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Dive into the scientific side of Esports with Brian McCauley and Steph Orme, who break down different aspects with fascinating people from esports and science.


How Esports can give Disabled Gamers a Voice. Para Esports with Sigge and Martin Stengård
We talk to Sigge Stengård and his father Martin about what it's like to live with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and how gaming and esports makes a big difference in Sigge's life. We talk about their work in 'Para Esports', a non-profit esports organization for disabled gamers.
29:29 31/10/2022
High Performance with Dr Laura Swettenham, Pablo Lopez, Dr. Jordan Tsai
So this episode of the podcast is from the fantastic members of ERNs Graduate Student Committee, Evelyn Tan, Bo Yu, and Ivan Bonilla who ran the Summer Panel Series with three great talks with wonderful guests. The final episode is on ‘high performance in esports’ with; Dr Laura Swettenham, Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the […]
59:31 27/10/2022
Career Transitions with Dr. Marta Borrueco, Jake “Siractionslacks” Kanner, & Steph aka ‘missharvey’
So this episode of the podcast is from the fantastic members of ERNs Graduate Student Committee, Evelyn Tan, Bo Yu, and Ivan Bonilla who ran the Summer Panel Series with three great talks with wonderful guests. This episode is on career transitions in esports Dr. Marta Borrueco, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) Jake “Siractionslacks” Kanner, Dota 2 Content Creator and Manager of Arkosh Gaming Stephanie ‘missharvey’ Harvey, Director of Development at Counter Logic Gaming
59:38 20/10/2022
Women in Play with Nicholas Taylor, Madiha ‘Madi’ Naz & Maria Ruotsalainen (Summer Series 22)
We talk a lot about where #esports is failing in terms of #diversity but do we ever talk about the areas where esports has succeeded? Evelyn Tan discusses women and esports with Nicholas Taylor Madiha ‘Madi’ Naz,and Maria Ruotsalainen, The summer panel series was hosted by Bo Yu, Evelyn Tan and Ivan Bonilla.
56:13 12/10/2022
Mental Health in Esports with Sebastian "Ceb" Debs, Martina Cubric & Mia Stellberg
Esports can be both good and bad for mental health. At ERNC21, three experts; Ceb (Sébastien Debs), Martina Čubrić and Mia Stellberg on #mentalhealth in #esports talked to moderator Tobias Scholz about their experiences, knowledge and what needs to be done within this important topic.
64:28 23/05/2022
Physical Injuries in Esports - Dr. Lindsey Migliore, Dr. Caitlin McGee & Jacob “Jake” Lyon ERNC21
It may not be UFC but esports has a lot of potential to cause injuries which are also true for those of us working at a screen all day. Dr. Lindsey “GamerDoc” Migliore & Dr. Caitlin McGee provide the science and medical expertise that they actively practice while Jacob “Jake” Lyon, Director of Talent Development at the Team Houston Outlaws brings his experiences as player and coach. Dr. Seth E. Jenny moderates this interesting and relevant expert panel from ERNC21.
62:19 02/05/2022
Gaming for Mental Health & 'Electric' Esports Performance. Mark Campbell & Adam Toth at the Lero Lab
The Lero Lab in Ireland is Europe’s biggest esports lab. Dr. Mark Campbell and Dr. Adam Toth lead a team of passionate researchers in exploring a range of topics related to gaming and esports. We talk about their research exploring the benefits of gaming to reduce depression and anxiety. Also how neurostimulation (which is tiny electric shocks to the brain) can make you play better. You can learn more here about The Lero Esports Science Research Lab at the University of Limerick here:
40:07 25/04/2022
Parents & Esports Careers with Shae Williams, Koenz Schobbers & Michael “” Winther - ERNC21 Expert Panel
This is the Panel on “Parental Environment in Esports Careers” from ERNC21 where we discuss the modern experiences of parents in a world where so many young people have ambitions to be professional players. We talk to Shae Williams (COPE), Koen Schobbers (Parents of Play) and Michael “” Winther about their experiences as they share their expertise on esports and parenting. Shae “Shaemmon” Williams, Founder of Coalition Of Parents in Esports (COPE Koen “Koenz” Schobbers, Former Trackmania esports athlete and Founder of Parents of Play ( Michael “” Winther, G2phoria fan and proud father of Caps (G2 LoL Proplayer), Ryze (Former C9 Dota2 Proplayer). Moderated by Dr. Brian McCauley, Assistant Professor at MMTC, Jönköping University, Sweden.        
61:29 18/04/2022
Breaking Down being an Esports Journalist with Dom Sacco of Esports News UK
Dom Sacco is the Founder and Editor of Esports News UK. He breaks down what it means to be an esports journalist and discusses some of the challenges of journalism in the digital era. When he’s not writing, editing and researching Dom occasionally takes advantage the Wikipedia of knowledge in his brain to consult with companies looking to get ahead in esports. Follow Dom on Twitter Or connect with him on LinkedIn: Read the great work he does in on British Esports:
38:05 11/04/2022
Understanding Valorant with Mitch McBride
Valorant is the great challenger to CS:GO and Mitch ‘Mitchman’ McBride is a font of knowledge on both. As a VALORANT commentator and analyst it’s literally his job to know more than everyone else. In this episode he breaks down this exciting breakthrough esport by RIOT to Overwatch Healer Tobias ‘Mercy’ Scholz and his fellow Irish man and great misser of headshots, Brian ‘Misclick’ McCauley. Follow Mitch on twitter:
46:53 13/12/2021
Diversity, Inclusion & Cyber-Citizenship with missharvey
Stephanie Harvey (missharvey), former CS and CS:GO player and World Champion and now Director of Franchise Development and Outreach for Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), joins us to talk about diversity and inclusion initiatives in esports. When she started her professional career in esports in 2003, Steph was one of the few women in that space. A pioneer for gender equality in games development and esports, she has been a long-time advocate for gender equity in gaming. Steph talks about how her experiences as a player and developer have informed her approach to helping cultivate a more equitable landscape for marginalized players in esports, and how toxicity in esports is more than just a gaming issue, but ties into the larger topic of cyber-citizenship. She shares with us details about her book on cyber-citizenship that is currently in the works, as well as her new clothing line that is focused on uplifting marginalized genders in gaming.
61:15 06/12/2021
The Equal Esports Initiative with Jana Möglich and Lisa Völkel
We talk about one of the most important topics for the future of esports: Equality! The Equal Esports Initiative is an initiative which aims to foster the topics of diversity and equality in the esports environment and also aims to create a safe space and a positively shaped environment for all gamers, regardless of gender, origin, culture or social status. The initiative is not a short-term campaign, but a long-term set-up with a lot of commitment and appropriate resources. The initiative is led by the three partners Telekom, Esports Player Foundation, and SK Gaming. Jana Möglich and Lisa Völkel are members of the Equal Esports Council, which is a part of the Equal Esports Initiative. With them, we talk more about the objective of the initiative, the different partners, and the future projects and plans to build a better environment for all.
39:28 02/12/2021
Sociology of Sport and the French Esports Ecosystem with Nico Besombes
French esports and the ecosystems using in the language are huge. We talk (in English) about the objective of the sociology of sport, the specificity of the French esports ecosystem, the role of the publishers in the governance of the sector, and the way to develop esports locally in a globalized industry. Nico Besombes is an Associate Professor of Sports Sociology at the University of Paris BUT also the Vice President of French Esports. And..leading our upcoming conference, the co-founder of the French Speaking Association for Esports Research and Studies called AREFE (, board member of the Esports Research Network, and an advisor of the Global Association for International Sports Federation ( Read more of his informed thoughts here: and google translate what France esports does here:
52:58 19/11/2021
The Music of League of Legends & Esports with Dr Eulalia Febrer Coll
Dr. Eulalia Febrer Coll is a Musicologist who researches the role of sound & music in esports. We talk to her about her paper on the role of music in League of Legends and her work in esports education through the eDojo in Spain. She did her PhD in Cardiff titled: ‘Evolved’ Traditions: The Role of Music in Contemporary Spiritual Practices. Febrer Coll, E. (2020). Living like Giants: ‘League of Legends’ from the screen to the stage. Journal of Sound, Silence, Image and Technology, (3), 71-88. Researchgate: Linkedin: Twitter: eDojo:
45:35 11/11/2021
Health and Psychological Determinants of Success in Esports with Michael Trotter
Michael Trotter is finalising his PhD at the Queensland University of technology in Brisbane Australia. We discuss his research into the health and psychological determinants of success in esports. Email: Feel free to email Michael for a copy of any of his published work, including; Trotter, M. G., Coulter, T. J., Davis, P. A., Poulus, D. R., & Polman, R. (2020). The association between Esports participation, health and physical activity behaviour. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(19), 7329.
43:46 01/11/2021
Esports Medicine with GamerDoc (Dr Lindsey Migliore)
Dr Lindsey Migliore, also known as GamerDoc, is a licensed esports medicine physician, host, consultant, writer, and nonprofit director. We talk to her about the ‘Handbook of Esports Medicine’, the first book of its kind to focus exclusively on esports medicine, the diagnosis and management of injuries and conditions affecting competitive video gamers. Handbook of Esports Medicine
38:28 25/10/2021
Starcraft & Shopify Rebellion with TLO (Dario Wünsch)
  We talk to legendary Starcraft player TLO (Dario Wünsch) about his career and current work with Shopify Rebellion. Dario breaks down Starcraft and talks strategies through his own experiences with team Liquid. He also discusses his new role at Shopify Rebellion as manager of their new exciting Starcraft lineup but also his involvement with the Rocket League and all female Valorant team as Shopify Rebellion continues to grow as an esports powerhouse. Follow TLO on Twitter Find out more about Shopify Rebellion  
52:41 12/10/2021
Esports Health & Well-Being Management: ERN Conference 2021 with Nico Besombes (Ep 25)
The Esports Research Network Conference ( is the first scientific event held by the Esports Research Network and the Institute for Sports and Health Sciences of Paris ( The two-day conference will be held online on Twitch and YouTube on December 9-10, 2021, and will bring together the scientific community from around the world and the professional esports industry. More than 30 communications will be presented, 2 keynotes from Pr. Joanne Donoghue (Professor at NY Institute of Technology and Center for Esports Medicine) and Ismael Pedraza (Doctoral Candidate in Performance Psychology at University of Cologne in Germany and Performance Coach at Rogue Esports), and 4 panels of experts on esports & health related topics (Physical Injuries, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Parental Environment) with academics, professionals, and (former) pro players. Stay tuned for all information on Twitter:  
34:19 20/07/2021 : The future of (e)sports broadcasting with Anders Drachen & Florian Block (ep 24)
Weaver ( ) is a platform that uses live and historic data to create meaningful and personalised mixed-reality experiences for esports fans. We talk to Anders Drachen & Florian Block from the Arena Research Cluster (ARC)at the University of York who work with companies like ESL to develop Weavr. The ARC ( is a global community of researchers from across academia and industry who work with esports and sports analytics. Anders is on Twitter here: or Florian is on Twitter and his website is   Esports Research Network Presenters: Dr. Brian McCauley Dr. Stephanie Orme Esports Research Network Home Tweets by EsportsResNet Music by John Bartmann    
65:12 13/07/2021
Esports as sport and why 'The International' for Dota 2 will not happen in Sweden (Ep 23)
The question of esports and sport and the ongoing covid pandemic continue to impact the esports scene. We discuss the latest major event (or non event in this case), the  recent rejection of esports as a sport in Sweden despite the application by the Swedish Esports Association. This caused ‘The International’ in Dota 2, one of esports biggest events to move elsewhere as visa issues emerged for the athletes. Joining Dr. Brian McCauley are member of the Swedish Parliament: Rickard Nordin and the President and Vice President of the Swedish Esports Association; Sammi Kaidi & Jonas Öberg as we look at a difficult future for major esports competitions in Sweden. You can connect with Rickard when he streams Heartstone here: Contact Sammi or Jonas through Svenska Esportförbundet here:
58:51 05/07/2021
Shoutcasting, Commentating & Broadcasting Esports with Rene Treur (Ep 22)
Rene Treur is a professional broadcaster in esports. @TreurRene does a lot of work with football esports such as Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer including hosting events and live commentary on Belgian TV. We talk to the esports representative who carried the Olympic Torch for Holland in London 2012 about esports and sports and the ever evolving nature of broadcasting. Connect with Rene here Esports Research Network Presenters: Dr. Brian McCauley Dr. Stephanie Orme Esports Research Network sportsResNet Music by John Bartmann
43:45 01/07/2021
Esports Education in Finland with Karl Ögland
We talk to Kalle (Karl) Ögland about his role as a teacher in Finland and his work developing esports within the education system. You can connect with Karl through his website or Twitter: You can read the esports educators handbook in English here:  
42:07 23/06/2021
Sportification of Esports with Dr Tobias Scholz in International Journal of Esports
Tobias Scholz, Lisa Völkel & Carolin Uebach published ‘Sportification of Esports – A systematization of sport-teams entering the esports ecosystem’ in the International Journal of Esports. Read it free here! Scholz, T., Völkel, L., & Uebach, C. (2021). Sportification of Esports-A systematization of sport-teams entering the esports ecosystem. International Journal of Esports, 2(2). Tobias Scholz is an assistant professor at the University of Siegen for Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. He is the founding chairperson of the ERN. He is in esports since 2001 first as journalist and since 2009 trying to level up his researcher-skills. Webpage: , Twitter: @t0bs3n Linkedin: Lisa Völkel is student assistant at the chair for Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior at the University of Siegen and manages the university team Siegen Bisons Carolin Uebach is a doctoral candidate at the chair for Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior at the University of Siegen, her research focuses on dynamic capabilities and training and development
42:33 16/06/2021
Marketing Esports, Sports & Vietnam with Florian Lefebvre
A PhD in marketing on Dynamic Capabilities between sports and esports. Florian Lefebvre talks about the intersection of sports and esports and his future work in Vietnam with Stephanie Orme and Brian McCauley. PhD thesis title at Paris-Saclay University : Contribution to the analysis of professional football clubs’ strategies on the international market of esport: a dynamic capabilities approach.  
54:05 09/06/2021
Music & Esports with J. Aaron Hardwick & Joey Gawrysiak
We talk the combination of esports and music with J. Aaron Hardwick & Joey Gawrysiak through their innovative new project “We Play Together” at Shenandoah University.
68:54 26/05/2021
Coaching Esports Performance with Ismael Pedraza-Ramirez
Ismael Pedraza-Ramirez talks about his work with Rogue Esports  where he practices what he preaches, combining his role as PhD student in sports performance with his actual work in sports psychology with the Rogue LoL squad. Brian and Steph discuss performance, strategy and (e)sports psychology with Ismael in this episode
27:19 17/05/2021
Scottish Esports with Mark McCready
Scottish Esports is gathering pace and leading the charge is Mark McCready who represents the kilt wearing crowd in the British Esports Association. Steph & Brian talk to him about the emerging college scene, expensive esports stadiums in Dundee and  the fact that Fifa as an esport is Scotland’s best chance of winning a football world cup in the future! (these views are Brian’s and Mark does not say this) You can subscribe and listen on Spotify or Apple or Google ! Mark McCready represents Scotland as part of British Esports ( You can find him on Twitter or connect with him on Linkedin if you have any questions about the esports scene in Scotland or deep friend Mars Bars. Esports Research Network Presenters: Dr. Brian McCauley Tweets by DrBrianMcCauley Dr. Stephanie Orme Credit Music by John Bartmann
49:35 07/05/2021
Lane Pushing Games (.com) with Sean Carton
Lane Pushing Games? We repeat this is not about Moba’s but about lane pushing games so ask Sean yourself to explain the difference on Twitter (@Softmints4) or take some time to read up on the differences on this amazing labour of love website → Sean on twitter! → Game design and history → Causeway, the game → Sean’s company
64:04 28/04/2021
A PhD on MOBA's and Cultures with Julia Hiltscher
With almost 20 years in ESL, and as founding editor of the Esports Yearbook, Julia Hiltscher knows a little about esports and is currently preparing to defend her PhD thesis. We discuss her topic of MOBA and culture and develop an understanding of how rooted modern esports is in humanity’s collective cultural history! You can contact Julia here Presenters Dr. Brian McCauley  Dr. Stephanie Orme Music by John Bartmann
39:48 19/04/2021
What is Challenger Mode with Philip Hubner
Philip Hubner (@PhilHubner) has worked at ESL and Twitch and is now Chief Business Development Officer at Challenger Mode, a platform that offers online esports infrastructure to all the key stakeholders in the industry including players, organizers and game developers. With @stephanieorme & @DrBrianMcCauley
48:54 08/04/2021