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I'll Drink to That! Wine Talk

A former sommelier interviews incredibly famous and knowledgeable wine personalities in his tiny apartment. He gets them to talk candidly about their lives and work, and then shares the conversations with you. To see new episodes sooner and to see all of the hundreds of back episodes in your feed, it is important to FOLLOW or SUBSCRIBE the show. It is free to do either, the show is free.Contact info- Email Instagram @leviopenswine Twitter @drinktothatpod Website


IDTT Wine 489: Sylvain Pataille and the New Old Style 85:52 15/01/22
IDTT Wine 488: Erin and the Volcano 109:41 25/12/21
IDTT Wine 487: Dominik Sona and a Conception of Kabinett 57:16 06/06/21
IDTT Wine 486: George Skouras and the New Old World 72:12 11/04/21
IDTT Wine 485: Robert Vifian and Stories from the Tan Dinh Wine Cellar 76:13 02/04/21
IDTT Wine 484: Erin Scala Looks Deep Into Lake Garda 48:21 28/03/21
IDTT Wine 483: Listen to Fran├žoise Vannier and Never Look At Burgundy the Same Way Again 100:02 12/03/21
IDTT Wine 482: Lorenzo Accomasso and Barolo from the War Until Now 93:58 04/02/21
IDTT Wine 481: Wine Before and After the Genocide 56:40 30/06/20
IDTT Wine 480: Kevin Zraly Was At the Top of the World and Then Lost Almost Everything 69:35 09/05/20
IDTT Wine 479: Christopher Howell Doesn't Want It To Be About Him 130:30 16/04/20
IDTT Wine 478: Jason Lett Is Not At Peace 112:55 10/03/20
IDTT Wine 477: Mary Ewing-Mulligan Says Intro Books Don't Sell...More Than Several Million Copies 72:49 18/01/20
IDTT Wine 476: Christophe Roumier Has A Family History Written In Wine 106:26 25/12/19
IDTT Wine 475: Giacomo Oddero Remembers the People Who Believed in Barolo 59:37 05/11/19
IDTT Wine 474: Rod Berglund Is Not Just A Swan Clone 70:33 01/10/19
IDTT Wine 473: Tomoko Kuriyama Explains the Burgundy Mindset 80:40 12/09/19
IDTT Wine 472: Anthony Hanson Washed Burgundy's Dirty Laundry 79:50 31/08/19
IDTT Wine 471: Jeff Kellogg Enters the Other Side of the Wine Business 58:58 06/08/19
IDTT Wine 470: Jacques Seysses Knew It Would Never Be Worse Than 68 66:35 23/07/19
IDTT Wine 469: Mimi Casteel Thinks Your Sustainability Sucks. Try Again. 112:40 10/07/19
IDTT Wine 468: David Ramey and the Evolution of Chardonnay 62:19 01/07/19
IDTT Wine 467: Benjamin Leroux Explains How Winemaking in Burgundy Has Changed and Why It Will Change Again 107:10 17/06/19
IDTT Wine 466: Joe Rochioli Jr Built a House for Pinot Noir 59:18 04/05/19
IDTT Wine 465: Ken Wright Went Looking for Aroma 77:09 20/04/19
IDTT Wine 464: Russell Hone and the Killer Wine Tasting 63:53 11/04/19
IDTT Wine 463: Brenna Quigley and the School of Hard Rocks 78:46 25/03/19
IDTT Wine 462: David Hirsch and the Hirsch Vineyards Lighthouse 91:53 18/03/19
IDTT Wine 461: White Burgundy Maestro Pierre Morey 60:37 04/03/19
IDTT Wine 460: Joel Peterson and the Winemaking American Dream 82:15 07/02/19