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Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown is a quirky, informative, and interactive podcast breaking down the myths and misunderstandings about mental health and emotional well-being. Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik combines her academic background with vast personal experience to provide listeners with valuable practical advice focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging an understanding of the mind-body connection. Nothing is off limits as Mayim breaks it down with an amazing collection of guests.


"We Were The Beatles of HipHop!" RUN DMC - The Band that Changed Culture
Rediscover the band that CHANGED MUSIC FOREVER. RUN D.M.C. were the Beatles of Hip-Hop. Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was a comic book nerd who pretended his way into hip-hop stardom and changed the world forever. We dive into Darryl’s journey from a shy Catholic school boy, being bullied to becoming an icon in the music industry. Darryl shares his struggles with the dark side of stardom, which lead to alcohol abuse and drinking a case of 40-oz bottles per day. Darryl opens up about confronting the realities of adoption trauma after discovering he was adopted at the age of 35, the pressures that lead him to suicidal ideation, and his diagnoses of suppressed emotions & OCD. He also REVEALS the origins of Run D.M.C.'s famous remake of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way," their signature fashion style ("Adidas with no laces!"), their close relationship with the Beastie Boys, his rock 'n' roll inspirations, what it was like to be the first rap group on MTV, and grief over losing Jam Master Jay to homicide. PLUS Darryl discusses practicing meditation through his creativity, his exciting upcoming music with Travis Barker, what music he’s listening to these days and what he thinks of hip hop and rap today, and the surprising story of how Sarah McLachlan saved his life! Whether you're a long-time Run D.M.C. fan or new to the hip hop scene, you'll discover something new and inspiring. This episode will leave you feeling like a fly on the wall as you witness MUSIC HISTORY - TUNE IN to MBB!  Peacock’s docuseries Kings From Queens: The Run DMC Story: "DMC" McDaniels' memoir, Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide: "DMC" McDaniels' Children's Book, Darryl's Dream: "DMC" McDaniels' foster care nonprofit, The Felix Organization: Makes Cookies: Makes Comics:
116:52 27/02/2024
What Medicine is Getting WRONG, with Dr. Peter Attia!
The Ultimate Guide to Living Longer and Happier – with World Famous Longevity MD, Peter Attia! Dr. Peter Attia’s MOST personal interview yet. Best-selling author of Outlive & host of The Drive podcast Dr. Peter Attia reveals why the current medical model is failing us and how a focus on combating the erosion of healthspan could be the secret to a fuller, richer life. We can PREVENT chronic diseases - Dr. Attia's insights will change the way you think about your health forever! He helps us break down everything from the real reasons we should avoid certain foods and the impact of mental health on our physical well-being, to the role of spirituality as a healing component to terminal illness and trauma. We also cover: - Why most people today are dying from chronic diseases- Impediments our doctors are currently facing- Certain foods to avoid- How to best make use of the time we have to dedicate to our health each week- The benefits of young people spending time with the elderly population- How to prioritize and implement new health information in the ever-changing medical landscape- What is parasuicide and how do we tackle it?- How to detach your behaviors from your urges Dr. Attia GETS PERSONAL in a way you've never seen him before. He opens up about:- Being addicted to workaholism, perfectionism, anger, and even oxycontin- The physiological ramifications he experienced from going cold turkey off of oxytocin- His psychedelic experiences- What numbing the pain looks like for him now- Why the underlying emotion under his anger is helplessness Are you ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about health and longevity? TUNE IN to MBB for this life-altering perspective on making the most out of our time on this earth! Dr. Peter Attia's book, Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity: Dr. Peter Attia's Podcast, The Drive: Learn more about Early Medical: 
95:58 20/02/2024
Laughter Can Heal the Conflict, with Jeff Foxworthy!
Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Wants You to Know....Laughter Can Heal the Conflict! Jeff Foxworthy (Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?) REVEALS the origins of his famous \"You might be a redneck if...\" jokes, the shame he felt from his parents being the first divorced couple he knew, and his decision to stay away from political and religious humor where the divide is already great. He opens up about his reservations about being asked to guest on MBB, his tech beginnings working for IBM, and why it’s more difficult to be a clean comic than dirty. Jeff highlights the importance of living a balanced life, realizing that everyone is dealing with their own personal struggles, and why we could all stand to laugh at ourselves a little bit more. PLUS Jeff shows off his impressive illustrating skills that most of the world doesn’t know him for. TUNE IN to MBB to hear the full hilarious, heartfelt conversation! Check out Jeff Foxworthy's games including Relative Insanity, Relative Insanity 2, and See What I Mean!
81:19 13/02/2024
I Felt Pressure to Be Sexy: Boy Meets World Star on Growing & Sexploitation in Hollywood
I Felt Pressure to Be Sexy: Boy Meets World Star on Growing & Sexploitation in Hollywood. Danielle Fishel aka "Topanga Lawrence" REVEALS the real reason she nearly quit BOY MEETS WORLD! She opens up in the MBB studio about facing body image issues and the pressures of objectification while she was underage, what it was like to have global pop star Lance Bass from NSYNC as her first serious boyfriend, and how chasing validation led her to perfectionism. Danielle discusses why BOY MEETS WORLD holds such a nostalgic feeling for all of us (& did you know she didn’t originally get the role of "Topanga"?!?!), how fame affected her friendships in school, her divorce, and getting into therapy after her first marriage ended. She also shares how her background in psychology led her to realize the importance of being established in who you are before you begin a healthy adult relationship. TUNE IN to MBB today to hear the full convo! Danielle Fishel's podcast, Pod Meets World:
106:13 06/02/2024
She Met God & Saw the Future
Killed by LIGHTNING, meeting GOD, the afterlife, psychic-visions, and becoming a medical medium - Elizebeth G. Krohn's journey back from the afterlife is a TRUE STORY too unbelievable to make up. In this jaw-dropping new interview, Elizabeth G. Krohn (author, Changed in a Flash and Eyewitness to the Afterlife) details her near-death experience after being struck by lightning, her 2-week experience in heaven, and the newfound knowledge and abilities she returned with. A prior spiritual skeptic, Elizabeth provides visceral descriptions of the sights and sounds of the afterlife and its nonlinear nature, and discusses making the difficult decision to leave her “home” in heaven and return to the cloudiness and uncertainty of earth. She explains why she thinks everyone’s experience of heaven is different, what changed about how she saw the world after her experience, how she revealed the unexplainable occurrence to her friends and family, and even how it changed the way she parented her children. We learn about the pre-cognitive nightmares she experienced predicting natural and manmade disasters, the synesthesia and aura-reading abilities she acquired, why she is hesitant to utilize her psychic abilities with others, and how she handles responsibility of knowing what’s going to happen. Jeffrey J. Kripal (Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, co-author of Changed in a Flash) helps us make sense of near-death experiences as he considers the patterns he sees throughout people’s experiences and attempts to apply scientific models to explain them. Elizabeth answers ALL of our burning questions - why did this near-death experience happened to her? Is reincarnation real? Do we pick our parents before we are born? See how Elizabeth's near-death experience can empower us all!Changed in a Flash, by Elizabeth G. Krohn & Jeffrey J. Kripal: G. Krohn's latest book, Eyewitness to the Afterlife: My Two Weeks in Heaven: out more about Elizabeth G. Krohn: out more about Jeffrey J. Kripal:
129:05 30/01/2024
Famous Comedian Tom Papa Wants You to Know You’re Doing Great!
Tom Papa (stand-up comedian, author of We’re All In This Together…..So Make Some Room) is in the MBB studio to chat about channeling his artist sensitivity into comedy and hilarious emotional processing with his wife before bed that leaves him unable to sleep! He opens up about what it’s like being known as “the nice guy” in comedy, how to parent kids who struggle with something you’ve never struggled with, and why he’s never gone to therapy. Tom considers genetic makeup vs modeled affirmations in coping with life’s struggles, the empathy he feels for those struggling with genetic predispositions, and why it became easier to take care of himself after he had kids. He explains how psychedelics gave him new perspective but got in the way of his humor, the effect the “cathartic experience” of comedy can have on loneliness, and how allowing yourself to feel emotions can remove fear associated with the situation. Mayim and Jonathan discuss how mantras can rewire your brain and how they’ve evolved personally and together in the 3rd year of the podcast!See Tom Papa live on tour: Papa's latest book, We’re All In This Together.....So Make Some Room:
86:13 23/01/2024
Renowned Hypnosis Expert Reveals the Secret to Overcoming Pain, Addiction, & Stress
Dr. David Spiegel (Stanford University School of Medicine, Center on Stress and Health and the Center for Integrative Medicine, Co-founder of Reveri self-hypnosis app) breaks down how hypnosis can ease your chronic pain, addictions, and help manage stress! He explains hypnotizability - who has it, who doesn’t, and can we increase it? - and clarifies whether or not the practice can actually be dangerous, PLUS he hypnotizes Jonathan who shares what it feels like in the body and mind! Dr. Spiegel reveals how stage hypnotism works and why it can be harmful, why dissociation is more valuable than we realize, and the benefits of seeing our stressors from another point of view through hypnosis. He also explains guilt as a trauma response, when he does and doesn’t turn to hypnosis as a healing modality, how we can surprise ourselves with our capacities for change, why social support is necessary to combat chronic illness, and the physiological description of acceptance. Dr. Spiegel demonstrates a breathwork session and explains why it works and Mayim considers the link between maternal stress and a child’s asthma.For 2 weeks of Reveri for free, just tap this link from your mobile:
101:18 16/01/2024
Rob Thomas: Allow Your Environment to Inform Your Creativity
Rob Thomas (lead singer of Matchbox 20) makes a rare podcast appearance to discuss how he went from stealing cars to being one of the most notable voices in alternative rock! He opens up about his tumultuous childhood growing up with an absent father and his mom’s Hodgkins diagnosis, the life lessons he learned from his liquor-bootlegging grandma, and his skepticism of genuine connections after dealing with “transactional” relationships for so long. Rob shares fascinating insights into the deep meanings behind so many of Matchbox 20’s hits, from which of their most famous songs is actually about mental health to his feelings on their hit song “Push’s” role in the new Barbie movie. He reveals the surprising origins of his famous collab with Carlos Santana and his love-hate relationship with “Smooth” now, how songwriting can be a form of therapy for him, how each member of Matchbox 20 being in therapy affects their collaboration, and what he credits his longtime marriage to in the midst of a rock-and-roll lifestyle. Rob also reflects on the value of social media, why he almost stopped therapy after a bad experience, his complicated relationship with alcohol today, his couples therapy goals, his struggles with panic attacks and what he does to manage them.Rob Thomas’ charity, Sidewalk Angels Foundation: Twenty’s new album, Where the Light Goes: Matchbox 20 on tour:
74:19 09/01/2024
Best of MBB 2023!
Mayim and Jonathan are bringing you their favorite podcast moments of 2023! Join us as we revisit ADHD and the benefits of reparenting yourself with Jodie Sweetin, Corey Feldman’s thoughts on forgiveness and life after child stardom, Dr. Susan David’s advice for “unsticking” from emotions, Melissa Rauch and Mayim’s favorite Big Bang Theory memories, and Marc Maron’s reflections on grief. We also reflect back on Dr. Neil Theise’s explanation for why we’re all more connected than we think, Ben Stiller tells us how he rekindled his marriage during the pandemic, Gabriel Iglesias gives us his take on aliens, Whitney Cummings roasts Jonathan’s beard….plus so much more!
82:26 26/12/2023
John Stamos: I Didn’t Care if I Died
John Stamos (actor, producer, author of If You Would Have Told Me) breaks down all things Full House, from his extremely close relationship with the late, great Bob Saget, to his struggle to come to terms with his iconic role as “Uncle Jesse.” He opens up about his very public D.U.I. incident and why he finally decided to seek help for his addictions, his issues with not feeling smart enough, his thoughts on his teen idol status, and how he moved through his resentment toward his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn. John discusses how his parents kept him grounded and motivated, ways he has found his ego has stood in his way, beginning his therapy journey after his dad died, what he loves most about being a father, and his meditation practice. Mayim and John reflect on parenting styles and he details his musical career and performances with the Beach Boys. John Stamos' new memoir, If You Would Have Told Me:
70:45 19/12/2023
Narcissistic & Zodiac Personality Tests
Identify your inner expectations, zodiac personalities, and narcissistic personalities with Mayim and Jonathan! They go in-depth about the neuroscientific implications of Jonathan’s chipped tooth before having some fun with a variety of quizzes from labeling your inner expectations to zodiac sign-associated personality scales. Plus we break down the different facets of narcissism and find out where Mayim and Jonathan each rank on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) scale!Play along with Mayim & Jonathan here! Gretchen Rubin's "The Four Tendencies" Quiz: Associated Personality Scales: Personality Inventory:
76:41 14/12/2023
Frankie Muniz: The Thrill of Dying Keeps Me Alive
Frankie Muniz (actor, musician, and race car driver) breaks down the life lessons he’s learned from the psychology of racing, the origins of his concussions and memory loss, plus his mini-stroke misdiagnosis and what the problem actually was. He opens up about the status of a possible Malcolm in the Middle reboot, the anxiety he felt getting back into race car driving after a near catastrophic accident, his career as a professional musician, and why he thinks moving away from the entertainment industry saved his life. He reveals the reasons he doesn’t drink, his meditation practice and why he struggles with it, and why he wants to start therapy. Mayim resonates with Frankie’s explanation of his memory loss as it relates to being an actor and she breaks down aura migraines.Learn more about Frankie Muniz' racing career:
81:41 12/12/2023
Famous Comedian Ron Funches REVEALS Techniques for Manifesting Your Dreams
Ron Funches (stand-up comedian, New Girl, Loot) joins us in the studio to discuss his recent divorce, coparenting, body image stressors, raising an autistic son, and the spiritual component of jiu jitsu. He explains what it’s like to have kids a generation apart and the different parenting resources he has at his disposal now that he didn’t have the first time around. Ron opens up about what his son’s autism has taught him, his self-focus after being a “serial monogamist” for so long, his mom’s career as a social worker, and the eye-opening advice he learned from Mayim years ago. Mayim opens up about the shame of divorce and Ron explains how vision boards work.NOTE: This episode was recorded during the WGA strike. See Ron Funches Live:
78:18 05/12/2023
Ed Robertson: Don’t Let Revenge Breed Resentment
Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) breaks down his songwriting process for The Big Bang Theory and our very own MBB podcast theme songs! He opens up about his musical influences, his struggles with insecurities and imposter syndrome, and the shocking, fascinating story of how he came up with the TBBT theme. Ed reflects on growing up with an alcoholic father and how he learned to navigate their relationship. He explains why his career as a pilot means so much to him and details his frightening plane crash and the intense personal struggles it brought up for him. Ed also discusses what it has been like to avoid substance use and stay committed to his marriage in the midst of a rock-and-roll landscape, plus Jonathan schools Mayim on Canadian cowboy culture!Barenaked Ladies' New Album, In Flight:
95:43 28/11/2023
Whitney Cummings: Genetics Loads the Gun, Environment Pulls the Trigger
Whitney Cummings (comedian, actor, writer, producer, director) - and her unborn child! - stop by the studio to break down practical ways to reparent your inner child, how weed and microdosing mushrooms brought her to a manic episode, her addictions to love and fantasy, and channeling trauma into an asset. She opens up about her fears that she’s not worth listening to and her propensities for workaholism, perfectionism, codependency, and people-pleasing. Whitney reflects on competing with the substances her parents were addicted to, the nuances of birth order, the characteristics of parentified children, and the origins of her disordered eating. She shares her thoughts on self-sabotage, healthy anxiety as a gift of intuition, signs she knows she needs to be doing more self-care, how to schedule time to worry, the science behind manifesting, wolf therapy, and crying as a tool. Whitney delves into all things parenting, from the egg-freezing process and her journey through pregnancy to what scares her most about parenting, why it’s so difficult to watch parenting styles you don’t agree with, and her in-utero programming. She also discusses the origins of her humor, the responsible and reckless uses of comedy, plus we learn more about her new special, Mouthy!Whitney Cummings' latest stand-up special, Mouthy:
126:47 21/11/2023
Intuition, Creativity, Auras & Chakras: Are You an Indigo Child?
Mayim breaks down the concept of “Indigo children” and the signs that you might be one! She discusses the origins of the “Indigo Child” notion, why it matters, and criticisms of the theory - plus we find out whether or not Jonathan is an Indigo Child! Mayim and Jonathan explain the aura and chakra system theories, and the importance of intuitive individuals to communities. Play along with Mayim and Jonathan! Find out if you're an Indigo Child here:
39:09 16/11/2023
Dr. Daniel Amen: Depression is a Symptom, Not a Diagnosis
Dr. Daniel Amen (physician, psychiatrist, author, founder of Amen Clinics) shares proven ways to change your brain! He explains what psychiatry is getting right and wrong, his mental health approach from a psychiatric, holistic, and neuroscientific perspective, and the importance of getting to the root cause of any mental health condition. Dr. Amen reveals how mold exposure and traumatic brain injury can contribute to mental illness, how toxins in products and foods can make our bodies work against us, and why he considers happiness to be a moral obligation. He considers why many people are disillusioned by the psychiatric field, the nature of having celebrity clientele and how fame can physically damage the brain, and depression as a symptom and not a diagnosis. Dr. Amen discusses the science of supplements and which ones he recommends taking, why he includes spirituality in his prescriptions, his thoughts on trauma reprocessing in the psychedelic realm, and his preferred forms of therapy.Find out more about BrainMD:
83:13 14/11/2023
Jack Osbourne: Ego is Not My Amigo
Jack Osbourne (The Osbournes, Ghosts & Grit podcast) breaks down why he thinks people are fascinated by his family, how he got into the paranormal, his struggles with substance abuse, and his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He opens up about the toll his family’s reality show took on him, why he thinks the show was successful, and gives us a glimpse into what his dad is actually like off-camera. Jack details his detox experience, how he’s been able to maintain sobriety, and shares advice for those experiencing suicidal ideation. He discusses his mom’s battle with cancer, his dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, and his own experiences with talk and couples therapy. He also reflects on using his sense of humor as a defense mechanism, his jiu jitsu practice as a form of meditation, his divorce and new happy marriage, and his focus on removing shame from his relationship with his daughters. Jack Osbourne's newest podcast, “Ghosts and Grit":
77:39 07/11/2023
Ask Mayim Anything #5: Can Therapy Make You Worse Off?
It’s another episode of Ask Mayim Anything! Mayim answers your questions about her tattoos and the meanings behind them, food service on sets, and she reveals the strangest place she’s ever slept. She breaks down alexithymia, agoraphobia and when to seek help for it, how dyslexic brains differ from neurotypical brains, and the science behind startle reflexes. Mayim tackles your parenting questions, from combating overstimulation as a parent and parent-child attachment styles, to coping with parents who don’t want to be grandparents to your kids and tips of parenting older adopted children. She also reflects on whether or not therapy can actually make you worse off and the purpose of revisiting
52:01 02/11/2023
Jada Pinkett Smith: Conscious Uncoupling, Dismantle Your Ego & Sit in The Bosom of God
Jada Pinkett Smith (actor, producer, musician, host, author, advocate) joins us to break down her struggles with depression and CPTSD, the status of her marriage to Will Smith, “The Slap”, her ayahuasca experience, and connecting with her higher power. She discusses what it was like growing up in a household with substance abuse struggles, having to sell drugs as a means to provide for herself, and how she met and became close with Tupac. Jada opens up about her panic attacks, suicidal ideations and subsequent attempts, and the taboo nature of therapy in her community. She reflects on her codependent nature, the intoxication of her courtship with Will, the break they took from their marriage, public pressure they’ve faced, the nature of their “open relationship”, and why they never actually divorced. Mayim and Jada discuss the patriarchal components of women being held responsible for the actions of men and Mayim and Jonathan demonstrate somatic tracking. Jada Pinkett Smith's memoir, Worthy:
93:29 31/10/2023
Justine Bateman: Your Age is Being Weaponized
Justine Bateman (writer, director, producer, author) joins us to address society’s fears about aging especially when it comes to females, how she unpacks her irrational fears in order to get to the root problem, and concerns about the implementation of artificial intelligence into film and television projects. She breaks down the nuances of wearing makeup, differences between society’s views toward aging between men and women, and her foolproof method for combating fears rooted in our physical insecurities. Mayim breaks down choice feminism and Justine shares what our fears of being an outlier may be rooted in and why she thinks mainstream audiences are one step away from accepting generative A.I. NOTE: This episode was recorded before the Israel-Hamas conflict. Our hope is that MBB can be a positive distraction from what's going on in the world.Justine Bateman's book, Face: One Square Foot of Skin:
63:57 24/10/2023
Bob Odenkirk: Don’t Give Up Hope
Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Mr. Show) opens up about his recent near-death heart attack and the perspective it gave him, how he channels his fear, anxiety, and anger into his comedy, and how imposter syndrome has fit into the arc of his career. He breaks down the shame instilled into him throughout his Catholic upbringing, what it was like to watch his friends find fame before he did, and navigating his work ethic while still being around for his kids. Bob discusses the significance of the Hollywood strikes and the origins of his new book of poems he made with his kids. Bob’s daughter Erin joins the Breakdown to describe the creative process of working with her dad.NOTE: This episode was recorded before the Israel-Hamas conflict. Our hope is that MBB can be a positive distraction from what's going on in the world.Bob Odenkirk's new book, Zilot & Other Important Rhymes:
79:27 17/10/2023
Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell-Horner: Death Energy, Self-Worth, & Lessons from America
Geri Halliwell-Horner (Ginger Spice herself!) discusses what drew her to the Spice Girls from the very beginning, her foray into literature and writing, and the life lessons she has learned from American culture. She shares her thoughts on what it has meant to be Ginger Spice, the connotations associated with being a redhead, and how her intuition guided her to stand up for Spice Girls’ biggest hit, “Wannabe.” Mayim serenades Geri with Yiddish songs and Geri explains how she incorporates songwriting into her books, why she resonates with Sylvester Stallone, how becoming a mom changed her persona and why self-worth can be our best defense.Geri Halliwell-Horner's new book, Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen:
51:19 10/10/2023
Manti Te’o: God Has Two Answers - Yes & Not Now
Manti Te’o (former NFL player) opens up about enduring his very public catfishing scandal, the spiritual and familial strength he drew on to overcome it, and how it brought him to a journey of self-discovery. He explains his connection to his Samoan heritage, the giving nature of his culture, and the expectations that were placed on him as the oldest child in a large Polynesian family. Manti discusses the double-edged sword of having a public persona, using football as a means to help his family, and the nature of faith when life isn’t turning out the way you want it to. He considers how the devastating fires in Hawaii have impacted the people and culture there, and how he thinks people can best support the population through
83:22 03/10/2023
Ben Stiller: Family Legacy, Workaholism, & Saving his Marriage
Ben Stiller joins us in the studio to discuss his parents’ influence, his mental health journey as a child, how the pandemic brought him and his wife Christine Taylor back together again, his workaholic tendencies, and what’s next for his career. He and Mayim share the nightmares they had the night prior, Ben shares his favorite Yiddish words and Mayim teaches him a new one during an impromptu Yiddish Word of the Day segment! Ben opens up about what it’s been like to make a documentary about his parents, how his marriage echoes his parents’ relationship, and his mother’s struggles with alcoholism. He recounts his feelings of separation anxiety as a child, the interesting forms of therapies his family tried, and his experience with transcendental meditation. Mayim details her digital detox and inspires Ben to consider giving it a try, and they discuss how creativity can add something incredible to or get in the way of a romantic
80:14 26/09/2023
Vanessa Bayer & Jonah Bayer: Transcendental Meditation & Confronting Cancer with Humor
Vanessa Bayer (SNL, I Love That for You) joins us in the MBB studio to discuss using humor to cope with her cancer diagnosis as a teenager, her tenure as one of longest-running female cast members of Saturday Night Live, and her transcendental meditation practice. She opens up about her Make-A-Wish experience, landing SNL and the resiliency working on the show entails. Vanessa’s brother Jonah Bayer (writer, podcaster, musician) joins in virtually to discuss his current studies in a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, what inspired him to enter into the mental health field, and why he’s interested in the mental health of creatives in particular. He opens up about his experience navigating Vanessa’s illness, his own battle with leukemia, and how he uses yoga to maintain his mental wellness. Vanessa and Jonah profess their deep love of Blossom, explain their working relationship as siblings, and consider the difficulties around getting started with any mental health treatment.Vanessa & Jonah's Podcast, How Did We Get Weird?: 
67:21 19/09/2023
Dr. Richard Davidson: What We’re Getting Wrong with Meditation
Dr. Richard Davidson (Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Founder & Director of the Center for Healthy Minds) shows us what it truly means to be well in your emotional self by harnessing our trauma mechanisms into well-being! He breaks down the scientific data he’s gathered on long-term meditators (including monks!) to show the efficacy of meditation, the parts of the brain most affected by meditation, and what all of that means for how we self-regulate and cope with trauma. Dr. Davidson explains how meditation can help parenting, how our expectations and narratives influence our perception of the world, and what our "emotional fingerprints" are. He and Mayim discuss how his framework of awareness, connection, insight, and purpose lead us to understand the science of well-being, the notion that love and kindness are innate and hate is learned, and the importance of teaching forms of meditation to our kids.Check out the Center for Healthy Minds: well-being tools, visit: https://hminnovations.orgDownload the free Healthy Minds meditation app:  
71:19 14/09/2023
Matt Gutman: My Rituals Primed Me for Panic
Matt Gutman (ABC News’s chief national correspondent, author of No Time to Panic) opens up about the panic attack he had while reporting on the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, which led him to pursue every remedy under the sun to treat his panic disorder. He breaks down the difference between panic and anxiety attacks, their biological purpose, why they present so uniquely in each individual, and how they physically manifest for him. Matt explains the shame that comes with panic disorder, how his \"safety behaviors\" actually primed him for panic, and shares alarming statistics about panic disorders. He discusses the impact of losing his father at an early age, his family’s intergenerational trauma, his fears of imperfection and social rejection, and how his own trauma aids his journalistic career. Mayim opens up about her own personal experiences with panic attacks and she and Matt unpack all of the traditional and unconventional remedies he has explored, from traditional talk therapy to holotropic breathwork, reiki, and even toad venom. He discusses his immunity to ayahuasca, why crying needs a cultural rebrand, and how his recovery journey has made him a better father.Matt Gutman's new book, No Time to Panic: How I Curbed My Anxiety And Conquered A Lifetime Of Panic Attacks:
85:24 12/09/2023
Kim Kelly: The People United will Never Be Defeated
Kim Kelly (independent journalist, author, organizer) breaks down why unions matter, what exactly is at stake with the current Hollywood strikes, and how her experience in sideshow school informed her passion for the labor movement. She discusses the diversity of the labor movement and how she navigates the emotional component, from child labor laws and fast fashion to the nail industry and instances of increased cancers in flight attendants. Kim opens up about being born with ectrodactyly, a rare congenital disorder, how that led her to join a sideshow school, and describes the fascinating history of sideshow and hierarchy of sideshow performers. She explains why prisoners deserve rights and how her career as a heavy metal journalist translates to the labor world, and Mayim explains radical veganism.Kim Kelly's Book, Fight Like Hell: The Untold History of American Labor:
59:14 07/09/2023
Sharon Salzberg: Treat Your Anger with Lovingkindness
Sharon Salzberg (meditation pioneer, NYT bestselling author) breaks down what successful meditation looks like, how to extend lovingkindness to ourselves in the social media age, and what it really means to have compassion for our enemies while standing firm in our fight for others. She opens up about how her traumatic childhood and studying philosophy brought her to her career path today, why her first reaction to meditation was anger, the truth she has personally found in meditation, and how she managed to not allow early meditation critics to stand in her way. Sharon explains ways to combine introspection with lovingkindness, how balance and presence can lead to self-compassion, and the positives and negatives of anger. She and Mayim discuss the differences between meditation and prayer, the commercialization of meditation vs the foundation of mindfulness, the importance of slowing down to enjoy moments of happiness, and why we are more connected than we realize. Sharon reveals the role love and relationships has played in her life and shares her own personal meditation practice.Sharon Salzberg's latest book, Real Life: The Journey from Isolation to Openness and Freedom: you to BetterHelp for sponsoring the show and to Haesue Jo, Licensed Therapist and Head of Clinical Operations at BetterHelp.
113:34 05/09/2023

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