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The award-winning weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast hosted by Josh Landon and Brandon Kelley providing equal parts strategy and community for every type of FPL player.


Rashford Triple Captain & Other DGW22 Questions
The Premier League made way this weekend for FA Cup fourth round fixtures and the results confirmed a double in GW22 for both Manchester United and Leeds—a massive opportunity for fantasy managers to gain an advantage. The Cheaters take a look at their own FPL squads and debate the best strategy for the coming weekend, as well as the pitfalls that await in the gameweeks to come. The biggest decision is shaping up to be playing the triple captain chip on in-form Marcus Rashford who has two bankable home games. But is it insanity to consider using your triple captain this season on anyone other than Erling Haaland? We also look at the close of the January transfer window and its impact on the second half of the season. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
77:33 30/01/2023
Mid-Season FPL Report Card for All Twenty Premier League Clubs
With essentially half the season now behind us, Always Cheating proudly presents our annual mid-season review of all twenty Premier League clubs. Yep, that's AFC Bournemouth to Wolverhampton Wanderers and everyone in between. We discuss both FPL and real-life player and team performances and how those assessments might influence our fantasy decisions down the home stretch. The podcast will return next week with a proper GW21 preview, transfer and captaincy strategies, and more information (based on upcoming EFL and FA Cup results) for prospective double and blank gameweeks. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
98:41 23/01/2023
Rapid-Fire GW21 Preview & Listener Mailbag
Because the GW20 doubles stretched out the proceedings, fantasy managers now have just one day to tinker ahead of Saturday's GW21 deadline. We quickly review what was learned from recent matches like the North London Derby and Manchester City's continued up-and-down form and discuss how it all applies to the weekend. Plus, Manchester United might hold even more appeal in FPL with a potential double in GW22—what's Rashford's points floor if that happens? Then it's a listener mailbag in which we answer your questions on Mahrez, De Bruyne, Toney, Mitrovic, and more. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
59:24 20/01/2023
New Double Gameweek Announced - Players to Buy & Strategy for GW20
The results of this weekend’s FA Cup matches have brought about a newly-announced double gameweek for both Manchester United and Crystal Palace. That’s on top of the double now confirmed for Manchester City and Tottenham, suddenly making GW20 a potential FPL blockbuster. So, what’s the strategy? In this episode, Josh and Brandon debate the necessity of big player picks like Harry Kane and Kevin De Bruyne and if they can justifiably displace key fantasy assets like Salah, Mitrovic, and Almirón. Plus, we look at strategies for an under-the-radar Bruno Fernandes and other Manchester United guys—yes, including Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial. Then there’s the not-so-small matter of Haaland and the Triple Captain chip and we weigh the pros and cons of holding vs playing it. There’s a lot to discuss, so join us and get stuck in. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
76:43 09/01/2023
Last-Minute GW19 Advice & January Fixture Strategy
With mere hours until the GW19 fantasy deadline, Josh and Brandon prepare their own squads, weighing the pros/cons of Chelsea and Fulham assets. Is Mitrovic a captaincy option? Can Sterling or Havertz be trusted? How important is Chelsea defensive cover? And are transfer hits warranted to attack this double gameweek? We also debate the form—or lack thereof—of players like Darwin Núñez and Bruno Fernandes. Then we look beyond the upcoming FA Cup break and consider what's yet to come for FPL in January and February. Happy New Year and Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
73:04 02/01/2023
FPL Returns from the World Cup Break (Advice and Info Ahead of GW17)
The 2022 World Cup offered a thrilling break from club football, but it's now time to dust the cobwebs off our neglected fantasy squads. As we return to non-stop Fantasy Premier League coverage, Josh and Brandon run through news you may have missed, consider the physical and emotional impact on players in Qatar, and look ahead to the key decision points for the GW17 deadline. And it's not just Boxing Day as we discuss the fixture pile-up through GW23, including a handful of double game-weeks for Manchester City, Spurs, Chelsea, Fulham, and Arsenal. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
65:37 20/12/2022
World Cup Day 22 - December 18, 2022
It was a final for the ages—filled with brilliance, chaos, and pure emotion. Ultimately, Messi cements his place next to Maradona in football history and Argentina have won their third Wold Cup title. France required a dramatic comeback, and Mbappé nearly got them there, but the young French attacker will have to settle for the Golden Boot. Josh and Brandon record their last Qatar World Cup Minute and reflect on both Sunday's incredible match and the tournament as a whole. Thank you to all who have joined us during this adventure and we invite you to continue with Always Cheating as we jump back to the English Premier League and the FPL game. New episodes coming weekly starting tomorrow. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31:22 18/12/2022
World Cup Day 21 - December 14, 2022
Morocco finally reached their breaking point upon meeting France in Qatar's World Cup semifinals. Though soundly beaten, the North African team put up a mighty fight worthy of their Cinderella tournament run. But now it is France with an opportunity to repeat as consecutive World Cup champions as the young superstar Kylian Mbappé faces off against the legendary Lionel Messi. Who will lift the trophy? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22:48 15/12/2022
World Cup Day 20 - December 13, 2022
For our twentieth World Cup Minute, we recap the first semifinal in Qatar with Argentina dominating Croatia. Ultimately, Messi's brilliance was too great and Julian Álvarez's finishing too focused for this tough Croatian team to handle. Josh and Brandon then look ahead to Wednesday's Morocco vs France match and how either team might stack up against the Argentines. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19:04 13/12/2022
World Cup Day 19 - December 10, 2022
Rounding out a truly thrilling World Cup quarterfinals, Day 19 in Qatar delivered victory for both Morocco and France. Portugal and England kept it close and will each feel disappointed at how close they came. In the end, Ronaldo couldn't muster any last-minute heroics in what will surely be his final international tournament, while England played an exceptional match, delivering on almost everything but the final result. Now it's Argentina vs Croatia on Tuesday and France vs Morocco on Wednesday in a competition where the results are harder and harder to predict. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25:40 11/12/2022
World Cup Day 18 - December 9, 2022
The World Cup Minute returns for Day 18 in Qatar and the first of the tournament’s quarterfinals. And, well… WHAT A DAY IT WAS! Drama, goals, handbags, penalties, tricky free kicks, upsets—fans were in dreamland throughout, unless you happen to be Dutch or Brazilian. Despite Neymar’s brilliant goal in extra time, Brazil couldn’t fend off the eternally tough Croatia who will now go on to face Argentina, who themselves had to grit their teeth through a nervy extra-time match. Ultimately, Messi & Co found enough magic to make it past the Netherlands and Emi Martinez again showed his bravado and excellence in a shootout scenario. Josh and Brandon then look ahead to Saturday’s double-header of Morocco vs Portugal and England vs France. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
34:14 09/12/2022
World Cup Day 17 - December 6, 2022
Day 17 in Qatar brought fans more drama as Morocco took Spain to penalties . . . and won! The early kickoff's tight, defensive affair then stood in stark contrast to the goal-fest of Portugal vs Switzerland as the Seleção das Quinas put six past the Swiss, even with Ronaldo on the bench for the majority. A hat trick for Goncalo Ramos was the major headline, but the Cheaters also spotlight Achraf Hakimi's cheeky Panenka/Penguin penalty. And then it's time to preview the World Cup Quarterfinals that commence on Friday with Croatia vs Brazil and Netherlands vs Argentina. We'll talk to you all then! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28:59 07/12/2022
World Cup Day 16 - December 5, 2022
Day 16 of the FIFA World Cup saw Brazil and Crotia advance to the Quarterfinals, each in different fashion. Croatia proved "too tough" for Japan to break down, and ultimately the Samurai Blue fell to a series of poor penalties, while Brazil topped South Korea in more dazzling, frenetic fashion. Looking ahead to Tuesday's final slate of Round-of-Sixteen matches, Josh and Brandon preview what should be some competitive face-offs for Portugal vs Switzerland and Morocco vs Spain. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22:23 05/12/2022
World Cup Day 15 - December 4, 2022
Emphatic wins for France and England featured on Day 15 of the FIFA World Cup, underlined by a Golden Ball–level performance from 23-year-old Kylian Mbappé. Additionally, Olivier Giroud broke Thierry Henry's goal record, while England spread the attacking output around through standout performances from Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, and Harry Kane. (Yep, we see you, Jordan Henderson. And, yeah, nice finish, Saka.) The two European heavyweights will now face off in the quarterfinals this coming Saturday. Senegal and Poland exit Qatar and we must then look ahead to Monday's matches when more fates will be decided: Josh and Brandon give their thoughts on South Korea vs Brazil and Japan vs Croatia and their hopes of more goals and perhaps some surprises. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20:14 04/12/2022
World Cup Day 14 - December 3, 2022
Our good friend Dave joins the podcast to recap the U.S. men's performance against the Netherlands and across the entire World Cup tournament. Where do we stand on Berhalter's management and the American talent pool? Plus, we weigh in on the momentum of Messi's Argentina—do they have enough firepower to get to the final? And then it's a preview of Sunday's matches, including England vs Senegal and France vs Poland. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30:52 03/12/2022
World Cup Day 13 - December 2, 2022
Day 13 of the FIFA World Cup saw one of the tournament's most powerful moments as South Korea players were moved to tears after progressing to the knockout stage in a dramatic win over Portugal. Victories of the more pyrrhic sort befell Uruguay and Cameroon, while the grudge match between Serbia and Switzerland delivered on goals and handbags—and eventually jubilation for the Swiss. Josh and Brandon then look ahead to Saturday's kickoff of the Round of Sixteen and matchups between the U.S. and the Netherlands, as well as Argentina and Australia. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22:00 03/12/2022
World Cup Day 12 - December 1, 2022
For a brief and magical moment during Day 12 of the FIFA World Cup, both Japan and Costa Rica were heading out of Group E at the expense of European juggernauts Spain and Germany. Japan and Spain ultimately move on, while Group F saw the tournament's second African nation qualify for the knockout stage. Croatia is also through after a shocking performance by Belgium, who will know their team xG does not tell the full story. After recapping Thursday, Josh and Brandon look ahead to tomorrow's final day of group play as Brazil and Portugal set out to clinch their pole position and Serbia and Switzerland have a score to settle. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26:11 01/12/2022
World Cup Day 11 - November 30, 2022
Day 11 of the FIFA World Cup saw Argentina, Poland, France, and Australia advance to the knockout stage. While Australia was the biggest shock of the day—at a dour Denmark’s expense—Argentina’s emphatic resurgence as tournament contenders was, as we look ahead, a pretty substantial marker laid down. Josh and Brandon then preview Thursday’s round of fixtures with Germany and Belgium fighting for their lives and Morocco looking to be the Cinderella. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25:18 01/12/2022
World Cup Day 10 - November 29, 2022
On Day 10 of the World Cup, the Americans booked their trip to the knockout round of sixteen in the most significant U.S. victory of the last two decades. Christian Pulisic got his moment on the big stage—and has the bruises to prove it—and will now face a non-vintage Dutch side this Saturday. Josh and Brandon also recap the action elsewhere as England sailed past Wales and Senegal battled to beat Ecuador and clinch second place in Group A. Then it’s on to Wednesday and an almighty showdown in Group C between Poland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico, while in Group D Australia will look to upset expectations. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31:41 30/11/2022
World Cup Day 9 - November 28, 2022
Monday's matches started Day 9 of the World Cup off with a bang—eleven goals in 180 minutes. While the scoring fell off a bit, the later games were no less engaging with Brazil and Portugal both clinching their trip to the tournament's knockout stage. Josh and Brandon then preview tomorrow's kickoff of the final round of the group stage, featuring massive stakes in both Groups A and B. While Ecuador and Senegal will be the signature match for Group A, all eyes will be on the narrative between Wales-England and Iran-United States. Go Go USA! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25:57 28/11/2022
World Cup Day 8 - November 27, 2022
Sunday in Qatar brought us big upsets of Japan and Belgium by the hands of Costa Rica and Morocco, respectively. But it was the draw between Spain and Germany the really explodes the roadmap for Group E. Meanwhile, a ruthless Croatia put Canada out of the tournament, leaving it all up for grabs in Group F. Josh and Brandon also review the kits from Day 8 and preview the stakes for the final slate of Round 2 fixtures featuring Brazil, South Korea, Cameroon, Serbia, Switzerland, Ghana, and a featured match of Portugal v Uruguay. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31:02 27/11/2022
World Cup Day 7 - November 26, 2022
Saturday’s World Cup action included Denmark giving France some (ultimately moot) resistance, while Argentina and Poland both hit the reset button on their tournament ambitions. Messi and Mbappe continue to dazzle and Lewandowski finally gets the goal to complete his trophy cabinet. Josh and Brandon recap Groups C and D as that final round is shaping up to be a must-win doozy for all involved. We then look ahead to Sunday’s fixtures featuring the highest-stakes match yet with Spain facing Germany. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26:38 26/11/2022
World Cup Day 6 - November 25, 2022
The main stage for Day 6 was reserved for England v the U.S. While the match didn't deliver on goals, there's still a lot to unpack on how the nil-nil draw impacts Group B and also effects the narrative of the cultural and managerial trajectories of both federations. Josh and Brandon pick the bones and also discuss highlights from Thursday's only games. After some brief "kit talk," it's on to Saturday's fixtures with Groups C and D, including a do-or-die match for tournament darlings Argentina. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28:38 26/11/2022
World Cup Day 5 - November 24, 2022
It's Thanksgiving Day in America, but despite the distractions the Cheaters are more committed than ever to recapping/previewing the World Cup. This Thursday offered some exciting match-ups, but only a few of them delivered on that promise: We discuss the Uruguay v South Korea stalemate, along with Portugal's nail-biting victory and Richarlison's emphatic opening statement for Brazil. Then we look ahead to Friday's kickoff for the second phase of group play with key matchups in Groups A and B—including the blockbuster U.S. v England. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23:03 24/11/2022
World Cup Day 4 - November 23, 2022
Wednesday offered yet another early tournament upset as Japan startled Germany 2-1. Meanwhile, Spain were in cruise control putting seven goals past a rudderless Costa Rica. But what about Belgium? Did they impress? Josh and Brandon step in to recap the day's highlights and look ahead to tomorrow's slate of fixtures, which includes title favorites Brazil and another South American darling in Uruguay. Plus South Korea, Switzerland, Cameroon, and Mitrovic's Serbia. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
43:17 23/11/2022
World Cup Day 3 - November 22, 2022
Day 3 of the 2022 World Cup began with a startling upset of tournament favorites—and Messi led—Argentina by Saudi Arabia. The Cheaters recap the rest of the action: from Lewandowski's miss and Ochoa's now-familiar heroics to an underwhelming Denmark and a flying France. Then we look ahead to tomorrow's matches featuring exciting lineups for Spain and Germany, a point to prove for Belgium, plus some potential under-the-radar nations who could add still more unpredictability in Qatar. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26:25 22/11/2022
World Cup Day 2 - November 21, 2022
The first full day of fixtures kick off the 2022 World Cup in spectacular fashion as England dazzles, the Netherlands persevere, and the United States and Wales trade blows. After decompressing from an exhausting homer experience for a couple Americans, we then look ahead to Day 3 and matches for Argentina, Denmark, Mexico, Poland, and France. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
33:11 22/11/2022
World Cup Day 1 - November 20, 2022
Welcome to our first episode of the 2022 FIFA World Cup! For Day 1 of our new daily podcast, we recap the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. We then look ahead to the stakes and what we're excited about with Monday's fixtures rounding out Groups A & B. How does a Senegal without Mané match up against the Netherlands? And how bullish or negative are we with the young American squad who faces Wales? Plus, England versus Iran and kit talk! Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
39:10 20/11/2022
FPL Midseason Recap & Early World Cup Thoughts
After a chaotic final gameweek, FPL will hit pause for the 2022 World Cup. It's a good moment for the Cheaters, Josh and Brandon, to take a look at how their fantasy seasons have gone so far and what strategies might help them kick on after the break. After some unpacking of GW16—from Haaland's blank to braces for Toney, Darwin, and Ødegaard—it's then time to turn the focus to Qatar, including ways to consume and enjoy World Cup content, early tournament favorites, and a "homer" assessment of the U.S. men. Join us on this feed for daily World Cup podcasts starting Sunday, November 20. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
72:54 14/11/2022
FPL Strategies for the Final Pre-World Cup Gameweek
With just one more round of Premier League fixtures before the World Cup, the Cheaters look to make the most of GW16 and head into the break in style. In preparation, we assemble an ideal, if-money-were-no-object squad and debate which players have the highest upside with perhaps the lowest ownership. Additionally, we discuss the FPL site's recent woes of crashing just before important deadlines and whether or not team sheet leaks are to blame. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
77:45 07/11/2022