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Innovation Celebration

Innovation Celebration, explores recent advancements in science and technology and how they contribute to human flourishing. Join hosts Thomas Walker and Angelica Werth to learn what makes innovation possible, how it’s achieved, and celebrate those whose accomplishments in these fields are improving our quality of life.


Johan Norberg on Openness, Innovation, and Flourishing | Innovation Celebration, Ep. 24 41:22 15/06/22
An Interview with Mattias Svensson | Innovation Celebration, Ep. 23 44:06 09/06/22
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: An Interview with Felix Hosse | Innovation Celebration, Ep. 22 40:50 14/05/22
Progress and Missteps in Understanding Mental Health 50:55 22/03/22
The Case for Space with Dr. Robert Zubrin 53:54 15/02/22
3D Printing: Building a Better Future 35:28 19/01/22
Generating Power: Which Method is Best? 44:07 04/01/22
Recent Innovations: Cloning and More 32:18 07/12/21
Using Water for Flourishing 55:32 23/11/21
Innovations in Robotics 58:22 02/11/21
Vaccines: Science, History, and New Advancements 40:07 27/10/21
Freedom and Innovation with Economist Bryan Caplan 46:38 19/10/21
Beating Plant Parasites and 3D Printing Rocket Engines 37:32 28/09/21
Tactile Holograms and Life-Extending Gene Editing 44:31 21/09/21
Mind-Controlled Cars and Arthritis Treatment 39:32 14/09/21
Afghan Robotics Team and Reducing Infant Mortality 44:51 07/09/21
Lasers Ignite Nuclear Fusion and Magnet-controlled Prosthetics 47:11 24/08/21
Modeling Proteins with AI and the Moon’s Effect on Oxygen 39:25 17/08/21
Light Behind Black Holes and Anti-Aging Progress 37:55 04/08/21
Medical Innovations: An Interview with Dr. Michael Kauffman 29:39 20/07/21
Printable, Flexible Electronics and Heart Cells in Space 34:57 06/07/21
New Early Human Species and Gene Editing Progress 36:07 29/06/21
Cancer-detecting Blood Tests and Unreal 5 Game Engine 40:45 23/06/21