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Supergreat Kids' Stories is a collection of fun tales to make you laugh and cry, told by some of the best storytellers from around the world. Recommended for ages 5 to 105…


The Snake and the Holy Man
A poisonous snake is biting the village children as they take their cows to pasture. A holy man decides to intervene. Will the snake pay attention and change its ways? Listen to talented storyteller and musician Tuup tell this thought-provoking story from India and find out.
22:40 24/03/2023
The Boy Without A Story
Stories are often worth more than gold. Listen to this bonus story for Saint Patrick's day told by Irish storyteller Kate Corkery and discover what happened to the boy who didn't have a story. It's a scary one - be afraid - be very afraid.
27:27 17/03/2023
The Boy Who Lived with Bears
If you had to leave your family and move in with a group of animals, which animal group would you choose? Listen to Kim telling this Native American story and see how this young boy fares living with bears. (Warning this story is a little bit scary.)
29:01 17/03/2023
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
What would you do if you were confronted by a stupendously mean and strong troll. Jason Buck tells this traditional Norwegian tale with amazing skill and certainly brings the troll to life. Have a listen. It is a bit scary. Eek!
23:43 10/03/2023
The Lion and the Squirrel
When spiders unite, they can tie up a lion.' Or so the Ethiopian proverb tells us. But what can a squirrel do when confronted by a hungry lion? Listen to Baden Prince tell this delightfully funny tale from Southern Africa and find out.
19:53 03/03/2023
The Elephant and the Gardener
One stormy day, a flying elephant crash-lands into the King's secret garden. A young gardener stumbles across this enormous creature. What will happen? To find out, listen to storyteller Kate Corkery tell this wise Indian tale.
32:09 24/02/2023
The Islanders and the Bear
A young boy living on an island, heads out with his brothers across a frozen sea on a quest to find fire. He has to be very brave in the face of great danger. Listen to storyteller Shane Ibbs tell this moving story from Iceland, and found out what happens when boy meets bear.
21:57 17/02/2023
The Hat Seller and the Monkeys
A hat seller heads out to market carring a sack full of hats for sale. He settles down under a tree for a little nap in the heat of the day, and when he awakes, the sack is empty. The tree above him is full of monkeys wearing his hats. What can he do? What would you do? Listen to Baden Prince telling this popular story told in India and Africa and many other countries - to find out what happens.
20:07 10/02/2023
There are many versions of Rapunzel - the story of the girl locked in a tower whose hair is climbed by a witch. Today, storyteller Sef Townsend tells a Persian version of the story. Have a listen, and see if you can spot the difference between Sef's story and the one told by The Brothers Grimm. Warning it has a scary witch, so if you don't like the Baba Yaga stories, you might want to avoid this one. Of course, like most fairytales it has a happy ending.
31:33 03/02/2023
The Old Woman And Her Pig
Storyteller Jason Buck uses extraordinary sound effects and great characterisation to retell this funny English classic. Will the old woman succeed in persuading her pig to jump over the style? It’s a chain story so it would be a good one to have a go at telling yourself.
20:24 27/01/2023
Strawberries in Winter
A girl is sent into the snowy woods by her step-mum, and step-sisters to find strawberries in mid-winter. It seems impossible, but she’s helped by a group of 12 mysterious people. Who are they and why are they helping her? Listen to storyteller Rachel Murray tell this popular Russian Fairy tale to find out.
27:37 20/01/2023
The Master Cat
Ha! Storyteller and comedian Tiernan Douieb finds humour in everything. Have a listen to this classic Italian Fairytale about a rather well-dressed trickster cat - to see how he outwits an ogre and charms his young owner.
20:56 13/01/2023
If you take one good girl, one not-so-good girl, a terrifying Sicilian ogress and a handful of toads, and spiders – then you have the ingredients for a cracking fairytale. Add in a talented singer/ storyteller Emily Hanna-Grazebrook, and you have a gripping listen. Warning: the ogress is a tad terrifying, but she’s only a story ogress so worth being brave.
34:00 06/01/2023
May You Carry On All Day
It's amazing what can happen on a magical Christmas night. An old traveller walks through the village cold and hungry. Will he be greeted with the kindness of strangers, or will the door be slammed in his face? Listen to storyteller Amy Douglas sharing this heart-warming story with a humorous twist in the tale and find out.
28:18 30/12/2022
The Dog and the Peacock
It's Christmas Eve, bitterly cold and the animals are hungry...but they all work toegther to help an old lady who is unwell. This delightful tale of transformation and friendship comes from Scotland and was shared by the late travellerand storyteller Duncan Williamson. Kate Corkery weaves her magic and leaves us spellbound.
24:20 23/12/2022
Eating Match with a Troll
Our second pre-Christmas story this week is a little bit scary, so if you don't like scary stories perhaps listen to story 130 The Scarecrow and the Hare instead or story 75 Father Frost and Star Child. This magical and scary fairytale from Norway tells of 3 brothers who go to the forest to find a Christmas tree on Chistmas Eve. But a grumpy troll is not at all pleased to have someone trying to steal a tree out of his forest. The youngest son challenges him to an unusual completion, Who will win the and claim the tree? Listen to Emily Hennessey telling this compelling story and find out.
20:21 16/12/2022
The Scarecrow and the Hare
This is the first of two stories this week. One gentle story, and one a bit more scary. This magical fairytale from the late Scottish Traveller: Duncan Williamson, is a gentle story about a scarecrow whose dreams come true on Christmas Eve. It’ll make you believe in magic. Beautifully told by Storyteller Shane Ibbs.
22:35 16/12/2022
A White Bear for the King
The King of Norway asks his friend Halvor to take a Christmas Present to the King of Denmark. A nice idea, but there are two problems: the present is a White Bear; and it's nearly Christmas Eve when trolls and goblins come out to make mischief. Will Halvor complete the challenge and make his way through the spirited woods with a bear in tow? Listen to Storyteller Chris Bostock telling this magical tale and find out.
20:46 09/12/2022
The Owl of the Oak
The Golden Eagle is lonely high on this mountain ledge and looking for a new queen. Will the wise old owl living in the woods be the right match for him? Listen to storyteller and musician Nick Hennessey tell this beautiful tale and find out.
24:24 02/12/2022
Why Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter
A little bird isn’t able to fly with his family to the warm countries as winter approaches, will he find a tree to shelter him from the cold north wind? Listen to storyteller Chris Bostock with this lively retelling of a beautiful North American tale and find out.
20:31 25/11/2022
Henny Penny (England) and The Silly Hare (India)
This week we’ve got not one story but two. The first one is Henny Penny about a chicken who’s hit by an acorn and decides the world is coming to an end. The story is all about what happens on her way to tell the King. Listen to Rachel Murray telling this fun English version of an old tale. And then you can hear the original Indian version of the story - The Silly Hare. It’s one of the Jataka Tales which are an ancient form of Bhuddist teaching stories – similar to Aesop’s Fables. A little hare is sitting underneath a tree when a coconut falls next to him. Listen to Kim telling this version. There are plenty of differences for you to spot, but can you work out the message which they are both bringing?
29:26 18/11/2022
The Anxious Leaf and Apple Tree Man
The Anxious Leaf – told by Tiernan Douieb . This story thoughtfully written over 150 years ago and told very beautifully by Tiernan Douieb, can be helpful for children who are dealing with loss. It’s only five minutes long, so grown ups, if you’re not sure if it’s right for your children, then do have a quick listen first. A little leaf becomes anxious when it sees its siblings being blown to the ground. But eventually it chooses to join the other leaves swirling down in a colourful dance, and finds comfort in the cycles of life. The Apple Tree Man – told by Kim. Can trees be friends and help us? In this old English story, two brothers live on a farm. There’s talk of hidden treasure somewhere on the land, but the saying goes that only the farm animals know where it is. Rumour has it that the animals will reveal the spot on Christmas Eve. But will it be too late? Listen to Kim telling this story to find out.
29:21 11/11/2022
Pixie Dust
We all see the world differently. That’s obvious when we look at your unique pictures of our stories. But imagine being able to see the world through the eyes of a pixie. That’s what happens to the old woman in this folk tale from England told by Kim. Would you consider yourself lucky, or unlucky to be able to see two worlds at the same time? Have a listen to this traditional tale from Devon and see if it turns out to be a good thing for the old lady in this story.
21:11 04/11/2022
Long Red Fingernails, Ruby Red Lips
Mary didn’t like bedtime and found all sorts of excuses to avoid going to bed. So, when she saw a face at her bedroom window with ruby, red lips, her mum didn’t believe her. Arg
13:24 29/10/2022
Lusmore and the Gift from the Fairies
What would you do if you suddenly came across some fairies singing? That’s what happens to Lusmore in this fairy tale from Ireland told by Kate Corkery. Would you let them know you’re there? As we know, fairies can be tricky. Have a listen and find out if these ones are nasty or nice.
24:58 28/10/2022
The Nisse’s New Suit and The Ghost of the Bloody Finger
The Nisse’s New Suit - Is it possible to be too kind to a little magical Nisse who helps out on your farm? In this Scandanavian story, a young couple try to thank their Nisse for helping them. But little people can be tricky, and things don’t go as expected. Listen to Tiernan Douieb tell this story from Norway, and discover what goes wrong. The Ghost of the Bloody Finger - This ‘scary-not-scary’ story sets out perfectly why it’s probably not a good idea to brag about ‘not being afraid of anything’ – especially when it comes to ghosts! Fortunately, the tale has a funny ending. It’s a good one for beginners to have a go at telling themselves.
24:57 21/10/2022
The Little Red Hairy Man
We kick off our theme of stories about little people with this fun story set in Derbyshire in England from storyteller Rachel Murray. Jack and his brothers set off on a quest to seek their fortune. The first thing they find is a little red hairy man demanding some lunch. Will he help them find their treasure? Listen to Rachel telling her first super great story and find out.
27:41 14/10/2022
The Last Word Prince
Can Mary make it across the dangerous bay to help her Grandfather who is ill? Or will she get pulled into a fishy kingdom beneath the sands and be married off to the bossy shrimp prince? Listen to Emily Hennessey telling this magical story set in Morcambe Bay in North West England, and all will be revealed.
23:47 07/10/2022
Keeya and The Purple Fish
This Cinderella-style story from Botswana is a bit sad, but it ends happily. Keeya loses her mother and gains a stepmother and stepsister. The stepmother is a nasty piece, and Keeya gets hungrier and hungrier. Luckily, a purple fish is looking out for her. How can a purple fish help a hungry little girl to find food and a happy ending? Listen to Kim tell this magical fairytale from Southern Africa and find out.
23:04 30/09/2022
The Two Dragons
Do you know what the Welsh flag has on it and why it came to be like it is? Storyteller and Comedian Tiernan Douieb tells us the story behind the Welsh flag. This story is not super scary, but there are two fighting dragons in it, and there is one scary moment, so if scary stories aren't for you, then maybe try listening to one of our funny stories like Anansi and the Hot, Pepper Soup or Why Crocodiles Sleep With Their Mouths Open. 
21:23 23/09/2022