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5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

Since 2007, Ricardo Vargas publishes the 5 Minutes Podcast where he addresses in a quick and practical way the main topics on project, portfolio and risk management.


The Unlimited Applications of Project Management in Agribusiness 06:30 07/08/22
Remember That the Law of Diminishing Returns Also Applies to Your Project Management Efforts 07:08 31/07/22
We Shouldn’t Only Think About Leadership: We Also Need to Think About Followership 05:20 24/07/22
Never Go Straight to the Offer in a Negotiation 06:04 17/07/22
Understanding the Differences Between Conformity and Compliance 06:18 10/07/22
How Availability Bias Changes Our Perceptions of Risks 06:13 03/07/22
Directly from the Global Project Management Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 07:53 27/06/22
The Disturbing Results of Gallup State of the Global Workforce Report 2022 05:32 19/06/22
Evaluating 5 Applications of AI in Project Management based on Impact and Complexity to Implement 07:47 12/06/22
Using Zoom In and Zoom Out to Master your Leadership Skills 05:54 05/06/22
My 5 Tips for a Great Daily Scrum 07:18 30/05/22
Don’t Be Trapped by the Easy Certification Route 07:18 22/05/22
Forensic Planning: Using Project Management to Address Claims, Disputes and Litigations 05:29 16/05/22
What are The Top 3 Values Project Management Brings to an Organization: The Elevator Pitch 04:10 08/05/22
What We Can Learn from Netflix Roller Coaster 07:57 01/05/22
There is No “One Size Fits All” Solution: The Importance of Tailoring 05:15 24/04/22
What is Round-Robin Brainstorming? 06:34 17/04/22
The World of Inflexibility is Over 07:12 10/04/22
Understanding the Satir Change Model 06:03 03/04/22
Antifragile: Why Being Able to Gain from Disorder is Key to Succeed Nowadays? – Part 2/2 09:10 27/03/22
Antifragile: Why Being Able to Gain from Disorder is Key to Succeed Nowadays? - Part 1/2 07:57 21/03/22
Why Should I Care about the Hawthorne Effect? 06:18 14/03/22
3 Key Lessons from the Fyre Festival Documentary on Netflix 07:27 07/03/22
Empathy and Support During Incredibly Challenging Times: The Russian Invasion of Ukraine 05:38 01/03/22
Are Product Management and Project Management the Same Thing? 07:15 22/02/22
How to Write a Great Problem Statement 07:43 14/02/22
3 Simple Ways to Improve your Experience with Projects 04:51 07/02/22
Why Early Warnings are Critical and How to Implement Them 07:09 31/01/22
How to Present Your Project Experience in Your CV or Interview? 07:59 24/01/22
The Counterintuitive Nature of Exponential Growth 06:44 17/01/22