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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.


388: Lessons That Go Beyond The Battlfield. With Jamie Cochran, Echelon Front COO.
Jamie Cochran joined Leif Babin and Jocko Willink as the first employee at Echelon Front in 2014. She quickly expanded her initial role as Director of Operations and was named Chief Operating Officer in early 2021. After earning her degree in Business Marketing and Communications, Jamie served in leadership positions in several organizations to include Glacier Bay, a boutique hedge fund as the Client Relations Director; San Diego State University as a Programs Director; and Tiffany & Company as a Visual Creative Director. Here at Echelon Front, she leads a diverse team that oversees all business operations and events. Her team also coordinates Echelon Front engagements across the globe, ensuring a world-class client experience. Jamie embraces the mindset of Extreme Ownership and implements it across all aspects of her business and life. As a speaker and Leadership Instructor, she makes the connection between the combat leadership principles of Extreme Ownership and how she implements them in her life as a business leader, woman, mother of three, and wife of a former Navy SEAL.Support this podcast at —
232:40 31/05/2023
Jocko Underground: Chat GPT VS. Jocko Willink
Chat GPT VS Jocko's principles. Having trouble speaking up in meetings. Red teaming and critical thinking. What path to take as a young man. NoFAP?How to be successful regardless of your residence. Getting on the program?Support this podcast at —
19:22 30/05/2023
The Debrief w/ Jocko And Dave Berke #27: Red Flags: When Egos Clash in The Workplace
It's common for egos to clash in the workplace. Here are some red flags to lookout for.Support this podcast at —
48:04 25/05/2023
387: You Don't Inherit Self Confidence and Discipline. You Must Choose. With General Michael Ferriter.
Michael Ferriter is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General. He served as commanding general of the United States Army Installation Management Command/U.S. Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management from 2011 until 2014. During his career he has participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, and served three tours of duty in Iraq. On June 19, 2018, he was named president and CEO of the National Veterans Memorial and MuseumSupport this podcast at —
176:28 24/05/2023
Jocko Underground: There Is More Than One Answer To Almost Every Question
There Is More Than One Answer To Almost Every Question.Should you be on a hard program and risk failure? Or a moderate program that is sustainable. How to get the most out of learning. How to avoid bitterness when criticized. How to get more articulate and better at speaking to people. How to deal with your ex-girlfriend hooking up with your best friend in the same house. Support this podcast at —
14:25 22/05/2023
386: Be Prepared. With Green Beret and Field Craft Survival Founder, Mike Glover
Green Beret, Mike Glover outlines what it takes to be prepared for the worst.Support this podcast at —
224:46 17/05/2023
Jocko Underground: SANITY CHECK. You Can't Accurately See The Mob if You are Part Of The Mob | How to Overcome Fear
You Can't Accurately See The Mob if You are Part Of The Mob.Dealing with the clowns in everyday society.Dealing with a person who always runs late.How to succeed in an industry when you have no experience.How to get over Fear.How to deal with a person in the group who is supremely disrespectful and egotistical.Support this podcast at —
10:43 15/05/2023
385: The Code of Combat: Moral, Ethical, and Legal Leadership and Conduct in War.
The Code of Combat: Moral, Ethical, and Legal Leadership and Conduct in War. Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.Support this podcast at —
202:36 10/05/2023
384: Always Finding Ways to Get Stronger, Faster, and Fitter. With Dave Castro
Dave Castro and the SEAL Teams, health, fitness, and the proliferation of CrossFit.Support this podcast at —
166:01 03/05/2023
Jocko Underground: Getting A Decisive Victory
"Decisive Victory" sounds good.Can you always "smell" intent?Getting out of a depression.Fixating on the "What if?" driving me crazy.Taking Extreme Ownership with people who don't take their share of ownership of a problem.Support this podcast at —
17:03 01/05/2023
383: Wisdom of the Bullfrog. Lessons From SEAL Admiral and SOCOM Commander, William McRaven
Admiral William McRaven shares wisdom and lessons from his new book, "Wisdom of the Bullfrog".Support this podcast at —
192:19 26/04/2023
Jocko Underground: Try Not Having an Opinion About EVERY FREAKIN THING.
You don't have to have strong opinion about everything.How to implement a system change within a group without ruffling feathers.Dealing with someone who always "has to be right".Should "loyalty" to a group Hold you back?How to manage a weak boss.Family not supporting your Jiu Jitsu training schedule.Support this podcast at —
10:34 24/04/2023
382: Into The Heart of Darkness. Fighting Che Guevara's Communist Insurgents in the Congo. w/ SEAL Jim Hawes
Cold War Navy SEAL.Support this podcast at —
200:26 19/04/2023
Jocko Underground: Physically Put Yourself In a Place of Discomfort.
Physically put yourself in a place of discomfort. Hygiene and etiquette in Jiu Jitsu. The value of collective punishment. Living up to a father's expectations and standards. How to gracefully leave a job. What to do when your job superiors are taking advantage of you. Support this podcast at —
16:55 17/04/2023
The Debrief w/ Jocko And Dave Berke #26: Your Boss Wants What You Want
With all the challenges that superiors can present, know that Your Boss Wants What You Want. Support this podcast at —
40:25 15/04/2023
381: Fighting The Odds and Trauma, With Kelsi Sheren.
Founder and CEO of Brass & Unity, host of The Brass & Unity Podcast. Brass & Unity was started in 2016 as a way to help fellow soldiers. After serving in Afghanistan as an Artillery Gunner at 19 years old and losing friends during battle, Kelsi came home with PTSD. After 7 years of anger and pain she decided to use her struggle for good, and try to help others through their struggle. Support this podcast at —
272:46 12/04/2023
380: How Ancient Wisdom Tells Us Exactly What To Do
Exploring ancient wisdom to gain understanding on the best approach to life. I Ching. FuXi. Yin Yang.Support this podcast at —
118:35 05/04/2023
Jocko Underground: I Hope You Can Accept Reality.
Struggling while everyone around you succeeds.Dating a girl with a promiscuous past.Getting a loved one onto the PATH.Wife is spending us into a bad place. Refuses to stop or help.How to know if a Jiu Jitsu Academy is reputable.Support this podcast at —
09:49 03/04/2023
379: You Get To Decide Whether You Curl Up In a Ball, or Curl Your Fists To Brawl.
"Psychology for the Armed Services" Document analysis. Fight, flight, freeze. Resilience, discipline, and adapting to change. Support this podcast at —
145:19 29/03/2023
Jocko Underground: How Will You Deal With Todays Rapidly Changing World?.
How to win in a world full of rapid change. Is it "good" to have enemies?Practicing enough to get good at something. How to deal with an intimate partner drifting away. How important are Jiu Jitsu tournaments?Developing a good work ethic. Support this podcast at —
10:50 27/03/2023
378: If You Want to Be a Champion, You Can't Just Lie Around Sleeping Like Everybody Else. "Kimura".
Masahiko Kimura (木村 政彦, Kimura Masahiko, September 10, 1917 – April 18, 1993) was a Japanese judoka and professional wrestler who is widely considered one of the greatest judoka of all time.[1][2][3] He won the All-Japan Judo Championships three times in a row for the first time in history and had never lost a judo match from 1936 to 1950. An author said," In the history of judo, no one is the strongest before Kimura and no one is the strongest after Kimura."[4] He has often been described as the strongest judoka in history.[5] In submission grappling, the reverse ude-garami arm lock is often called the "Kimura",[6] due to his famous victory over Gracie jiu-jitsu founder Hélio Gracie. In the Japanese professional wrestling world, he is known for the controversial match he had with Rikidōzan.Support this podcast at —
135:27 22/03/2023
Jocko Underground: The Truth About Hustle Culture
Hustle Cultrue.Cutting Corners.Ideas of re-structuring deployments. Jocko's opinion.Getting dumped after helping him get a job at your own workplace.Being pressured into a promotion.Your rubbing people the wrong way is the a problem.Support this podcast at —
11:30 20/03/2023
377: Don't Do Dumb SH**T.
One of the simplest and most impactful little piece of advice for success in life is, "Don't Do Dumb sh*t". Avoid things that may make you do dumb things. Like alcohol, drugs, out of control ego, peer pressure, and many others. With Jocko Willink and Echo CharlesSupport this podcast at —
103:28 15/03/2023
Jocko Underground: If You Don't Follow The Rules, You Get More Rules | The Manoshpere and Red Pill Community
Following the rules gets you less rules.Dealing with life with a serious injury.Dealing with a toxic new boss at work.The "manosphere" and the "red pill" community.Active shooter protocol.Support this podcast at —
09:37 13/03/2023
376: Exploring Murphy's Laws of Combat with JP Dinnell
"Murphy's Law" took on a life of it's own in many industries. This part of the list of "Murphy's Laws Of Combat".Support this podcast at —
172:44 08/03/2023
Jocko Underground: The More You Listen, The More You See.
The more you listen, the more you see.How to improve showing empathy. Can ego be a good thing?Improve leadership with others. When to avoid the indirect method.Ending a career attached to identity. Support this podcast at —
10:56 06/03/2023
375: There Will Be Ups and Downs, Wins and Losses. Do Your Best. With Force Recon Marine, Chad Robichaux
Mighty Oaks President & Founder, USMC Force Recon Veteran, Best Selling Author, Pro MMA Champion.Support this podcast at —
198:03 01/03/2023
Jocko Underground: The VIOLATIONS of a Lack of Self-Awareness |
Dominating life despite life-changing injuries. Defensive tactics for smaller people in law enforcement. Getting a middle child back on track for success in life. Prioritizing and executing self-improvement. Dealing with being fired and everyone turning their back on you. Support this podcast at —
19:47 27/02/2023
374: Know Your Strengths, Know Your Weaknesses, Know Your Attributes, Know Yourself. With Rich Diviney
Rich draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer where he completed more than 13 overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. Through his career, he has achieved multiple leadership positions – to include the Commanding Officer of a Navy SEAL Command.Support this podcast at —
243:23 22/02/2023
The Debrief w/ Jocko And Dave Berke #25: Team Does Not Want To Put In The Extra Effort
How does a leader get his team to care enough to put in the extra effort and go above and beyond what's required. Support this podcast at —
42:28 21/02/2023