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The Education & Empowerment Podcast explores success and advancement through education by interviewing today's top leaders in the fields of education, business and technology. This show is brought to you by 4stay, a SaaS-enabled Online Booking marketplace for student and intern housing. Learn more at:


How Higher Education is Changing and Should Change? President Alger Perspective 38:41 25/01/22
Global Youth Empowerment: Leadership Perspectives 34:42 11/01/22
The Role of University Partnerships and Collaboration in Increasing Student Empowerment and Engagement 50:22 03/11/21
Leveraging Strategic Partnerships in Education to Succeed in Post Covid World 33:36 25/10/21
Opportunities for Greater Collaboration and Impact in Higher Education 27:12 08/10/21
Post COVID Future of On-and Off-Campus Housing: Where do we go from here? 45:10 30/08/21
Full Funding Opportunities and Experiences with Dr. Vicki Johnson 32:30 30/08/21
Operational Strategy for Successful Student Retention 35:53 03/08/21
Post Pandemic Recovery and Future of Higher Education 39:11 07/07/21
Best Practices of Technology Transformation in Community Colleges 32:36 24/06/21
Student Success Through Career Development 37:44 17/06/21
Importance of Research in Student Success Outside of Classroom; What Educators Can Do To Form, Engage, and Promote Support Network. 24:12 01/06/21
The Future of Co-ops and Talent Development; Best Practices from Ian Sladen, VP of Drexel University 32:18 17/05/21
Innovation and the Future of International Scholar & Intern Success: Lessons from Dr. Jennifer Clinton, President & CEO of Cultural Vistas 26:50 04/05/21
Leveraging Multicultural Competence to Support Student Success 38:11 16/04/21
Innovation and the Future of Student Success: Lessons from Dr. Kevin Kruger 23:13 12/03/21
Supporting International Student & Scholars Podcast 29:13 04/03/21
Empowering International Student Success in Pennsylvania 38:04 25/02/21
Empowering Success Outside the Classroom with Dr. Matthew Shank 31:12 10/02/21
Success: Education and Empowerment | 4Stay 08:35 08/02/21