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A Very Lucky Fan, Felix Mallard
Joining the show this week is a long time supporter of the Patreon. He's just starting out in Hollywood and could use some pointers on how to stay grounded and not let something like IDK having 4.2 million Instagram followers get to your head. LINKS Be @ItsFelixWhat's  4,200,001st follower on Instagram . Buy tickets to The Magical Dead Cat World Tour - . Follow @theauntydonnagallery on Instagram . Become a Patreon supporter and maybe be on the podcast and get a kiss . CREDITS  Hosts: Broden Kelly, Zachary Ruane, Mark Bonanno  Guest: Felix Mallard Intro VO: Thomas Zahariou Producer: James Blake Social and Digital Producer: Nick Barrett Audio Imager: Mitch Calladine Supervising Producer: Elise Cooper  Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh  See for privacy information.
61:24 30/05/2023
Rudderless Episode
Broden is gone, how will Mark and Zach handle the pressure? What will they talk about? Do they even need a rudder? See for privacy information.
35:16 23/05/2023
A Fun Adventure
Join Mr. Fart, Mr. Wee Wee and Dr. Poo on a fun adventure to Monopoly-land  See for privacy information.
32:06 16/05/2023
30 Minutes Of Straight Fire 4
This week it’s the Fourth Edition of 30 Minutes of Straight Fire as Broden, Mark and Zach rap about their new TV show, Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café, available to stream now on ABC iView. See for privacy information.
32:31 09/05/2023
Exploding ‘Hit & Run’
This week Tom joins Broden, Mark and Zach to talk about the original song “Hit & Run” as heard in Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café and available to stream now!See for privacy information.
42:15 02/05/2023
Party Quirks 11
This week it’s Broden’s turn to play Party Quirks to celebrate the release of “The Most Upsetting Guessing Game” coming to Grouse House on Monday, May 1st!See for privacy information.
43:02 25/04/2023
Sam, Sam & Mark on Coffee Café
This week Mark is joined by everyone's favourite South African brothers, Sam & Sam, to talk about the boys new show Aunty Donna's Coffee Café which you can stream on ABC iView now.See for privacy information.
31:51 18/04/2023
A Serious Coffee Café Chat
This week Broden, Mark and Zach have an earnest chat about the creative process behind their brand new TV show Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café premiering April 12th at 9pm on ABC TV and ABC iView. See for privacy information.
39:50 11/04/2023
MAFS Recap feat. Mish Wittrup
This week Mark and Zach are joined by Mish Wittrup to wrap up the TV sensation of the year, Married at First Sight Season 10. Aunty Donna's Coffee Café premieres Wednesday 12 April on ABC iview and ABC TV and catch up with everything Mish is up to at See for privacy information.
45:42 04/04/2023
April Fool
Broden and Mark prepare for the most sacred day of the year, April Fool's Day, with a very special guest. Aunty Donna are going on a World Tour*! For information and tickets forThe Magical Dead Cat Tour head to *USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia See for privacy information.
36:13 28/03/2023
LAN Party 9 Feat. David Cross
This week the LAN Party boys are back and a joined by a cool new American friend who may or may not be comedy legend David Cross. Aunty Donna are going on a World Tour! For information and tickets for The Magical Dead Cat Tour head to auntydonna.comSee for privacy information.
39:50 21/03/2023
Kevin Figgy
This week on the pod, the boys are joined by Kevin Figgy to talk all things Marvel and Figs. Tell the boys where they should go on their 2023 World Tour, head to to let them know. See for privacy information.
34:44 14/03/2023
The Standing Episode
This week it's another world first on the podcast as Broden, Mark and Zach try to record the whole podcast while standing up!   Tell the boys where they should go on their 2023 World Tour, head to to let them know. See for privacy information.
29:30 07/03/2023
Michael(s) Hing's Thing
Michael Hing is back on the pod and joins the boys from his bedroom for a deep dive into his not-so-new TV show Australia's Best Competition Competition (available on ABC iView in Australia). Don’t forget to tell the boys where they should go on their 2023 World Tour! Head to let them know. See for privacy information.
21:46 28/02/2023
Talkback with Michelle Brasier
This week the boys are joined by comedian Michelle Brasier for a call-in talk back radio show mashup of mayhem.You can see both Aunty Donna and Michelle live, head to and for information and tickets! See for privacy information.
41:34 21/02/2023
Valentine's Day with Mr. Sexy
This week the boy's celebrate the sexiest time of the year, Valentine's Day, with a very special guest. Tell the boys where they should go on their 2023 World Tour, head to to let them know. See for privacy information.
37:02 14/02/2023
Hot Tips To Survive Year 12
This week three cool dudes Slug, Crim and Year 12 Penguin give you the hot tips to survive Year 12 🤘Tell the boys where they should go on their 2023 World Tour, head to to let them know. See for privacy information.
32:29 07/02/2023
LAN Party 8 - YouTube Channel
In this episode the LAN Party boys are back to discuss starting a new YouTube channel and we are introduced to a new heavy hitter in the world of film.  See for privacy information.
33:26 31/01/2023
Pitching to Weird Al Yankovic
The TesteCools are back with some of their ripper parody song ideas to get some feedback from the legendary Weird Al Yankovic.Al tells us how he got into character on the set of “House of Fun” and is introduced to some Australian culinary delicacies. You can see Weird Al in Australia, head to TEG Dainty for tickets and information.Don’t forget to tell the boys where they should go on their 2023 World Tour! Head to let them know. See for privacy information.
32:18 24/01/2023
Milky Way Boys Come Back To Pluto
Join us on a sci-fi narrative adventure podcast! See for privacy information.
42:09 18/01/2023
It's A Little Bit Early To Have This Guest
WOW new year and a new guest who's too early!  See for privacy information.
38:32 10/01/2023
The Best Bits Of 2022 Part 2
This week we count down the 2nd half of the top 10 Aunty Donna Podcast Moments of 2022! haventyoudonewell.comSee for privacy information.
46:36 03/01/2023
The Best Bits Of 2022 Part 1
Join us as we count down the top 10 podcast moments of this year selected by the aunty donna club and voted for by you!!! auntydonna.comSee for privacy information.
55:26 27/12/2022
Aunty Donna's Secret Santa
This week Broden, Mark, Zach and Tom have a Secret Santa! auntydonna.comSee for privacy information.
42:32 20/12/2022
A 3aw Christmas Special 6
ahhh the most wonderful time of the year where we get to enjoy another wonderful 3aw Christmas special!  See for privacy information.
30:39 13/12/2022
Meeting Marge
This week Aunty Donna meet Marge!  See for privacy information.
31:32 06/12/2022
Mark Got A Toy
This week mark has got a new toy! auntydonna.comSee for privacy information.
36:39 29/11/2022
Mrs Claus' Lawyer
This week we invited Mrs Claus back on the pod but she sent her lawyer instead!  See for privacy information.
33:51 22/11/2022
A Trip To Werribee Zoo Episode 4 Part 1
Finally we return to complete this classic podcast adventure!  See for privacy information.
31:54 15/11/2022
Silly Boy Returns!
This week silly boy is back by popular demand!  See for privacy information.
32:39 08/11/2022