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The State of CRM in BtoC

Welcome to The State of CRM podcast. We are sharing strategies, innovative techniques, and the best advice from marketers around the world. Interviews, debates, exchanges ... listen to the greatest marketing experts of tomorrow!


#46 - 1st-party Data Is the Future of Acquisition
As acquisition costs continue to rise due to the cost of using 3rd-party data, acquisition marketers will need better ways to build audiences and targets. 1st-party data isn’t just for CRM, it can be used to power effective targeting across social and the open web. Today, we’ll chat a bit about how that works and how 1st-party data is the future of acquisition as well.
28:06 12/05/2022
#45 - Omni-channel retailing is here to stay
The majority of brands still don’t make omnichannel retailing a priority. Why?  1) There is a lack of understanding in terms of what it actually is and why it’s important and   2) it’s difficult to operationalize from a business perspective.    Today, we chat about what omnichannel retailing is and isn’t and what retailers should consider when building an omnichannel strategy.
31:19 03/05/2022
#44 - The gap between privacy and personalization
Customers are concerned about data privacy. It’s unclear whether or not a personalized experience is valuable enough for a customer to volunteer data and also unclear as to what consumers view as personalization.  A recent study has some interesting data on the topic and interesting interpretations of the results.  This week we discuss the study, and results, and offer our own interpretations.
31:50 26/04/2022
#43 - Key Themes That Emerged from Shoptalk 2022
Between March 27th and the 30th, Ben and Matt attended Shoptalk Retail Las Vegas. This conference attracts leaders from around the retail industry and partners to get together, chat, present and view contact, and share. During this episode, we are going to cover some of the big themes that popped up during the event and give everyone a bit of a view into the four days.
40:42 12/04/2022
#42 - How propensity scores can be used to accelerate business results w/ Simon Boissinot
This week, Matt is discussing with Simon BOISSINOT, Technical operations Director at Tinyclues. Simon is a key driver behind the innovation that makes Tinyclues propensity deliver value for CRM marketers and businesses, and he’s here to talk about how propensity scores can accelerate real business results.  But there are risks associated with a build approach that can be mitigated through data science solutions in the market to help derisk and accelerate these projects.
31:02 05/04/2022
#41 - What relevancy and pressure mean for unsubscribes
The unsubscribe rate is a key indicator as to whether or not CRM messaging is relevant.   It can also indicate whether or not your audience is fatigued due to the volume of messages they receive known as pressure.  But, relevancy and pressure are essentially to manage together to ensure your unsubscribe rate is as low as possible.
32:56 08/03/2022
#40 - The Build vs. Buy Dilemma
The increased digitization of commerce has accelerated the rate at which companies have to make build vs. buy decisions.  What should companies consider when making investments in 3rd-party CRM solutions vs. building them internally on their own?
39:52 01/03/2022
#39 - Applying Deep Learning to CRM
AI has officially become a buzzword as we reach the advanced stages of the AI boom.   But, believe it or not, there are differences between things such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and their applications for how you reach and influence customers are different. Let’s discuss.
24:39 22/02/2022
#38 - Key findings from The State of CRM Report 2022
Discover the key findings from The State of CRM Report 2022 100 CRM marketing professionals worldwide shared how they run Email and CRM marketing.​​​​​  - What does "customer-centric" really mean for CRM in B2C companies? - What challenges are CRM marketers facing and what solutions are they implementing? - What are best-in-class strategies to push CRM marketing to the next level? Download the full report: The State of CRM Report 2022
56:14 15/02/2022
#37 - Actioning the voice of the customer
Customer-centricity means building a marketing strategy that is designed to create goodwill between your brand and your customers. The tactics CRM marketers employ can either build customer loyalty and lifetime value or in some cases erode it.  The best way to ensure you are being customer-centric is to listen to your customers.  But what signals should you lean into? Which ones might not be telling you what you think?  Today, we are going to explore this in more detail.
28:14 08/02/2022
#36 - So, What’s going on with Apple Mail Privacy Protection?
We’ve been talking a lot about privacy and specifically Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection that was launched with the iOS 15 release. We recently saw a webinar from Litmus that sparked some interesting conversation points around this as well as highlighted some new updates in regards to impacts on adoption and CRM strategy. Here's our take.
34:56 01/02/2022
#35 - Big CRM Tech, big promises...but do they deliver?
Today, we are going to chat about the big promises big Martech makes to CRM marketers. B2B companies are selling promises and those promises come directly from how they make money. Big CRM promises stronger customer relationships, better personalization, and higher revenue and the road to these outcomes is generally automated personalization based on journeys. But is this really delivering with CRM Marketers need?
20:24 25/01/2022
#34 - Unlocking hidden demand within your CRM
Welcome to the State of CRM Podcast. Today, we are going to chat about unidentified demand. This is a huge challenge for marketers as there are lots of customers within your database just waiting to buy your offers. They just need to be told about the ones they actually want to and are able to buy.  This means there’s revenue being left on the table.
30:01 19/01/2022
#33 - 5 CRM Predictions for 2022
Welcome to the State of CRM Podcast.  In this episode, we discuss some key predictions for 2022 based on conversations with marketers in 2021 on the phone, at conferences, and research we conducted.  There look to be some continuing trends from last year and some new topics that will come up as marketers look to break through an increasingly cluttered market. Link to the State of CRM 2022 report's webinar mentioned in the episode:
31:59 11/01/2022
#32 - 2021 wrap-up and 2022 announcements
First, we’d like to wish you a happy New Year and a big thank you for listening in during 2021.  This was an exciting year being the first we’ve done the podcast and are looking forward to more great content in 2022. Today will be our last podcast of the year so we are going to do a quick recap of some of the key themes as we look to new content in 2022. In this episode: - 2022 - CRM Meet & Think events  - 5 Key themes from 2021
12:09 21/12/2021
#31 - Shed the old ways and advance your CRM forward
Customer behavior, tech, and business expectations of marketing have changed significantly over the past 5 years. Why are many CRM marketers still using the same tactics deployed 10 years ago? This week we discuss how to break out of the old mindset and the tactics to advance your CRM marketing forward.
36:29 14/12/2021
#30 - The great ESP data challenge
According to a recent study, marketers are challenged to optimize email activation using their 1st-party data.  This is the result of a lack of awareness around HOW ESPs use data and WHAT data it is currently being used.   Join us as we explore this disconnect and chat about how marketers can better bridge this gap.
24:02 07/12/2021
#29 - Unlearn what you’ve been taught
"Sometimes you need to unlearn what you’ve been taught because it’s holding you back."   In this episode of the State of CRM podcast, we are talking about unlearning what you’ve been taught regarding “best practices.”   As marketers, we are naturally inquisitive and constantly looking for the best way to get to our goal.  But, no matter which industry you work in, our thinking is influenced by the vendors who are looking to promote a specific way of doing things.    We are going to raise some questions today about what we all assume are CRM best practices and ask ourselves if there’s a better way.
29:44 30/11/2021
#28 - Optimizing for Multi-Offer Campaigns
Episode recorded Live In this episode, we discuss the challenges and opportunities behind multi-offer campaigns.  Newsletter content is hard to create and difficult to target.   Join us as we talk about how to tap into the many benefits of multi-offer campaigns while maintaining an excellent experience for your customers.
23:46 23/11/2021
#27 - Getting the most out of your loyalty program
This week we're talking about loyalty.   Harvard Business Review conducted a recent study focusing on this topic that provided a number of interesting insights and some great food for thought. Let's talk a bit about the study and what the implications are for CRM marketers.     HBR article:
27:31 09/11/2021
#26 - Rethinking CRM Attribution
In this week’s episode, we are going to explore a topic that marketers love to talk about as it's as important as it is frustrating. That’s attribution.  Let’s chat a bit about what CRM marketers should consider when looking at attribution models and are there other things they should consider with exposure data they are using to feed their models.
28:57 02/11/2021
#25 - Making the right Martech Decisions in a Shifting Market - w/ Cory Munchbach, COO @ BlueConic
Finding the right marketing tech solutions isn’t easy, and recent market changes make it even harder.   Tune in as guest speaker Cory Munchbach, COO at BlueConic discusses how marketers can better make these decisions to not only power marketing, but drive their businesses forward.
40:00 26/10/2021
#24 - Start today to get the most out of Black Friday
Black Friday is the largest shopping day in many markets around the world. This presents a huge opportunity to engage your current customer base and CRM marketers are no doubt working hard to activate customers as best they can. But in a consumer landscape that looks much different than in past years, how can consumers better engage and convert current customers? Tune in and start thinking with us about: How the landscape is different  (no surprise) - 06:02 - What can customer marketers do to capture consumers during this time when the landscape is so different? - 10:30 - How do you accomplish the above? - 25:40 -
34:06 19/10/2021
#23 - Multichannel vs. Omnichannel - How marketers can use data to build their strategy
This week, we are going to talk channels and specifically Omni vs. Multichannel.  What is the difference and what are some ways marketers can use data to build a strategy that’s effective across channels.    The gold standard for Omnichannel may be difficult but there are steps you can take to get closer as technology continues to make this a more realistic goal.
24:30 12/10/2021
#22 - Segmentation vs. Individualization - two different approaches to personalization
In this episode, we are going to talk about something that we've heard a lot about over the last couple of months and that is:  What does true personalization look like?  Marketers are still hyper-focused on finding the right segments of customers to target, however, we are hearing more and more about individualization.  So let's explore what the differences are and talk a bit about is true individualization possible? Link to the Webinar mentioned in the intro:
26:26 05/10/2021
#21 - Top 10 themes from CRMC Chicago - Sept. 8-10th 2021
In early September, we had the pleasure of being back in person to an event.  Indeed, this event was dedicated to CRM.   It was CRMC in Chicago. In this episode, we share the top 10 themes from the multiple brand sessions and discussions we had.  Listen till the end as we also share interesting stuff we did NOT hear much, unfortunately.
22:11 21/09/2021
#20 - The environmental impact of CRM
Climate change is a huge topic in news cycles but something we see less of within digital marketing.   However, there is an environmental cost to the digital communications you are sending and concrete ways you can work to reduce that impact.   In this episode, we talk about the sources of the carbon footprint your digital communications leaves.   Tune in to discover how you can have an impact now.
20:39 31/08/2021
#19 - What is the difference between pressure and fatigue?
Is there a difference between campaign pressure and fatigue?  The answer is yes! Tune in as we discuss that difference and how marketers can better manage and reduce customer fatigue. It might be time to leave metrics like optimal average frequency in the rearview. Listen in and decide for yourself.
25:35 24/08/2021
#18 - Data privacy Q&A w/ Constantin Pavléas - part 2
This is the second part of our Q&A with Constantin Pavléas, a Lawyer specialized in data privacy topics.    In this part 2/2, we talk about the right to be forgotten.  What does it mean?  And the impact on storage limitation.  But also asking our guest how he sees the future of privacy regulation or if they are data streams that are safer to use than others?   A lot of insights on all things related to data privacy.    Enjoy the episode.
27:44 17/08/2021
#17 - Back to school CRM strategy
How do you build and plan your CRM communication strategy for the Back-to-School campaign?   In this episode, we talk about back-to-school campaigns strategy and, more generally, about the right choices for your messages, even if it requires more work. Listen to this passionate discussion about long-term strategy vs. blast...
25:30 10/08/2021