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Tabs Out is an all cassette podcast with a focus on experimental music and cassette culture.


Episode #183 | 11.26.22
Nirvana(1), Jeanne Vomit-Terror, Nose Bled, Synth Bard, Warren Enström, YlangYlang, Bastard Noise & Merzbow, City of Caterpillar, T.J. Borden, Himukalt, Weyes Blood, and Lou Reed.
129:00 26/11/22
Episode #182 | 10.10.22
Bitchin Bajas, Yuckmouf., Programmed Hatred, Alex Homan, Barak Tor, Nunn, burnt-feathers, Anonymous Skull, Blank Thomas, Earth Logoff, and a call from our lawyer Delaware Dan.
141:57 11/10/22
Episode #181 | 7.31.22
Maxwell Allison from Hausu Mountain stops by to celebrate 10 years of running the label. Plus tapes! SMOLYYAAN DRIPP, Daedelus, Snake Eggs, E+RO=3, Ted Reichman, Cole Pulice & Nat Harvie, Radiator Greys, Piper Greys, Black Hat, and Wobbly
143:22 31/07/22
Episode #180 | 7.3.22
Adam Void, Urbanfailure, n o a h s t a s, Cabo Boing, Jeremiah Cymerman & John McCowen, Cecilia Lopez & Joe Moffett, Paradot, German Army, Catarrh Nisin vs. 6v9id, and Swordman Kitala
123:29 03/07/22
Episode #179 | 6.5.22
Aaron Dilloway, Elementals’ Orrery, Gus Callahan, M.C. Schmidt, :RAH:, Bardo Todol, Ben Wheeler, Gnoll, and Andreas Brandal
130:46 05/06/22
Episode #178 | 5.5.22
JThe Center for Understanding New Trigonometries, Problems, Joys Union Group, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson / Andy Heck Boyd, the Bran (Another Plight Of Medic's...) Pos, Zekarias Thompson, Shoeb Ahmad, plus tapes and a visit from C. Reider
85:13 05/05/22
Episode #177 | 3.13.22
Jen Powers and Matt Rolin stop by to talk about taking over Astral Editions. Plus tapes from Bataille Solaire, Shredded Nerve, Blind Date, bleed Air, Bang! Bros, Ohyung, Carol Genetti & claire rousay, J.R. Bohannon, and Montgomery and Turner
141:27 13/04/22
Episode #176 | 3.26.22
Bulbils, YAI, Budokan Boys, Jason Crumer, Kobold, Andrea Pensado, Peter Compo, Grimdor, Lexagon, and Marc Merza.
121:57 26/03/22
Episode #175 | 3.3.22
Dear Laika, Stress Orphan, Forbes Graham, Caveman Coming, Jackson VanHorn, Imaginary Softwoods, Modern Lamps, Longmont Potion Castle, Avant-Bird, Two Dads Two Sons Emoji, Kaorinite, and a visit from Marsha Fisher of Gay Hippie Vampire/Activated Skeleton
114:30 03/03/22
Episode #174 | 2.13.22
Drafting, PBK & C Reider, -otron, Chaperone, La Roche, Yassine Ould Nana, Vitalis/Computer, SW1n-Hunter, CC Sorensen, Maya Weeks, Aaron Oppenheim, and a visit from Andrew Weathers of Full Spectrum Records
117:02 13/02/22
Episode #173 | 12.19.21
We close out the year with a little help from Angel Marcloid, Ryley Walker, Rachel & Grant Evans (Hooker Vision), Tim Thornton (Suite 309/Tiger Village), Headboggle, and Mike Nigro (Oxtail Recordings). Tracks by Fire-Toolz, ΜΜΜΔ & ALEM, Tiger Village, DIDA, Steve Gunn and Ryley Walker, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Bitchin Bajas, Headboggle, and Bastian Void
103:26 19/12/21
Episode #172 | 10.17.21
Feminazgul, Paq, Raymond Cummings, Zack Dolin, John Carlini, Low, Jeanne Vomit-Terror, Suryummy, Ray Monde & J. Novick, Dok-s Project, Mistletoe, Fire-Toolz, Omni Gardens, SiP.
136:20 17/10/21
Episode #171 | 8.29.21
? Band, Hey String, Tremorkikimor, Gort, Melissa, Straight Panic, Filthy Huns, Bob Bucko Jr., Terrie Ex & Jaap Blonk, and Baingan Bharta.
116:34 29/08/21
Bonus Episode: Solving Mysteries with Peter J Woods | 8.4.21
Peter J Woods (FTAM Productions) stops by to help identify mystery tapes and play Garfield soundclips
67:28 04/08/21
Episode #170 | 7.18.21
Flanger Magazine, Coral Club, Id M Theft Able, Satin Spar, Multiform Palace, XUXWXUX, Mamman Sani, Kim's Spirit, Friemd, and Military Industrial Complex.
102:52 18/07/21
Episode #169 | 6.27.21
Credo In Deum, Sharkula x Mukqs, Angry Black Men & Khaki Blazer, Tunnel Speeches, Night Foundation, Julie Hill, Linda Smith, DJ Headboggle, Newagehillbilly, Marsha Fisher, Supreme Joy, Powl Dune, Moth Bucket, and Delaware Dan.
121:29 27/06/21
Episode #168 | 5.30.21
We chat with Keith Rankin and play tracks from Giant Claw, Portal, Repulsar, Duro Double Life, Cacero Lazo, Zac Davis, Torben Ulrich & Lori Goldston, Johnathan Snipes, Umbra, sZARSz, and Les Filles de Illighadad.
118:20 30/05/21
Episode #167 | 4.20.21
Shingles, Fuck Lungs, Turner Williams Jr, Skunk Ape, Hypertrophy, Nite Lite, Personal Bandana, Knox Mitchell, J Soliday, João Orecchia & Sicker Man, and Nate Trier + Encym
118:41 20/04/21
Episode #166 | 4.3.21
Larry Wish, Jeff Gregory, Ancient Boreal Forest, Pedestrian Deposit, Ukcheansalawit, ZekeUltra, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma, SR388, Ben Varian, Equimanthorn, and Chunyin
119:46 03/04/21
Bonus Episode: Easy Money with More Eaze | 3.15.21
With some help from More Eaze we tried to turn cassette tapes into cold hard cash.
63:27 15/03/21
Episode #165 | 2.27.21
Low Pass Killer, The Brankas, Weaving, Mike Nigro, H Lite, Field Recordings from the Sahel, Sophiaaaahjkl;8901, With The End In Mind, Danny Potpourri, Sonic Youth, and Marsha Fisher
126:01 27/02/21
Bonus Episode: Strategic Tape Reserve | 2.14.21
Eamon from Strategic Tape Reserve stopped by to brainstorm future releases with us, explain what exactly STR is, and attempt to prove that he can be trusted (he can't be). Features Fire-Toolz, Phirnis, Fitness Instruktör, Qualchan., Severino Pfifferling, Modus Pony, VLK, moduS ponY, and Elymr.
55:08 14/02/21
Episode #164 | 1.31.21
Bolus Calcs, Slugbug, Sea Moss, Neige & Norceur, Ophibre, Godflesh, Failing Lights, Ocean Floor, James A McDermid, Floor, Machine Listener, The Sloppy Boys, and Forgotten Sword
117:41 31/01/21
Bonus Episode: Aaron Dilloway | 1.24.21
We tried to interview Aaron Dilloway of Hanson Records but he mainly just walked around his house and showed us tapes. It was an honor and a pleasure.
86:06 25/01/21
Episode #163 | 12.29.20
Mount Maxwell, Redeemer, Mini Vietnam, Malaikat dan Zoon, Void Rot, Phlegms, A Magic Whistle, Drainolith, Ahmed Ag Kaedy, Cattle Decapitation, Psychic Graveyard, Ciel Nordique, and McGruff's Smart Kids
137:29 29/12/20
Bonus Episode: 2020 Year Ender | 12.29.20
Claire Rousay, Keith Rankin & Seth Graham (Orange Milk Records), Max Allison (Hausu Mountain), PK (German Army), and a few more buds stop by Tabs Out virtual HQ to talk about their favorite tapes of 2020 and wrap this ghoul of a year up.
78:25 29/12/20
Episode #162 | 11.26.20
Free Magic Show, Quest Master, Sam Goldberg, Pagen Hellfire, Charles Barabé, Heavenworld, Max Zuckerman, Leah-Peah, Cernunnos Woods, Beyt Al Tapes, Violet Cold, and Clipping.
134:42 26/11/20
Episode #161 | 10.21.20
Sunwatchers, Nuvolascura, Form A Log, Oathbreaker, Andrew Weathers Ensemble, Steve Horelick, Looks Realistic, Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze, The Mild, Sangam, and Thoughts on Air.
135:54 21/10/20
Episode #160 | 9.22.20
A Paramount, A Love Supreme, Mil Kdu Des, Escape to Holy Witch Mountain, Jacken Elswyth, No Option, Sunk Heaven, Tiger Village, Stalchild, Coach Campa, Nandele Maguni, Kay Odyssey.
116:09 22/09/20
Episode #159 | 8.24.20
Primal Winds, Whisker, Pulse Emitter, Bronze Age UFO, Dorota, Chorchill, Dolphin Brain, E+RO=3, Embarker, Ras G, Eiliyas, and Daniel Kordík.
117:44 24/08/20