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BUY GROW SELL is the podcast for entrepreneurs looking to ACQUIRE, GROW, or EXIT a business. Each week, we interview a business owner who has bought, grown, or sold a business, and in some cases, has completed all three steps and started all over again. Our goal is to share the stories of entrepreneurs who have travelled at least part of this cycle, so that we can all learn from their experience. Whether it’s the dizzying heights of success or the hard lessons learned through adversity, we get to the heart of what drives success, and how to apply these lessons in your journey. BUY GROW SELL features the best insights, interviews, and inside information on how to buy, grow, and sell a business – straight from business owners who have lived and breathed it. If you’ve ever wanted to know the formula on how to grow a business and exit big, this podcast has all the answers.


EP51 The Metronome Effect: Building Predictable Profits with Shannon Susko 58:52 20/06/22
EP50 Growing, Scaling, and Selling an 11x EBITDA Professional Services Business 55:24 13/06/22
EP49 From $400K to $50M: Stephen Hunt on Building a Pub Empire 52:54 06/06/22
EP48 Business Success that Feeds Your Soul with Dave Gold 60:17 30/05/22
EP47 Creating Digital Value with James Prebble 56:28 23/05/22
EP46 How to Build a Self-Sufficient Business (And Then Sell for 7-Figures) 49:05 16/05/22
EP45 From Getting Fired to $45M Turnover and 8+ x EBITDA 69:38 09/05/22
EP44 Ready, Set, Scale: From $12K to $24M+ with Jon Morris 47:32 02/05/22
EP43 How to Grow an Outsourcing Company and Exit for 8+ Figures 63:41 25/04/22
EP42 Before Uber Eats: How Cesar Quintero Took Over a Market 48:37 18/04/22
EP41 From the Boot to Billions: This is Jim Estill 41:21 11/04/22
EP40 Retail Retelling: Learning the Ins and Outs of Amazon Resellers 54:39 04/04/22
EP39 How a Focus on Culture Will Help You Scale 66:31 28/03/22
EP38 Against the Odds: Selling a SaaS Business to a NASDAQ Company 57:26 21/03/22
EP37 An Insider's Guide to Growth, Burnout & Exit 46:15 14/03/22
EP36 People, Processes, and Pinpointing the Right Value Levers 64:03 07/03/22
EP35 Strategic Partnerships or Acquisition? A Real-Life Case Study 47:55 02/03/22
EP34 7th Heaven: Michael Griffiths on 7 Businesses and 6 Exits 40:16 28/02/22
EP33 How to Scale a Marketing Agency to Acquisition 49:19 22/02/22
EP32 From $0 - $10M: Growth & Exit of a Digital Marketing Firm 55:06 21/02/22
EP31 Buying, Selling, Launching & Everything in Between 66:56 16/02/22
EP30 Luke Hohmann: Putting $1B into the Hands of Children 53:01 14/02/22
EP29 Growing a Business to Over $25M and Getting Acquired 58:17 09/02/22
EP28 Growth via Acquisition: How to Grow Successful Online Businesses 53:00 07/02/22
EP27 People-Focused Business Strategies to Scale in 2022 51:12 02/02/22
EP26 From Start-up to Scale-up with Lee Hackett 54:26 31/01/22
EP25 ESOPs, Earn-outs, and International Growth with Rajiv Lamba 45:14 26/01/22
EP24 Turning an Idea into a 9-figure Business 57:32 24/01/22
EP23 From Scandinavian Christmas Candles to $2.5M in Turnover 40:53 17/01/22
EP22 Turning a Passion Project into a Profitable Exit 43:28 10/01/22