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Meet Claire Seeber, global career and leadership coach, facilitator, speaker AND founder of Eating your Cake too, a business focussed on helping YOU sell yourself with more confidence and take control of your career and leadership success. In the Eating your Cake too podcast, you’ll learn something new, relevant and immediately implementable that you can go and do in your own life ensuring that you show up with greater impact, more influence and are heard, seen and really noticed!


4 Things you Need to do to Play to your Strengths!
 “I’d love to see you leverage your strengths more in this role”.    “Just play to your strengths - the rest will follow”.    Ever had or heard feedback like this before?    It’s not wrong, but it isn’t overly helpful either.    What is often lacking in this conventional advice about strengths play, is the actual “HOW TO” of playing to your strengths to achieve outcomes for yourself, your team, and your organisation.   My view on this is that there are actually FOUR critical parts that form part of the ‘play to your strengths’ equation, and all four need to be in sync in order for you to be effective.    Here’s my formula on what it really takes to play to your strengths well:    Know them + Own them + Leverage them + Know the point of reverse impact    In this month's podcast, I dive deep into the formula above and give you practical insights as to what it means to know, own, leverage, and know the reverse point of impact in order to increase your impact at work.    Listen in and learn on your favourite podcast platform, and if you’re loving what you’re hearing, then please share it with a friend!    Ready for action?  Book a FREE call in my diary -  Have me in your Organisation -  Transform your Career in 2024 - 
21:12 12/03/2024
Episode 54 5 Things your Boss wants you to do this Year!
5 Things your Boss wants you to do this Year!  Is wanting more recognition at work on your list of goals this year? If so, this month's podcast topic is for you.    If you are wanting to showcase yourself as a go-getter, or a star performer this year in your Organisation, one that is ready for new opportunities, there are 5 things that your boss really wants you to know and, more importantly, DO!    Set Clear Goals and Objectives for yourself  Be an Impact Player - AKA Show initiative and real Problem-Solving skills Proactively focus on Upskilling yourself with a Future-Proof lens  Communicate in the way your receiver needs to hear it, NOT how you like to say it Be an Amplifier through solid Collaboration with Others   In this month's episode, I’ll be diving into each one of these five things that your boss really wants from you this year (every year, actually!), and giving you practical tips on how you can bring these actions to life.    Tune in on your favourite podcast platform, and don’t forget to leave a review if you’re loving what you’re hearing!    Ready to take Action? Get in touch below!    Get started with the  'transform your Career' Accelerator -  BOOK in your 2024 Career Strategy Session - Offer ONLY valid until the end of Feb 2024 -  Have me in your Organisation -
30:53 13/02/2024
How sleep influences our bad, bold and brave choices with Amanda Slinger
So what connects a pirouette, airline safety briefings and Dolly Parton?   It's all covered in this episode of the Eating your Cake too podcast!   For your listening delight, I welcome you to join myself and Amanda Slinger - founder of SleepSpot, and rest and sleep expert.   I have been telling EVERYONE about this episode.  After speaking with Amanda, I walked away with a polite kick up the butt and some seriously powerful insights! Amanda is a wealth of knowledge on all things rest, recovery, sleep and how we best support ourselves as we navigate this crazy beautiful thing called life.   There are many gems in this episode.  It is also perfectly timed as we start to define how we are going to bring our best selves to 2024!   Listen in and be sure to share what your key takeaways are!    Check out Amanda's website HERE    FOLLOW Amanda on LinkedIn HERE    Ready to take charge of your Career in 2024? Then book in your Private 2024 Career Strategy Session with me TODAY - spaces are limited and this price will not remain. 
42:43 09/01/2024
High, Lows and Lessons of 2023
Often in our jobs, after completing a project or piece of work we’re asked to reflect on what went well, what didn’t go well, and what would we do differently next time.  How often do we apply that same discipline to ourselves though?   In this episode of the Eating your Cake too podcast I put my 2023 out on the table for you.    The good.    The bad.    The ugly.    And most importantly, the lessons I learnt.    There are also two big gems towards the end, shared with you, that I am embracing and taking with me and my business into 2024!   Are you ready to embrace 2024, show up for yourself, and step back into the driver's seat of your career and business?!   Book a free Call with ME and let’s talk about your 2024 plans -   Or if you’re in an organisation and looking to start planning out 2024, whether that is for yourself, team or your leadership team, get in-touch for a chat., or download our Corporate Solutions Pack HERE.   
34:13 12/12/2023
Know your Numbers with Molly Benjamin from Ladies Finance Club!
Female financial literacy is a topic that is gaining conversation and momentum.  Recently coming to light the alarming statistic that the fastest growing group to experience homelessness in Australia is women aged 50+.  Ladies, it's time to know your numbers!   I am beyond pumped to have Molly Benjamin on the Eating Your Cake Too Podcast, showing us finance can be fun!   There is no better advocate than Molly as she shares her personal journey with us.  She was that young woman who spent everything, had a great time too!  Molly’s lightbulb moment was she didn’t have a financial goal or understood a lot about finance, and realised she had a lot of company!  A London lounge room, pizza, wine, friends, a finance expert friend and Ladies Finance Club was born!   Molly shares her thoughts and insights with us by breaking finance down for us into bite size chunks, whether it's personal finance or your career.  Getting on top of your finances is about understanding your beliefs about money, keeping things as small, but achievable steps, being consistent, having a community around you and a dash of accountability on the side.     This is just a taster!  Tune into the podcast for more.   If you’re keen to connect with Molly and the Ladies Finance Club check out her Instagram here or website and sign up for the newsletter.     You can also grab your copy of Molly’s book ‘Girls just want to have Funds’ -   If you’re ready to take charge with your finances, part of that is about owning your career - if you’re ready to do that too, reach out to me and let’s chat about how we make 2024 your time to shine!    Book a Call with ME -   
36:07 21/11/2023
Our 50th Episode!
Can you believe it? We've reached a super sweet milestone - our 50th podcast episode! It's been an incredible journey filled with laughter, thought-provoking insights, some tears, and a hellof a lot of heart on the Eating your Cake too podcast! To mark this occasion, I wanted to do something a little different.  So, we turned to YOU, our amazing listeners, the heartbeat of the podcast.    I threw out a call on Instagram, inviting you to ask me anything - and, you sure did come through with some great questions!   Today, on our 50th episode, we're diving into that list of questions. No holds barred, no topic too big or small. We're going to tackle them all, serving up answers with the same authenticity, humour, and heart that you've come to expect from the "Eating Your Cake Too Podcast."   Tune in now and let’s get stuck in!    PS - Are you loving what you’re hearing and want to work together! Here are 3 ways to work with me:   Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - Book a FREE call with me to learn more about 1:1 coaching - Be NEW JOB READY in 4 Weeks with our Career ReVive Sessions -
33:58 24/10/2023
Let’s Talk Workplace Entitlement With Trina Sunday
Workplace entitlement, or ‘entitled employees’ is something we are hearing ALOT of talk about at the moment.  So I decided to sit down for a chat with the one of the best in the business to talk about what actually is employee entitlement, and why is it such a hot topic right now? In our latest podcast episode, Trina Sunday shares her 25 years of knowledge in the HR and OD space, as well as her unique perspective to our discussion.   Trina shares her wisdom on how to effectively address entitlement, whether it's from employees, managers, or within teams. Drawing from her own experiences and beliefs, Trina sheds light on the evolving ways of working among different generations and why it is so important that as individuals we step back and check ourselves and our own beliefs systems before we use them to judge others.     If you’re eager to connect with Trina and continue your journey toward a more harmonious and productive workplace, make sure to catch her here, or check out Reimagine HR Here.Or, if you’re ready to understand more about how to drive a motivated, inspired and engaged team, then reach out to me here and let’s connect. Book a Call with ME -  
48:17 10/10/2023
How to deal when you inherit a team you didn't hire
You’ve found yourself in charge of people — whether you’ve been promoted or transferred within your current company, or have joined a new organisation with a team ready to go. Either way, Congratulations!  As exciting as this new opportunity is though, it can present some unique challenges and opportunities.  Inheriting a team that you didn't hire can be both exhilarating and daunting. It's a chance to showcase your leadership ability, but it also comes with the responsibility of navigating existing team dynamics and forging new connections.  Wondering how to handle it? I’ve got YOU covered. In this episode, I'll share with you six pieces of advice on how to settle in with your team and kick some goals early!  Tune in!   PS - Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Let’s work together! Here are 3 ways to work with me: Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - Book a FREE call with me - Be NEW JOB READY in 4 Weeks with our Career ReVive Sessions -
30:07 26/09/2023
Let's talk Leadership - what they don't teach you at uni with Shelley Johnson!
"Leadership is more than what meets the eye." When it comes to leadership, what we learn in a classroom setting only scratches the surface. The values, behaviours and impactful characteristics that make a true leader often go beyond formal reading and learning.  Join me in our latest episode as I engage in an insightful conversation with Shelley Johnson, a seasoned and impressive professional, Shelley has led human resources teams for over a decade, coaching executives and business owners to become the leader. Our conversation covers a range of topics such as the common misconceptions that cloud our understanding of leadership, and much, much more!  Shelley also opens up about her own journey of growth as a leader. Gain insights into her biggest revelations and learnings that have shaped her perspective on effective leadership. If you're eager to connect with Shelley and continue your journey of growth and leadership, make sure to catch her at HERE. Or, get your hands on Shelley's Book - Sort Your Career Out -   PS - Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Let’s work together! : Book a Call with ME -
48:43 12/09/2023
Navigating Change and Driving Culture with Nikos Psaltopoulos
In today's rapidly evolving world, organisations and individuals face the critical challenge of navigating change and driving culture. Adapting to new technologies, market shifts, and societal expectations is crucial for success. Effective change management and fostering a positive culture are key. This week, join us as we have an insightful conversation with Nikos Psaltopoulos, a C-suite leader and disruptor, who recently embarked on a new chapter in his career and life.  We explore the key ingredients necessary to cultivate a dynamic and positive culture within organisations, highlighting the significance of trust, respect, and genuine listening. He expresses his excitement for the future and his intention to find an organisation that aligns with his values and fosters growth. He also shared valuable advice to your younger self, encouraging belief in others' actions and the importance of backing yourself oneself without hesitation. Tune in to this engaging and enlightening conversation that will inspire you to embrace change, prioritise trust and culture, and seize opportunities for personal and professional growth. Want to reach out to Nikos? Say hello on LinkedIn here ->   PS - Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Let’s work together! Here are 3 ways to work with me: Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Online Accelerator Course: Book a FREE call with me:  
37:37 29/08/2023
Are you an asker or a teller?
Are you an Asker or a Teller? This seemingly simple question holds significant importance when it comes to driving a culture of collaboration and growth within your team. Why does this matter? There are four key reasons in my opinion why adopting the role of an asker, rather than a teller, is vital. In this episode, we'll delve into why this approach is crucial for achieving better business outcomes, cultivating high-performing teams, and fostering critical thinking and trust. Join us as we dive deep into the importance of embracing a coaching approach, unveiling how it unlocks critical thinking, nurtures problem-solving skills, and ultimately drives better results for everyone. Tune in and get ready to enhance your leadership skills and elevate your team's performance through the power of asking. PS - Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Let’s work together! Here are 3 ways to work with me: Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator: Book a FREE coaching call with me: Book me in for a workshop for your team:
20:52 15/08/2023
Offboarding with Class
Have you ever considered the impact of your departure from an organisation, team, or department on your long-term career? Whether you're moving on to another organisation, team, or department, it's crucial to approach your departure professionally and with a long-term perspective in mind. Your career is not a short game, but a strategic journey, and how you handle your offboarding process can have a lasting impact. In this episode, we'll explore three key aspects of offboarding with class. We'll discuss the importance of maintaining professionalism during your notice period. We'll highlight why it's essential to preserve your working relationships and the value of constructive feedback. So, let's dive in and discover the strategies to ensure your offboarding process reflects your professionalism and long-term career goals. PS - Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Let’s work together! Here are 3 ways to work with me:  Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Online Accelerator Course: Book a FREE coaching call with me: Be NEW JOB READY in 4 Weeks with my Career ReVive Sessions:
23:01 01/08/2023
5 Types of Difficult Colleagues and HOW to deal with them
Working in a collaborative environment often means encountering a diverse range of coworkers. While most colleagues are supportive and cooperative, there are times when we come across individuals who can pose challenges to our professional growth and productivity. Understanding different types of difficult colleagues is crucial in developing effective strategies to work with them.  It can be challenging to know exactly how to work with people who act like this. Avoiding these conflicts with our co-workers can have far-reaching consequences on our productivity, job satisfaction, and even our personal lives. Throughout this episode, we explore five common types of difficult colleagues and provide valuable tips on how to handle each of them.  Join us as we learn how to navigate the complexities of the workplace and create a more harmonious work environment.  Tune in now and discover more! Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - Book a FREE call with me -
30:40 18/07/2023
How to have a great mid-year performance conversation
Do you remember the last time you sat down for a performance review? Did it leave you feeling motivated, enthusiastic, and well-informed, ready to excel in your work? Well, for many employees, performance reviews can be quite the opposite. They can feel like a yearly obligation that causes anxiety, and can bring up a lot of negative emotions rather than inspiration.  Don’t worry, my friend. I’ve got some good news! By taking charge and actively participating in your mid-year performance conversation, you can turn things around and experience a whole new level of motivation. In this episode, we will delve into five effective strategies that empower you to seize control of your mid-year performance conversation and transform it into a source of pride for you. Get ready to tune in and let's make your performance review something to look forward to! Let’s do this.  Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - Book a FREE call with me -
26:44 04/07/2023
Dealing with Fear of Public Speaking
Whether presenting in front of a large audience or speaking up during a meeting, public speaking anxiety can be overwhelming and hinder personal and professional growth.  Fear not! If the thought of public speaking makes you frozen with fear, then this is the podcast episode for you. This week, I am joined by Shil Shanghavi, a public speaking specialist, storyteller and highly regarded speaker coach. Shil is redefining the meaning of public speaking by demonstrating its value across all forms of communication and has presented across most industries worldwide, online and in person. He is the Head of Speaker Coaching for TEDxPerth, a Board member for Guerrilla Establishment, and a presentation mentor with Impact100 WA. He shares with us the significance of public speaking skills in career advancement and lends some valuable tips for those who struggle with public speaking anxiety. Finally, we'll uncover practical strategies to ensure your audience REMEMBERS you, regardless of the setting or size. So, tune in, take a deep breath, and learn how to deal with this fear head-on. Shil Shanghavi Instagram - Shil Shanghavi Linkedin - Book a Call with ME -
44:24 20/06/2023
How to ask for a Pay Rise - Here are FOUR handy tips!
Asking for a raise can be a daunting task for many people, but it’s a crucial step in career development. With the right approach and preparation, you can increase your chances of getting a "YES" and securing the salary you deserve. While it does require careful research and preparation, following the right process and taking the time to do things correctly can boost your chances of success, as well as help you negotiate with confidence. As the saying goes, if you do not ask, you do not get.  In this episode, I give you key tips for making a successful request, including the importance of preparation. Tune in and learn how to approach this conversation with confidence and professionalism.  Need targeted help? Grab your copy of the 'Get what you Want at Work' KIT for JUST $27! - Book a Call with ME -
22:03 06/06/2023
How to nail your new role in your first 30 days!
Starting a new job can be both exciting and stressful. It's common to feel anxious during the first 30 days as you strive to make a good impression and learn the ropes quickly. It is an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and take on new challenges. With this can mean heightened stress and overwhelm. But, it doesn’t have to be. To make this transition as smooth as possible, it's important to have an intentional plan of action. In this episode, I give you practical strategies to help you succeed in your new role and create a positive impression from day one. Tune in to learn how to set yourself up for success and smash your new role in the first 30 days!  Get started with the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - Book your FREE call with me -
28:06 23/05/2023
Do you know your Career Non-Negotiables?
Knowing your career values, criteria or your non-negotiables is crucial to making informed decisions about your career path and finding greater fulfilment and satisfaction in your work.  Your career values are the principles and beliefs that are most important to you in your professional life.  They could include things like autonomy, creativity, financial stability, work-life balance, social impact, or personal growth. In this latest podcast episode, we discuss the importance of knowing your career value (or non-negotiables)  and how understanding these criteria can guide you to identify more opportunities that align better with your goals and priorities. Tune in to this latest episode to learn more! GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 -  Join the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -  Work with me 1:1 -
20:14 09/05/2023
Stand out at Work with your own personal USP!
In a world where competition reigns supreme, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Whether it's a new product, service, or brand; capturing the attention of your audience is crucial for success. A USP is not just a marketing concept, it's the heart and soul of business. And yet, for some reason, we never think about it when it comes to ourselves and how we show up in the workplace. What is YOUR unique differentiator that sets YOU apart from your competitors? In other words, what are the unique combination of experiences, thought leadership, and presence that make you, you.  By crafting a strong USP, you can increase your confidence, cement your personal brand, AND increase your visibility inside your organization.  In this episode, I’ll be explaining to you my own USP and how you can build one that is uniquely yours. Tune in! GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 -  JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -  Work with me 1:1 -
26:22 25/04/2023
Want to be Promoted? Do these FOUR things!
Climbing the career ladder and landing a promotion is an important goal for many professionals. Yet, it can be challenging to navigate the path to success and stand out among your peers.  To increase your chances of being promoted, it's important to be able to demonstrate your value to the company and show that you're ready for the next level. In this latest podcast episode, I'll be giving you FOUR handy tips to help you enhance your chances of getting that well-deserved promotion you’ve always wanted! Tune in and let me know what you think! Which of these four practical tips will you implement first? GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 -  JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -  Work with me 1:1 -
31:03 11/04/2023
Creating your own Story with Rachael Fitzpatrick
Our stories are some of the most powerful, impactful, and persuasive tools we have within ourselves! People will listen to you because of YOUR narrative. People believe in your ability to relate to them and trust you to lead because of how you convey YOUR STORY. This is why knowing your story and HOW to convey your narrative is vital not only in leadership but also in life. But how exactly?  This week, I am joined by Rachael Fitzpatrick. Rachael has worked in Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore and her employment experiences have formed her into the person she is today.  She'll tell us how vital it is to establish and create your own story, as well as how to present your real self at work and flourish.  Tune in to discover how to write your own story!   Connect with Rachael -  Rachaels Book Recommendations - (Quiet Leadership)  Your Brain at Work -  JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -
42:22 28/03/2023
How to improve your Relationships.
Our relationships play an important role in our personal AND professional lives and because of that we should be nurturing these relationships.  How often have you had a conversation with someone only to realise you had been the only one listening and asking questions the whole time? Or, perhaps you are the one who didn’t feel like you were able to reciprocate the same kind of genuine interest in the exchange?  Genuine curiosity is a simple ability, action and a habit that we frequently tend to overlook when it comes to strengthening relationships. Maintaining and demonstrating genuine interest in other people is critical if you want to improve your relationships; whether at work, with friends, or with a spouse. In this episode, I'll discuss the forgotten skill of curiosity and how you can utilise it to strengthen your interactions with others. Tune in!   GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 -  JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -  Work with me 1:1 -  Mi Goals 2023 Planners - 
18:10 14/03/2023
Amplification with Dr. Katherine Iscoe
Amplifying your voice and being unapologetically yourself is one of the most powerful and impactful tools a person has. We often hear the advice "just be yourself, and it will be fine.", but no matter how good it sounds, it just feels too good to be true. In reality, it is more complex, and just being yourself can feel like it won’t be enough to help us reach our goals, or establish good connections. But is it really the case?  Let's dive into today's episode with Dr Katherine Iscoe. A keynote speaker, author, board member, academic mentor, and former CEO of a dual-listed public company, her greatest love is connecting with people on a deep and 'filter-free' level. She is widely known for her humorous and relatable stories that help people realise: they are perfect just the way they are! Learn some tips in this episode from an expert and empower yourself to show up for who you really are.   Connect with Dr Katherine Iscoe  Website -  Instagram -    JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -        
30:27 28/02/2023
Twinning! Going against the Grain with my Twin, Adam.
Our lives can often be so heavily influenced by society and peer expectations, it’s not hard to lose sight of what we really want and what we’re truly passionate about. We can forget that this is OUR LIFE and at the end of the day, following your dream career or journey is up to YOU. This week I am joined by special guest and my twin brother Adam! We catch up on all things growing up, life and adventure, and he shares with us a glimpse of what life is like when you make the bold decision to throw it all up in the air and do the thing that truly sets your soul on fire. Adam has led a life that many would consider counter-cultural. After leaving his comfortable corporate career 5 years ago, along with fiancé Khiara, they now travel the world on board their yacht the Millennial Falcon.  If you're wondering what it feels like to make the call, go with your gut and chase down that dream you are truly passionate about, then let's get this poddy started!   "Follow Sailing Millennial Falcon on YouTube - Become a Patreon -  JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -"
49:40 15/02/2023
5 things you NEED to be doing to drive your career success in 2023!
What plans do you have for your career growth this year? What are you committing to doing differently? If your plan for the year was to keep taking on extra projects and responsibilities and hoping that your manager or someone else will notice, then, my friend, we need to get a game plan in place for you STAT.  But where do you even begin? What ARE the critical steps that you should take to advance your career, and where do you begin? I’ve got you covered; in this latest poddy episode, I share the 5 key pillars that are critical to your career success and will help you soar to new heights this year! ✨ So, like me, if you're ready to really drive your career this year and press on that gas pedal, then you're in luck! This podcast is for you.  Tune in! 🎙️   GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - Mi Goals 2023 Planners -
27:04 31/01/2023
We're BACK! 3 BIG Lessons I learnt in 2022!
Welcome to the Eating your Cake too podcast in 2023!  Are you a big believer in New Year's Resolutions? Do you wake up on the 1st Jan each year with a list of commitments you’re making to yourself for the year ahead? Personally, I rejected the idea of making New Year's resolutions a long time ago. I believe that for sustained success and motivation, we must regularly review our goals, not just once a year, but every day - consistently. I also believe that New Year's resolutions give us the opportunity to abdicate responsibility to start something NOW. They allow us to wait for the start of a new year to make a change, when the reality is, our time is never guaranteed.  What is important to you? Where would you like to go? What do you hold dear? What do you find interesting? How are your daily actions and habits assisting you in getting there? In this podcast, I'll explain why I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions and what I do instead at the start of the year! I’ll also share with you my 3 BIG learnings from 2022.  Tune in and have your 2023 kick off with a bang!    GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - Mi Goals 2023 Planners -
27:37 17/01/2023
Saying NO in the Silly Season!
Do you feel like this time of the year gets a bit overwhelming at times? Do you feel like every time you open your calendar, there are more and more events in there? More and more invites. More and more emails saying “we must grab a coffee before the year is through”?  This podcast is to remind you that it is OK to say NO. It is OK to decline the 9th Christmas party you’ve been invited to. Or the coffee catch up with someone you haven’t seen all year, but is pushing to squeeze into your calendar somewhere between 10 loads of washing, school pick up, and the 4 other commitments you already have all at the same time. When we say YES to something, we are saying NO to something else.  So this time of year, I like to remind people that we want to be sure we are saying YES to the things that REALLY matter to us, not just someone else’s agenda.  My latest podcast episode is a short, sharp episode that packs a serious punch!  Let’s dive right in!   GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 - JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator -
17:29 22/11/2022
Embracing more feminine energy with Amanda Louisa
All of us have both a combination of masculine and feminine energy within us. Both of these energies have a unique impact on how we lead and how we show up at work.  Curious about which energy you are leaning into? So was I.  Let’s dive into today’s episode with Amanda Louisa, a sustainability specialist, feminine leadership coach, and recovering lawyer! We talk about embracing more feminine energy and finding the right balance between the masculine and feminine energy within us.  Amanda helps corporations and women harness the power of feminine leadership to create thriving and resilient organisations, paving the way for a better future. When she isn't working to change the way we treat the world and women, you can find her with her two cats, or preparing a delicious meal for family and friends.   JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator. Connect with Amanda Louisa on Linkedin. Connect on Instagram. Website: Amanda's Book Recommendation.
34:11 08/11/2022
How to ask for feedback that is actually helpful!
Do you find it difficult to gather helpful feedback from your team? Let me share a little secret with you - The quality of the way that you ask for your feedback will dictate the quality you get in return.  Most people begin by asking closed-ended questions for feedback. It doesn't always work well because it's easy to avoid answering with a yes or no question. So, if you truly want useful feedback. Ask for it tactfully, with open-ended questions. If you’re thinking about how to just do that, then stay tuned for today’s episode! We'll discuss how to ask the powerful feedback questions that ensure you get helpful, constructive and useful feedback to help you continue to grow!  TAKE YOUR CAREER TO THAT NEXT LEVEL BY GRABBING THE ONE HOUR CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 . Book a FREE Call with me! JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator. 
28:08 25/10/2022
Preventing Churn and Burn in the Workplace with Marija Andacic
Genuine care and concern for workplace teams and relationships might sound simple, and yet it is something we all know we need more of and probably needs to be DOING more of too. It is what employees truly require from their employers. Caring entails being able to truly listen to others and be willing to hear what everyone on the team has to say around what they need and what they believe. In my latest podcast episode, I am joined by the wonderful Marija Andacic, an experienced, dynamic, and trusted leader, for a discussion about preventing workplace churn and burn. Marija has experience working in the public sector, health care, manufacturing, media, and not-for-profit sectors with diverse occupational and geographical groups.  I love Marija’s honest, insightful, and practical approach to what we need to be doing more to really support our people in the workplace and to deal with the current rate of churn and burn we are seeing across the globe.  Listen in and leave us a review if you’re loving what you're hearing!  Connect with Marija on Linkedin. Marija Book Recommendation "Tell me I'm Here" By Anne Deveson.  and "Atlas of the Heart" By Brene Brown.  GRAB THE CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 - here Book a FREE Call with me - here 
40:56 11/10/2022