert – From Journalism to Web Accessibility Advocate 66:22 08/12/21
Greg – How a Traumatic Brain Injury Changed His Path 58:51 01/12/21
Sydney – TikTok Travel and Tech Sales 58:04 24/11/21
Ken – The Path From Paycheck to Purpose 56:12 17/11/21
Crian - Career Paths in Five Countries 60:23 10/11/21
Lena – Business and Engineering and Technology, Oh My 81:52 03/11/21
Brooke – The Highs and Lows of Politics and Beyond 68:06 27/10/21
Keith - Opera Singer to Coffee Cocktail Artisan 77:15 20/10/21
Jabez – Mechanical Engineering to Business Consulting 60:45 13/10/21
Lauren – From Retail, to Music, to Mobile Flower Shop 77:40 06/10/21
Cayla – Hospitality to Healing 78:26 29/09/21
One Year of Career Crossroads 23:45 08/09/21
Nicholas – From Business to Film Production 83:37 01/09/21
Ben – From Indie Rocker to Journalist 57:22 25/08/21
Mathieu – From Hollywood Plans, to International Development, to Software Development and Beyond 65:22 18/08/21
Ashlee - The Road to Connecting Humans 71:34 11/08/21
August 2021 Update Episode 23:06 04/08/21
Mic – Finding His Calm in Music 78:41 28/07/21
Laura – Without Teaching, Who Am I? 75:20 21/07/21
Katie - From Aquatics, to Journalism, to Teaching 87:01 14/07/21
Sheldon – Med School Plans, Different Reality 88:18 23/06/21
Moe – From Phone Line Repairman to Tech Entrepreneur 52:05 16/06/21
Career Crossroads Update Episode! 16:31 09/06/21
Josh – The Path from Being Lost to Being Intentional 75:44 02/06/21
Jason - From Psychology to Professional Dancer 66:26 26/05/21
Shelly – From Hotel Management in India to Educator in Canada 58:48 19/05/21
Matt – Brass Instrument Repair, Skylanders Expert, Podcast Consultant 114:07 12/05/21