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China Manufacturing Decoded

Join Renaud Anjoran, Founder & CEO of Sofeast, in this podcast aimed at importers & people who develop their own products as he discusses the hottest topics and shares actionable tips for manufacturing in China & SE Asia today! WHO IS RENAUD? Renaud is a French ISO 9001 & 14001 certified lead auditor, ASQ certified Quality Engineer and Quality Manager who has been working in the Chinese manufacturing industry since 2005. He is the founder of the Sofeast group that has over 200 staff globally and offers services (QA, product development & engineering, project management, SCM), contract manufacturing, and 3PL fulfilment for importers who develop their own products and buyers from China & SE Asia. WHY LISTEN? We‘ll discuss interesting topics for anyone who develops and sources their products from Asian suppliers and will share Renaud‘s decades of manufacturing experience, as well as inviting guests from the industry to get a different viewpoint. Our goal is to help you get better results and end up with suppliers and products that exceed your expectations!


Is ‘Right To Repair‘ a headache or opportunity for manufacturers? 34:09 22/10/21
Sourcing from China (Part 2): Negotiating terms, leverage over suppliers, and describing your needs. 50:15 15/10/21
What Is The Cost Of Poor Quality? 45:46 08/10/21
China‘s ‘Power Crunch‘ - What‘s Causing It & How Does It Affect Importers? 27:36 30/09/21
The First To Market Fallacy For Made-In-China Products 42:55 24/09/21
Andy Bartlett | Exploring Product Design & NPI Process Best Practices For A New Product 41:18 17/09/21
What Are The New Product Development Deliverables? 34:39 10/09/21
Sourcing from China (Part 1): Identifying suppliers, verifying them, & cultivating ‘backups.’ 40:45 03/09/21
How To Push A Supplier To Move To Zero Defects? 48:39 27/08/21
5 Challenges Importers Face When Preparing For 2022 37:58 20/08/21
Is Mexico A Credible Alternative For Importers From China? 36:50 13/08/21
Four Options For Sourcing From China & Sourcing Best Practices 39:52 06/08/21
Clive Greenwood | What Does The EU Medical Device Regulation Tell Us About Compliance's Future? Be Afraid! 37:44 30/07/21
Rico Ngoma | What A New Buyer On A Small Budget Should Know Before Buying From China 51:48 23/07/21
Clive Greenwood | 'Made In China' Product Compliance Gaps & Loopholes 37:38 16/07/21
A Guide To Plastic Injection Mold Tooling Management & Risk Reduction For Buyers 43:41 09/07/21
Jon Monroe | How Did Sea Freight End Up In Such An Expensive Mess In 2021? 33:10 02/07/21
How To Improve Supplier Performance? 36:44 25/06/21
How To Reduce Lead Times From Your Suppliers In China & Asia 43:18 18/06/21
How To Choose The Right Packaging To Protect Your Products 27:58 11/06/21
Deep Dive Into Product Development Agreements For Importers 33:01 04/06/21
The Benefits Of Rapid Prototyping (& Rapid Tooling Methods) 42:16 28/05/21
Why Pre-Production Samples Are So Important 34:29 21/05/21
Greg Fleming | Vietnam VS China Manufacturers & Digitizing Processes In The Factory 35:57 14/05/21
How To Qualify A Contract Manufacturer Or Component Supplier? (Best Practices) 47:59 07/05/21
9 Things Small Importers Can't Negotiate With Chinese & SE Asian Suppliers 34:53 30/04/21
Phil Brown | ISO 9001 QMS Features, Benefits, & Implementation Tips 26:30 23/04/21
Getting To Grips With Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) Costs 38:38 16/04/21
7 Common Plastic Injection Mold Tooling Development, Approval, & Maintenance Pitfalls 34:36 09/04/21
Why Pilot Runs Are A 'Must-Do' When Launching New Products 19:15 02/04/21