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Sharing zesty stories to cultivate the happiness and hero within. Guests from all over the world impart their personal experiences, opinions or expertise to help us lead a gleeful life. From developing healthy habits and mindset, to pursuing personal goals, or understanding ourselves and relationships better, you’ll definitely have something to learn AND laugh at each episode. Join the zesty community: Facebook: Instagram: [@gleefultalkshow] Website: Follow me at the Podbean App as well! Support the show: Zesties, I’d like to know you a little better! Check out:


Episode will be a little late this week... 00:55 27/06/22
S3E17 What Are Borderline Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder? 17:58 21/06/22
S3E16 Book Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo 15:24 14/06/22
S1E14 The Beauty Of An Empowered Woman Ft. Jona of (Republished) 41:14 14/06/22
S3E15 Breaking Down The Verdict of Depp vs Heard Trial 29:17 07/06/22
S3E14 Why Did Johnny Depp Sued Amber Heard? 24:55 30/05/22
S3E13 How to Achieve Ketosis Without The Struggle of a Keto Diet, A Way To A Healthier You 35:11 24/05/22
S3E12 Coping with Grief: Mourning and Moving On 18:08 17/05/22
S3E5: A New Mother’s Journey (Re-published) 37:06 10/05/22
S3E11 How Does Nutrition Impact Genetic Expression and Fertility? Ft. Anette Presley 24:16 03/05/22
S3 E10 Coping with Grief: Prelude 15:41 26/04/22
S3E9 Book Review: Midnight Library Plus Thoughts to Ponder 21:31 26/01/22
S3E8 New Year, Od Traditions and Superstitions 17:29 08/01/22
S3E7: How I Spent My Holidays In Different Parts of the World 17:59 28/12/21
S3E6 The Fight Against Covid-19: An Update Ft. Christian Abella 20:20 21/12/21
S3E5: A New Mother‘s Journey Ft. Kat of Tita KitKat Books 37:06 14/12/21
S3 E4: The Bright and Dark Sides of Our Childhood Years Ft. Luna of Late Nights By Luna Manila 42:03 07/12/21
S3 E3: Why Do We Discount Our Efforts? Feat. Dee of Banana Q Podcast 14:37 30/11/21
S3 E2: From Declaring an Audacious Goal To A 100x Mindset 36:17 23/11/21
Season 3 Trailer 01:41 21/11/21
S3 E1: The Common Filipino Stereotypes 42:44 15/11/21
S3 E1: Bonus 01:14 15/11/21
S2E17: Trying Out Our Guests‘ Expert Advice 16:00 07/09/21
S2E16: The Adulterer's Wife Six-Part Plan: Surviving the Aftermath 40:49 30/08/21
S2E15: The Five F's of Achievement, Spirituality and Becoming Our Own Hero Ft. John Davis of The Corporate Action Hero 41:54 24/08/21
S2E14: Immigrating from the Philippines To.. (Continued) Ft. Marian Ereno of Tita Talks 30:57 17/08/21
S2E13: Immigrating from the Philippines To... Ft. Marian Ereno of Tita Talks 44:10 10/08/21
S2E12 Bonus: How Did I Approach My Mentor and the Mentor-Mentee Dynamics Ft. Bonnie Hewitt 11:53 03/08/21
S2E12: Pivoting from Illness to Wellness: A Story of Setbacks and Success Ft. Bonnie Hewitt 41:18 03/08/21
S2E11: How I Came To Love Distance Running Ft. Liz Newcomer 27:18 27/07/21