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The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care

Self-Care is an area we tend to discount - we believe doing things for ourselves that require time and commitment are luxuries and indulgences which are considered excessive, when it's the ONE THING that can change the game for us in every aspect of our lives. So many things can constitute self-care and everything we do for us is a journey. It's not a one size fits all approach so what works for one person may not work for someone else. Each day we not only learn more about ourselves, but we evolve more into the ultimate creations we are intended to be. When we say yes to us, it's all possible. Tune in each week for real talk about all aspects of self-care: health, fitness, spirituality and mindfulness, travel and leisure, and a whole lot more. Get on your journey of self-care with me and we'll travel the road together. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Starting with an Honest Moment 35:05 13/07/21
4 Thoughts to Functioning Better in Fitness 36:43 06/07/21
5 Takeaways for Self-Care and to Live Your Ultimate Life 34:18 29/06/21
Living a Long, More Productive and Fulfilling Life (Part 3 of 4) 45:38 22/06/21
What does it REALLY mean to FEEL BETTER? 41:36 15/06/21
The Concept of Looking Good and Fitness - What Does it Mean? 36:23 08/06/21
Choose One Thing 35:14 01/06/21
Can You Actually RECEIVE Your Life? A Strategy 29:24 25/05/21
What is a RESET? 33:25 18/05/21
Everything You NEED and NOTHING More 32:51 11/05/21
ALL Movement is GOOD Movement 42:32 04/05/21
Crash Course in Reading Lab Values and What They Mean 34:43 27/04/21
Daily Habits CAN Be Your 'Spring Training' 26:07 20/04/21
Start Your Spring Training in Just 5 Minutes 26:09 13/04/21
What if you were just curious? 31:17 06/04/21
Three Thoughts on Energy Eating and Metabolism 21:55 30/03/21
Eating HOW you want and WHAT you want 38:33 23/03/21
5 Secrets to Reading Labels 33:26 16/03/21
Six Metabolism Boosting Supplements - My Take 28:34 09/03/21
6 Foods for Boosting Metabolism 29:59 02/03/21
Self-Care for Entrepreneurs 34:05 23/02/21
3 Ways to Love Yourself 20:13 16/02/21
In Everything We Do We Have One of Seven Choices 38:33 09/02/21
Look for the Fruit Loop Moments in Life 46:48 02/02/21
3 Intangibles a Fit Life Gives You 38:15 26/01/21
What if it were easy? 29:36 19/01/21
The Fit Life Mindset - 5 Tips to Getting Out of Your Own Way 35:23 12/01/21
The 'Awe' Factor - Putting Wonder Back in Your Life 40:03 05/01/21
My 3 Big Lessons of Self-Care from 2020 33:05 29/12/20
Letting Go and Regaining Control with Self-Care 37:04 22/12/20