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Your Story Unplugged

Ordinary people with extraordinary stories......A series of PodCasts sharing the stories of some amazing people kind enough to tell their own stories, who live life on their own terms, not confined by the traditional limitations of what determines success.These great stories range from life in the military, information technology, travel & adventure to health & fitness.


Doug Lambert - Executive Coach/Board Director/Rhodesian Light Infantry
For this next instalment I was joined by Doug Lambert, a Dubai based executive coach, Doug has more than 18 years of Board level experience, more than 4,000 hours of business coaching and  worked with more than 300 senior executives in over 70 companies. Born in Rhodesia Doug has built a real skill in reinventing himself over the years, from his early days in boarding school, through  an exemplary military career in the Rhodesian Light infantry and onto a variety on roles with Shell across multiple regions and countries, and to his current career as executive coach.
43:56 25/02/2021
Lt Col (Ret’d) Adam Ewell - Optimisation Programme Manager
Adam shares his Story from a very cold Somerset in the UK and offers some great snippets from his Military Career that spanned some 30 years as Lt Col in the Royal Corps of Signals, his 2nd Career in Boeing Defence where he is currently Optimisation Programme Manager, and of course how he fills all that spare time running a Farm in Somerset.
59:07 30/01/2021
Nahi Sannan - Chief Commercial Officer, Eagle Films Middle East
Nahi shares the extraordinary story of his journey and what it was like growing up as a young boy in the middle of the Lebanese Civil War in Beirut , through his move to the USA as a very young teenager, eventually finding himself working for Mercedes Benz. He then seen a move that brought him back to Beirut and eventually Dubai with SITA, one of the worlds leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology. Whilst in Dubai he joined Emirates Group IT and more recently moved back to his passion of Movies and TV where currently he is Chief Commercial Officer of Eagle Films Middle East.
54:07 06/01/2021
Arnaud van Rietschoten - Senior IT Exec/Writer/Magician
Currently having a break in Asturias in Spain, Arnaud is bringing together his passion for both technology and magic with an exciting new venture and finally writing the book he always wanted to write.
63:03 04/12/2020
Di & Andy Jeffery - Back in the Mix...
A former British Army Tank Transport WO & Royal Navy WO.Di and Andy have just concluded a "Silver Gap Year" around the globe and are now back in the mix.Andy now practices as a Service Architect Consultant and Di promises to return to work at some point in the near future.
52:42 04/11/2020
Lt Col (Ret’d) RJ McCord MBE - Private soldier to Lieutenant Colonel
From Private soldier to Lieutenant Colonel.An inspirational leader, husband, father and grandfather, Lt Col Jo McCord MBE retired from the British Army this year after 40 years of service to the British Crown.  Now Network Director and Reserve Officer. 
66:36 07/10/2020
Arnaud Laviolette - Extreme Sports Manager
An adventure enthusiast, experienced mountaineer, advanced wilderness survival & outdoor education instructor.Arnaud previously managed one of the biggest natural adventure islands in the middle east and was resort and activities manager for various 5 star resorts across the UAE. He is currently an Extreme Sport Manager at Al Forsan International Sports Resort in Abu Dhabi. 
48:28 21/09/2020
Nathan Brown - Former World Kickboxing Champion
Nathan was a former World Kickboxing Champion, NZ Super welterweight Karate Champion and represented NZ in 4 Squash nationals. Nathan is founder and Managing Director of AIKARO Solutions and talks about his 35 year career in the fitness industry.
47:24 07/09/2020