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Each week we talk to academic experts around the world to help unpick the context behind the headlines – and hear from scholars carrying out brand new research about how the world works. A podcast from The Conversation. See for privacy and opt-out information.


The science of sugar – why we're hardwired to love it and what eating too much does to your brain 49:03 20/01/22
Crypto countries: Nigeria and El Salvador's opposing journeys into digital currencies 44:58 13/01/22
2022 science preview: mRNA vaccines, asteroid missions and collaborative robots 46:54 05/01/22
How the arts can help us come back together again 52:39 16/12/21
Peering into the history of the universe: astronomers explain why the James Webb Space Telescope is such a big deal 45:29 09/12/21
Planet pharma: what the industry got out of COVID 41:46 02/12/21
How abortion access is changing around the world 43:42 25/11/21
Glasgow Climate Pact: what happened at COP26 and what it means for the world 50:15 18/11/21
Ten years to 1.5°C: how climate anxiety is affecting young people around the world 39:48 11/11/21
Tigray: the devastating toll of Ethiopia's vicious year of war 46:29 04/11/21
Degrowth: why some economists think abandoning growth is the only way to save the planet 36:48 28/10/21
Taiwan: what is China's long-term strategy? 46:39 21/10/21
Explaining the 2021 Nobel Prizes: how touch works, a better way to make medicine and the fiction of Abdulrazak Gurnah 44:06 14/10/21
New clues to consciousness + AI helps finish Beethoven's 10th symphony 47:31 07/10/21
Germany election winners, losers, and how the Greens emerged as kingmakers + the benefits of saunas 39:59 30/09/21
Have climate change predictions matched reality? 46:01 23/09/21
Why is Justin Trudeau more popular abroad than in Canada? + Clues on why mosquitoes bite some of us more than others 41:49 16/09/21
Haiti's history of cascading crises and political fragility 44:21 09/09/21
Back to school with COVID: how to keep children safe 43:18 02/09/21
The origins of the Taliban 40:59 26/08/21
The biological switch that could turn neuroplasticity on and off in the brain 15:38 19/08/21
Al-Shabaab: why women join the Islamist militant group 13:08 12/08/21
How we created fake smells to trick predators and save endangered birds 16:01 05/08/21
Four-day week: has its moment arrived? + How Nairobi’s informal settlements got their names 38:24 29/07/21
Olympics: the ultimate limits of human performance + lessons from 1920 Antwerp games 46:32 22/07/21
Science of lab-grown and plant-based meat + Indonesia's child smoking problem 37:27 15/07/21
Tough justice for international war crimes + why sarcasm is tricky for kids 41:45 08/07/21
UFO report: from shrouded history to a data-driven future – podcast 43:26 01/07/21
Fire, tsunami, pandemic: how to ensure societies learn lessons from disaster 41:26 24/06/21
How Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro brought the military back to the centre of politics + archaeological garbage investigators 37:30 17/06/21