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Womenpreneur Asia is a show for women entrepreneurs in Asia to share what they know with other women who aspire to be entrepreneurs. It's about the gritty yet inspiring stories, the little-known struggles and the much-talked about sweet success of being an Asian woman in business across Asia. Womenpreneur Asia is created and hosted by Krista Goon who is a Malaysian entrepreneur, author and marketer. All episodes are sponsored by Redbox Studio.


Debbie Edirisinghe, Founding Director, Child Action Lanka, Sri Lanka
Today’s episode is with a founding director of a non-profit from Sri Lanka, Debbie Edirisinghe. Debbie is with Child Action Lanka. Child Action Lanka began in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka in 2006. She started it with her husband, Dilshan, when she was asked to take over from a woman teaching 8 street children. (Listen to her story in the episode.) Some 16 years later, her organization has grown to reach over 1,500 children in 8 districts in Sri Lanka.  Her organization offers housing and food, schooling and education resources, as well as counselling to ensure lower school dropout rates.  In our conversation today, Debbie spoke about the need to give children a second chance and to transform their lives. In our heartwarming interview, she spoke about the lessons she had learnt over the years in running a non-profit and her leadership style. Despite what has happened in Sri Lanka this year, she is even more determined to help the children whose lives are the most affected. She talks about making a difference through her work with women and children through various initiatives but what strikes me most is that she reminds her own daughters that she is raising them to be strong women.  Get the show notes at Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast for more inspiring stories and strategies from Asian women entrepreneurs in Asia.
62:05 25/11/22
Farah Ismail, Founder of Interact Consulting, India
Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from Bangalore, India, Farah Ismail. She is the founder of Interact Consulting and calls herself a courage catalyst, coach, facilitator, and speaker.  Farah has more than 25 years of experience in the field of leadership and cross-cultural competence from her years abroad and working across countries and cultures. She began her career in the aviation industry in the Middle East, returning to India during the IT and services boom to work in the business and learning development sectors.  Farah started her company in 2006 with the belief that everyone has the potential to make a difference and she says her role is to inspire change and realise this potential. When they work with her, they can reimagine their business with clarity and confidence. In this episode, we spoke about seeing gifts in the adversity that life throws at us and having a sense of adventure in our lives. Farah also encouraged women to own their voices and express themselves fully. As a coach, Farah’s desire is to make a difference in people’s lives, continuously growing as she develops others. She spoke about choosing oneself and being courageous to set our own agenda and here’s what I like most, factor playfulness in our daily agenda. At the heart of what we spoke about were our choices and courage.  Find more show notes about her on If you have enjoyed today’s episode, please rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on your favourite podcast app. Or share this episode with a friend.
43:31 18/11/22
Sharifah Sarah, Co-founder of By Sarah, Malaysia
Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from Malaysia, Sharifah Sarah.  She started the business with her cousin when she was a university student studying medicine. Today, she is the co-founder of By Sarah, a business she started with her cousin based on their love for each other and their love for the exquisite songket, a type of woven fabric in the brocade family of textiles unique to Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.  By Sarah uses songket in crafting all of its bespoke accessories and clutches by their team of local artisans. Their products have been ordered by embassies and celebrities.  In this episode, she doesn’t just tell us a story of her business but also how she started the business as a university student and how she switched careers from being a doctor to working in a telecommunications company while managing her business.  If you have enjoyed today’s episode, please rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on your favourite podcast app. Or share this episode with a friend. Thank you for listening, I appreciate you and I’ll see you next Friday!  More links, information and show notes:
56:34 11/11/22
Nino Mouton, Founder of Playbook, Indonesia
Do you have to know how to code in order to start an education technology business? Or what if you’re female and not as young as some of the tech startup founders you see around you? Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from Indonesia who lives in Singapore, Nino Mouton. Nino is the founder of the education tech startup, Playbook.   She’s the ex-editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Indonesia and content strategist turned education tech warrior who wants to reinvent education for the young people of Indonesia.  Nino talks openly about her startup and the mistakes she made in the early days, forcing her to pivot. She used to panic when users found bugs in her app and she said she wished she stopped hesitating a lot more and started putting her product out to the world quicker. She talks about not knowing how to code and everyone said she needed to learn so she even took coding classes! Eventually, she realized that she wanted to be a business person, not a programmer.  Playbook is an app that offers soft skills training in micro-learning segments. Nino and her team are presently focused on the Indonesian market with micro-learning lessons served in the Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia.  If you’re a returning listener or a new listener and you like this podcast, do tell a friend about it. And I'd appreciate it if you could rate, review and subscribe too. For more show notes and all the links to connect with my guests on the podcast, visit
50:03 04/11/22
Upasna Dash, Founder & CEO of Jajabor Brand Consultancy, India
Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from India, Upasna Dash who is the Founder & CEO of Jajabor Brand Consultancy.  Upasna took her love for storytelling to start her PR agency at 26 years old. She started with 10,000 rupees in 2017 which is barely RM600 or about US120 with a laptop, and her grandfather’s well-worn couch in her family home and has since grown it to a 50-person company with 40+ clients in a few short years! Yet her motivation isn’t just about building a great PR business. It’s a lot deeper than that as you will hear in today’s episode.  We had so many things to talk about in this episode - about women in decision-making roles, about being a young entrepreneur, about wanting to do great work and helping startups get seen. She said that building a business is hard but building a business as a young woman in a city like New Delhi is even harder! I like one of her quotes - she wants her impact to walk into the room before she does and have her work speak for her. In our conversation, we touch on why women need to make decisions at the right places and be given the right platforms to grow from.  If you like her story, get more details in the show notes at the website link below. You are listening to Season 5 of the Womenpreneur Asia podcast hosted by Krista Goon. Find out more about the podcast, how you can get on her show and lots more at
57:51 27/10/22
Joyce Chua, Founder & CEO Queva Beauty, Malaysia
Would you take the easy path or would you strive for something bigger than yourself even if you didn’t have to?   My guest today didn’t want to regret that she didn’t do something for herself when she could. Her friends said she could just sit back and enjoy her life - after all she had the means to do so. Having had her own career when she was younger and being inspired by the mavens of the Malaysian beauty industry, she felt it would be tragic if she didn’t try something on her own and that’s how she started two businesses in her mid-40s.   Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from Malaysia, Joyce Chua. Joyce is the Founder & CEO of Queva Beauty based in Johor, Malaysia. Queva is a business service that Joyce believes is the answer and solution to the biggest headache that beauty consultants suffer from! Joyce has always been in the beauty and skincare industry starting from the time she worked for some of the most popular brands in Malaysia in the 1990s such as Dermalogica, The Body Shop, Xixili and more. She used to work in training, marketing, PR and sales and she admitted that she learnt a lot working under industry mavens such as Datin Mina Cheah-Fong of The Body Shop franchise in Malaysia. Besides the salon business, she is also the founder of a skincare product - a Vitamin C serum named Fabs Skin. Her fruit-powered serum contains apple and carrot extracts to prevent hyperpigmentation problems. For the full show notes or to nominate a guest for our upcoming season, visit Womenpreneur If you've enjoyed this podcast, please rate and review it.
42:21 21/10/22
Emilie Chung, Co-founder of Sinellia Tea, China
Getting out of your comfort zone. Having the courage to go against norms and what’s expected of you. Becoming a mother at 41. Cultural explorations and coming full circle. My guest today is Emilie Chung who co-founded Sinellia Tea with her husband in Guangdong, China. She left France (where she had grown up, born to a Chinese dad and British mum) for China when she was 30 years old and has never looked back since. She didn't speak Mandarin when she arrived and yet felt completely at home! In this episode, we talk about more than just tea. We spoke about how Emilie made decisions in her life and how she bucked perceptions as a woman who is unafraid to have some adventures of her own. She didn't let conventions dictate her life and didn't limit herself to doing what everyone did. Despite getting a degree to be a university teacher, Emilie is more than that. She is a coach, facilitator, university teacher and entrepreneur of her own tea business and a new mother (she had a baby at 41 when she never thought she would have one!). Today she can discuss tea and the finer aspects of tea in Mandarin! Get the full show notes or subscribe to our newsletter at PLUS rate, review and subscribe to our podcast because it helps the show go further!
60:39 13/10/22
Pearlin Siow, Book Mama of Boss of Me, Singapore
Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur, author and book publisher from Singapore, Pearlin Siow who calls herself the Book Mama at Boss Of Me.  Her journey is a little unusual in that she started writing her bestseller book first and her business came after when more and more entrepreneurs started asking her to write their books.  Pearlin started as a journalist at Singapore Press Holdings upon graduation. In 2000, she left to found an online barter site (which she talks about in this episode) and later, entered the corporate world when she became the business development manager for CNET Asia. This journalist turned entrepreneur published her first book - a bestseller - in 2002 - when she was inspired by Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week.  Soon after, she wrote three more books - Sleep & Get Rich, Secrets Of Asia's Most Successful Internet Gurus and Do You Have What It Takes To Be Boss. Before long, she was getting a steady stream of clients who wanted to get their stories told and written. Eventually, she moved into helping them publish their books by setting up her own team, working with book production experts such as designers, printers and book distributors. Get the full show notes: Leave us an audio message that could be featured on future episodes Follow us on Instagram Check out our audio snippets on Youtube
49:53 07/10/22
Jay Desan, Co-founder of BoomGrow, Malaysia
Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur, sustainability consultant, mother and former lawyer, Jay Desan.  She is the co-founder of BoomGrow, an agritech company that is growing clean greens in Malaysia. This mother of two never expected she would be in the tech space but she did know a lot about sustainability. Jay said that she spent many years in the UK  studying and understanding corporate responsibility in human rights which she later expanded to re-imagining the corporation. (ESG refers to Environmental, Social and Governance, the three key factors that measure the sustainability and ethical impact of a business or company.) It made her realise how shifts and changes can happen very incrementally, starting with one person but once it’s combined with multi-stakeholders, transformation can happen. She came back to Malaysia with the idea of making a difference but with the idea of staying in academia.  She began working in the sustainability area with companies but realized just as quickly that broken systems don’t make changes happen. Structural problems hounded her and she became frustrated at how food was grown and distributed.   Jay explains that they grow vegetables indoors in containers with technology that is set up to control variables such as water, light and humidity to maximize their output. With this setup, they are able to produce consistent yields for the supply chain.  For more show notes and website links, visit Send us your audio message and who knows, your message for us could be featured in the next episode! Leave us your audio message.
51:17 29/09/22
Deepa Jivan, Founder & Innovation Director, J Gordhan & Co., Hong Kong
Is it a must for businesses to keep growing? Is it peculiar if someone doesn’t want to grow her business?  Well in today’s episode, I speak to a guest who is at a crossroads of her business because she asked herself, “Do we want to keep growing and growing? Is it an inevitable path for all businesses?” What if she doesn’t want to do that and just wants to maintain what she’s doing now?  Deepa is the founder & Innovation Director for J Gordhan & Co Ltd. in Hong Kong. She manages a business that brings fun into every child and adult’s life through her arts, craft and hobby products. They design, manufacture and deliver products to their customers who are retailers around the world “whether it's a painting, stitching or anything hobby-related.” They supply everything from stickers to paper plates, Christmas decorations to crayons, paints and more. Since she enjoyed marketing, her father encouraged her to start her first business, marketing a product that was seen as waste from paper mills! It is no surprise then that she is inspired by her father. In the process, she grew her one product to 2,000 SKUs while learning about the manufacturing of products including safety compliance and quality testing in China. Later, she relocated to Hong Kong. For more show notes and information about our guest today, visit While you're at our website, get on our mailing list so you won't miss any episodes with Asian women in business in Asia. SEND US YOUR MESSAGE VIA AUDIO. Send us an audio message using this online tool and we will pick the best messages to feature in upcoming episodes. Tell us your name, business, location/country and why you listen to Womenpreneur Asia. 
59:35 23/09/22
Jenny Toh, Life Coach & Founder of River Life Coaching, Singapore
Have you ever felt that you were meant to do something more? That your life is going well but there was a feeling you couldn’t shake off?  Today’s episode is with Jenny Toh. Jenny is a Certifed Life Coach and Founder of River Life Coaching in Singapore. Jenny felt this strongly at one point in her life. At that juncture in her life, she was a mother of three with a legal career. Yet this former lawyer knew in her heart that she was meant to do something more. And that something more was to help introverted people find their place in this noisy world.  Originally from Port Dickson, Malaysia, she was a practising lawyer until she relocated to Singapore due to her marriage. We spoke about how she got the inspiration to become a coach, the differences between coaching and counselling, how she marketed herself at the beginning and the challenges she faced as she started her business right in the midst of the pandemic!  She talks about how she marketed herself and how she managed to land coaching jobs through coaching platforms although, in the beginning, she was resistant to the idea. She also explains the differences between coaching and counselling.  Like this episode? Check out more show notes on Womenpreneur Asia is a podcast brought to you by Redbox Studio. The seasonal show brings you a new episode weekly on Friday, GMT+8. The podcast is the brainchild of Krista Goon, an entrepreneur, author, marketer and communicator. Send us an audio message about this episode and we will feature your message in future episodes!
61:13 16/09/22
Teh Wuan Xin, Founder & CEO of AI Talent, Malaysia
Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from Malaysia, Teh Wuan Xin. She is the Founder & CEO of AI Talent, a business that develops child entrepreneurs. At its core, it is an e-learning platform that provides a conducive environment for children to start their business journeys where they learn from entrepreneurs and corporate leaders through projects.  According to their website, they have partnered with more than 70 corporations and trained more than 200 coaches and 150 education centres. Hers is a B2B business where they sell their entrepreneurial programmes to education centres as part of their offerings. Currently, AI Talent has grown beyond Malaysia to offer its programmes to Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia and The Philippines.  She candidly reveals that she failed at her first startup but took the lessons to grow her present business not just in Malaysia but throughout Asia. She also talks about the importance of having a bucket list and how the pandemic helped her business in so many ways and the leadership lessons she learnt.  To connect with her, check out the links in our show notes on the Womenpreneur Asia website. Please rate and review if you like our podcast. Womenpreneur Asia is brought to you by Redbox Studio. It is a seasonal podcast featuring heartwarming yet insightful interviews with Asian women entrepreneurs in Asia. You are listening to Season 5 of the podcast. All new episodes are uploaded every Friday until the end of the season.
60:32 09/09/22
Womenpreneur Asia Season 5 Starts Today
Welcome to Season 5 of Womenpreneur Asia and I am your host, Krista Goon. I started this podcast during the pandemic lockdown in 2020 and it's been a journey indeed! In this trailer, I talk about some exciting news and some of what I've learnt in the past 18 months. If you are a returning listener, thank you! It means a lot to me. If you've just found my podcast, thank you! I hope you enjoy this season (and if it intrigues you, listen to the rest of the other seasons as well). The podcast proper starts today and for the next 14 weeks, every Friday, you'll get to listen to the stories, struggles and strategies of 14 Asian women entrepreneurs in Asia. Please subscribe and if you like this podcast, leave me a rating or review. See you next Friday!
15:06 02/09/22
Yap Sook Yee, Co-founder of Frienden Arts and WeCareJourney, Malaysia
Today’s episode is with a social enterprise entrepreneur from Malaysia, Yap Sook Yee. Sook Yee is the co-founder of Frienden Arts and WeCareJourney. WeCareJourney is an association that helps parents and caregivers with children who are born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). She started her social enterprise, FriendenArts, to sell the art and art merchandise that her two sons, Jaden and Branden, create. Treatments for the two boys are expensive and Sook Yee and her husband wanted to use their boys’ art and art products as a way to fund the treatments.  Branden was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at the age of one. It is a rare terminal genetic condition and Sook Yee and her husband were told that their son only had one more year to live. Sook Yee and her husband tried looking for more positive answers from doctors and everyone told them the same thing - that Branden would not live past 2 years old. Today, Branden is 11 years old. Sook Yee has been tireless in bringing awareness about SMA to parents and medical professionals. She and her husband advocate for the SMA community while lobbying for SMA drugs to be made available in Malaysia. She is seeing changes in the landscape and conversations about SMA. When before there seemed to be no hope, now she advises parents to never give up. Her Branden is living proof! We talk a lot more in this episode about living and dying, gratitude, making memories, having dreams and why it's important to talk about the elephant in the room. If you are listening to this on your favourite podcast player, please subscribe to the podcast. And if you have enjoyed my podcast, leave me a review. This is a bonus episode and the final episode of Season 4. I'll be back with Season 5 in September. Until then, check out the earlier seasons of the podcast. For other information, visit Thank you for being a listener.
55:43 09/06/22
Olivia Quah, Co-founder of Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
In today’s episode, I am speaking to Olivia Quah who is the co-founder of Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.  Her business specialises in elderly care products and interestingly she began her business because of her own ageing parents. Her business also complements her husband’s as he is a medical doctor and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Olivia is also expanding her business although her main focus is on her ecommerce website. She has many plans in store for her elderly care products and services and she reveals in this episode how she has been successful so far in her product-driven business.  Her 20 years of working experience in business development, trade and investment promotion and operations gave her insights and a ready network when she began her own business. Her previous career contacts became useful when it was time for her to start Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd, a licensed medical supply company specialising in elderly care products such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators and more. In addition, they run and manage their own retail outlet, clinic, Chinese medicine clinic and nursing home and sell their products online at their own website.  For more information, visit
47:27 03/06/22
Uyanga Batzogs, Founder & Executive Director of Quality Life, Mongolia
In today’s episode, I am speaking to Uyanga Batzogs who is the Founder and Executive Director of Quality Life from Mongolia. Uyanga started the NGO when she discovered a 2015 survey of over 500 elderly citizens in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia revealing the need for senior social and medical care.  Through Proliance LLC (the medical equipment distribution business that she runs), she founded one of Mongolia’s first senior recreation providers, Quality Life. Quality Life Club is a social-based daycare that provides seniors with the opportunity to engage with peers, and their community, and exercise their bodies and minds.  Uyanga’s company Proliance LLC and Quality Life NGO’s board are passionate about pioneering senior care service in Mongolia. In 2017, they started collaborating to support seniors to have meaningful jobs and share their extensive knowledge and experience with other businesses and community members. When she was a teenager, Mongolia changed from being a communist country to a democracy. Prior to the change, everyone including Uyanga thought that her life and career were mapped out. She would get good grades and a job would be waiting for her when she got out of school. With the change in the country, almost overnight she was left clueless about the next step in her life which was from having a guaranteed job to having nothing! This is Uyanga's story as a woman entrepreneur and non-profit founder. For more information about this episode, visit
62:24 27/05/22
Kanyachat Lerttanapaiboon, Co-Founder & CEO of Her Hyness, Thailand
Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from Thailand, Kanyachat Lerttanapaiboon who is fondly known as Elle. She is the co-founder & CEO of Her Hyness, a skincare brand that focuses on ingredients that are safe and good for your skin. Elle had worked for well-known cosmetic and skincare brands in Singapore and China and despite being one of the rising stars in the corporate world, she left corporate to start her clean beauty skincare company in Thailand.  If you’re a marketing person like me, you’d love this episode. Elle and I spoke about how she decided to focus on the Thai market despite her years of experience in China, how she pilot-tested her first product and how she grew her homegrown brand to rank in the top 20 beauty brands in Thailand next to global brands, a milestone she is truly proud of. Elle says, “Never give up. Today is hard. Tomorrow will be worse but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine."   Get more information about Elle and her business:
73:23 20/05/22
Jocelyn Pantastico, Co-Founder & CEO of Olivia Technology Group, The Philippines
Today’s episode is with Jocelyn Pantastico who is the Co-founder & CEO of Olivia Technology Group based in The Phillippines. Jocs as she is more fondly known has spent most of her life in the corporate world, with many of those years as an expat in Indonesia. In 2018, she returned to The Philippines to start her tech startup, Olivia, a milestone she is most proud of.  Her software frees companies from tedious manual data capture so that they can focus on real work. Olivia processes receipts and invoices, translating them into reports and digital assets in seconds.  But it really isn’t about the receipts as we get deeper into this interview. While today's episode is about software that keeps your money in check, it is also about the bigger concept of wealth, money management and investing.  We spoke about how her world now is distinctly different from her corporate days. She talks about the startup lessons she learned as she built her startup and how she had to change the ways she thought about putting products out into the market.  She also talks about how her software is creating more value for accountants rather than taking away their jobs. And in that process, she uncovered the reason people were leaving accountancy firms.  We also discussed why women don’t talk about money as openly as men going back into her own past and her realization that she needed to be open about money with her daughter. She revealed some really smart strategies for teaching her daughter how to invest, ultimately giving her a headstart with money and how that has transformed her own daughter’s relationship with money and wealth.  This episode is brought to you by Redbox Studio. For more information about Jocelyn, visit: Please subscribe if you've enjoyed this podcast. Thank you.
61:50 13/05/22
Evi Mariani, ​​Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Multatuli, Indonesia
Today’s episode is with Evi Mariani, ​​Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Multatuli based in Indonesia. Evi was the former managing editor at The Jakarta Post. Her collaborative projects won the 2020 Public Service Journalism Award from the Society of Publishers in Asia and the 2020 Tasrif Award from the AJI.  Evi and 3 other fellow journalists started Project Multatuli, a media organisation dedicated to carrying out the ideals of public journalism by giving a voice to the voiceless, spotlighting the marginalized, and reporting on the underreported. Multatuli comes from Latin meaning “I have suffered much.” In this episode, we talk about how a crisis led Evi to start something that truly spoke to her heart - social justice. She said she was never raised to be political - all she wanted was to travel and see the world as a journalist. As an Indonesian Chinese with a Catholic upbringing, social journalism wasn’t the path she was supposed to take. However, her first taste of political activism began in earnest when she entered Gajah Mada University which opened her eyes to diversity, pluralism, gender equality and so much more.  Evi started her media organization during the pandemic which also pushed her to return to her Chinese business roots so to speak. She had to figure out the best model for her media business because she didn’t care much for the advertising model that most media defaulted to.  As the only woman among the 4 founders of Project Multatuli, she is known as Ibu Dir. Evi is a woman who called herself an underachiever but today, she is the one who is pushing for greater change through the medium she knows best.  Today’s conversation is a little deeper and more thoughtful but I know that Evi and Project Multatuli are exactly what we need to change the game.  For links and other info, go to Take our survey and tell us how you like our podcast:
69:19 06/05/22
Michelle Hon, Founder of MomBoss Academy, Singapore
Today’s episode is with Michelle Hon who is the founder of MomBoss Academy based in Singapore. Most of my podcast guests are fun but Michelle is another level of fun.  We talked about the concept of false beliefs about working hard and how income is tied to effort or is it? We spoke about being paid for results, not the 100 things that we do. It’s about the 80 20 principle.  Michelle learnt this when she had to recover from dengue. At the same time, she was also pregnant. She worked fewer hours than before and yet, her revenue grew bigger than the years before. It flipped all the beliefs about working and hustling hard.  For Michelle, it’s about the effort that gets people to results and that is not always tied to how hard you work. Beliefs impact actions. And when you change your actions, you change your outcomes.  We also went back into Michelle’s past as a child when she was given a book called Mind Over Matter for a birthday party that didn’t happen. You have to listen to that part of the story that involved a difficult childhood and growing up having very little money.  We talked about how Michelle’s tough childhood actually helped her get to who she is today. I love her strength when she said "If I start something new and it doesn’t work out what do I have to lose? I just go back to square one and that’s not too bad."  You’ll love today’s episode. Let’s get into it!  For more interesting information, visit: Follow Womenpreneur Asia for more fun conversations with Asian women entrepreneurs across Asia (and sometimes beyond):
58:39 29/04/22
May Sresthaporn, Founder of MSHAPPYDIET and PLANTOGENIC, Thailand
Today’s episode is with May Sresthaporn who is the founder of MSHAPPYDIET and PLANTOGENIC in Thailand. One is about the community while the other is about products but both are about health, wellness and balanced living. She said she enjoyed the food a bit too much when she studied in the US but realized that the sugary foods and carbs took a terrible toll on her health!  When she came home to Thailand, May started blogging about herself and her own stories of regaining good health through healthier eating and lifestyle. Some 10 years later, this passion bloomed into two health-based businesses. We talked about the dilemmas of entrepreneurship, what success means and how do work and life fit into everything that we want to do as entrepreneurs. Plus have you taken our survey yet? It’s completely anonymous and it takes just 2 minutes to fill. Tell me what you think of my podcast. Just go to 
49:29 22/04/22
Evon Heng, Principal & COO of PropNex, Malaysia
In today’s episode, I am speaking to Evon Heng who is the Principal & Chief Operating Officer of PropNex Malaysia, a real estate agency with 1,000 negotiators. It wasn’t always this way and in the early days when she started the business, she found it a struggle to grow after a certain point.  Evon grew up in Klang, Selangor and she had always wanted to become a businesswoman because of her parents.  After getting her real estate negotiator licence, she began her career in selling real estate. In 2018, Evon and her partner became the master licensor of PropNex Malaysia, enabling Malaysian real estate negotiators to become even more successful based on the systems of its mother company - Propnex Singapore. For more information about Evon, check out Her father, who was a property negotiator, was her main inspiration to join the real estate industry. While working at her first job, she enrolled on a part-time diploma course in estate agency.
51:45 15/04/22
Lalita Raman, CEO & Founder of Transitions Intl. Ltd., Hong Kong
This week I speak with Lalita Raman who is the CEO and founder of Transitions Intl Ltd based out of Hong Kong where she facilitates and coaches in the areas of leadership and communications.  This Mumbai native started her business in 2012 after spending 20+ years working in various investment banking organisations in Hong Kong.  She talks about how she had to adapt to different roles and build new skills as she made that shift from employment to entrepreneurship. In her coaching work, she helps executives do the same - finding in themselves the clarity and confidence to manage the change that comes with career shifts.  For show notes and more, visit
63:33 07/04/22
Dr Wendy Liew, Founder of The Image Creator, Malaysia
Today’s episode is with Dr Wendy Liew who is the founder of The Image Creator, a corporate training business based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was a delight to interview - we had so much fun and laughter and even tears - as she was open enough to talk about her shortcomings, the fear of losing face and being a failure. Success means a lot to her because she grew up in a small town and in an era and an environment where boys were favoured over girls. Her mother was her biggest supporter even borrowing money to put her through university and often had to deal with Wendy’s impulsive career changes.  She learnt many hard lessons and struggled with her own pride and perfectionism and wished she had been less of a lone ranger and more of a leader when she first founded her business.  When she was chasing after what she wanted, she couldn’t reach her goals but when she let go and learned to take helpful advice and opened up, her business began to change and soar. Then the pandemic hit and again her business earnings hit the ground and now she is transforming her business for the next phase. For other information and show notes, visit
62:50 01/04/22
Linda Lo, Director of Ambon Boenda, Malaysia
Linda Lo is this week's guest and she is the founder and director of Ambon Boenda, a food business involved in baking and retailing Indonesian layer cakes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Linda was born in Indonesia and currently lives in Malaysia. Known as spekkeok or kue lapis in Indonesian, the layer cake originally was a Dutch cake. Spekkoek was made by the wives of Dutch administrators in Batavia during the colonial period and later, the Indonesians put their own unique twist to the cake by adding spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace, and anise. It has a unique taste and flavour and Linda lets you in on what makes a great layer cake and what you should look for if you're buying one! Linda started baking from home in 2015 - in the back lane behind her home - and not long after decided to take a leap of faith to start her own retail store. This is her story of how her intense love for the cake of her homeland made her learn under five bakers so that she could share her Indonesian cakes with discerning customers in Kuala Lumpur and beyond! For show notes and more, check out
45:56 25/03/22
Eri Kobayashi, Founder & CEO of Ripplenity Inc., Japan
From disaster risk management to closet consultant and now founder of a fashion tech startup, Eri Kobayashi wants us to rethink how we wear our clothes and at the same time, wants to give women convenient access to other image and styling consultants. Eri’s story starts in the most unlikely of places - Singapore. That’s where she was living for 10 years before she returned to Japan to start her fashion app business. She was already a stylist and closet consultant but she wanted to build a platform that connects women to their stylists and continue to create confidence for women who didn't know how to put together lookbooks of their own. For more show notes, visit
56:26 17/03/22
Jomie Casas, Founder of Just Rent A COO, The Philippines
Episode 1 of Season 4 is about Jomie Casas from The Philippines who helps other entrepreneurs manage their companies remotely.  As the founder of Just Rent a COO, Jomie and her team help clients run their businesses on autopilot so that they can fall in love with their life (and business!) again. Jomie decided to live the life that she wanted because she started questioning assumptions about life, family, travel and more. She didn’t start out running a remote business - in fact, she ran an e-commerce business in The Philippines before selling the entire business and jumping on a plane headed to Singapore!  For more information about Jomie, check out
50:46 10/03/22
S04E00: A Quick Peek + Trailer w/ Krista Goon
Here's a birthday gift to myself and to you too, yes, today is my birthday - I created a short trailer for Season 4 because I felt that this season is going to be super exciting. If you're new to my podcast, please subscribe or check out the website too. If you're a returning listener, thank you for always being with me as I uncover more Asian women entrepreneurs in Asia and their stories. I am continually humbled by everyone who has been on my podcast and it seemed apt that I launch my new season with a trailer of what's to come. Enjoy!
07:32 06/03/22
S03E014: BONUS Episode with Dianne Lee, Los Angeles, USA
In this bonus episode that caps Season 3, I am speaking to Dianne Lee, a Malaysian-born woman who lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.  Dianne is an executive director with Kitchell Corporation, a construction engineering company.  During the global lockdown last year, she decided to write a book that described her own journey as an Asian woman and how she believes Asian women would do well to leverage stereotypes to their advantage!   Dianne writes about embracing challenges through what she calls “turning your yin into your yang”.  She is proud of her journey “from a small town (Klang) Malaysia to Los Angeles, America and how I am paying it forward for all women in a Caucasian and highly male-dominated construction industry.”   In this episode, we talk about how she climbed the corporate ladder, the values she lives by, her mom's favourite advice and how Dianne intends to help other women succeed as well. More show notes at
74:40 30/12/21
Debbie Choa, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Projek57, Malaysia
In this episode, I am speaking to Debbie Choa, co-founder and chief operating officer of Projek57, a social enterprise in Malaysia that focuses on unity and youth. Projek57 began when its founders were dismayed that racial polarisation and religious tension kept rising in Malaysia and believed they needed to do something and enable Malaysians to stand together as one. Debbie and her husband, Collin started Projek57 with Collin’s long-time friend, Syed Sadiq Albar with the hope of bringing unity through youth engagement while giving back to the community. Working with corporations and youth, Projek57 has channelled more than RM400,000 to help the underprivileged in Malaysia through undertaking workshops and projects that foster unity in Malaysian youth. How did a lawyer, wife and mom like Debbie become a social enterprise founder? This is her story. Krista's note: It's apt that this episode airs today. The past week has been incredibly trying for many Malaysians who lost their homes and for some their lives during the flooding. Malaysians leveraged Twitter to ask for help and rallied supplies and resources in this time of need whether it was cooking food, donating supplies or even cleaning up mud-filled houses. What a fantastic demonstration of our true Malaysian spirit despite the tragic circumstances! I for one am so heartened by the Malaysian spirit - the very same spirit that Debbie and Projek57 is championing! More show notes at
72:38 24/12/21