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The Revolución examines cultural trends in media, entertainment and advertising. Hosted by advertising professional Kathryn Garcia Castro, media marketing consultant Ana Crandell, thought leader and consumer researcher Linda Lane Gonzalez, ad agency executive Diego Lastra, and writer Court Stroud, each episode aims to inform, entertain and inspire audiences—Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike—through interviews of experts, newsmakers and celebrities. Guests include Gloria Estefan, Maria Hinojosa, Andrés Cantor, Don Francisco (Mario Luis Kreutzberger), and Edward James Olmos. "Ours is a revolution of mind and heart ... "  -Cesar Chavez


Princess Punzalan on FOX's "The Cleaning Lady"
Princess Punzalan's wedding made the front page of newspapers in the Philippines. An actress known for portraying villains in her home country, she left behind her television and film career after marrying American marketing professional Jason Field and moving to the United States, where she began working as a hospice nurse. Now Bernadette Vela Punzalan-Field (her full name) is back in the spotlight with a role on Season Two of FOX Television's "The Cleaning Lady." In this episode of The Revolución, Princess talks with cohosts Kathryn Garcia Castro, Linda Lane González and Court Stroud about the how she prepared for her audition, why she got typecast as two-faced characters in her previous acting work, and why any time she's in front of the camera seems like a vacation.
31:56 31/10/2022
Gloria Estefan Celebrates Her Birthday with Barbie
On Gloria Estefan's 65th birthday, Mattel launches the Gloria Estefan Barbie® Doll. The Cuban American legend talks with The Revolución cohosts Linda Lane González, Kathryn Garcia Castro, and Court Stroud about what Barbie® means to her and her thoughts about the state of Latin music, including Bad Bunny's success. Estefan also shares about upcoming projects, including a new Christmas album created with her daughter and grandson. 
37:26 02/09/2022
Kate del Castillo on La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South)
Actor Kate del Castillo got her start 30 years ago in Mexican telenovelas like Muchachitas. She made her Hollywood debut in a leading role in 2007, but her stature as an international celebrity skyrocketed in 2011 with La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South). She portrayed Teresa Mendoza, a woman from Mexico who becomes the most powerful drug tracker in the south of Spain. The Telemundo "Super Series" broke viewing records, with the debut season's finale outperforming all U.S. television networks, regardless of language. Season 2 premiered eight years later in 2019, completing its run as the #1 rated U.S. program in its time slot, regardless of language. In 2015, del Castillo brokered an interview between actor Sean Penn and infamous drug trafficking head Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, for which she was investigated by the Mexican government. In this interview with The Revolución co-hosts Diego Lastra, Kathryn Garcia Castro, Linda Lane González, and Court Stroud, Kate talks about filming La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South), her side of the Sean Penn - El Chapo controversy, and her activist work to end human trafficking. La Reina del Sur will return for season 3 in October.
30:09 23/08/2022
Manuel Abud and Enrique Pérez on The Latin Grammys
The Latin Recording Academy® - or LARAS -produces the annual Latin GRAMMY Awards®, called "The Biggest Night in Latin Music®." The international nonprofit's CEO Manuel Abud stepped into his role a year ago. Now, he's joined this summer by Enrique Pérez, the new LARAS Head of Partnerships & Client Solutions. The two men worked together at Telemundo and Azteca. They join The Revolución co-hosts Kathryn Garcia Castro, Linda Lane González, Diego Lastra, and Court Stroud to talk about topics including the explosion in popularity of Latin music, such as Bad Bunny's recent #1 worldwide ranking on streaming service Spotify; how the Academy chose its 2022 Person of the Year™, Marco Antonio Solís; and the foundation of their professional relationship and personal friendship. 
38:27 31/07/2022
Vanessa Williams and Seth Rudetsky on Broadway
Former Miss America Vanessa William made her Broadway debut in 1994 as the title role in “Kiss of the Spider Woman.” Seated at the piano during rehearsals was a musician named Seth Rudetsky.Years later, she had become a multiplatinum recording artist and star of television, film, and stage. He was an Emmy-nominated writer, composer, and popular host on Sirius/XM’s Broadway channel. They were placed near each other at a wedding. “We were like chitty chat, chitty chat,” Seth remembers. He then said, “I do these really fun concerts, where instead of doing scripted patter, I get to interview you in between each song. It's really spontaneous.” Vanessa said, “Sure. Yeah!” And they’ve been doing these shows together ever since.The friends join The Revolución podcast co-hosts Linda Lane González, Diego Lastra, Kathryn Garcia Castro, and Court Stroud to chat about the 2022 Tony Awards, their careers, LGBTQ Pride Month, and their upcoming concert in New York City's Town Hall. 
32:19 20/06/2022
Cleyvis Natera, Author of "Neruda on the Park"
Most books have a quiet birth, but not “Neruda on the Park” (Ballantine 2022). Cleyvis Natera’s debut novel has been trumpeted by NBC’s “The Today Show” as one of its “what to read this summer” recommendations. Elle Magazine named it among the season’s “must-read” books. The positive New York Times review called the work “earnest, provocative” and praised the author’s style as “refreshingly direct and declarative . . . a mirror capturing the bleak comedies of life in a threatened community.” Publications like The Rumpus, Electric Lit, The Millions, and Lit Hub selected the newly released title as one of the year’s most anticipated. Natera talks with The Revolución co-hosts Kathryn Garcia Castro and Linda Lane González about the story behind her desire to be a writer, her family’s reaction to her novel, and when she first discovered the poetry of Pablo Neruda.
38:39 27/05/2022
#303 ¡Americano! The Musical
Inspired by 9/11, Tony Valdovinos's childhood dream was to serve as a Marine. But on his 18th birthday, he discovered a family secret which prevented his dream from coming true. Born in Mexico, Tony was an undocumented immigrant. His moving story has been turned into ¡Americano! The Musical which runs through June 19th in New York City. The Revolución's Linda Lane Gonzalez, Kathryn Garcia Castro, and Court Stroud talk with Valdovinos about his journey. (Diego Lastra is on hiatus this episode.) Joining Tony for this interview are Carrie Rodriguez, an "Ameri-Chicana" singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas, who has performed on Austin City Limits, The Tonight Show, and NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, and Fernanda Santos, an award-winning author and professor at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School.
45:10 25/04/2022
#302 Actor Robin de Jesús & Stacie de Armas from Nielsen
Representation matters but has there been progress? Nielsen's latest Diverse Intelligence Series report shows diversity on-screen at an all-time high across cable, broadcast, and streaming platforms. Yet the report ("Being Seen on Screen: The Importance of Quantity and Quality Representation on TV") also finds a quarter of viewers surveyed say that representation is inaccurate.Nielsen SVP Stacie de Armas and tick, tick...BOOM! actor Robin de Jesús join The Revolución cohosts Kathryn Garcia Castro, Diego Lastra, and Court Stroud for a spirited discussion about the new study's findings. The conversation ranges from what's happening on the ground in media and entertainment to the difference between AfroLatinidad and colorism to how "gay white men can also be colonizers."
39:01 01/03/2022
#301 Hispanic TV Summit Panel: Media Buying & Advertising
At the Hispanic Television Summit, leading media buyers and sales executives discuss the rapid changes and new opportunities for brand messaging that advanced advertising and streamed content are providing to advertisers. This panel features Isabel Rafferty, Founder & CEO of Canela Media, a leading digital media tech company; Jason Hall, EVP, Advertising Sales for Estrella Media, and the person responsible for ad sales over the company's TV, radio and digital assets; and Michael Roca, Managing Director, Multicultural for global media and marketing communications agency PHD Media.The Revolución co-host Court Stroud moderates the panel, joined by podcast co-hosts Diego Lastra, Linda Lane González, and Kathryn Garcia Castro for the intro and outro.
40:11 10/01/2022
#213 Hispanic TV Summit Keynote Isabella Sánchez
Isabella Sánchez has worked with some of the country's largest brands, including current clients Ford Motor Company, JP Morgan Chase, and Lincoln Motor Company. She was featured as the 2021 Hispanic Television Summit keynote. As a marketing partner of HTVS, The Revolución podcast proudly features her interview in this episode.Sánchez currently serves as Executive Board Member and Treasurer for the Hispanic Marketing Council as well as Advisory Board member for Texas Tech University’s Institute for Hispanic and International Communication and serves on the South Florida March of Dimes Board.
28:15 01/01/2022
#212 Political Commentator Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro serves as a co-host on ABC television's The View, as well as a political commentator for CNN, CNN en Español, and Telemundo. The Nicaraguan native is known as an expert in US politics after serving as an advisor to Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Jon Huntsman. She talks with The Revolución's Kathryn Garcia Castro, Linda Lane Gonzalez, Diego Lastra, and Court Stroud to share thoughts on what has surprised her most during the post-Trump era, what keeps her up at night, and what gives her hope about the current state of US politics and our country.
37:32 03/11/2021
#211: Gloria, Lili & Emily Estefan
Grammy winner Gloria Estefan, her daughter and rising musician Emily, and niece and Univision star Lili host Red Table Talk: The Estefans on Facebook Watch. Season Two debuts on Thursday, September 30th at 9 AM Pacific/12 noon Eastern. In this episode, the three generations of women join The Revolución's cohosts Linda Lane Gonzalez, Kathryn Garcia Castro, Diego Lastra, and Court Stroud. The Estefans explain which hot topics are the most difficult to share during their show, if they talk politics within their clan, and Gloria's advice for parents when an LGBTQ+ family member comes out. (Photo credit: Sami Drasin)
23:11 28/09/2021
#210: Sandra Cisneros: The House is On Fire
Sandra Cisneros is a national treasure. Her first novel, The House on Mango Street, was named an NEA "Big Read" for this year. The work has become a modern classic since its release in 1984, translated into 25 languages with over 6 million copies sold. This month, Cisneros releases her first work of fiction in a decade, Martita, I Remember You / Martita, te recuerdo. The Revolución co-hosts Linda Lane Gonzalez, Kathryn Garcia Castro, and Court Stroud talk with the author about what draws her to houses, why she took so long to release a new work of fiction, and the reason she recently said, "I write because the world we live in is a house on fire, and the people we love are burning."
33:11 02/09/2021
#209 "Machete" Man Danny Trejo
Actor Danny Trejo often plays the tough guy in the movies. But in his car, he keeps dog food to feed strays and clean underwear and socks to share with those living on the streets. The native Angelino talks with The Revolución cohosts Linda Lane Gonzalez, Diego Lastra, and Court Stroud about his rough upbringing and incarceration, the ways sobriety changed him, and how he switched from working as a drug counselor to a successful working actor. His new memoir, TREJO: MY LIFE OF CRIME, REDEMPTION AND HOLLYWOOD comes out this week.For more info about Trejo's upcoming conversation with Steve Buscemi, moderated by University of Houston professor Daniel Peña, CLICK HERE.
34:03 08/07/2021
#208 Rosie Rios and Moe Vela, Unicorn Hunters
Rosa "Rosie" Gumataotao Rios is the 43rd U.S. Treasurer and the person responsible for the Harriet Tubman $20 bill. Moe Vela is a lawyer who served as adviser for two U.S. Vice Presidents: Al Gore and Joe Biden. Rosie and Moe are great friends and star in Unicorn Hunters, a new reality series searching for the next $1 billion company. Among their costars are Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and singer Lance Bass. Moe and Rosie talk with The Revolución cohosts Linda Lane Gonzalez and Court Stroud about LGBTQ Pride Month and what Moe and Rosie see as the biggest obstacles for the queer community, why the democratization of wealth creation is so important, and what advice they have for the Biden Administration and VP Kamala Harris. (Ana Crandell and Diego Lastra have this week off.) 
39:07 18/06/2021
#207 Edward James Olmos, Man of Hope
He's won an Emmy, a Tony, a Golden Globe and is the first -- and only -- American of Hispanic descent nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award. Edward James Olmos joins The Revolución's guest co-host Linda Lane Gonzalez and podcast regulars Diego Lastra and Court Stroud in this episode. Olmos shares thoughts about how the new movie In the Heights will affect Hispanic representation during the next Oscars, the new season of Mayan, M.C., his latest movie Walking with Herb and why he believes art is a form of activism.
31:00 17/05/2021
#206 Carlos Watson, Intersectional Interviewer
Carlos Watson is co-founder and CEO of OZY Media. The former MSNBC contributor and CNN anchor has interviewed trendsetters and tastemakers from George W. Bush and Barack Obama to Cardi B and Heidi Klum. The Carlos Watson Show has amassed over 100 million viewers, making it the fastest-growing talk show in YouTube history, and recently began its third season. Carlos joins The Revolución team, including special guest cohost Linda Lane Gonzalez, to share why he considers his interview with former Dallas sheriff Lupe Valdez one of the most exceptional of his career, how he was kicked out of kindergarten yet graduated with degrees from Harvard and Stanford, and why Cuban coffee is essential to his success as a business leader and on-air talent.
37:11 19/04/2021
#205 Jessica Kirson of FX's Hysterical
Only 10% of traveling stand-up comics are women. Men have long dominated the art form. Jessica Kirson wants to change that inequality. The comedian, one of the strongest in the industry regardless of gender, is now the Executive Producer and creator of Hysterical, a new documentary airing on FX on April 2nd, followed by streaming on FX on Hulu. Kirson was recently named "Best Female Comic" by the New York City MAC Association. She talks about the new film and her upcoming sitcom pilot deal with Peacock, what it's like being a mom of four daughters and why being an out lesbian hasn't stopped her career ascent.
29:28 29/03/2021
#204 Curtiss Cook from Showtime's The Chi
Curtiss Cook's career is on fire. On Showtime's The Chi, the actor plays Douda, a savvy Southside businessman who becomes mayor of Chicago. The Lena Waithe-created drama recently announced Cook has been promoted to a series regular on season four, which is filming now and comes out this summer. Later this year, Cook originates the role of "Abe," a new character written into the script of Steven Spielberg's big-screen update of the classic musical West Side Story.
42:53 02/03/2021
#203: Ballet Hispánico CEO Eduardo Vilaro
Ballet Hispánico is one of America's cultural treasures. Founded in 1970 as a community-based performing arts troupe, the nonprofit has grown into a world-class institution whose dancers have performed before millions throughout the United States and abroad.The Revolución talks with CEO and Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro about his experience as an immigrant from Cuba, how he started with Ballet Hispánico as a dancer, and the way the organization connects with audiences during the Covid-19 pandemic through a virtual program called #BUnidos.
25:29 22/02/2021
#202: Don Francisco: The TV Legend Returns
From Alaska to Argentina, Mario Kreutzberger's face is recognized by millions as a family friend. Better known as "Don Francisco," the Chilean native served as host of Sabado Gigante, the longest running variety TV show in world history according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The Univision program ran for 53 years and 42 days, signing off in 2015.The 80-year-old talks with The Revolución about growing up in Latin America as the child of a Holocaust survivor, about his memorable interviews with Mexican American actor Anthony Quinn and former U.S. President George W. Bush, and his latest project, a limited series on CNN en Español which launches on Presidents Day (2/15/21). Don Francisco: Reflexiones 2021 airs at 9:00 PM Eastern U.S.
30:23 15/02/2021
#201: "El Güero" Castro & Sofia Castro, Mexican Entertainment Royalty
In Mexico, they're entertainment royalty. Television producer and director José Alberto "El Güero" Castro has shepherded a string of megahits like Médicos: Línea de Vida, Vino El Amor and Teresa. Sofia Castro is a popular emerging actor, the child of El Güero and telenovela star Angélica Rivera and the stepchild of former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Father and daughter Castro are working on a new project together, Lu: The Power of Us, a novela produced by LatinUs Beauty, a new haircare company targeting Latinas.
33:13 11/01/2021
#120: Estrella's Mirthala Salinas and LeaAnna Hernandez
Despite the attention placed on partisan prime time cable shows, some newsrooms, like Estrella Media's in Los Angeles, aim firmly for the middle, neither right nor left. In this episode of The Revolución, Estrella's Mirthala Salinas, Interim VP of News and National News Anchor, and LeaAnna Hernandez, VP of Partnerships and Integrated Marketing, Digital Streaming Media, talk about the company's newly launched 24-hour, multi-platform streaming network. The two executives share about what differentiates Estrella News from the competition and about their experiences as female leaders in Hispanic media during the #MeToo era.
30:42 14/12/2020
#119: Gonzalo del Fa and Nancy Tellet of the Culture Marketing Council
Gonzalo del Fa is the President of Multicultural for Group M, perhaps the world's leading media investment company. He's also current chair of the Culture Marketing Council (CMC). Nancy Tellet is the founder of insights company PureClarity, as well as the research chair for CMC. The two join The Revolución to talk the release of a new study, Multicultural Majority 2020, which examines how global content is changing culture in the United States. Among the topics discussed is the importance of language and culture for U.S. Hispanic audiences, the prevalence of "device decluttering" among Latinx Gen Zers, and how the Iron Chef, YouTube and Netflix are changing U.S. culture.Del Fa and Tellet are sharing a sneak peek of the upcoming (and free) CMC University webinar.Media, Technology & the Escalating Power of Culture in ContentTuesday, December 15 from 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. ETTo register for the upcoming research webinar, please CLICK HERE.
43:34 07/12/2020
#118: Meredith Talusan, Journalist and Trans Activist
During International Transgender Awareness Week, The Revolución invites writer and activist Meredith Talusan, a native of the Phillipines who lives with albinism. Talusan moved to the United States at 15, went to Harvard for undergraduate studies and medically transitioned in her twenties. Talusan is the founding editor of THEM, Condé Nast's first-ever platform devoted to the queer community. She has written for the New York Times, VICE, Buzzfeed, The Guardian and The Atlantic. In this interview, Talusan talks about her life growing up as a boy in a rural Asian family, her move to the United States, how she became a writer, and her new book, FAIREST (Viking Press, 2020).
46:16 16/11/2020
#117: Steve Mandala, Univision's President of Ad Sales & Marketing
Steve Mandala is the guy everyone in Hispanic media and advertising knows. For over thirty years, Mandala has been a power player with key positions at both Univision and Telemundo. In this episode of The Revolución, the longtime media executive talks with co-hosts Diego Lastra, Ana Crandell and Court Stroud about how he got started in the industry, why the march to greater diversity, inclusion and equity makes multicultural marketing an imperative, the programming strategy behind featuring Turkish dramas during Univision's Prime Time, his thoughts about Wade Davis and the incoming owner group and the best and worst day of his career.
32:56 09/11/2020
#115: Rene Alegria, Mundo Hispano CEO
The Mundo Hispano Digital Network is the top independently-owned Spanish-language digital media company in the United States. It has won 8 Emmy Awards and amassed some 10 million users per month with 9 million Facebook fans. Leading the company is Rene Alegria, an entrepreneur who began his career in publishing. After leaving that industry, he create Mamiverse, a digital media property famous for hosting Michelle Obama for a historic livestream. Alegria talks about his career trajectory with cohosts Ana Crandell, Diego Lasta and Court Stroud in this episode.
47:33 26/10/2020
#114: Nia Miranda, Artist and Racial Justice Activist
During a Black Lives Matter protest, Nia Miranda stopped two women from vandalizing an outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles. A video of that interaction went viral and was viewed millions of times. On this episode of The Revolución, Miranda talks with co-hosts Ana Crandell, Diego Lastra and Court Stroud about her views on the racial justice movement, the relationship between art and activism and how she got involved in a new collaboration with Roc Nation, which includes Ty Dolla $ign and Ant Clemon.
41:52 12/10/2020
#113: Maria Hinojosa, NPR's Latino USA Anchor & Executive Producer
Emmy-winner Maria Hinojosa is una chingona, or loosely translated, "a badass." She's been shaking up newsrooms, where she usually was the first Latina, for the past quarter century. Hinojosa has reported for CBS, WNBC, CNN, PBS and NPR, where she is anchor and executive producer for Latino USA. Born in Mexico City, raised in Chicago and educated at New York's Barnard College, she joins The Revolución's co-hosts to talk about why immigrants in the USA need a brand refresh, the reasons she created Futuro Media to address the new American mainstream and what's inside her new book, Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America.
51:06 05/10/2020
#112: Marla Skiko, Ford Motor Company's US & Global Head of Media
Continuing its coverage of the 18th annual Hispanic Television Summit, The Revolución is rebroadcasting the event's keynote interview with Marla Skiko, a longtime multicultural marketer who currently serves as Ford Motor Company's media lead for the United States and the world. Skiko talks how consumer data was vital to Ford’s ability to pivot its advertising during the initial stages of the pandemic shutdown when the auto manufacturer stopped its plants and focused on creating PPP materials like ventilators and protective gear.
28:25 28/09/2020