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A podcast about naturism for naturists (nudism and nudists to some people) While we obviously cover issues related to nudity, naturism is about much more than being naked so we cover topics related to self-esteem, body-image, body-acceptance, and living in a more natural way.


Naked Comedy Show
Billy Procidea, producer and host of New York City's long running Naked Comedy Show talks about what it's like to be a nude stand-up comic
56:02 12/05/2024
Bare to Breakers & Lupin Lodge
Walking nude in San Francisco's Bay to Breakers Fun Run along with a visit to Lupin Lodge Naturist Resort in the Los Gatos Mountains
65:48 24/03/2024
Big Nude Boat – Part 2
Part 2 of Stéphane and Samantha experiences on the 2023 Big Nude Boat cruise by Bare Necessities Tour & Travel. The podcast travelogue discusses naturism as we travel the Caribbean including stops in St. Thomas, Antigua, and the Bahamas.
66:49 28/01/2024
Big Nude Boat – Part 1
Stéphane and Samantha document their experiences on the 2023 Big Nude Boat cruise by Bare Necessities Tour & Travel. The podcast travelogue discusses naturism as we travel the Caribbean including stops in St. Thomas, Antigua, and the Bahamas.
52:05 31/12/2023
15 Years !
Celebrating 15 years of podcasting with a brief review of when we started and some statistics about where we are today.
12:11 11/12/2023
The Feral Girl
The author of The Feral Girl, Nick Alimonos, talks about writing, fantasy novels, nudity in mythology, naturism, and more
64:15 22/10/2023
Naturist Hub
A discussion with the founder of Naturist Hub about the challenges of social media for naturists and nudists
73:51 18/09/2023
The Sunburnt Game
The creators explain why they made the Sunburnt card game that features an incredible variety of nude body types
77:10 30/07/2023
Naked Economics
Dr. Victoria Bateman discusses why body acceptance, feminism, sex positivity are important to economic growth and success.
83:28 29/06/2023
A Whole Nude World
Book review of "A Whole Nude World" by Michael Douglas. An introduction to nudism from a Christian perspective.
34:23 01/06/2023
Just a Naturist Band
Celine and Jeremy of the Just Married Band are talented musicians who are passionate about naturism and regularly perform in naturist resorts
45:58 31/03/2023
New Nudity Research
Prof. Keon West reviews recent research that show that naturism helps with body image, self-esteem, and general happiness
62:36 12/02/2023
Children and Naturism – Part 2 of 2
Naturist parents answer many frequently asked questions and address common concerns about raising children in naturism.
44:05 31/12/2022
Naked Age is moving
Naked Age has matured into its own podcast and is moving to it's own feed with its own website:
02:31 13/12/2022
Going Braless
A woman's diary about her experience going without a bra both at work and in public while dealing with society's disapproval
61:43 18/11/2022
The Nudels of Nudeland
We catch up with Tim Chizmar to learn about his latest movie, The Nudels of Nudeland. In our discussion, we learn how much work and money it takes to make a movie; and how important they are for the naturist movement.
67:06 15/10/2022
Children and Naturism – Part 1 of 2
We review, with Mark Storey, scholarly research papers that suggest benefits for children raised with family social nudity
41:49 12/09/2022
Naked Age – North American Nudist Pioneers
An exploration of the parallel paths of two nudist pioneers: Ray Connett in Canada/United States and Gerardo Cisneros in Mexico
43:22 13/07/2022
When it all goes wrong
A story of abuse by those who exploit naturism from who someone who, surprisingly, remains optimistic about real naturism's potential.
51:11 13/06/2022
Naked Age – Transgender Woman Extraordinaire
Marie Willa Bobo-Smith, a transgender nudist whose top free activism and public nudism make her make her a trailblazer for trans visibility.
45:59 31/03/2022
Moderating Social Media
Censoring idea or protecting people; the challenges of moderating naturist content on social media
73:15 09/03/2022
Naked Age – Jérôme Naturel
Jérôme Jolibois, a Belgian naturist and avid nude cyclist became the first open naturist elected to the Brussels Town Hall
37:11 01/02/2022
Nude Skydiving
Heather talks about her nude skydiving experience and intense newfound passion for naturism
70:32 25/01/2022
Naked Age – The Most Liberated Woman in America
Meet Barbara Williamson, a pioneering figure of the sexual revolution frequently referred to as “The Most Liberated Woman in America”
46:05 14/12/2021
Calgary Nude Recreation
Calgary Nude Recreation's ideas, challenges, and successes as a non-landed club trying non-traditional nude recreation.
49:13 01/12/2021
Cap d’Agde – Naked City
Is Cap d'Agde the mythical destination for naturism or the metropolis of lasciviousness? In this episode you hear real people's experiences.
83:14 14/10/2021
The Naturist Symbol
In 2020 a collaborative project was launched to create universal naturist symbol. After several rounds of voting a design was selected.
46:48 01/09/2021
Naked Age – San Francisco Naked Guy
We meet the irrepressible Andy Tabbat, an inveterate joy bringer whose lifelong observance of nudism has been public and unashamed.
59:51 15/07/2021
Naturist-Nudist Podcasts
In this episode we feature other naturist/nudist podcasts. None of the shows featured are in any way related to us. We are not endorsing any of them or their content. We have put together this episode in order to keep you informed and to support other naturist/nudist podcast creators.
58:06 19/06/2021
Naked Age – Lora of Lupin
Introducing Naked Age, a historical audio series exploring uncommon stories and profiling unique people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to live a nude life. In this episode we meet the extraordinary Lora Boswell, a lifelong nudist and one time owner of California’s Lupin Lodge with a distinct point of view on nudity.
40:07 27/04/2021

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