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Digital Introverts

The Digital Introverts podcast is a show where introverts share their success and failure stories and discuss how they thrive in the digital age. Host Godwin Chan and his guests chat about introversion as it relates to technology, culture, the future of work, mental health, leadership, and everything in between. This show is for introverts from all walks of life who are ready to just start and scale their next venture, whether it's a creative hobby, side hustle, small business, or startup.


Episode 23: Boost Your Sales With Psychology With Jamie Martin 50:48 03/02/21
Episode 22: Finding Your Dream Career With Raj Subrameyer 56:43 06/12/20
Episode 21: How to Be More Productive Online With Stacey Harmon 49:44 22/11/20
Episode 20: Becoming an Introverted Entrepreneur With Nicholas Kimble 45:51 18/10/20
Episode 19: Finding Your Career Passions With Jeremy Largo-Afonso 69:18 14/07/20
Episode 18: Podcasting and Brand Building for Introverts With James Mulvany 42:42 09/07/20
Episode 17: How Introverts Can Excel at Communication With Mei Phing Lim 26:41 25/06/20
Episode 16: Why Personality Isn't Permanent With Dr. Benjamin Hardy 45:17 18/06/20
Episode 15: Managing Burnout With Hamza Khan 48:21 11/06/20
Episode 14: Connecting Creators and Fans With Mahesh Vellanki 40:33 15/05/20
Episode 13: Establishing a Global Movement on LinkedIn With Anna McAfee 49:35 10/05/20
Episode 12: How Extroverts Can Relate With Introverts With Alif Huq 53:26 24/04/20
Episode 11: Practicing Self-Care Well With Carol Chapman 55:14 22/04/20
Episode 10: Building Authentic Relationships Online and Offline With Mahfuz Chowdhury 67:47 16/04/20
Episode 9: Crafting a Life of Legacy and Impact With Deborah Levine 47:51 15/04/20
Episode 8: The Art of Self-Expression With Nina Penner 62:52 10/04/20
Episode 7: Leveraging Introversion as a Strength With Graham Budgeon 59:49 07/04/20
Episode 6: Ask Deep Questions With Jan Keck 48:49 02/04/20
Episode 5: Creating Content and Cultivating Community With Radi Huq 60:44 30/03/20
Episode 4: How to Achieve Greatness With Alexander Michael Gittens 58:11 26/03/20
Episode 3: On Mindset and Performance With Amos Vang 71:30 23/03/20
Episode 2: Let's Grow With Moin Zafar 72:34 22/03/20
Episode 1: Welcome to the Digital Introverts Podcast! 03:03 20/03/20