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Ben Pascoe speaks with Zuzana Wienk about 15 years of Biela Vrana. (29.11.2022 16:00)
Zuzana Wienk from Bystrina sits down with Ben Pascoe to duscuss the white crow award, which celebrated its 15th anniversary recently. They discuss the past and the future of the award as well as Slovak society in general.
35:41 29/11/22
Project #kidsfirst and illegal market guiding in the High Tatras. (28.11.2022 16:00)
This year the National Association of Mountain Guides of Slovakia marks 30 years since its foundation. Mountain guides lead people in mountainous terrain using rope techniques. However, they now see so-called black market guiding as the biggest problem. What are the solutions to this problem? Fear and frustration about the climate crisis are also affecting children and young people. What role does education play in this and how should we talk to children about climate change? Nora Krajniaková and Barbora Gabrižová, members of the Concerned Mothers Initiative, will answer.The Concerned Mothers Initiative focuses on a quality and safe future for children. They support the global #kidsfirst campaign, which focuses on listening to the real needs of children. Nora Krajniaková and Barbora Gabrižová introduce who created the project and its main idea.
25:29 28/11/22
RERUN: Listeners Tribune (25.11.2022 16:00)
In this rerun, we get back to the 33rd anniversary of the 1989 Velvet Revolution
23:35 25/11/22
LGBTQI+ Michal Tallo. City routes for Zorka Lednarova. (24.11.2022 16:00)
As the Slovak Queer Festival is held in Bratislava Nov 23-29, we talk to queer author Michal Tallo about the power of words, their use by politicians, fear and hope. Speaking about barriers in this country is Berlin based Slovak artist Zorka Lednarova who was left on a wheelchair.
35:48 24/11/22
Integrating youth from Ukraine among Slovak peers. Marian Hossa celebrated in Chicago. (23.11.2022 16:00)
New project Stand by me aims on integrating youth from Ukraine among their Slovak peers. Marian Hossa celebrated in Chicago as the Blackhawks retire his jersey.
23:48 23/11/22
Ben Pascoe talks to Michaela Pobudova from Mareena. (22.11.2022 16:00)
Ben Pascoe and Michaela Pobudova from Mareena discuss the situation in Slovakia with Ukrainian refugees as well as the situation on the borders. They also discuss the work that Mareena does to help foreigners adapt to Slovakia.
35:49 22/11/22
Astronomers from the Slovak Academy of Sciences clarify information about asteroid 2022 AP7. (21.11.2022 16:00)
There is a report on the internet and some media portals about a large asteroid called 2022 AP7. It is also referred to as a "planet killer", which is approaching the Earth. The Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences decided to inform the public about the latest scientific data and to set the record straight on the biggest disinformation. Ján Svoreň from the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences explains in an interview four false claims about this astreorid.You will also learn why hoaxes are dangerous and how they affect everyday life in society.
26:09 21/11/22
Development of cycling mobilityin Bratislava from 2018 to 2022 (18.11.2022 16:00)
How cycling transportation developed during the first term of mayor Matúš Vallo.
22:12 18/11/22
Is freedom dangerous? (17.11.2022 16:00)
Special walk on the Struggle for freedom and democracy Day starting in Czech capital Prague and ending on Zamocka street in Bratislava, the spot of the first ever terrorist attack with fatalities in Slovak history
27:18 17/11/22
Freedom in the spotlight: Slovak president receives the Freedom Award. Disident and piano player speaks about freedom after 1989 (16.11.2022 16:00)
This month, Slovak President Zuzana Caputova received the Freedom Award from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Frankfurt. Head of the foundation's board Karl-Heinz Paque called Caputova's tenure as president an example for liberals across Europe. Later on the show we will speak to Mrs. Elena Letňanová, musician and university lecturer, who had to flee totalitarian Czechoslovakia after she was put on the blacklist of people who spoke against the regime.
27:02 16/11/22
Tackling the illegal migration in Slovakia. (15.11.2022 16:00)
Last week Ben Pascoe decided to take the microphone and notepad and go to Kuty and see the so-called migration crisis first hand. The village of Kuty is 4km east of the Morava river which is the border between Slovakia and Czech republic. It is the last train stop before entering Czech republic and has about 4000 residents. Currently, a refugee camp with people fleeing Syria is set up there. Ben enconters and presents a compelling story from the place.
24:32 15/11/22
COP27 and the outcome of the negotiations. (14.11.2022 16:00)
World leaders meet in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference. Negotiations run until 18 November. The aim is to try to accelerate global climate action. In an interview, climatologist Pavel Matejovic looks at what the summit has achieved since 1995.
25:58 14/11/22
RERUN: Listeners Tribune. Competition 10th round. (11.11.2022 16:00)
RERUN: Listeners Tribune. Competition 10th round.
23:06 11/11/22
RERUN: Adela Mede and Nina Kohout. (10.11.2022 16:00)
RERUN: We talk to two Slovaks who studied music in UK and play their songs.
34:02 10/11/22
Flying home with "Good Old Czechs". (9.11.2022 16:00)
Veterans Day is approaching and recently we also commemorated the anniversary of the establishment of the Czechoslovak republic. Both of these themes are linked by the unique documentary Good old Czechs by Czech director Tomáš Bojar - about the memories of Czechoslovak pilots of their time in the RAF. We will visit the Slovak premiere of the film and besides the director, we will also meet the daughter of one of the pilots. Later in the show, the film's producer, Gordon Lovitt, speaks about the uniqueness of the documentary, which was actually made purely from archive footage.
25:41 09/11/22
The Slovak economy in a nutshell. (8.11.2022 16:00)
Ben Pascoe talks with Libor Melioris, Economic Advsor to the President, about the Slovak economy. A brief but in depth look at the economy, and the threats that it faces.
29:07 08/11/22
Slovak Tree of the Year. (7.11.2022 16:00)
In 2022, the Ekopolis Foundation organised the 20th annual Tree of the Year poll. The aim is to draw attention to old, rare or endangered trees and to arouse people's interest in the environment. During the month of April, individuals, cities, schools and organisations could nominate trees that are close to their hearts. Out of 12 finalists, the Dragon Oak tree from Lozorno won. In spring it will represent Slovakia in the European Tree of the Year competition.
24:02 07/11/22
Outdoor ice hockey games to take place in Bratislava. Invitation to the The Freedom Festival. 20 years since victory in FED cup. (4.11.2022 16:00)
In January, Bratislava will host three outdoor ice hockey games. The Freedom Festival is a multi-genre international festival starting on November 3. 20 years have passed since the Slovak women's tennis team won the FED cup.
21:37 04/11/22
Mária Bartuszová in Tate Modern. (3.11.2022 16:00)
Tate Modern curator Juliet Bingham presents Slovak sculptress solo exhibition at the prestigious gallery in London. RSI spoke also to gallerist Alison Jacques about Maria Bartuszova works rarely exhibited before in the UK.
32:57 03/11/22
Remembering Interhelpo - the communist utopia. (2.11.2022 16:00)
Few days ago, the book about a project called Interhelpo was awarded in the Anasoft litera book competition. We speak to its author, journalist Lukáš Onderčanin, about the 1930s Czechoslovak dream in Kyrgyzstan.
25:02 02/11/22
All Saints Day as seen by different religions. (1.11.2022 16:00)
On All Saint's Day Ben Pascoe speaks with a priest, a pastor, a rabbi, a preacher and an imam about how different religions remember and honor their dead.
27:02 01/11/22
Results of municipal elections and elections to the bodies of self-governing regions 2022 in Slovakia. (31.10.2022 16:00)
On Saturday 29 October 2022, Slovakia held its first combined regional elections. People voted for mayors, mayors, mayors and deputies in individual municipalities. See how the elections went and which candidates succeeded.
27:34 31/10/22
RERUN: 100 YEARS OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA. (28.10.2022 16:00)
23:08 28/10/22
Slovak National Theatre Director General resigns. LGBTIQ+ in SK culture: ANDY WARHOL. (27.10.2022 16:00)
Culture Minister dismissed Slovak National Theatre Director General Matej Drlicka over his statement in English in Budapest. Several members of his team ended their terms too. Matej Drlicka spoke to RSI about making redundant several members of the Opera ensemble whom he mentioned in Budapest. RSI is also speaking to ex-director of the Drama ensemble Miriam Kicinova as well as to ex-director of the Opera ensemble about their reasons to resign. Starting a new series LGBTIQ+ in Slovak culture, we explore with Lucia Gregorova Stach, the chief curator of the modern and contemporary art collection at Slovak National Gallery, the reasons why Slovak curators avoid speaking about the queer identity of Andy Warhol despite the fact that the Tate Modern grand exhibition in London in 2020 as well as MUMOK exhibition in 2020 were open about this issue.
31:26 27/10/22
Taking part in the upcomming regional and municipal elections. (26.10.2022 16:00)
On the show we will give you a comprehensive guide how to take part in the upcomming regional and municipal elections. Foreigners with a permanent residency in Slovakia are also eligible to cast their ballot.
26:21 26/10/22
Municipal Elections in Slovakia. (25.10.2022 16:00)
Ben speaks with guest Boris Azaltovic about the municipal elections that will take place Sataurday October 29. They discuss how the country is broken down into self-governing regions and municipalities and who is responsible for what. They also discuss that foreigners in Slovakia can vote in this election.
27:03 25/10/22
Restoration of national parks and nature tourism in Slovakia. (24.10.2022 16:00)
National parks in Slovakia are facing big changes. The new directors of national park administrations want to complete zoning, promote soft forms of tourism and employment in their territories. What reforms have the new management of Pieniny, Slovenský kras and Veľká Fatra National Parks focused on? Listen also to a rerun of an interview with Jergus Tesák about nature tourism. Marianna Palková talked to him during the Festival Mountains and city in Bratislava.
24:50 24/10/22
RERUN: Creative Centre about to open in Trnava. Dentistry students educating Slovaks in streets. (21.10.2022 16:00)
Creative Centre for people working in Creative industry about to open in Trnava. Dentistry students organized a 10 day event educating people in Slovak streets. Stop corruption foundation warns that many municipalities do not have a chief auditor.
22:20 21/10/22
Slovak Phil inviting to new season. Tribute to Edita Gruberova. Day of samizdat. (20.10.2022 16:00)
Chief conductor of the Slovak Philharmonic invites to the new season at the very day of the new season. On 18th October 2021, Edita Gruberova, Slovak born soprano known in the world as the Queen of Coloratura, passed away. We recall her career in remembrance of this top representative of Slovak culture abroad. And 12th October is the Day of Samizdat in Slovakia. If this is a new word for you, feel free to learn more with us.
22:40 20/10/22
Rights of LGBTI community in Slovakia. Regional elections guide. (19.10.2022 16:00)
One of the bills the Slovak lawmakers will deal with in their upcoming session concerns a set of rights for cohabiting couples, which could also help same-sex couples. Slovakia is one of six EU contries without any legislation for the LGBTI community. What is the current debate on the rights of LGBTI people in Slovakia like? These questions come in with ever bigger urgency following the terrorist attack motivated by hate against queer people, which took place in Bratislava only few days ago. On the show today, we will also bring you some information on the upcoming regional and municipal elections.
25:16 19/10/22