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Karmic Capitalist Conversations - businesses with purpose

Purpose, values AND profit. It's a heady mix for companies to aspire to today. In the Karmic Capitalist Conversations, we talk to CEOs, founders and advisors to businesses which put purpose and values at the heart of their commercial model. We dive into the nitty gritty of what it takes to make all of those things happen, as well as their stories so far. Some are starting the journey, others are a long way down it, and still others still are changing direction. But all are business leaders who believe that a successful businesses is defined by profit, purpose and values. And, oftentimes, fun.


Capitalism, Consumerism, Shamanism and Sado Masochism - Jarvis Smith of My Green Pod 39:22 04/11/21
Scaling a data consultancy based on values - David Ellis 30:20 12/08/21
"There may have been guns involved" - Greg Lavery's journey to founding a circular economy business 39:23 05/08/21
From the Dalai Lama to Experian - Isabel Kelly's road from campaigner to business change 38:42 29/07/21
Great companies don't prioritise size over mojo - chat with Small Giants author Bo Burlingham 58:08 22/07/21
"Good" doesn't mean the same to all of us. So why are we trying to standardise it? - Charles Radclyffe 49:57 15/07/21
How Repc is closing the digital divide while fighting waste - Bevil Williams 39:32 08/07/21
The Good that comes when your business model aligns perfectly with your purpose - Tumelo's Georgia Stewart 32:26 01/07/21
How business fits into History, Anthropology, Climate, Society and what to do about it! With Mark Maslin 40:18 24/06/21
How to make a profit AND donate 16% of your time to charity - Elaine Forth of Hyphen8 32:32 17/06/21
"How do you drive the endless supply of money that is business into doing good?" - Neal Gandhi of The Panoply 36:24 10/06/21
Tony's on a mission to bring power to Africa - Renewables in Africa 34:08 03/06/21
Would you give your shares away? It's about more than karma - Chat with Ben Brabyn, CEO GenieShares 36:51 27/05/21
Jan Rippingale, CEO Blu Banyan - The woman aiming to remove half a billion tons of carbon per annum from the environment 38:54 20/05/21
"If you're giggling every time you say your values, probably time for a rethink" - Red Badger CEO, Cain Ullah 32:47 13/05/21
Bill Gates wanted to stuff it to IBM (probably!) - Alphalake CEO Olly Cogan 33:47 06/05/21
"I think I've just paid £50,000 for a word I already knew" - Answer Digital co-founder Gary Parlett 38:56 29/04/21
From Communist Hungary to Deepak Chopra's Digital Agency Partner - Peter Tiszavolgyi, CEO Stylers Group 32:48 22/04/21
Eric Edmeades on injecting passion into your accountants (and growing a few multi-million $ businesses along the way) 36:22 15/04/21
Purpose takes Marc Daniels from an arm hanging out of its socket to multiple 7&8 figure companies 30:43 26/03/21