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Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, taste-test questionable beverages, and get wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast.


Giant Bombcast 766: Human Slide Whistle
After the long Holiday weekend we're back to talk about Goat Simulator 3, becoming VTubers with Sony's help, getting Luigi'd, our individual to-do lists for GOTY, and even more!
129:25 30/11/22
Giant Bombcast 758: The Ted Danson Pack
Since we're out traveling we prerecorded this badboy! This week we answer a bunch of emails and other assorted questions from the community!
89:54 04/10/22
Giant Bombcast 757: Comic Sans 2
We're joined by Niki Grayson for today's Giant Bombcast! We discuss going Blobbo mode, NBA 2k23, Sessions: Skate Sim, the Modern Warefare 2 Beta, Prodeus, the return of E3, and much more!
129:46 27/09/22
Giant Bombcast 756: Emulation Hose
We're joined by special guests Imran Khan and John Warren! Today we cover the hottest games like the Diofield Chronicles, Hyper Demon, Disney Dreamlight Valley, our experience with PSVR 2, and ESPN NFL 2k5? We also cover the GTA leaks, the new Iron Man ga
166:00 20/09/22
Giant Bombcast 755: Stealth Poodle
This week we recap the Nintendo Direct, get into a lengthy discussion on Immortality, gush about splatting in Splatoon, and even more!
181:16 14/09/22
Giant Bombcast 754: Scott Hall Effect
We've got a terrifying trio for today's Bombcast! We have a lovely chat about Ooblets, Tinykin, and touch on what Immortality is. We also breakdown some Silent Hill rumors, UK game sales charts, and more!
173:37 06/09/22
Giant Bombcast 753: LUCYWATCH 2022
This week we're on the lookout as Lucy joins Jeff Bakalar in person! We start the show with news on the new Assassin's Creed game, Logitech's new gaming device, Game Pass updates, and a potential Nintendo Direct. We also chat about Soul Hackers 2, Tinykin
151:13 30/08/22
Giant Bombcast 752: Slob on my Gog
This week we chat about a small indie game called "Fortnite", hitting the green in Cursed to Golf, and board the Midnight Fight Express. We also get into our impressions on the new Saints Row,recap Opening Night Live of Gamescom, and a bunch of other game
127:02 23/08/22
Giant Bombcast 751: butterzone
This week we chat about the upcoming Rollerdrome, how amazing Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered looks, starting a cult in the GAME OF THE WEEK with Cult of the Lamb, THQ's new South Park game, Take-Two's original Middle-earth game, and some proper glizzy dis
164:24 16/08/22
Giant Bombcast 750: Quasi-Illegal
We're joined by Fanbyte's Michael Higham as he regails us with his experience at EVO 2022, Jan and Grubb dig into Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Street Fighter 6 updates, the third Sonic movie's release date, and even more!
173:21 09/08/22
Giant Bombcast 749: Software Plus Art
We're back this week to talk about Digimon Survive, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Bakalar finishing Stray, Mortuary Assistant, and the Ambrose Islands in Hitman 3. Grubb brings us all the news planned with GTA VI, Sony's business plans, updates on AEW: Fight Fo
156:29 02/08/22
Giant Bombcast 748: Dirty Little Slime Man
We're joined by Nerium from Fanbyte as we talk about Live A Live, Into the Breach DLC, the new Hitman 3 DLC, we do a quick GOTY check-in, and then all of the biggest gaming news of this week!
140:49 26/07/22
Giant Bombcast 747: Eternal Money
The crew is back this week to talk about Jan's Vegas exploits, Jess finishing Neon White, Tam and Grubb talk kitties, game unions forming, Skate 4 going free to play, and even more!
172:01 19/07/22
Giant Bombcast 746: Nooks and Crannies
Steamdecks are still coming in hot and tickling the fancy of more then one on this podcast. Grubb's got a ton of news, and Bakalar supplies us with the voice of the people in the Email segment.
128:36 12/07/22
Giant Bombcast 745: The Naka Cut
After a long weekend we're back to talk about the Cuphead DLC, Overwatch 2, hot dogs, Sucker Punch leaving Sly behind, and a bunch of other game news!
148:37 05/07/22
Giant Bombcast 744: Tingle Specialist
Bakalar is back from his trip! He regails us with tales of algae and food, we continue to gush about Neon White, Jan's time in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, we recap the recent Nintendo Direct, and even more game news!
140:31 28/06/22
Giant Bombcast 743: Assassin's Cream
HELLO all of our Mid Sized Sedans out there! We're back this week to talk about TMNT Shredder's Revenge, gush about Neon White, breakdown all the Final Fantasies on the horizon, controller news, and discuss optimum nuggest strategies!
152:18 21/06/22
Giant Bombcast 742: Goat Adjacent
Jan and Tam are back to report on Summer Game Fest, Street Fighter 6, and we have a whole GRIP of news to breakdown. THIS IS A LOOSE SET OF TIMESTAMPS THAT IS SET TO THE FREE VERSION OF THE AUDIO BOMBCAST. 7:43 - whatcha been playing 11:11 - street fight
172:36 14/06/22
Giant Bombcast 741: THROAT GOAT
We've got some housekeeping to take care of and sodas to "chug"!
79:04 07/06/22
Giant Bombcast 740: Bagelmonger
We got up reallll early this week to gab on about Jess' continued adventures in Chrono Trigger, Tamoor joins us to talk about Elden Ring and other stuff, we also get into a whole grip of Sony news and other assorted nonsense!
139:59 31/05/22
Giant Bombcast 739: FULL BALL CONTROL
We Celebrate Pac-Man's birthday by swinging into Golf Gang, Multiversus, Apex Legends Mobile, V Rising, along with some more Death Stranding sequel scuttle, and PlayStation Plus' new tiers!
168:55 24/05/22
Giant Bombcast 738: OG Daddy
We've got a boat load of news today! We talk about the titles getting added to PlayStation Plus, Jim Ryan's hot newsletters, and of course the Silent Hill leaks. We squeezed in some game talk with Teardown, Trek to Yomi, and Loot River as well!
174:39 17/05/22
Giant Bombcast 737: Fifa Lockhart
We got the hottest releases like Duke Nukem Forever leaks, finding humanity in Citizen Sleeper, smooching in Sucker for Love, hittin' pegs in Peglin, and all your emails and gaming news!
173:44 11/05/22
Giant Bombcast 736: Gritty Gex Reboot
It's Tuesday so let's all embrace the Giant Bombcast warmly. We gab about Video Game Rap Beefs, Nintendo Switch Sports, Rogue Legacy 2, the Bugsnax DLC, Embracer embracing more companies, a new Warcraft game, and even more!
177:15 03/05/22
Giant Bombcast 735: This is Miyamoto
Tuesday means it's time to talk about slots in Luck Be a Landlord, chips in Endcycle VS, Unreal Championship 2, Mario movie delays, a grip of Ubisoft updates, and even more!
191:21 26/04/22
Giant Bombcast 734: Level 37 Fedora
It's Tuesday so it's time to talk about games! This week we talk about the newly released Playdate, finishing Stranger of Paradise, Sega's SUPER GAME INITIATIVE, Jason Momoa, Nintendo Leaks, and even more!
170:49 19/04/22
Giant Bombcast 733: They Old
EVERYONE CLAP YOUR HANDS because there is a new Kingdom Hearts in the horizon! We also talk about the upcoming BugSnax, Nintendo Switch Sports, Astral Ascent, Jitsu Squad, Gundam Evolution, and all your gaming and Magic Castle news!
164:39 12/04/22
Giant Bombcast 732: Semi-Husband
This week we get on about a new LEGO Star Wars game, explore Norco, Jeff finishes Tunic, as well as covering the cancellation of E3, a new Monkey Island, and even more!
177:33 05/04/22
Giant Bombcast 731: The Gouda Project
This week we have a MOUTHFUL of games including Kirby and the Forgotten land, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, and more adventures in Tunic. We also recap the new PlayStation Plus updates, delays, GUNDAMS, and even more!
180:16 29/03/22
Giant Bombcast 730: Gamesmonger
Dry those hands before you touch our fuzzy controllers! We dive more into the Chaos of Stranger of Paradise, get wild in the Weird West, tackle the mysteries of Tunic, and all the games news of the past week!
163:46 22/03/22