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Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Prince featured the "Upper Room with Joe Kelley and Gi Dussault" on his official website This is the first radio show to have ever received that honor. "Joe Kelley Radio" has been on the radio airwaves since 1982. Joe Kelley and Gi Dussault co-host the show and are well-respected in the music business as creative air personalities and supporters of independent musicians . Our web site is located at . The show broadcasts 24 hours/ 7 days a week here, and also, live locally, in Fairfield, CT on WVOF 88.5 FM , on Mondays from 6pm-8pm EST. The show features creative music in funk, R&B, jazz, blues, rock, hip-hop, latin, and gospel. In addition, Joe Kelley has interviewed renowned musicians such as Victor Wooten, Sheila E. , Foley, Robin Duhe, Jef Lee Johnson, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir, Rhonda Smith, Bernie Worrell, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Bland, Larry Graham, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, Steve Smith, St. Paul Peterson, JD Blair, Tori Ruffin, Kat Dyson, Eric Person, actor Jeff Daniels, Junior Giscombe, John Scofield, EC Scott, John Blackwell, Mystic Bowie, and many others. Finally, "Joe Kelley Radio" hosts an in-house concert series.


NYC Singer Marlon Saunders (Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerrin) Interview 34:28 20/09/21
Episode 89: Kid Ginseng (DJ from Tom Tom Club) Visits The Studio 28:51 16/08/21
Bassist Stephen Jay (Weird Al Yankovic) Interview 19:58 20/07/21
Jennifer Yax and Courtney C. Patty East Coast Tour Visit 55:33 21/06/21
Jay Double You! Discusses Funk and His Time As Original Band Leader of Parlet 29:28 10/06/21
NYC Jazz Guitarist John Richard Talks About Coming Of Age 19:34 09/06/21
Zapp Member Bigg Robb Talks About The Real Funk 49:35 26/05/21
The Red Hour Brooke R. Calder and Jason Hollis 34:38 28/04/21
French Jazz Pianist Laurent De Wilde 24:52 20/04/21
John Falzone and John Rosito Multiple Sclerosis Special 53:55 16/04/21
Bassist Robin Duhe (Frankie Beverly and Maze) Interview 20:42 15/04/21
Smooth Jazz Group Airborne Trio Interview 25:44 14/04/21
R&B Singer Drew (Process and the Doo Rags, Rick James) 28:26 10/04/21
Musician and Filmmaker Kenwood Anderson Interview 21:13 06/04/21
Guitarist Jeff Raines of Galactic Brings The Funk 23:52 05/04/21
Prince and The Revolution Guitarist Dez Dickerson 55:27 29/03/21
Minneapolis Vocalist Bruce A. Henry Interview 18:20 26/03/21
Jazz-Funk Fusion Keyboardist Stephen Pfister 13:42 24/03/21
Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist Jonathan Fritz 36:21 22/03/21
Violinist Regina Carter Interview 33:03 21/03/21
NYC Guitarist Marcus Machado Interview 35:57 18/03/21
Willifest Interview (Michael Helman, Anwar Robinson, Thomas Ian Nicholas) 42:59 15/03/21
Record Industry Executive Jacqui Thompson (Prince, Paisley Park) 26:32 14/03/21
Singer Phil Pemberton of Roomful of Blues Interview 19:00 12/03/21
St. Paul Peterson (The Time, fDeluxe, The Family) Interview 25:07 11/03/21
The What Up Funk Band Interview 46:50 09/03/21
Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter Patch Cummings aka Sean Kelley Interview 27:37 08/03/21
Ceci Jones and Curtis Jones (Slave, Aurra, Deja) Interview 56:14 07/03/21
Drummer Michael Bland (Soul Asylum, Prince and the New Power Generation) Interview Part Two 46:07 05/03/21
Drummer Michael Bland (Soul Asylum, Prince and the New Power Generation) Interview Part One 52:59 03/03/21