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Extreme Perspectives

The Extreme Perspectives podcast introduces you to people who see things differently and think differently. Fresh perspectives from the edges of culture. Listen to them. Learn from them. Challenge the status quo. In a world where we read the same books, use the same methodologies, and tap into the same resources, we need something radically different to deliver breakthrough ideas. Each episode will present you with a new lens with which to view your world. Hone your ability to tackle challenges differently by thinking outside the mainstream. Breakthroughs are found by engaging those living in the future, today. Be inspired by the misfit, rebels, outliers, and crazy ones.


Extreme Perspectives | The power of play. Embracing counter-culture and the pros of AI with Pat Kane 56:49 14/06/22
Holistic medicine. In search of latent needs through an empathetic approach with Jerome Lay 47:02 18/05/22
Commoditizing human nature. From the principle of Lagom to the Cavendish banana with Joel Bravette. 60:05 14/04/22
Startup School for Seniors. From hot tub ideation to bawdy basement blues with Suzanne Noble. 45:57 15/03/22
Learning to learn, and why education must change with Gerard Darby. 53:51 28/10/21
How not to be brainwashed by the mainstream with Etan Ilfeld. 47:25 30/06/21
Addiction: The pandemic within the pandemic with Sharon and Michael Lewis. 43:41 21/05/21
Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers with Ricardo Scipio. 49:27 22/04/21
Unleash your true self. The power of non-linear thinking with Alex Dunsdon. 48:07 24/03/21
Buy less but better. Blind consumerism is vandalism with Alex R├╝ckheim. 49:56 17/02/21
Find your purpose. How to survive and strive for a better world with Charlotte Cramer. 55:55 07/01/21
Data odysseys, possibility engines, and preparing for life in space with Nicholas Kuhne. 48:07 02/12/20
Faster Ideas: Be a sponge. Seek feedback. Make your ideas stronger with Joanne Oatts. 38:13 29/10/20
The importance misfits in business, butterflies, and forest bathing with Jeffrey Abramson. 52:46 18/09/20
Collaborative Resilience. The importance of community in times of crisis with Koert Bakker. 44:12 25/08/20
Cultural Intelligence: Extreme people inspire meaningful products/service design with Rachel Liu. 50:38 22/07/20