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peep® is a media company with cross platform content including a live show, quarterly publication and live events. We specialise in marketing, photography, journalism and creative culture. AWARDS - Newcastle Best Small Business / People's Choice Award Cultural Creative winner, Mike Figgis Award for Innovation & MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR - NORTH ENGLAND, Prestige Awards 2020 North England. Contact peep magazine for reviews, sponsorship or collaborations. ​Please subscribe for original content. Website -


peep® podcast interviews DJ MANPOWER The Joy of Dance Music North East
peep® podcast  MAN-POWER the Joy of Dance Music. A North East Auteur talks Bed Wetter Influences with peep magazine. The Newcastle born DJ Geoff Kirkwood also goes into detail about the making of Bed Wetter and embarking on an Artist residency with The Sage Gateshead. #manpower #bedwetter #music #peepodcast The name MANPOWER was devised as a ‘secret project’ and was promoted with homoerotic imagery and artwork, which depicted cowboys taking each others, this is Geoff’s words, was open to interpretation. It was around ten years later, that the DJ MANPOWER , realised this could be problematic, coming from a hetrosexual male.Manpower goes on to say he a saw huge spike in notoriety and interest within his techno style style dance music and assumed this level of success would translate throughout his entire career. Manpower explains this early success was down too ‘New Energy’ and later discovered that this ‘new Energy’ only lasts for so long. The music audience inevitably looks for the ‘The Next New Energy’ Geoff Kirkwood, now explains to peep, that after ten years in the music industry, there is an ‘Old Energy’, which embraces the legacy figure mentality. Manpower sites local entrepreneur - Paul Skevington as a major influence which has contributed to his world wide success and career in dance music. Manpower remembers playing at Newcastle’s ‘Stage Door’, Cosmic Ballroom gigs, along with ‘The Red Rooms’ and legendary dance night in Newcastle called ‘Nice’ , which were all organised and promoted by Paul ’SKEV’ Skevington. Manpower also mentions Tommy Caulker and his legendary World Headquarters club as an iconic club night venue in Newcastle upon Tyne. WHQ will see thirty years at the top this coming weekend.peep, take this opportunity to ask if the Bed Wetter album was more biographical than his previous house music pieces. Manpower explained that dance music can be a narrow field and wanted to develop his personal ideas. This idea and ideology developed the album Bed Wetter. Geoff, reflected and said “ Experimental Music is For Bed Wetters” this, of course, was a ‘tongue and cheek’ comment and later realised that he himself, had to own the name and deep dived into the whole mindset behind the sound and the context. All this and loads more !!! peep also ask about a favourite film or scene that has inspired him throughout his musical journey. Check it out and please subscribe to the channel. Produced By @peep Cliff Sainsbury" ALL CITY "Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE      
80:44 01/08/2023
peep® podcast interview MOBO Award Winner Blak Twang Tony Rotton in Newcastle The Bridge Hip Hop UK Festival Newcastle upon Tyne
peep® podcast interviews Blak Twang “He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune. The Bridge Hip Hop UK Festival Newcastle. The London based Hip Hop artists is renowned for his references and slang words to specific South London Locales. #blaktwang #thebridgehiphop #peepmagazineBlak Twang explains the framing of words come directly from his environment, along with the influences of New York Hip Hop. Blak Twang further mentions, listening to West Coast Hip Hop painted images in his mind. Blak Twang recalls travelling to Brooklyn in the 90s and trying to locate the exact same places and areas he had been listening to back home in Lewisham, London.peep also mention the street artist “BANKSY” as he designed the artwork for  Blak Twang’s popular album - ’KICK OFF’  The interview was filmed at the Star and Shadow as part of the The Bridge Hip Hop Uk Festival that was held in Newcastle by Sandy Duff and Donald Jenkins. Produced By @peep Cliff Sainsbury" ALL CITY "Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE        music by https://www.lovetowerentertainment.comIn The wall Music by
23:24 22/07/2023
peep® podcast interview Graffiti Artist Mr Zee talks Third Teem Krew and Pioneering 3D, Textured and Light Styles
peep Newcastle interview Mr Zee TTK Third Teem Krew Graffiti VIP and Godfather of North East Street Art talks Aerosol Manifestations with peep magazine at Newcastle The Bridge Hip Hop Uk festival at Heaton, Warwick Street. #mrzee #graffiti #ttkMr Zee started experimenting with Graffiti styles by taking the outline away from the Graffiti art piece and pioneered the 3D and textured light styles of mural art street style graffiti. Over the years this developed into ‘Light Styles’ with neon styles of street art lettering.The third Teem Krew first existed around 1984/85. the original members included ‘Snake’ ‘Freck’ and ‘Tomma’. Mr Zee ( real name Barry Mcnab) joined the North East Graffiti crew when encouraged to join with his exceptional talent for writing graffiti mural art on walls. Mr Zee explained people were dropping out the scene as they seen the whole experience as a ‘fad’ of the elements of the large hip hop movement sweeping through the world at this time. Mr Zee the mural street artist embraced the community and heavily involved himself with the youths of the Meadow Well Area of the Newcastle upon Tyne and further afield. Meadow Well, at this time, made international news when riots broke out after two youths were tragically killed when they were ‘Joyriding’ whilst being chased by the local police. This unfortunate incident was met with complete outrage around the council estates, which led into a full-blown riots that swept across various deprived areas of the north east of England including Elswsick and the Scotswood area of the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne.With the help of local Support workers Mr Zee embarked on his first trip abroad to New York city, which at his time was the ‘mecca’ of street art Graffiti. It was at this holiday Mr Zee met the renowned Graffiti artist and political writer ‘Phase 2’ ‘Vulcan’ and ‘Dome’ . Naturally, all artists became life-long friends and shared the love for graffiti art on walls.peep cover soo much more in this unique and personal interview with Barry Mcnab - The Godfather of North East Graffiti Mural Art Pieces.
36:21 22/07/2023
peep® podcast interview Newcastle Grime Artist H-Man talks seeing Demons and making his own genre of music
peep catch up with Grime music artist 'H-Man' Hendaz at The Five Swans Pub in Newcastle's centre. H-Man started in music career within Newcastle's rave scene here in Newcastle upon Tyne. H-Man explains he felt he had so much more to offer on a lyrical level and began to look to Hip Hop for inspiration.  It was at this Rave at Gateshead's Sage building that he first met local Grime and rave Mc - Just B. H-Man was beginning to realise other genres of music including london Grime music and sites 'Wiley'  and 'Skepta' inspirations to this day.H-Man ( Hendaz) recently performed at RAP-TIME, which is a local open air hip hop open mic night organised by hip hop artist's Rick Fury and Gilly Man Giro. Rap Time welcomes local talent within the genres of Grime, Hip hop and rave. It was at this event peep became familiar with H-Man, performing 'All For the Toon' which was a self reflective social comment based around the city council's regeneration initiative, ironically called - 'The Rise' within the entire Scotswood area of Newcastle. The Rise was an ambitious council project that saw hundreds of houses along with schools and libraries torn down and demolished to make way for new, next generation housing projects. It was at this moment myself and H-man realised we both grew up on the same street of Whitehouse Road in Scotswood. Our conversation then developed into the class system that seems to grip this city and suggest that, could it be the middle class that decides where the working class reside. H-Man also mentions his time at Newcastle College of Art, explaining that a tutor singled him out for being working class and suggesting further, that H-Man will have to work harder to achieve his goals within this educational system. Hendaz, also shares his thoughts and fears to a time he was soul searching for some kind of guidance or sign. It was at this point the grime artist witnessed a Goat, which can be seen as representing an evil spirit or bad omen.  Please check out the full interview peep talk to Grime Artist H-Man Hendaz in Newcastle upon Tyne.If your interested in seeing H-Man in action and want to hear 'All For The Toon' please check the links below.H-MAN performs at RAP TIME hosted by Gilly Man giro and Rick Fury under Byker BridgeH-Man and NATONORTHEAST perform at Rap Time under Byker Bridge
25:56 16/12/2022
peep® podcast interview Cack Handed Kid in Street Art and Graffiti Underground Warehouse Exhibition Exclusive Interviews.There Is Beauty In Decay Newcastle upon Tyne
peep catch up with two Newcastle counter culture street art creatives called Cack handed Kid and The Writings On The Wall.Art at There is Beauty In Decay stencilled street art warehouse exhibition. Both street artists focus on graffiti art, graffiti bombing, tagging walls, mural art with poetry and stencil art. Both mural artists have an interest in Pointillism and dot work graffiti graphic art. #muldraws #cackhandedkid #streetart There Is Beauty In Decay underground street art exhibition also featured illustrator and graphic artist - Van Goth and video artist Third Bloom. peep explore the mega narratives of all artwork on display and delve deeper in into the meaning of their street artwork and stencilled murals. The art exhibition was situated in the the increasingly popular cultural quarter of Newcastle's Ouseburn, Lime Street. From the onset, it was plain to see that this renovated abandoned warehouse had been well imagined and perfectly executed. From the level of detail, the placement of the artwork, to the erection of perfectly placed spotlights made this show one to remember. The background noise was perfectly accompanied by British ambient snyth music pioneer - Brian Eno. Produced By Cliff Sainsbury" ALL CITY "Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE   
23:17 27/10/2022
peep® podcast interview The Byker Romeo Graffiti Artist Returns and says I LOVE YOU with peep magazine
Graffiti Artist the Byker Romeo continues the I love You story with peep magazine. The Byker Romeo explains the idea and meaning behind the infamous I LOVE U painting on Dallas Carpets roof in Byker, Newcastle, Spillers Wharf on Quayside and love hearts painted around Newcastle city centre. #thebykeromeo #Iloveyou #graffitiThe Byker Romeo also lifts the lid on on all Graffiti writing motivations to continue writing the I LOVE U tag around North East England. Music by DJ A.D.SProduced By Cliff SainsburyIntro music by" ALL CITY "Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE         
41:12 07/10/2022
peep® podcast interview Graffiti Artist THE YETI and Explore The Haunted Underground of Newcastle's Subway System
peep magazine search for the infamous Graffiti Artist THE YETI. Do Yeti's Exist. We explore the haunted underground of Newcastle's subway system, beneath the Tyne Bridge, Scotswood Road, Newcastle.  #tagging #graffiti #theyetiThe YETI talks peep through his thoughts on Graffiti Art, how he started with Graffiti Art and explains numerous influences including  -  'The warriors' feature film as a defining influence and recalls drawing from book on Peregrine falcons, which equipped him with the finer details of shading and illustrating.Produced By Cliff Sainsbury' ALL CITY 'Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD        https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by
25:48 07/10/2022
peep podcast Newcastle Club Night Promoter and Bar Owner Paul Skevington talks at No28Bar
Cliff Sainsbury / peep ltd caught up with North East entrepreneur - Paul Skevington as he talks about him many business ventures including No28 Bar and Club, Zerox, Nice Bar, North Bar, Rockshots, Planet,  Earth, Stage Door and loads more. Paul goes on to describe his involvement with Newcastle's only 24 hour Dance Music station -ICE-FM with Newcastle University.  We also discuss his unfortunate story regarding his prize collection of 2000AD Comics and Graphic Novels. Paul Skevington also mentions KISS-FM as a influence and remembers Gordan Mack as a mentor  in the hope of acquiring a radio Licence for his radio station ICE-FM 
45:52 24/06/2022
peep® podcast interview EXIT LONDON Documentary Photographer Gwen Brinton talks photography and life experiences with peep
peep magazine Street Photographer Gwen Brinton talks EXIT London and shares an intimate reflection on her photography and life experiences whilst living in London. Interviewed by Cliff Sainsbury.  We cover Richard Avedon and Richard Billingham amongst other artists.  I also cover my intimate short film - Whitehouse Road, which was made in my final year at Northumbria University. Contains explicit photography Whitehouse Road FILM here #london #documentary #cliffsainsbury #exitlondon #peep #peeppodcast #peepmagazine Produced By Cliff Sainsbury" ALL CITY "Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music & 'OFF THE WALL' section music by
102:50 29/05/2022
peep podcast talks to HIP HOP Artist Kenny Cadence / Taylor Madeit / Lost Mindd / Karmic Debt / Heir Theory
HIP HOP ARTIST KENNY CADENCE talks about his album KARMIC DEBT & collaborating with Grammy nominated TAYLOR MADE to produce HEIR THEORY. Kenny talks openly about his childhood and explains the autobiographical content on all albums.Kenny Cadence holds nothing back, and shares his suicidal thoughts with peep, explaining that, making music and collaborating with fellow artist's has not only saved his career , but saved his life. #kennycadence #karmicdebt #heirthoeryProduced By Cliff Sainsbury'On the Wall' section music by" Fighting the City Before You're Consumed "Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE          
51:42 19/04/2022
peep podcast talks to Senior Northumbria University Lecturer Robert Jefferson and his distant relative Stan Laurel
Northumbria University Senior Lecturer & Course Leader Robert Jefferson talks Influences, Processes, Animations and a family history that links back to Stan Laurel. peep® also discuss music influences, Salems Lot, Twin Peaks, David Soul,  Signal Intrusion Videos, F.B.I Murder Stories, Spender Series and our love for 2000AD comics and characters ! #2000AD #stanlaurel #peep #northumbriauniversity #peeppodcast #peep #peepmagazineWhitehouse Road Short film feel free to like, share and subscribe. peep hope you enjoy our 'Trade Roots' Special with my Produced By Cliff Sainsbury" ALL CITY "www.peep.ltdReview our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by
114:45 11/04/2022
peep®podcast. Lost Souls of Asia. Khoe San Road
peep present Lost Souls Of Asia. We discuss with  supernatural and unexplained phenomenon whilst travelling around Asia, including Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Bangkok , Khoe San Road and Thailnd. 'John' describes his experiences in great detail and hopes to return to Asia sometime soon. Recorded in Newcastle Pilgrim Street with Cliff Sainsbury. #ghoststories #bangkok #ghostinthailnd #spiritsinasia #cambodia #lostsoulsofasia #khoesanroad #peep #peepmagazine #peeplostsoulsofasia
38:52 23/11/2021
peep® podcast interview Hip Hop GILLY MAN GIRO and RICK FURY talk to peep at Grainger Market Newcastle
peep magazine catch up with Hip Hop Artist GILLY MAN GIRO as he talks battling addictions, Hip Hop music and Influences. We are also joined with influential Hip Hop artist Rick Fury as he shares his thoughts on the fragmented Hip Hop scene in Newcastle upon Tyne. #gillymangiro #hiphop #musicGILLY MAN GIRO discusses whether the music influences the drugs, or are drugs a main influence for the music. GILLY MAN GIRO remembers characters like 'Q' played by Omar Epps from the hugely popular hip hop / Crime / Drama movie 'Juice' starring Tupak Shakur , as a huge inspiration to becoming a DJ and later writing his own musicpeep magazine also cover a fragmented North East Hip Hop community with a myriad of sub-genres including Grime, Trapp, Drill and New-Metal aspects of the genre. Rick Fury and Gilly Man Giro also believe Hip Hop fraternity is more 'Fickle' that people would actually believe, going on to say getting your product out without giving a F**K is all that really matters. 
47:40 06/09/2021
Professional Boxer Sam Best talks about Fighting Depression and WINNING with peep
peep catch up with Professional Boxer Sam Best as he talks us through his dark places and overcoming depression, his demons in and out the ring. We cover Sam's first professional Boxing defeat at Newcastle Race Course, starting his own companies, starting a family and rebuilding his life from the ground up. Sam talks in depth about struggling with adapting to life and all the trappings it brings. peep are also giving away the Starpro Sports 'fight Pack' , which includes headgear, boxing gloves, pads and hand wraps. Once we reach 7,000 subscribers , we will randomly pick a lucky subscriber and give the lot away. What you waiting for. Get subscribing. #sambest #peep #depressionProduced By Cliff SainsburyMusic courtesy of Lovetower" Fighting the City Before You're Consumed "Review our company here LISTEN  https://www.peeppodcast.coPEEP LTD         https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by https://www.lovetowerentertainment.comOutro  Music by Painted Sky 'When the Boat Comes In'
42:14 19/06/2021
peep® podcast interview prolific Ghost Hunter Rob Davies as he discusses Phantom R.A.F Hitchhiker Ghost
peep catch up with Ghost hunter Rob Davies as he reveals REAL GHOST FOOTAGE of R.A.F roadside ghost, the Cooperage hauntings, Screams from the Biscuit factory, South Shields Poltergeist, A Ghostly monk at the castle Keep Newcastle, Witches at St Andrews Graveyard, Dick Turpin's Gravesite in York and loads more... Check out Dead Air Youtube channel for exclusive content from North East and around the world. Produced By Cliff Sainsbury" Fighting the City Before You're Consumed "Review our company here LTD       https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by https://www.lovetowerentertainment.comOutro Music by Painted Sky - 'When the Boat Comes In'
99:20 04/03/2021
peep podcast interview Dr Noel McLaughlin talks HOW BELFAST GOT THE BLUES in Newcastle
peep cover disagreements with U2 front man " BONO " Playing a private party for Stella McCartney, with guests including Tom Cruise,  David Beckham, Johny Depp and Venus Wiliams in one of the coolest bars in London - 'The Cow'Dr Noel McLaughlin is a popular music historian and senior lecturer in the department of arts at Northumbria University. peep magazine discuss his latest book - How Belfast Got the Blues ( Co Author ) Joanna Braniff.  We also lift the lid on Noel's music and DJ'ing career both here in Newcastle and Londons Notting Hill. #belfast #U2 #northumbriauniversityWe also touch on Roger Pomphrey, a talented musician and artist who directed Massive Attacks first short film - ' Just a matter of time' along with Jimi Hendrix ' Electric Ladyland' /Who The Hell is Pete Doherty and Beyond The Groove amongst many other acclaimed projects. Noel McLaughlin sites musicians and artists such as Brian Eno, David Byre and Roger Pomphrey as huge influences throughout his life and career. BUY / /  HOW BELFAST GOT THE BLUES / /  Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2 By Cliff Sainsbury" Fighting the City Before You're Consumed "Review our company here LTD       https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by
123:24 04/02/2021
peep® podcast interview Newcastle's THE TUBE star 'THE HARD' Felt Nowt in this exclusive interview with peep magazine
North East ICON - Wavis O' Shave gives peep magazine an exclusive interview with " THE HARD " for his last EVER interview.  Wavis, also lifts the lid on stories and and ideas behind his fascinating characters.  We also cover The Tube, Debbie Harry, Kenny Everett, Jools Holland and Paula Yates with loads more to cover ! #thehard #feltnowt #thetubeIt should also be pointed out that  Wavis O' Shave is a surreal comedian and talented musician who has paved the way for many aspiring comics of today. Produced By Cliff Sainsbury" Fighting the City Before You're Consumed "Review our company here LTD       https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by
38:27 30/12/2020
peep® podcast interview Naked Lunch - Mick Clarke Synth composer talks Electronic music with peep magazine Newcastle
Former Naked Lunch Electronic Music Composer - Mick Clarke talks to peep magazine about his music career right here in Newcastle upon tyne and then moving to London and joining NAKED LUNCH after seeing an advert in Melody Maker from Tony Mayo looking for " like minded people " Naked Lunch have been described as one of the first Synth / Electronic music bands to come out of the the United Kingdom and praised by the likes of Depech Mode and Soft Cell as early innovators of Electronic music. We cover everything from Spectro Workshops, Melody Maker, Some Bizarre Album Hardware records Rezerection, Shindig, The Mayfair and Newcastle upon tyne's very own 'The Tube' Mick is still producing Electronic Music and you can find out more @ironblumuisc and @weapons_of_desire Produced By Cliff Sainsbury" Fighting the City Before You're Consumed "Review our company here LTD       https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by
68:30 30/12/2020
peep® podcast interview Trance Music is Good For You. Trance DJ BuZZila talks to peep magazine
NORTH EAST based DJ BuZZila says TRANCE is the only music that gives you a natural high. Newcastle city centre Buzzila talks to peep magazine about his journey into Trance Music #trance #buzzila #newcastleBuzzila started writing music at the age of seventeen and then started producing three years later. Buzzila talks DubStep as an early influence, but then discovered 'Rush Hour' by Armin Van Buuren as a defining musical influence and continued on his trance music journey.peep magazine interview BuZZila in their new studios bang in the middle of Newcastle's city centre. We were fortunate enough to have BuZZila as our first of many guests.We also talk Robert Miles, Paul Van Dyk and a personal favourite of ours - Chicane ' Saltwater' Produced and Presented By Cliff Sainsbury" Fighting the City Before You're Consumed "Review our company here LTD       https://www.peep.ltdMAGAZINE    music by
34:16 13/11/2020
peep® podcast interview INCH GRAFFITI WRITER LEGEND TALKS to peep magazine in SELFISH ARROWS Newcastle upon Tyne
INCH. The most prolific Graffiti writer in the North East talks Newcastle Crews, Influences, Fanzines and Exhibitions. peep magazine also delve into his past and  the history of Graffiti Art in our Trade Roots Special - "SELFISH ARROWS' #inch #graffiti #newcastle©peep LtdProduced By Cliff SainsburyIntro music by
42:54 09/11/2020