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The Imperfect Pod is a podcast for discussing masculinity more intentionally and purposefully. Masculinity is in a weird place in society as men try to understand the difference between toxic and healthy masculinity. This podcast will engage with humans of all ages, races, genders and beliefs to share their ideas of masculinity to try and create a better understanding. What I want to leave my listeners with after every episode is that there isn't this one-size-fits all idea of masculinity, nor is their an easy solution to understanding your manhood in today's landscape. Topics of this show include parenting, fatherhood, relationships, porn addiction, sex, gender, toxic masculinity, growth, addiction and much more.


75. Last Man Standing: My Reflections on the End of The Imperfect Pod 22:31 28/04/21
74. Ending a Cycle of Dysfunction with Anthony Spark 58:40 21/04/21
73. Overcoming Alcoholism with Neuroplasticity and a No BS Attitude with Dr. Robb Kelly 60:53 14/04/21
72. What to Expect When You're Expecting: A Father's Perspective with Geston Pierre 55:13 07/04/21
71. Healing From Sexual Assault and How to Have Conversations About It with Tim Mousseau 72:23 31/03/21
70. Asian Masculinity, Spirituality and Masculine and Feminine Energies with Johnson Chong 53:47 24/03/21
69. It's Not #NotAllMen Until It's #NoMen: My Response to the Sarah Everard Case 27:46 17/03/21
Just the TIP | What's the deal with men and legacy? 08:39 12/03/21
68. Hiking Across America For Mental Health and Building Legacy with Zach Smith 54:11 10/03/21
Just the TIP | There's No Such Thing As Unhealthy Emotion 08:07 05/03/21
67. Prison, Strength and Giving Men Permission to Feel with Eldra Jackson 57:19 03/03/21
Just the TIP | Why Women Can't Just Leave Their Abusers 10:18 26/02/21
66. Reducing Violence in the Home with Sabrina Osso 50:13 24/02/21
Just the TIP | Dealing with Body Image Issues and the Worth Wound 07:13 19/02/21
65. Bringing Compassion and Grace to Your Sex and Dating Life with Gretchen Shanks 62:37 17/02/21
Just the TIP | Why Dating Can Be Hard For Young Men 11:12 12/02/21
64. No More Mister Nice Guy: Dating Advice For Young Men with Dr. Michael Pariser 61:38 10/02/21
Just the TIP | How Politics Discusses Masculinity 15:42 05/02/21
63. For the Love of Men: Conversations About Masculinity with Liz Plank 75:05 03/02/21
Just the TIP | Being a Single Father: The Challenges and Opportunities 11:01 29/01/21
62. Life As a Single Father with Dwight Heck 57:35 27/01/21
Just the TIP | Why The Fatherless Epidemic is a Real Problem 10:01 22/01/21
61. The Fatherless Epidemic and It's Affect on Young Men with Leo Bourne 52:10 20/01/21
Just the Tip | Society and Mental Illness 06:28 15/01/21
60. Coping with PTSD and It's Effects with Tom Smoot 60:23 13/01/21
Just the TIP | Trauma and the Fatherless Generation 13:33 08/01/21
59. How Childhood Trauma Can Have Everlasting Effects with Riana Milne 55:01 06/01/21
58. Reflecting Back On 2020 and Looking at the Future 28:08 23/12/20
57. Gender Roles in a Same-Sex Marriage with Mike Iamele 79:50 16/12/20
56. Honest Conversations About Crossdressing with Savannah Hauk 56:07 09/12/20