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A regular podcast from your host Ian Walmsley. Join him every week for a dynamic podcast with Ian and his guests on how to seize the opportunities out there before others do! You will learn about planning from a developer’s eye, you will benefit and learn together from the mistakes that Ian makes. He is very grateful for the opportunities that he has had and would love to share these with you his listener. Ask questions on any property related subject to - he and his highly experienced guests will answer these questions for you. Ian is a third-generation developer who loves planning. But he is also a bit of a geek! His companies include Leading Homes - residential development around the UK; Cool Homes - working with and developing for local authorities and housing associations to provide quality affordable homes; The Land Company - sourcing and selling land opportunities around the UK; Planning Geek - probably one of the largest planning websites in the world*; Travel Geek - all this travel related for entrepreneurs and others looking to travel well for less. Ian would like to think he is also a gadget geek - but his wife, Sheryl, prefers the title 'Gadget Twat' - no idea why?! You will discover that Ian is happy to be real to everyone who listens - you will get honesty and not just the corporate nonsense that some will put out in order to persuade you to buy their services. What you see is what you get! Subscribe today to Property on Fire and come on the journey that is unfolding...... Property on Fire - Ian Walmsley - Leading Homes - Planning Geek - " Planning Geek Facebook Group -


#026 Airbnb/SA taxes, Amenity land & yet more BRITISH GAS GATE! 26:26 15/03/22
#025 Property Prejudice on International Women's Day - Toyin Ayandare 30:12 08/03/22
#024 Due diligence, Squatter's rights, Article 4 & more! 27:10 03/03/22
#023 Tips on how to raise FINANCE with Neil Briggs 30:28 28/02/22
#022 Energy rises, Fences, Guest houses & more! 25:28 24/02/22
#021 Outriggers, CIL, Site Update & Ian's Rant 27:39 22/02/22
#020 Adding VALUE to a property in a busy market, Class O and a Class MA Loophole 27:11 06/04/21
#019 SPECIAL: The new Class MA - Class E to Residential - BIG opportunities for YOUR investing - #Gamechanger 27:33 02/04/21
#018 Latest development updates with a new site and a planning approval, Prior Approvals & Granny Annexes, PLUS: Are you on Ian's Rant?! 38:07 09/03/21
#017 SPECIAL: The UK BUDGET 2021 from a Property perspective 28:46 03/03/21
#016 SPECIAL: Exciting new opportunities for Class E and resi conversions - all the details on what might be happening and how to take advantage, PLUS: Estate Agents on Ian's Rant 33:40 23/02/21
#015 Air source heat pumps, New levies and Property sexism PLUS: Ian's A-Z of Property 33:46 16/02/21
#014 5-minute Mentors in Ian's Rant, Dormers and Highways PLUS: Ian's A-Z of Property 25:12 09/02/21
#013 Conversions on Conservation, Homing the Homeless with Kellyann Martin AND: AONB! 36:18 02/02/21
#012 Rent-to-Rent with Stephanie Taylor, HMO's, Serviced accommodation PLUS: A Class-M Question 35:54 26/01/21
#011 Covid grants, Eviction ban extensions & the Lender's market update PLUS: Ian's Rant! 35:32 19/01/21
#010 Stamp duty changes, Sam Elliott-Smith & Adam lLawrence PLUS Ian's Rant is back! 29:36 05/01/21
#009 A look back at 2020 in the Property business with Saif Derzi and Julie Hogbin, PLUS: Ian's Rant! 37:09 29/12/20
#008 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Bedsits, Development finance & Slopes! PLUS: Ian's Rant & Ian's A-Z of Property 24:45 22/12/20
#007 How to Rent guidance, converting shops & more on CIL. PLUS: Ian's A-Z of Property 20:30 15/12/20
#006 Extensions, converting Residential-to-HMO & the mortgage market update 30:19 08/12/20
#005 Choosing the RIGHT BANK, Section 102 & the dreaded CIL. PLUS: Ian's Rant & Ian's A-Z of Property 28:03 01/12/20
#004 Heat pumps, Evictions with Angie Nicholls & picking the RIGHT solicitor with Tim Bishop PLUS: Ian's rant 31:21 24/11/20
#003 Use classes, TPOs & the UGLY! PLUS: Ian's rant & Ian's A-Z of Property 20:10 17/11/20
#002 GPDO update, Land ownership & minimum space requirements updated 22:19 17/11/20
#001 Meet and discover who Ian is! PLUS: Use Class E & Minimum space standards 22:24 17/11/20
#000 The trailer 04:02 10/10/20