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189. Can One Baptize Himself? Is A Christmas Tree Allowed In Church?
In Episode 189 we discuss some pressing questions: Can I baptize myself? Can the soul be bought or sold? Does Ezekiel 40 describe a literal or spiritual temple? Why were Rechabites told to drink wine in the house of God? How will one pay council rates on the land, if one cannot buy or sell? Why where the Israelites permitted to give to a stranger what they weren’t allowed to eat themselves? Can I bring a Christmas tree into the church?
71:42 22/02/2024
188. Partakers Of The Divine Nature, Make Your Choice
In Episode 188 we discuss preparation. How important is it to prepare for what is coming, and more importantly, to get ourselves ready for heaven? There were two trees in the garden of Eden that were to determine the path of humanity. Only two choices, not three or more; black or white, no shades of grey. Two characters to develop, either the similitude of Satan or the similitude of Christ. The choice was theirs, and now the choice is yours.
83:50 15/02/2024
187. Sunday Proposal, Sooner Than We Think Texas Border- Neuralink
In Episode 187 we discuss the importance of Present Truth. When the truth is hidden under a pile of mud by the twisting thereof, it is necessary to uncover it, polish it and present it for what it is, truth. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy make it clear that the commandment-keeping people of God are heading for a confrontation with the Dragon, the Beast, and the Image of the Beast, and that the Mark of the Beast, Sunday observance, will be enforced on everyone. Are we closer than we think?
104:59 08/02/2024
186. Sons & Heirs Of God, The Final Gathering Of His Children
In Episode 186 we discuss the unfathomable promise that we can be joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, the Creator and Saviour of mankind. The most unselfish promise ever made, yet most do not yearn for it, or even despises it. They do so because of the requirements to qualify for the promise, which requires selfishness and meekness among others. What do we have to do to do to lay claim of this promise of becoming co-inheritors?
80:21 01/02/2024
185 - Heading For World War III & Civil War Are We Prepared.Mp3
In Episode 185 we discuss the growing speculation that we are on the brink of World War III. Along with this there is also the growing possibility of Civil wars breaking out in various countries around the world, as well as the US. Should we be preparing for these things, and more importantly, how do we prepare for it?
68:14 25/01/2024
Dwelling In The Secret Place - Composed and Performed by Sonica Veith
DWELLING IN THE SECRET PLACE - The song and its beginnings Five long weeks of production time. It was a constant and intensive exchange during the production phase of this new series "Dwelling in the Secret Place" to refine thoughts, select quotes, realize the voice recordings and hold consultations. Last but not least, to go out into God's wonderful nature and spend time with Walter as they thought and talked about what needed to be planned and produced in the background. All in all, a very intensive time. And then one morning God woke her up. It had just turned 4 o'clock in the morning and she had this idea in her head and in her heart: a song! A song about her experiences with God, summarized as comfort and edification. And while she was still thinking about what these thoughts were, the lyrics were already forming. It was like ... well, how should one put it: like an inaudible voice speaking to her heart. And she knew immediately that this text, this melody did not come from her. She realized that it was God's desire that this song should underline the conclusion of this 4-part series. DWELLING IN THE SECRET PLACE - Psalms 91
03:20 19/01/2024
Walter & Sonica Veith - Dwelling In The Secret Place 4: The Home Stretch
There are exactly 12 months between two powerful events. Both situations would have been the end - the death that was actually to be expected. But God once again intervened in a mighty way. Why, God: what are you planning to do with the Veiths? In poignant words, the two describe their experiences, which only recently led to a victorious experience, coupled with the realization: How great Thou art, God! And then there is this deeply hidden longing, Lord: If it is Your will, then we want ... This is the final version of this series of four for the time being: »Dwelling in the Secret Place«. Here the secret is revealed, here history is written, here is the preparation for The Home Stretch - are you with us?
62:25 18/01/2024
Walter & Sonica Veith - Dwelling In The Secret Place 3: Let No-One Deceive You
Dwelling - Episode three - Let No-One Deceive you Download the book for free here: Anyone who thinks that leaving worldly ties behind solves the problem is very much mistaken. Now a new challenge lies ahead of the young family that has found faith, namely from within and without. Some have long since thrown in the towel and opened up to other directions. But it was already too late for that: the battle had already begun. Now it's all about faith. Complete trust in the power of God and His guidance. A complete surrender in all areas - really all areas - was absolutely necessary in order to hear His quiet, loving voice. The voice of the Savior, who was just about to prepare the way. But it doesn't work without pain. Not without struggle and defense. But the last word is spoken by someone else. For He has already triumphed over all battles.
80:35 11/01/2024
02. Dwelling In The Secret Place - From Darkness To Light By Walter & Sonica Veith
A heavy sledgehammer flies through the air and before Sonica realizes it, Walter is hitting the wall. The shreds fly and the result was an extended room, but where would the family prepare their meal? The kitchen was history. And incidentally, a huge battle rages in the background for the young family, the family's economic situation, but also that of the entire country, erupts into chaos. A craftsman appears on the scene and leaves behind a brochure. Should this craftsman play a decisive role or will he also be dismembered? Suddenly all the foundations are shaken... The question is now often asked: Where do we go from here? And then Sonica and Walter reach for a piece of paper and a pen, their last hope is a letter to a still unknown, extraordinary recipient: Will this letter be answered?
71:25 04/01/2024
01. Dwelling In The Secret Place - Island Friendship By Walter & Sonica Veith
Dwelling in a secret place ... Episode One »He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.«Psalms 91:1 How often does a person want to claim this promise? How often do we seek shelter, and only under the shadow of God's mighty wings can it be found? Every day we are dependent on Him and come to this decision: »I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.«Psalms 91:2 Sonica and Walter's lives were characterized by experiences that raised many questions. Dramatic events began to unfold in their lives and two powers fought hard for the future of this couple. Seclusion and childhood experiences determined the initial course of events until love conquered their hearts. True love from a God who was unknown until then and who endeavored to penetrate the couple's lives with gentleness ... imperceptibly yet significantly. And suddenly, events began to shake the foundations of the small family ... »Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.« Psalms 91:3
58:57 28/12/2023
184 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - COP28,No Buying Or Selling, Is The CBDC The Mark Of The Beast?
In Episode 184 we discuss recent comments by Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Glen Beck and other very influential people defining the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13. Most now speculate that it is the central bank digital currency (CBDC), a global digital currency, or maybe even a global digital identity. But does this fit the biblical definition of the Mark of the Beast? Climate Change is also a hot topic, and at the recent COP28 meeting there were some notable suggestions by Pope Francis. We also look at an interesting "prediction" made in 2012 on the front page of the Economist magazine regarding the Israel and Hamas war. What is in store for us in 2024?
81:10 21/12/2023
183 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Enacted Parables, Bracing For The Confrontation With Malta!
In Episode 183 we look at some of the many enacted parables in the Bible such as the stories of Abraham and Isaac, Daniel and his friends etc. Real life stories that have a bigger lesson in them for all of us. We also discuss an enacted parable that is still unfolding in our time, and that tells of a tremendous clash that is just on the horizon. Will we be able to brace the winds of the storm until our ship collides with the shore?
90:43 14/12/2023
182 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - The Work Is Great And Few Are The Workers - Homeward Bound
In Episode 182 we discuss what it means to take the three Angels' messages to every tribe and tongue and nation. God entrusted this most solemn work to us mortals and He knew that it would not be easy. But He promised that He would be there for us at all times, every step of the way. In this quarry of life we are to be hewn and squared against other living stones in order to be polished and changed to fit us for heaven.
57:50 07/12/2023
181 WUP Walter Veith & Martin Smith - The Right Arm Of The Gospel, Health Reform In The Last Days.
In Episode 181 we discuss the right arm of the gospel, that also goes along with the three Angel's messages. We take a look at health reform in the last days. Does it matter?
82:55 30/11/2023
180. The Stone Of Stumbling For Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Atheism...
In Episode 180 we discuss how the corner Stone that was rejected, became the Stone of stumbling for basically all religions. Even most parts of Christianity. The Bible says that there is no other name under heaven and earth by which you can obtain entry into heaven. This causes a major problem. Especially if organisations or churches want to be part of the ecumenical discussions.
77:51 23/11/2023
179. Another Angel - The Final Call, Come Out Of Babylon My People!
In Episode 179 we discuss another Angel's message, the fourth Angel of Revelation 18. With the same warning as the second Angel that Babylon has fallen, fallen. But this time with an earnest call to come out of that Babylonian system. This is the final call for all God's people that keeps His commandments and have the faith Of Jesus! Now is the time to cut all ties with Babylon, so as to not be destroyed along with it by the Brightness of the Coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
74:12 16/11/2023
178. Do not Worship The Beast And his Image, And Receive his Mark, by Walter Veith
In Episode 178 we discuss the third Angel's message of Revelation 14 which warns us not to worship the Beast and his image, or receive his mark of authority. Just as God clearly states what His mark of authority is in His Ten commandments, the beast also makes it clear what his mark is. It is all about worship and who's authority you choose. Clash Of Minds Website: Online Orders - North America: Online Orders - South Africa: Download All Clash Of Minds material: Donation Options Patreon: Other Donation Options:
103:01 09/11/2023
171. Sport Religion Or Religious Sports, by Walter Veith
In Episode 171 we discuss sport. Where did sport originate and does it have any biblical foundation? Why is it that almost all sport that we have in the world today, where shaped or became prominent in the 1800's? Freemasonry also seems to be intertwined with all sports, can this be merely coincidence?
65:36 03/08/2023
53. As in the days of Noah - What does it mean, by Walter Veith
Will life be carrying on as usual when plagues are falling and calamities are happening? Why does the Bible mention these specific things as in the days of Noah? Is there anything wrong with eating and drinking and marrying or is there more to it?
08:34 01/08/2023
169. Book Of Enoch, Revival Now, AI Rewriting Bible, Take Back Sunday, Walter Veith
In Episode 169 we discuss the ever growing popularity of the apocryphal Book of Enoch, does the Spirit of Prophecy say we have to study it? AI is daily in the news and there are dire warnings from some of the creators. AI seems to be on a course to re-write history, and even the Bible is not spared. 'Apostle Kathryn Krick' is on her "Revival is Now" tour with signs and wonders taking place at these meetings. Are these revivals biblical? The US supreme court ruled in favor of a postal worker who refused to work on Sunday, and more Christian voices are calling to take Sunday back. We are heading for interesting times.
87:39 20/07/2023
168. It Is Well With My Soul, What Is Music's Purpose, by Walter Veith
In Episode 168 we discuss the importance of music. In everyday life as well as divine service, where and how does music fit in? Is there correct music and wrong music, and how do we distinguish between the two? What is the purpose of music?
86:01 16/06/2023
167. Red Heifers Have Arrived, Antichrist In Temple In Israel 2024, by Walter Veith
In Episode 167 we discuss the hype that is picking up in Israel and in the evangelical world because of the 5 red heifers that have arrived in Israel. A pure, unblemished red heifer is required for the sacrificial ceremony that leads to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, namely the third temple. Could this become a reality in 2024? Will this lead to the fulfillment of the futurist view of the 70 week prophecy in Daniel where it states that the antichrist will stand in the new temple and declare himself to be God?
59:45 08/06/2023
52. Is The Antichrist a Single Person Or A System, by Walter Veith
When you put the Antichrist into the prophetic picture it cannot refer to an individual because of the time span. In 1John 2:22 we read "He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son." Which system can this then be?
13:08 08/06/2023
51. Is Mark 1-15 Referring To Christ's Kingdom Coming In Our Time, By Walter Veith
When Christ started His ministry, was He referring to His coming Kingdom or was He referring to Himself?
12:57 08/06/2023
166. From Sickness To Health, Absentee Landlord Part 2, by Walter Veith
In Episode 166 we share some of the wonderful blessings God bestowed upon us while doing a district outreach / camp-meeting. Through all the onslaughts that satan threw at us and especially Walter, we stand in awe at how God always comes through for us in the most trying of times. We experienced first hand that He is most certainly not an absentee landlord!
89:41 02/06/2023
50. Was The Holy Spirit Present In The Old Testament, by Walter Veith
Was the Holy Spirit present in the Old Testament or was the Holy Spirit only poured out at Pentecost in the New Testament?
03:19 26/05/2023
165. Absentee Landlord. Where Is God, Why Does He Not Do Something, by Walter Veith
In Episode 165 we discuss the accusation of satan that God is an absentee landlord. And many people have the same accusation against God, because by looking at what's going on around us with all the pain and sorrow, they ask where is God in all this? Does he not care? Why does He not do something about all this suffering?
85:18 25/05/2023
164. Who Is Worthy. Adventure Bible Study Next To The Okavango River, by Walter Veith
In Episode 164 we conclude our adventures in the African bush with the study of Revelation 5 and the beautiful plan of salvation ensconced in it. There is only one that is worthy to open the Scroll and to be worshipped. He is also the creator of everything, and the birds chirping away in this serene and beautiful setting next to the Okavango River, is evidence thereof and acknowledges it.
73:08 18/05/2023
49. When Will The Time Of The End Commence, by Walter Veith
Does the Bible tell us when the time of the end will commence?
11:01 17/05/2023
48. Is It A Moral Choice If The RFID Chip Is Enforced, by Walter Veith
Will receiving the RFID chip be a moral issue especially when it is forced upon the population?
07:09 17/05/2023

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