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David Robson - The Expectation Effect
David Robson is an award-winning science writer specialising in the extremes of the human brain, body and behaviour. After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University, he worked as a features editor at New Scientist for five years, before moving to BBC Future, where he was a senior journalist for five years. His writing has also appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Aeon, Men’s Health and many more outlets. In 2021, David received awards from the Association of British Science Writers and the UK Medical Journalists’ Association (MJA) for his writing on misinformation and risk communication during the COVID pandemic. In 2022, he won Mental Health Story of the Year at the MJA Annual Awards and was a finalist for the Best British Science Journalist of the Year Award from the ABSW. David’s first book, The Intelligence Trap, was published in 2019, and received worldwide media attention. His second book The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Transform Your Life, was published in the UK on 6 January 2022 and in the USA and Canada on 15 February 2022. It is “a journey through the cutting-edge science of how our mindset shapes every facet of our lives, revealing how your brain holds the keys to unlocking a better you”. The Expectation Effect was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and won a British Psychological Society Book Award in the popular science category.
45:46 10/08/2023
How To Grow A YouTube Channel With Ed From FilmBooth
After listening to about 15 hours of Ed''s content in the last week, I asked him on for a chat on the podcast. Enjoy! Thanks for joining me  @FilmBooth   @creator-booth
53:45 12/06/2023
All Things Pre & Post Natal Training with Jen Dugard
To access Jen's resources please check out her websites & socials: Jen’s Website: Jen’s Instagram: Mum Safe:
55:34 09/05/2023
Dr. Layne Norton
Layne joins me face to face in Sydney and we crack open a beer and talk about a lot of different topics, none of many to do with fitness. 00:00:00 Intro 00:04:29 Fitness Expos and People Caring About Your Opinion 00:08:08 Social Media Longevity 00:23:53 Fake Social Media Personalities 00:30:36 Lying on Dating Profiles 00:34:38 Australia’s Rules & Drug Dappling 00:50:18 The Meaning of Life & Carrying on Family Lineage 00:58:36 Enjoying What You Do & Going Through Hard Things to Get Better 01:25:00 The Next Big Thing for Layne    Join Layne’s Physique Coaching Academy: Find Layne:
88:38 01/05/2023
Rosey Davidson (@just_chill_mama) | Helping Families Sleep Better
Follow Rosey: Get Rosey’s Book & Other Resources: 00:00:00 Who Is Rosie Davidson 00:01:06 Parental Struggles, Support & Comparison 00:06:44 Screen Time & Learning 00:11:44 Sleeping Near Your Baby 00:17:24 Toddlers vs Babies 00:20:59 The Just Chill Baby Sleep Book 00:22:11 Sex in the First 12 Months 00:26:13 Settling Babies & Air Con 00:32:04 Travelling with Babies 00:36:11 Lineage & Empathy 00:39:27 Toddlers & Sleeping 00:51:07 Most Common Issues & Advice 00:55:29 Adoption
62:43 10/04/2023
Dr Louise Newson - The Menopause Doctor
Dr. Louise Newson is a highly regarded menopause specialist and GP based in the UK. She has over 20 years of experience working in women's health, and has become a leading voice in the field of menopause care. Dr. Newson is committed to improving the quality of life for women experiencing menopause symptoms, and she works tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of menopause education and support. Thanks for listening, James
65:24 03/04/2023
Dr Shawn Baker
Dr. Shawn Baker is a renowned orthopedic surgeon, athlete, and advocate for the carnivore diet. He has a diverse and impressive background, having served as a combat trauma surgeon in Iraq and Afghanistan, a world-record holding athlete, and a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Baker has dedicated his life to improving the health and wellness of others, and he firmly believes that the carnivore diet is the best way to achieve optimal health. He has been following the carnivore diet for several years and has experienced significant health benefits, including increased energy, improved mental clarity, and enhanced physical performance. As a strong proponent of the carnivore diet, Dr. Baker has authored the book "The Carnivore Diet," which provides a comprehensive guide to this way of eating. He has also created an online community of like-minded individuals who are interested in the carnivore diet and are looking to improve their health and well-being. Thanks for listening
55:49 27/03/2023
David Grey Rehab
David Grey regularly rehabs some of the the best athletes in the world. He has delivered workshops and seminars internationally, and regularly consults with top Coaches & Therapists to help them get even better results with their own clients. Today he joins me on the podcast for a chat.
70:43 19/03/2023
How & Why To Feed Your Dog A RAW DIET - Dr Conor Brady
I read one chapter of Dr Conor Brady's book and I knew I had to get him on the podcast, this is a MUST LISTEN for any dog owner, check out Dr Conor Brady's work on his website here:
101:11 12/03/2023
Coach Mike Chadwick
Today I welcome Coach Mike Chadwick to the podcast, Mike is a former Paratrooper, Special Forces Support Group Operator and Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor a former guest to IFS, now a main speaker.  To find all things Mike Chadwick head to
70:32 06/03/2023
Ben Carpenter
My MOST downloaded podcast of all time is with Ben Carpenter and he is BACK today joining me for our third podcast. Ben has just released a best selling book called 'Everything Fat Loss'. This is an amazing podcast and it will be available on iTunes , Spotify & YouTube. ENJOY! Find ben at @bdccarpenter on all socials. You can get a copy right now here:
80:50 26/02/2023
Dog Mistakes We're ALL Making - Southend Dog Training
Today I'm joined by Adam Spivey of Southend Dog Training, with over 3 MILLION followers across social media, Adam has really created a massive following and influence over how people bring up their dogs properly. To see the rest of his content check out @southend dog training and his new book is now available on Amazon so please go check it out on the website and make sure you get yourself a copy.
75:52 13/02/2023
Chris Williamson - Circumcision, Imposter Syndrome, Going Bald, Population Collapse & More
Chris Williamson, the genius host of the world renound Modern Wisdom Podcast joins me for a candid chat. Enjoy the episode it's on all platforms and YouTube if you wish to watch.  James
87:31 23/01/2023
Zack George - The UK's Fittest Man
Zack George - (NOT THE DOG TRAINER) @zackgeorge
79:40 16/01/2023
Fair Points Podcast - Smithy Finally Got His Dog, Qatar World Cup & How Best To Hide A Dead Body
Hello and thank you for returning to the fair points where Sonny Webster, Ferris Lambrabet and James Smith sit down to discuss what could be considered by many, to be a fair point. Thank you to everyone for listening, to watch this podcast please head to YouTube and PLEASE use the comments to give us topics for next week. James
86:22 09/12/2022
Lucy Lord - Moving Back To Australia, My New Dog & Best Places To Eat in Sydney
Hello and welcome, today I welcome back fantastic bake and even better friend Lucy Lord. This podcast is also on youtube and I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did recording it.  Thanks for listening. James
62:39 27/11/2022
Fair Points Podcast S3E1 - The Hot Chip Challenge, Smithy's PR & Sonny Is On A Diet!
Welcome to another episode of the Fair Points Podcast, this is episode 1 of season 3. 
102:14 14/11/2022
Nedd Brockman - The Man Who Ran From Perth to Sydney
Nedd Brockmann RAN From PERTH to SYDNEY! Nedd Decided to run 4,000km across Australia and raised over $2,500,000 for Homelessness charities. He lost 11kg in weight, recovered on less than 3 hours sleep a night and inspired a nation. This is a truly inspiring podcast everyone should listen to. The charity Nedd ran for is #neddbrockmann
56:36 07/11/2022
Dizzee Rascal
Today Diren and I co-host Dizzee Rascal.  British musical legend Dizzee Rascal will mark the 20th anniversary of his ground-breaking debut album Boy In Da Corner with an iconic headline show at The O2 on 8 March 2023. Thanks for listening
68:06 17/10/2022
Mat Fraser
What an honour to have Mat Fraser, World's Fittest man FIVE TIMES.  Mathew Edward Fraser  is a retired Canadian-American professional CrossFit athlete, competing from 2014 to 2020. Fraser is the first athlete to have won five CrossFit Games titles, winning the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 CrossFit Games consecutively. To check out Mat's HWPO program check out  #matfraser #crossfit #jamessmithpt
83:28 03/10/2022
Shaun Stafford
Today Shaun Stafford joins me on the podcast. This is a great episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! @shaunstafford
92:09 27/09/2022
Matt Does Fitness
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
94:29 05/07/2022
#78 Dr Karan Rajan - Balancing Millions of Social Media Followers & Being a NHS Surgeon At The Same Time
Guys don't miss this epidsode with Dr Karan Rajan - also on YouTube Find him on your favourite social media channel his content is AWESOME! James @dr.karanr Tiktok
91:29 20/06/2022
#77 Dr Sahil Patel - The Dangers of "Turkey Teeth"
Today I'm joined by one of London's leading cosmetic dentists to debunk fallacies, answer the most commonly asked questions and to bring awareness to young people what proceedure they're really having when having extreme dental work abroad.   Co-hosted by @direnkartal
90:27 07/06/2022
#76 Fair Points Podcast - 500k New TikTok Followers in a WEEK, Amber Turd & Goodfellas
Cam sits in with us to talk about some of the most controversial opinions this podcast has ever had. Keep up to date @fairpointspodcast instagram
103:55 02/06/2022
#75 Why Charles Oliveira Missed Weight - The Fight Dietitian Jordan Sullivan
Jordan Sullivan joins me back on the podcast to discuss the controversy over the weekend with Charles Oliveira, we also dispell lots of nonsense currently circling in the world and have a great yarn. Find him at @the_fightdietitian 
66:53 12/05/2022
#74 Fair Points Podcast - Penis Sizes, Ferris' Confederate Flag & Why Cam Is Moving To UK To Find Love
Welcome back and join us on the Fair Points Podcast. Big Sexy Cam King sits in on this one to co-host and you can find us at @fairpointspodcast on Instagram.
99:30 07/05/2022
#73 Sonny Webster
Today I'm joined for a catch up with good friend, podcast co host and GB Olympian @sonnywebstergb
52:07 06/05/2022
#72 The Inception of Budgy Smuggler with Adam Linforth
An episode close to heart, why Adam Linforth and his Budgy Smuggler team is looking to replace to eradicate the word 'Speedo' in the English language and 'free thighs' around the world. 
57:45 01/05/2022
#71 Fair Points Podcast - Frankie Cocozza
Today we catch up with Sydney sider Frankie Cocozza many of you will know from Celebrity Big Brother & The X-Factor (@frankiecocozza), please like share & subscribe this episode and check out more episodes of the Fair Points by searching "Fair Points Podcast" on all platform. James
127:04 10/04/2022

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