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The team behind The Week Junior's Science+Nature magazine investigate unexplained phenomenon with the help of expert guests.


Your Mysteries
Dan and Stevie break down some of the biggest mysteries around – as asked by you! Professor Brian Cox and a host of other special guests answer your questions on everything from the temperature of space to jellyfish stings.  See for privacy information.
20:24 19/07/2024
Dan and Michael explore the concept of altruism. From vampire bats who share food to prevent each other from starving, to giving money to charity: why are people kind?See for privacy information.
16:23 05/07/2024
Dan and Michael are going down under to hunt for a thylacine. Also known as the tasmanian tiger or tasmanian wolf, could this supposedly extinct creature actually be secretly lurking in the nation's forests? See for privacy information.
20:00 20/06/2024
Return to Area 51
Michael and Dan are back after a mid-season break to take on perhaps one of the strangest mysteries we’ve ever encountered… What’s being hidden in a top secret US military base, thousands of miles from anywhere, in the middle of a desert? Could it be aliens? See for privacy information.
18:05 07/06/2024
Area 51
In the middle of the desert in Nevada, USA, sits a top-secret military base. You probably know it as Area 51. Today, Michael, Dan, and a team of top experts are peeking over the fence to see what they can spot...  Will they find mysterious alien spacecraft? And what's this about a strange airline? Or is the whole thing nothing more than a good story?See for privacy information.
20:05 10/05/2024
This week we're investigating a mystery requested by one of our listeners – could dinosaurs still walk among us? These terrible lizards went extinct after an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago, but is there more the story? Join us and some expert guests as we find out whether or not we're walking with dinosaurs...See for privacy information.
21:11 26/04/2024
How to read minds
Stevie and Michael dive into the topic of telepathy – the (supposed) strange ability to transmit thoughts or read minds! Joining the team to probe the psychic powers of the human mind are emeritus professor Chris French, and journalist and author Kathryn Hulick.  We chat about Elon Musk's futuristic Neuralink project, which claims to be able to harness the power of the brain, and hear the story of a clever horse. Are you ready for things to get weird?See for privacy information.
20:07 11/04/2024
The Big Bang theory
Hosts Dan and Michael kick off this new season of Mysteries of Science with a Big Bang: the theory that explains the origin of the universe. Fred Hoyle coined the term to mock a theory he didn't believe in. Now, expert guests Dr. Maggie Lieu and Ethan Siegel shed light on the Big Bang theory and its evidence – and what might happen next...See for privacy information.
23:11 29/03/2024
Your Mysteries
It's a Mysteries of Science season finale! In this episode, Michael and Dan tackle some of your biggest mysteries including ones about intelligent species and the first ever living organisms. We even have an answer from the one and only Professor Brian Cox!See for privacy information.
23:42 01/03/2024
We're going under the sea and chatting to top tentacle geniuses in the form of Chris Packham and friends as we investigate the mystery of octopuses... There's something incredibly unique about these eight-legged creatures that's got us suckered. Can Dan and Michael get to the bottom of it?See for privacy information.
23:54 16/02/2024
Dark Matter
Jenny and Michael venture into the cosmos to unravel the secrets of dark matter. As astronomers observe stars and galaxies moving under the influence of an unseen force, we ask: What is dark matter? Why can't we see it? And just how much of the universe does it comprise?See for privacy information.
14:09 02/02/2024
Time Machines
We're going back to the future in a brand new episode of Mysteries of Science, investigating the antikythera mechanism – a strange artefact from the past that looks like it could be made today! Plus, we're telling you how to add to the Fun Kids Time Capsule. Enter online at See for privacy information.
22:34 19/01/2024
BONUS: Mysteries of Science Christmas Cracker
It's a Christmas special of Mysteries of Science! We're recapping the best bits of 2023 and diving into the archive, playing some previously unheard bits from past interviews. Thanks for spending the year with us.See for privacy information.
15:18 22/12/2023
Ötzi the Iceman
Two hikers stumble upon something in the ice: a mummy. Over the next few days, the mummy's extracted and examined by experts. It turns out to be 5,000 years old. Who was this person? How did they get there? And what can we learn from the body in the ice? See for privacy information.
19:15 08/12/2023
Is it possible to live forever? Expert guests author Ross Welford and biologist María Pascual Torner unlock the secrets to turning back time. Could a jellyfish hold the key to anti-aging? What would the world be like if nobody died? We find out.See for privacy information.
17:13 24/11/2023
Cartoonist Dr. Jorge Cham and author Kathryn Hulick investigate the mystery of teleportation. Is it possible to travel somewhere else in the blink of an eye? Dan and Michael investigate what might be possible, from robots in other cities to 3D printing people and even ferrying information across the universe in a flash.See for privacy information.
24:19 10/11/2023
Michael, Jenny, and a team of top experts investigate one of the stickiest, gungiest mysteries we’ve ever explored: slime. From snails to slippery fish, the gang get to the bottom of this gooey, gloopy, natural puzzle. See for privacy information.
19:02 27/10/2023
Your Space Mysteries
Michael and Jenny sit down with top scientists to talk about some of the most mind-bending mysteries in the universe — quite literally. This time, we’re answering your most pressing space-themed questions, including what shape the space is, and whether aliens might be on Jupiter’s moon. See for privacy information.
18:12 05/10/2023
They look, sound, and might even move like someone you know – but they're not. Deepfakes are images, videos, and audio recordings that are increasingly used to trick people. Michael and Dan enter the mirror world and try to decipher what's real and what's deepfake. How can you tell the difference? And what does the future look (and sound) like in a world where we can't be sure of what's right in front of us?See for privacy information.
19:24 21/09/2023
Beast of Exmoor
Tales of a strange creature loping around the British countryside have existed for quite some time but is there any truth in them? Michael and Jenny investigate stories of a beast in Exmoor... See for privacy information.
15:50 07/09/2023
Is magic real?
The team behind Mysteries of Science present a very special episode, recorded live at Cheltenham Science Festival, all about magic and whether or not it's real!  You can watch some of the tricks featured in this episode at!See for privacy information.
49:34 24/08/2023
BONUS: The Space Programme
Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, has a brand new series called The Space Programme?  Life on the Isle of Lune is about to get out-of-this-world! It's a radio drama all about a brand new UK spaceport and the story of a soon-to-be child-astronaut. Hear The Space Programme every Friday from 4pm on Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, and as a podcast too.  Plus, Fun Kids Podcasts+ subscribers get all 20 episodes right now, ad-free! Listen to the whole series before anyone else. Get a 30-day free trial of Fun Kids Podcasts+ by tapping 'Try Free' in Apple Podcasts or by heading to for privacy information.
08:47 06/08/2023
Why do we laugh?
Knock, knock. Who's there? Another episode of Mysteries of Science! This week, Michael and Dan explore the mystery of laughter. Find out where laugher comes from and why it's surprisingly good for us. Plus, we're joined by top comedian Olaf Falafel.See for privacy information.
24:39 28/07/2023
Secrets of Sharks
Michael and Jenny dip their toes into a brand new mystery, exploring the secrets of sharks – and discover that what lies beneath the surface might not be all that sinister after all... 🦈See for privacy information.
19:37 14/07/2023
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? If you're not sure, it's a UFO! With World UFO Day right around the corner, Michael and Dan explore the mysteries of Unidentified Flying Objects. Could these ariel phenomena be aliens from another planet or could it be something more easily explained? We're also launching a podcast survey for parents and guardians to help us better understand our listeners. It's 24 questions and will take just 10 minutes. You can also enter a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon gift card! The survey is open until 18 August: See for privacy information.
18:02 30/06/2023
Can you run as fast as The Flash?
Barry Allen – The Flash – can run pretty fast... but can you? Kicking off season six of Mysteries of Science, Michael and Dan chat to top experts from a fitness trainer to a physics professor to try and work out what the speed limit of the human body is.See for privacy information.
20:57 16/06/2023
Talking animals and dinosaurs coming back to life (Your mysteries answered)
It's the end of Season 5 of Mysteries of Science and we've had a blast! In this final episode, the team answer mysteries you are desperate to know the answers to... See for privacy information.
27:08 05/05/2023
Weird Weather
Meteorologist Kirsty McCabe and author Tamsin Mori sit down with Michael and Stevie to talk about weird weather. From lightning that looks like carrots to the perfect conditions for rainbow spotting, we're asking 'why is the weather so weird?' See for privacy information.
17:19 21/04/2023
Do you have a double?
Do you have a lookalike – someone that looks just like you, but isn't actually you? In this episode of Mysteries of Science, we're exploring doppelgängers: people who look remarkably alike!See for privacy information.
17:35 07/04/2023
Was King Arthur a real person?
You’ve heard the legends — of the sword in the stone and the Knights of the Round Table — but how much of that is fact? Dan and Michael investigate the legend of King Arthur. See for privacy information.
21:49 24/03/2023

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