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In this transformational show with Sofia Sundari it’s all about next level approach to Love, Leadership and Intimacy. Discover how you can live life with more consciousness and trust, so that you can thrive in love. You will learn how to overcome blocks to deep intimacy, heal trauma, empower your masculine and feminine energy, develop skills for next level relationship and find God through sex. Since 2012 Sofia has facilitated over 100 transformational events all over the world, created 5 online courses on subject of spiritual sexuality and written a bestselling book Liberation into Orgasm. Sofia's work has touched over 100,000 people from over 80 countries. Hit subscribe and get ready to see your erotic heart blossom.


Kundalini Shakti
#74In this episode, we dive into the transformative power of Kundalini Shakti. I'm sharing about my sacred encounter with a serpent, symbolizing a profound shift in life. We explore how trauma awareness sets the groundwork for transformation and the resistance we face in embracing our greatness. Through a guided practice, you're are invited to unlock your energy centers, leading to the embodiment of your truest essence. Join us on this journey of inner awakening and empowerment.This year’s Ecstatic Remembrance is dedicated to the work of Erotic Embodiment. Which means:Opening the energy body to a new level of power.Clearing imprints from the old partners.Releasing contraction do shame.Harmonising in Sacred Union in the highest meeting of the Masculine and Feminine.And finally… living an orgasmic Life and shining in your radiance as a conduit for Divine Light…In service to the Highest Evolution of Humankind.Find out details and join Ecstatic Remembrance here: me LIVE on my IG here:
43:40 17/04/2024
Erotic Embodiment as the key to your Supreme Destiny in relationships, purpose and wealth
#73Today marked the fourth session of our transformative journey through the 28 Days of Surrender as a part of prep-work for Ecstatic Remembrance, and what a session it was! Streaming from a special place, surrounded by provocative art, I shared insights and practices aimed at deepening our connection with ourselves and each other.From the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, I'm embracing a journey of transition, one that promises exciting destinations and new experiences yet to be revealed. But amidst this whirlwind, the support and presence of dear friends like Jasmine have left me feeling deeply held.This year’s Ecstatic Remembrance is dedicated to the work of Erotic Embodiment. Which means:Opening the energy body to a new level of power.Clearing imprints from the old partners.Releasing contraction do shame.Harmonising in Sacred Union in the highest meeting of the Masculine and Feminine.And finally… living an orgasmic Life and shining in your radiance as a conduit for Divine Light…In service to the Highest Evolution of Humankind.Find out details and join Ecstatic Remembrance here: me LIVE on my IG here:
26:19 10/04/2024
Kali’s kiss 💋🖤
#72With the transformation that so many of us are going through, and with Ecstatic Remembrance coming in 1 month I decided to offer something epic to my community, and totally free:28 days of Temple PracticesAs a part of the 28 day prep-work for Ecstatic Remembrance I spoke about Kali, the great goddess of transformation + guided a practice.She who shows up and shakes up your whole Life…When she arrives, it feels like everything you've built is being torn down… but in the pile of ashes that used to be your life… you find a gem: your eternal FREEDOM.Kali shakes us out of our comfort zones, showing us the lies we've been telling ourselves. It's a painful process, but necessary for our highest becoming.These practices will harmonise the flow of energy in your Life, anchor you in clarity and help you rest in pleasure no matter what’s going.Find out details and join Ecstatic Remembrance here: me LIVE on my IG here:
26:49 06/04/2024
Wealth from Union⚜️
#71In this episode I cover:Why my ex-husband is not a narcissist and why I needed him to massage that girl’s handWhat makes the richest people take decisions really fastWhy being in Sundari Temple will catapult you into your highest potential in all areas of LifeHow being in Divine Union benefits your Life in the most practical wayAnd so much more!I highly recommend you tune in.Find details about Sundari Temple and the upcoming Program Embodied Wealth that’s coming up on the inside:
42:33 20/03/2024
Wealth: from *enough* to *overflow*
#70This episode will give you a whole new understanding of how your sense of *not enough* and *omg it’s way more than enough!* are entirely your creations.Very real story about how my income dropped in half and how it went 10x.And how it was ALL my energetic choice.Embodied Wealth is the next program that’s coming up in Sundari Temple - my year-long container for transformation into Divine Union.Find the details about Embodied Wealth program and join Sundari Temple here: - Introducing today’s topic02:30 - The journey from *not enough* to *more than enough*06:25 - Multimillion euro investment into a dream09:30 - People you would like to surround yourself with14:00 - Fear of *HOW*15:35 - The lowest month of my business19:55 - When everything popped for me23:15 - Integrity is my highest value25:10 - Whatever happens, so be it26:25 - Shifting from lack to overflow27:45 - It's not about mindset28:30 - Direct experience of the Devine34:00 - It always will lead you Home36:00 - Inside of Sundari Temple37:15 - Coming up: Embodied Wealth
43:00 18/03/2024
My assault experience - are we ever a victim?
#69Is it true that a victim is creating the experience of abuse or assault? The simple answer is no.And… we operate on various levels of reality all at once.As we come to higher levels of awakening we begin to occupy and be able to see reality on all these levels.Dive in with me as I am sharing about my experience of assault, all the stages of healing I went through and finally - the main piece of the WHY of this experience that liberated me in a truly profound way. I mentioned:Boundless Love and Me: of the Feminine Heart: you know you want to play full out… and experience COMPLETE awakening and liberation in this lifetime… come closer.  Ecstatic Remembrance is my upcoming 3 day in-person event, which is a direct portal to the Divinity that you are in truth.Check it out and sign up while it’s on early bird here: Timestamps00:18 - Trigger warning01:58 - How we're creating our reality03:50 - The three-dimensional level of thinking06:00 - What creates abuse07:05 - My experience of being assaulted15:55 - The response of shock18:20 - The response of fear19:35 - The response of anger20:15 - The response of inquiry, questioning relationship21:05 - The response of liberation22:40 - Still it didn't feel complete23:30 - The moment I opened24:50 - Decide to open to Life25:25 - Subconscious patterns of deep relationships26:20 - Breakup as a portal of healing27:15 - Parts of us falling into coma in harmony28:05 - Surrender is where all your prayers are answered29:25 - It was part of the game of Incarnation30:30 - It's always perfect31:20 - An invitation to the space of Love, Life & Infinity34:30 - Coming up: Ecstatic Remembrance
36:14 12/03/2024
Time to be Divine
#68In this episode I dive deep into how direct and permanent experiences of the Divine will solve all problems, end all wars, put an end to all confusion. Sundari Mystery Immersions - what actually happens there.Find the details about Fields of Grace here: your early bird ticket for Ecstatic Remembrance LIVE here: - It is time01:08 - You’re invited to be Divine02:06 - What it takes03:32 - The Temple structure05:23 - More than psychology06:59 - How to Love unknown07:52 - The Field of mystery09:55 - The reality of shame14:09 - The way to the greatest success15:21 - Level of the Body16:50 - Level of the Emotions18:39 - Level of Spirituality20:07 - Highest level of Awakening22:22 - Preparation work24:18 - Temple Life25:58 - Coming up: Fields of Grace Mystery Immersion in Sardinia
27:31 07/03/2024
My insights from 10 days in silence
#67In this episode I share my insights from 10 days in silence:Merging with Great Void and the “seduction” game of the mindThe gift of my former relationship and the break upThe real meaning of the assault I experiencedHow the light of consciousness is here to help us clear the timelines we no longer choose to engage withWhy retreats are so important for anyone who wants to be completely free and open to your full potential in this Life.Sardinia Immersion Fields of Grace and Ecstatic Remembrance LIVE are both happening this May ✨ both live events will be next level JUICY.Find the details about Fields of Grace here: your early bird ticket for Ecstatic Remembrance LIVE here: - Back from immersing myself into my inner cosmos02:33 - Direct experiences of limitlessness02:55 - Home is not questionable04:00 - Challenges coming up06:10 - Basking in God’s Love09:00 - Buying into limitations09:30 - Merging with the Divine and going beyond the game 10:40 - Being cleansed by the light of your own Being11:15 - Completions 16:00 - Running Mystery Immersions21:30 - Cracking codes at an accelerated level22:40 - Every Human experience is a portal for you23:10 - Leaning into Life24:00 - You are free in you essence25:55 - The Path of cosmic love making with your own essence27:45 - Coming to live32:00 - Coming up: Fields of Grace Mystery Immersion in Sardinia 33:55 - Ecstatic Remembrance LIVE 2024, 3-day in-person event
37:55 01/03/2024
Dare to be Divine
#66How my break up has supported my highest Destiny... What does it actually mean to embody limitlessness, what do money, love and purpose have to do with it...And exactly when I'm planning to die.Find the details about Sundari Temple here: - Introducing today’s topic02:03 - The reason I'm Here03:23 - Embodying your Limitlessness04:37 - How problems get solved05:45 - Creating the right environment for growth07:10 - Direct states of Divine Union08:07 - Portal to come Home11:35 - Release yourself from compromising13:14 - This is just beginning15:48 - The way forward: Sundari Temple18:32 - Step by step expansion into Infinity
22:40 15/02/2024
Making love to Love
#65This ended up being a comedy show about 2 drastically different ways to make love… Listen till the end 🙊😍Making love to the Divine - the advanced feminine path - the Priestess Path ♥️Isis Codes Temple doors are open.Find the details about Isis Codes here: - The path of the Priestess 01:33 - Connecting to the depth of your Heart03:15 - Reaching the highest point of Love within a relationship04:10 - The Wound of the Heart05:00 - Levels of fulfillment 08:55 - Making love to the Divine12:19 - Being honest with yourself17:40 - Biggest awakenings happen with Death21:15 - Putting yourself into a box22:45 - There is nothing to control24:00 - Constant offering to Life26:35 - About Isis Codes
28:10 26/01/2024
Luxury Priestess Masterclass ⚜️ is open for enrolment.
#64Being the embodiment of luxury and thriving in effortless wealth may be a part of your Highest Destiny.It is not for everyone, yet if it is for you it is important that you fully claim it as a part of your Path.Link to enrol: the first 48 hours it’s just 188 USD (until Friday at 8 pm GMT).Timestamps00:40 - Introduction01:44 - Anchoring into the now06:08 - The path of the Priestess and examples from my Life07:35 - The feminine archetypes and the transpersonal21:47 - The merging of Luxury and the unfolding of the Heart25:17 - A state of overflow and invitation to Luxury Priestess
25:17 11/01/2024
The Fertile Void
#63The time in-between… that can be so confusing… so stressful… but also is so richBecause we are shaping our Destiny.Because we are birthing ourselves.If you know you want to get stabilised in your Highest Timeline by choosing to grow in frequency of the Highest Love and Highest Wealth, I’m delighted to invite you inSundari Season. ✨4-month Sundari Love Academy membership.Find the details about Sundari Season here: 2024 as the year of the Highest Love and Highest Wealth 🚀Timestamps00:20 - Introducing today’s topic: the Void02:30 - The Womb as a portal 04:55 - Seeing patterns & not making it mean more than it is07:00 - All patterns you see are within you10:00 - Having awareness and going to the source10:30 - Continuously dying13:00 - Your vibrational resonance16:00 - Aligning with your highest timeline16:40 - Introducing Sundari Season
21:22 20/12/2023
Live open as Love
#62In this episode I talk about how when you focus on what matters, you bring forth what matters. And for every single woman that is coming into profound intimacy with the truth of existence, with Love. Because you are Love.This is the Feminine path and I am honoured to invite you to walk it together.If you feel called..Then Come, my Love is the perfect gift to yourself. Find the details about Come, my Love here: There are 3 ways to walk the path:Come, my Love on its own is a brilliant choice – with its 10 modules we cover every step of attracting and thriving in Love.Adding Emotional Mastery Program is something I highly recommend because it will teach you how to express emotions without guarding your heart and therefore creating even deeper emotional connection with your beloved. Plus, it will facilitate the healing of the emotional wounds – your own and those stored in your DNA + coming from past life experiences.If you desire to receive direct support and mentorship from me – then Come, my Love Temple is an excellent choice. This offer is exclusive to the participants of Come, my Love. Outside of that, it’s not possible to work so closely with me for just 1 month.This Program is running live starting from the 15th of December.Timestamps00:01 - Living with an open Heart02:10 - Prioritising your Heart03:35 - Becoming judgemental towards yourself04:11 - Loving the mind06:00 - When you are trying to make it work08:15 - You deserve to be held09:00 - Abandoning your heart10:10 - Healing through wounds11:30 - The perfect mirror to discover yourself 13:50 - The true Feminine path14:40 - Cultivating a solid inner Masculine to fully embody the Feminine Heart17:00 - Blossoming of the Heart20:50 - Daring to embody the woman that you are21:00 - 3 ways to dive deep into the Feminine path
23:36 13/12/2023
Celebrating true Love and marriage with Rachael
#61In this episode I sit down with Come, my Love alumni Rachael and dive deep into how she went from being afraid of abandonment to marrying her partner. We speak about some very important attitudes for every woman desiring to be met in Love.Rachael shares what a game-changer it was to fully commit to her desire in Love by honouring herself and joining Come, my Love.May this conversation connect you to Love in service of the highest good of All.If you are ready to fully commit to claiming your desires in Love… Then Come, my Love is the perfect gift to yourself. Find the details about Come, my Love here: This Program is running live starting from the 15th of December.Timestamps00:30 - Introducing Rachael01:35 - Rachael’s story04:45 - Desires of the Heart06:00 - From weakness to strength07:00 - Thriving in Love07:30 - Come, my Love as a gift to myself in full commitment10:30 - Becoming vulnerable & showing up for yourself 13:11 - Melting frozenness & honouring feelings15:50 - Inviting him into his depth16:18 - Celebrating commitment through marriage18:45 - Continuing to deepen the commitment 29:50 - Follow your desire, you are worthy of it22:55 - How Come, my Love profoundly changed Rachael
27:27 11/12/2023
Sacred Union with a beloved as a Path of the Highest Love
#60In this episode I am interviewed by my beloved Oliver. We share in-depth about what’s been happening in our relationship behind the scenes and talk about creating a relationship that uplifts both partners on every level, making both stronger individuals and brighter lights through the portal of Sacred Union. May this conversation spark a light in your Heart, connect you to what is possible in Love, and serve the highest good of All.If you know you are here to walk the Path of Love and are ready to be met on this level by your True Beloved… If you want to attract a high caliber relationship or take your existing relationship to a new level... Come, my Love is the perfect gift to yourself. Find the details about Come, my Love here: Timestamps00:35 - 3 reasons this episode is special02:00 - Introducing Sofia04:20 - Commitment to the Path04:55 - Longing for Spiritual depth07:00 - From meeting each other to celebrating 4-year anniversary12:00 - Re-cultivating confidence after opening your Heart as a man15:30 - Coming together to heal through relationships15:55 - The Heart takes time to open20:00 - Lean into challenges22:00 - Sovereign Wholeness25:15 - Dealing with Sexual energy27:00 - Spiraling through wounds & Incarnating30:00 - Comradeship & holding the highest Path35:00 - Living in full Devotion to the Heart36:00 - Connecting to your Depth in the now41:35 - Connecting to a state of bliss instead of lack45:00 - Blossoming through it all47:00 - Ask yourself: “Am I connected?”50:00 - How to connect with Sofia
52:21 06/12/2023
Egyptian Mysteries
#59In this episode I speak on a whole new level and touch on:✨The vulnerability and beauty of “Never Enough”✨The missing pieces of the Soul… and how to collect them✨What do Egyptian Mysteries have to do with all of this.If you know you want to step in to work with me in 2024 - the last day to fill in the assessment form is this Sunday. Find the link to the assessment form here: Timestamps01:05 - The sense of “Never Enough”04:40 - Place of neediness in Love & Wealth10:00 - Giving away your Power16:00 - Calling back all pieces of your Soul20:00 - Egyptian Mysteries32:00 - Assessment form32:11 - The Field & Isis Codes
32:40 23/11/2023
Our Sacred Assignment ⚜️ has to be honoured above all
#58In this episode I speak from an afterglow of Ecstatic Remembrance - about limitlessness and the path of ecstasy, that we get to walk for the highest good of All.Inviting a little process with a cosmic vacuum cleaner too - and it works! 🌬️If you know you want to soar with me in 2024 - find the link to assessment form here: Timestamps01:14 - Opened Portal01:22 - Honouring your Assignment04:00 - In service to the highest good of all08:00 - Savouring the process of becoming09:22 - Tuning into limitlessness 11:50 - Sardinia Mystery Immersion & March Event16:35 - You become the closest people around you18:47 - Committing to long-term together20:00 - Taking off together into 202421:20 - Introducing The Field
24:42 20/11/2023
Wealth, Love, Success and being non-relatable
#57I haven’t been sharing what’s been actually going on in my Life because I a) was speechless and b) I thought no one could relate to this so why even bother talking about it.But I had enough of silencing myself and here we go - sharing some totally unrelatable things and loving it.What expansion of wealth, love and success actually require.And how God and Wealth fit into one sentence (perfectly).At Ecstatic Remembrance I’ll be guiding you into remembering your own Limitlessness, way beyond trying to be relatable.It’s going to be a celebration.Early bird pricing expires tomorrow.🔥 Join us here: this episode I cover:00:00 Introduction01:14 Being Relatable or Not03:22 The Path of a Pioneer03:46 Your Dharma Chooses You04:33 Sharing the Truth of Me05:03 Wealth in the Context of Spirituality06:16 People Die from Disconnection07:13 Russian Wealth Codes13:22 Freedom Expressed through Wealth14:17 God and Wealth15:52 Limitless in Love, Success, and Wealth16:22 Practices to Expand into Limitlessness17:00 Are You Really Saying Yes?19:40 To Grow Means to Live21:35 My Expansion in Love23:29 What Are You Waiting For?24:20 I Am Not Going Anywhere25:09 Ecstatic Remembrance - Finding God in Life
27:30 20/10/2023
Ecstatic Remembrance Live
#56Ecstatic Remembrance LiveAnd why it is so essential to open more in these times.Here is the link to Ecstatic Remembrance. It’s on early bird for a few more days.Timestamps00:00 - Introduction00:39 - A Taste of Ecstatic Remembrance01:21 - Celebration / The Forever First Portal of this kind02:20  - Unusual People create Miracles together04:20 - The Big Why09:00 - Magic You Can Experience10:51 - Closing vs. Opening / Memento Mori12:30 - Success redefined: Your Supreme Destiny13:39 - The Number One Priority for Living14:20 - Your Desire for Growth14:52 - Infinitely Remembering Truth15:51 - Invitation to Ecstatic Remembrance and Important Details / All about Ecstatic Remembrance
24:07 12/10/2023
Masculine Initiations
#55In this episode I dive deep into the topic of masculine initiations with my pillar and Temple Keeper and the Sundari Mystery Immersions Dominik Graef.Divine Eros Immersion is the next opportunity for a deep dive into the Mystery 🖤Apply for Divine Eros Immersion here: - Introducing today’s guest: Dominik01:25 - Initiations into stillness02:40 - The story of how Sofia & Dominik met06:00 - Geometry & holding energetic space06:10 - Masculine initiations07:22 - What does Power entail?10:00 - Facing challenges11:00 - The Power of Love15:30 - Many things vs important things20:35 - Dropping conditioning & connecting to what truly matters24:00 - Money & Spirituality 30:00 - Dark forces & Purity34:45 - All about Divine Eros in Portugal
36:02 26/09/2023
Masculine power, presence and love
#53The masculine principle is like fire, it is penetrative, it direct energy.Yet in its deepest sense it is… pure stillness.The masculine initiations reveal the stillness that the man is.Yet, each man gets to take responsibility for his penetrative power.What are you penetrating the world with?Let’s explore together - in this episode.If you want to learn how to find your real confidence,how to start feeling Life deeply,how to tap into your full potential in the bedroom and in Life, and how to not only be a Great Lover but how to experience expanded states of consciousness and step into your Potential through erotic aliveness…You would LOVE the upcoming Divine Eros Immersion taking place really soon in Portugal, where you will embody the Sacred Man you truly are in a completely new way.You can apply for Divine Eros Immersion here: - Dedicated to men02:20 - Masculinity & responsibility03:50 - Masculinity & abuse of power09:00 - What is masculinity?13:30 - Tapping into your sexual energy and connecting to deeper powers within yourself16:00 - Anchoring into your body 16:40 - What are you penetrating the world with?19:50 - Being connected to the flow of life & your Heart21:00 - Stillness & presence25:30 - Being in challenging emotional situations34:20 - Being conducive to Divine powers35:45 - Inviting men to Divine Eros
42:35 21/09/2023
A man’s journey at Mystery Immersions
#54In this episode I am bringing you the male Voice on what it is like to work with me in person. Together with today’s guest Josip, I dive deep into what does happen during Sundari Mystery Immersions, what challenges you might face, what results you might see, and beyond all what it feels like to come on a transformational journey based on radical self responsibility.Apply for Divine Eros Immersion here: - Introducing today’s guest: Josip01:20 - Bringing the male Voice02:30 - What drew Josip to Sofia & the Sundari Mystery Immersion05:55 - The feeling of being called & stepping into the unknown07:20 - Josip’s goal & desires vs reality08:20 - The sacredness of connecting with men in circle09:20 - Building the most important relationship of your life10:10 - Accepting yourself & others10:50 - You can’t go back to your old self13:30 - The experience of fully participating in the Immersion14:14 - Challenges that Josip faced when deciding to participate in the Immersion16:00 - Safety during the Immersion18:00 - Opening up to yourself & facing yourself21:40 - Building long-lasting soul relationships with other participants & growing beyond your own triggers and judgements29:30 - Josip’s personal story on his challenge of accepting your body & enjoying to be in your own skin36:10 - Relationships with women & invitation to radical self responsibility41:00 - Getting exactly what you need41:50 - All about Divine Eros in Portugal
44:42 21/09/2023
Expansion of power and capacity to hold big energy
#52Most heart-lead entrepreneurs don’t realise that they get to be both: deeply spiritual and highly successful. It is absolutely possible to be in close communion with the Divine, live deeply in love and be a multimillionaire all at once.In my own experience of running a multiple 7-figure business while being entirely dedicated to the path of the Heart, I found that the two main energetics that allow us to have it all are: constant expansion of our ability to hold energy (which is a must for Life of true fullness and success) & constant deepening of the stillness within.In this episode I dive deep into how expansion of power and capacity to hold big energy is connected to eroticism.Divine Eros Immersion prep-work begins in two weeks ⚜️Apply here: - Starting with a prayer01:35 - Power & Eroticism 03:20 - Self-sabotage04:00 - We are the ones responsible for our highest destiny05:45 - How we block the flow08:50 - Connecting to stagnant places in your life & pouring life into it13:00 - Coming home to yourself15:55 - Working on your erotic embodiment17:15 - Sexual energy is the raw energy of Life17:45 - Erotic: a state of aliveness21:00 - Undoing knots21:40 - Step 1: releasing shame & unworthiness24:20 - Step 2: activation27:55 - Step 3: sanctification32:10 - Life is now32:45 - All about Divine Eros
38:05 16/09/2023
Coming Home
#51Coming Home 🤍Inner Masculine & Inner FeminineCelebrating the exquisiteness of this moment recorded in Eternity.This miracle.I am home.Reach out to me with LOVE IMMERSION if you want to expand your capacity to hold Big energy of Love, Wealth and Orgasmic Life.Timestamps00:01 - Dream coming true02:00 - From living out of my suitcase to arriving home04:35 - Starting the process of manifestation06:30 - Divine guidance08:30 - Obstacles10:35 - A reflection of me 12:00 - Creating beauty & making every moment count13:00 - It doesn’t have to be fast, it has to be right14:00 - Remembering there is no separation 15:00 - Cracking open15:25 - Holding big energy & expanding in capacity16:00 - Your past doesn’t have to define you, it does so only when you let it16:50 - Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine18:20 - Coming into a place of stillness & Being21:30 - Letting the energy flow26:00 - Focusing on what really matters to you26:30 - Introducing: the Love Immersion Bundle
33:05 01/09/2023
Your unapologetic inner fire… is your highest Service
#50Your unapologetic inner fire - your authentic self… is your highest Service.And there won’t be a better time for it than now.Doors to Isis Codes are open until today.If you want to be held in your greatest power - this is for you. 🌹Sign up here:
25:29 01/08/2023
High standards are meant for protection of Love
#49The clarity around standards and boundaries are to Love like banks are to the river.In this episode I’m sharing some important clarity I have in my company that is important to know for anyone engaging with my work.I’m also sharing how this exact clarity is what contributed to me being known all over the world, having clients who have been with me for 10+ years and generating over a million dollars the third year in a row.We are going so much deeper in Dharma & Grace Masterclass that begins on Monday. 🌹Sign up here:
26:50 20/07/2023
The grand REVEAL…
#48Getting out of your own way - the great mastery of Life.My new Masterclass Dharma & Grace is officially open for enrollment.It is an invitation to surrender to the flame of your Soul purpose.It is designed for people stepping into Sovereign Wholeness within and who are here to let Love move them from within.Let’s begin the celebration ✨ 🌹Sign up here:
21:47 17/07/2023
Orgasms that change you
#47In this episode I am diving into how your sexual openness allows you to experience the Divine inside your Sacred body.Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover how orgasms can change you.The Deep Feminine is open for enrollment. It will change everything. 🌹Sign up here:
44:12 27/06/2023
Real results of The Deep Feminine work
#46In this episode I am talking with my dear client Mireia about how The Deep Feminine changed her Life by changing the depth of connection with her sexuality. Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover what uncovering The Deep Feminine really means.About Mireia TomàsI'm a heart leader, teacher and speaker who is passionate about the inner world, personal growth and intimacy. After breaking with a predictable and small life, I embarked on a soul-led journey of ever-deepening, ever-expanding self-discovery and love. That led me to guide and help people find their way back home to themselves, through courses, masterclasses, workshops and 1:1 mentoring.Connect with Mireia on Instagram: The Deep Feminine is open for enrolment 🌹Sign up here:
20:05 18/06/2023
The glorious Sacred Slut
#45In this episode I am talking about reclaiming the glorious Sacred Slut. It’s a fascinating feminine archetype that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. As you are unlocking your pleasure, radiance, feminine grace, and unapologetic aliveness you are entering into a deeper connection with the Divine.If you are ready for her - The Deep Feminine is open for enrolment 🌹Sign up here:
14:24 16/06/2023