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The Northern Dreamers Podcast

A simple show where six best friends get together to have a drink and a chat. Each week they talk about anything and everything; from ‘growing older’ to ‘space travel’ and even ‘toilet ghost’, and mix it all together with a few childish and crude jokes. Even in today's world men suffer massively with their mental health, which, unfortunately, is still widely ignored and overlooked. The 'Northern Dreamers' goal is to help men understand that, no matter what they’re going through, IT IS ok to discuss feelings and problems with friends no matter how big or small they feel the issue might be. They achieve this through comedic storytelling of their own personal experiences that make you laugh along and realise that the world isn’t as doom and gloom as it might seem. So, join them as they take an out of the box look at the world along with the trials and turmoils of the monotonous life of being a man in a world where most men are now the villain. We promise there are some good ones left and six of them are on this show. Please come on over and give them a chance to make you laugh and win over your ears and hearts. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone is welcome at the ‘Northern Dreamers’ podcast. Love or hate the show, please leave a review on Podbean or Podchaser. It really helps the show to improve and lets them know if they are sticking to their statement. Have something you want them to look at? Want to be on the show? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let them know.


The Dildo, Big Black Borris 112:55 28/11/21
Love That To Be On His Gravestone, Died Choking On A Tart. 57:45 07/11/21
I‘d Go To The Hospital, I Like Vegetables 71:31 31/10/21
Get On Your Knees And Open Your Mouth For Dave‘s Water. 62:21 24/10/21
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Eat Your Heart Out. 57:15 10/10/21
Wait, It Was Originally Called Sailor Poon 79:13 03/10/21
How About We Be Friends, How About You Suck A Dick 54:31 26/09/21
I Used A Force Effects Lightsaber As A Sexual Aid. 70:16 19/09/21
She Turned On The Lights And Ran Away Crying. 84:02 29/08/21
Who Needs Lube When You Have Bacon Butter 65:50 15/08/21
A Turkey Baster Full Of Jizz, That's Gotta Be First Class 60:40 08/08/21
I'd Buy A Super Nintendo And Bitch Slap My Mother 73:54 01/08/21
A Table Of 12 Men And A Hooker, That's A Gangbang Later 77:53 25/07/21
You Can’t Call Him Action Man If He Isn’t Getting Any Action 77:24 20/07/21
I Mean I Hope He Got To Finish. 62:37 11/07/21
You Basically Bought A Shiny Dildo. 60:20 04/07/21
As Soon As Pegging Came Up I Was Out 75:52 20/06/21
Forget The Gunge, I'm Here For The Clunge 79:33 13/06/21
Jason Momoa, There Are A Lot Of Moist Loins 76:37 06/06/21
Teaser Of The Northern Dreamers 00:58 04/06/21
Turn That Jiggle To 99 63:29 30/05/21
I Was Defeated By 2 And Half Feet Of Meat 73:48 23/05/21
Red Or Blue, It's Kinda Important! 54:21 16/05/21
Threw Them At A Girl And Tried To Kiss Her 65:24 09/05/21
Cracking One Out To My Pile Of Shame 73:24 02/05/21
Why Is There A Picture Of Sandra Bullock? 61:48 25/04/21
Spunking in a Jam Jar 74:03 18/04/21
It's Basically Power Rangers On Steroids 66:00 11/04/21
The Bottle Of Regret As I Like To Call It 59:51 04/04/21
Two Girls Stole My Cup 53:37 28/03/21