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We want to change the culture of the way we view mental health within entrepreneurship to help you grow your business. Think Tenacity podcast supports business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with mental health whilst running a business. Each episode will inspire to become successful in business and follow the light. Learn how to reduce stress and improve your well-being, follow #WhatIsSelfCareTT on our socials @ThinkTenacity or visit | +44 7486-031-285 (WhatsApp)


Ep21 | Q&A with Black Therapists | How do I copy with depression, loneliness, bereavement, anxiety & trauma | πŸ™ŒπŸ½Why Finding a Black Therapist Makes All the Difference | Making Time for Black Mental 43:33 10/06/22
Ep.20 | What is the difference between a counsellor and a therapist | Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 28:51 10/05/22
Ep.19 | Interview with our podcast host | Bella Rareworld publicly shares her life diagnosed with bipolar disorder with an inspiration message celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 20:17 08/05/22
Trailer for BRAND NEW SELF-CARE series | #WorldBipolar Day Celebrations | What's Bipolar Disorder? How Do I Know If I Have It? | What are the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder? 02:57 30/03/22
Ep18 | SERIES LAUNCH called: πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Why Finding a Black Therapist Makes All the Difference πŸ€” How to find counselling? or How to find the right therapist? Directory of Black therapists, counsellors, psyc 32:59 29/03/22
Ep17 | πŸ““ Black Book Podcast Series: Celebrating Black Entrepreneurs | Mental Health First Trainer | Danielle Bridge Founder of ABC Life Support CIC | Greatest Stories of Black Female Entrepreneurs 44:46 29/03/22
Ep016 | #JustAskBella πŸ—£ Question by:@SiobhansCounsellingRoom Your Mental Health Question @ThinkTenacity #ThinkTenacityPodcast 07:39 27/03/22
Ep15 | Quick FireπŸ”₯ Boxing round πŸ₯Š Podcast Guest: Danielle Bridge CEO/Founder of ABC Life Support CIC | @ThinkTenacity #ThinkTenacityPodcast 03:48 27/03/22
Ep14 | πŸ““ Black Book Podcast Series: Celebrating Black Entrepreneurs | Michael Morgan Senior Communications Lead at Bipolar UK | How to become digital entrepreneur? | What kind of jobs are in digital m 41:17 25/03/22
Ep013 | #JustAskBella ?? Question by: Danielle Bridge CEO/Founder of ABC Life Support CIC | Your Mental Health Question @ThinkTenacity 04:17 24/03/22
Ep012 | What does social anxiety feel like? | How does social isolation affect mental health? | Honest conversations with Stuart Bardin | What you can do if you feel lonely 15:32 28/02/22
Ep.011 | Self-Care tips | What should I do when I'm feeling stressed or anxious and cannot concentrate on my business or a deadline 14:41 27/02/22
Brand NEW | πŸ““ Black Book Podcast Series: Celebrating Black Entrepreneurs | Sponsored by: The Healthy Caribbean Cookbook 41:25 22/02/22
Ep009 | Happy New Year | Why I believe 2022 is your year? | New Years Resolution ideas | 2022 Goals #ThinkTenacityPodcast 18:07 01/01/22
Ep.008 | Self-Care tips | Working from home | Zoom Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes, Coping Tips | Omicron Variant Got So Many Scary Mutations 10:26 19/12/21
Ep007 | Brand NEW #JustAskBella ?? Question by: Mohammed Sillah-Freckleton, Former athlete, UK British & South of England Championship winner | Your Mental Health Question @ThinkTenacity 09:48 14/12/21
Ep006 | Your Mental Health Question | Volunteer Centre Chelsea and Kensington | Wellbeing Programme Officer 05:20 03/12/21
Ep005 | Being an entrepreneur isn't easy | ONE IN TWO entrepreneurs (50%) likely to be struggling with their mental health | Running a business wellness tips 14:50 02/12/21
Ep004 Top 3 common myth/facts about exercise boosting mental health | The true facts, exercise can help the body learn to manage stress | (Podcast Guest) Former athlete | Mo Sillah-Freckleton 32:56 13/07/21
EP 003 | Choose one; Movement, Stretching or Exercise this afternoon | Self Care tips | #ThinkTenacity | #WhatIsSelfCareTT 09:30 20/06/21
EP 002 | Prince Harry & Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV speaking candidly about their own mental health | Documentary; The Me You Can't See | The Duke of Sussex emotional well-being 12:23 20/05/21
EP 001 | Self Care tips | it is okay not to be okay | Mental Health is Health | Self Care tips | #ThinkTenacity | #WhatIsSelfCareTT 17:49 18/05/21
Season1 Launch; What is Self-care? Mental Health Awareness Week UK / FOLLOW #WhatIsSelfCare TT / Think Tenacity 07:56 16/05/21
Why I started Think Tenacity podcast | How a podcast saved my depression 13:42 14/09/20
Think Tenacity Podcast Trailer | Episode 1 coming soon 10:42 12/09/20