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Welcome to The Autism Dad podcast. After writing my multiple award-winning blog for over 13 years, I created this podcast to reach parents in a new, engaging way. If you're a parent or caregiver raising an autistic child, a child with ADHD, or a child with a disability, this podcast is absolutely for you. You will hear from amazing guests, including Dr. Temple Grandin, Kate Swenson (Finding Cooper's Voice), Eileen Lamb (The Autism Cafe), Cody Singer, and over 100 more. I highlight both parents and autistic voices on this show because there's so much we can learn from each other. I take on important topics that apply to your life, with the help of experts, parents, and autistic voices. New episodes release every Monday, and I hope you'll tune in.


Raising Twin Autistic Daughters (feat. Jacqueline Carrillo) S5E18 35:55 04/07/22
Accepting the Diagnosis (feat. Dennis Procopio) S5E17 41:39 27/06/22
What is an IEP? (feat. Shelley Kenow) S5E16 45:41 20/06/22
Singer/Songwriter & Autistic Advocate (feat Cory Singer) S5E15 31:20 13/06/22
Parents Discuss Regressive Autism and ABA Therapy (feat. Eileen Lamb) S5E14 42:35 06/06/22
Kate Swenson: Autism, Parenting, Hope, and Healing (S5E13) 33:52 30/05/22
When your child needs acute residential care (feat Mike Rowley) S5E12 31:01 23/05/22
Tips for traveling with your autistic kids (feat. Dawn M. Barclay) S5E11 35:19 16/05/22
My Conversation with Temple Grandin (feat. Dr. Temple Grandin) S5E10 30:04 09/05/22
The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Parental Burnout (feat. Dr. Searcy-Pate) S5E9 33:23 25/04/22
Autistic Voices (feat. Sam Mitchell of Autism Rocks and Rolls) S5E8 23:56 18/04/22
Listening to Autistic Adults (feat. Dennis Procopio) pt1 S5E7 30:02 28/03/22
Parenting with Purpose (feat. Mitch Leppicello, LICSW) S5E6 32:21 21/03/22
How BrainyAct improves quality of life for autistic kids (feat. Dolly Lowery) S5E5 26:25 08/03/22
Tyson's Run (feat Actor Major Dodson and Writer/Director Kim Bass) S5E4 32:18 28/02/22
Tracto is a free app that helps parents better support their autistic kids (feat Augmental Technologies) S5E3 32:09 22/02/22
The Parent-Led Approach to ABA Therapy (feat. Amy Schroeder) S5E2 32:30 14/02/22
How active shooter and lockdown drills are traumatizing our kids (feat. Avery Hamill) S5E1 29:26 07/02/22
Stories from an IEP Meeting (feat. Dennis Procopio) S4E20 38:44 03/12/21
Making Interactions Between First Responders and Autistic People Safer (feat JaneƩ Harteau) S4E19 41:19 20/11/21
Helping Special Needs Kids Make Friends (feat. Emily Bruce from PeerKnect) S4E18 39:53 12/11/21
When your child is seriously injured at school (Feat. Dennis Procopio) S4E17 45:04 29/10/21
The Truth About Vaccines (Feat. Heather Brandt, Ph.D, St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center) S4E16 71:07 30/09/21
Relationships and Communication (Feat. Dennis Procopio of MAN-UP! Life Coaching) S4E15 62:25 25/09/21
Autism, Language Arts, and Women in Film (Feat. Corrie Duryee) S4E14 62:27 19/09/21
Why are men so hard on themselves? (Feat. Dennis Procopio) S4E13 64:22 10/09/21
The Working Mom Blueprint (feat. Dr. Whitney Casares) S4E12 53:04 02/09/21
Help with Meltdowns and Emotional Outbursts (Feat. Angela Gotz and Jessie Ragnio) S4E11 63:19 25/06/21
Helping Men Become Better Versions of Themselves (feat. Dennis Procopio) S4E10 64:22 06/06/21
Autism Dad and Author of "Not Sleeping" (feat. Alan Winnikoff) 42:33 21/05/21