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Analysing vital music business topics in detail, as they emerge. In our Focus podcast, Joe Sparrow breaks down important stories with expert guests, who share their cutting-edge knowledge – in about 20 minutes. It'll keep you and your team on the cutting edge, and it'll take about the same time as making and eating a good sandwich! (We recommend doing both simultaneously for maximum deliciousness.) Ⓜ️ Subscribe to Music Ally's industry-standard service: 👋 Music Ally’s free weekly newsletter, The Knowledge:


Music Ally Focus Ep. #72: Country music, underrepresentation, and discrimination – and how to change it 29:22 03/08/22
Music Ally Focus Ep. #71: Is dynamic ticket pricing what fans want in 2022? CSO of event ticketing platform Lyte, Lawrence Peryer talks tickets, and the concept of fairness when buying gig tickets. 32:36 26/07/22
Music Ally Focus Ep. #70: Music fans & the climate emergency: what changes do fans want, and can they unite to force the industry to act differently? 34:02 19/07/22
Music Ally Focus #69: “If we had a pound from each of these people, our entire lives would change” – how band While She Sleeps revolutionised their income and career with a fan subscription society 36:45 13/07/22
Music Ally Focus #68: How can people working in the music industry respond to the climate emergency? – with Greg Cochrane of Sounds Like A Plan podcast 30:01 06/07/22
Music Ally Focus #67: “No 20 year old woman should have to say ‘if I speak up, I’m afraid my career will be over’" – fighting sexual misconduct in the music industry, with Dorothy Carvello 20:55 27/06/22
Music Ally Focus #66: The nature of modern fandom: we speak to music journalist and author Jude Rogers about what fans want in their connection to their favourite artist 19:13 15/06/22
Music Ally Focus #65: How can music businesses partner with blockchain companies, and what should – and shouldn't – they tokenise? We talk to Blockchain technology company Blockpool to find out. 23:14 10/06/22
Music Ally Focus #64: PPL’s CEO Peter Leathem talks about its 2021 results, the future of neighbouring rights, and how US performers should now be paid when their music is played on EU radio. 28:59 06/06/22
Music Ally Focus #63: Co-founder of The Orchard, Richard Gottehrer, looks back on the company's 25 years as a digital distributor; and talks about the future of music distribution 24:43 30/05/22
Music Ally Focus #62: AWAL founder – and now Family In Music's CIO – Kevin Bacon explains how music metadata and blockchain tech can merge to allow songwriters to access data – and money – better. 31:53 23/05/22
Music Ally Focus #61: The future of home audio listening experiences is contextual, manipulatable - and it'll follow you around the room: Syng's Rio Caraeff explains how we'll listen to music tomorrow 29:10 19/05/22
Music Ally Focus #60: How virtual artists and labels can use NFTs and web3 tech to create new artist-fan relationships and experiences – and create new music fans in the process. 31:06 16/05/22
Music Ally Focus #59: Ed Sheeran's plagiarism court case shows how music copyright law could change for the better – with technology lawyer and musician Damien Riehl, and technologist Noah Rubin 42:32 09/05/22
Music Ally Focus #58: A rock star with a DAO – Kasabian's Ian Matthews and Sam Bates of Amplify talk about revolutionising payments to live performers with web3 tech 27:12 03/05/22
Music Ally Focus #57: PRS for Music CEO Andrea Czapary Martin talks about their 2021 financial results, royalty payouts, music in the metaverse, and PRS for Music becoming "a billion-pound society". 21:00 25/04/22
Music Ally Focus #56: how do you boost the number of Black people in senior roles in the music industry? The creators of the Diverse Representation Music Database explain their ambitions for change. 30:38 20/04/22
Music Ally Focus #55: developing a new generation of African music entrepreneurs – with Music Business Academy for Africa's Godwin Tom and Elizabeth Sobowale. 31:57 13/04/22
Music Ally Focus #54: Licensing David Guetta's music in the metaverse – how hard could it be? Vickie Naumann did it, and tells us about the future of metaverse music licensing. 27:50 07/04/22
Music Ally Focus #53: Josh Empson, CEO of Tempo Music Investments – who has $1bn to buy music rights – talks buying catalogue; if music is undervalued; and long term ambitions for these investments. 32:41 01/04/22
Music Ally Focus #52: Max Shand, of music NFT platform Serenade, discusses a tangible, fan-friendly future for music NFTs – and how they may help artists feel like artists again, not T shirt makers 31:02 25/03/22
Music Ally Focus #51: Edward Balassanian, CEO of Aimi, talks about how AI music will power metaverse experiences, paying AI music collaborators, & how it will change the way we think about music. 30:00 18/03/22
Music Ally Focus #50: Kristin Graziani, president of distribution and payments firm Stem, talks about the evolving role of digital distributors, and what artists actually want in their services. 22:45 11/03/22
Music Ally Focus #49: Grammy-winning artist RAC talks Web3, and about using tokens and DAOs as fanclubs with Jack Spallone of HIFI Labs – in the first of our series of shows digging into Web3. 45:53 04/03/22
Music Ally Focus #48: Music Export Ukraine's Dartsya Tarkovska describes the effects of war and how artists are reacting – and explains how people in the music industry can help effectively. 26:55 01/03/22
Music Ally Focus #47: Deezer CEO Jeronimo Folgueira on how “music streaming saved the industry” – and how streaming platforms like Deezer will change it all over again 23:44 25/02/22
Music Ally Focus #46: Why are so many billions being spent on music catalogue? Penny Fractions' David Turner explains why alternative investment companies are pouring big money into music rights. 33:26 17/02/22
Music Ally Focus #45: Karen Emanuel of Moving the Needle explains how to bring more women into the music industry, why it's vital for business – and what you can do to help 25:34 10/02/22
Music Ally Focus #44: Spotify, Joe Rogan, Neil Young, and #DeleteSpotify – what does the streaming giant need to do now, how complicated is this – and should streaming platforms moderate content? 22:07 28/01/22
Music Ally Focus #43: Double Elvis Productions' CEO Brady Sadler discusses the future of music-themed podcasts and the role podcasts play in making news fans of old music. 29:50 28/01/22