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We are Potty and Dotty about Scotties (Scottish terriers)! Hosted by London Scottie Club, London Scottie Radio is the go-to for news and stories related to Scottish Terrier dogs and the real community of Scotties we are building across the UK and the world. We plan to Scotify the world! If in London, join our events and visit our website to learn more about this iconic breed of dog. Have fun, and discover why this might be the dog for you! www.LondonScottie.Club


EP 37: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
The cost of living crisis in the UK continues. While our Scottie MOT podcast has featured past editions on the cost of maintaining a Scottie, a jump in the number of Scotties being rehomed by our friends at STECS means we are devoting this episode to ways to manage, and even save, money to help […]
31:12 09/02/2024
EP 36: Voted Top-30 London news podcast
If dogs could blush, this would be the moment. London Scottie Radio, the podcast service of London Scottie Club, has just been voted a top-30 provider of news in London.
03:21 20/08/2023
EP 35: Collared! Guest storms onto show
This week the idyllic islands of New Zealand were devastated by a cyclone causing the country to declare only its third-ever state of emergency in its history.
38:11 17/02/2023
EP 34: Blog on the Go | A Scottie Snow Ball
Hello fellow readers and listeners. This is Amy from the London Scottie Club newsroom. I have a wee small announcement I would like to make. For the first time we have combined to bring you audio and our text articles together! From now on, you will be able to listen to our articles as podcasts as well as read them on the website. The idea was first introduced in 2016 and we called it “Blog On The Go”. Well, now it is really here. We will not select everything that we post on the website. But we will select articles that we feel will be suited to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts from your favourite podcast player app. And be sure to visit our website to see cute Scotties and their amazing stories. Here’s our first story, A Scottie Snow Ball.
02:32 13/12/2022
EP 33: Scottie MOT | Catriona Hudson
One thing you don't expect around your pet dog. For them to go missing. When it happens we hope that communities are able to find your dog and return them safely and swiftly. ...
29:31 11/11/2022
EP 32: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
What is your dog telling you when they bark at others across the street? We asked our club Members in a poll. This is also one of the topics tackled on the latest episode of Scottie MOT by guest Cath Marchbank.
19:32 07/10/2022
EP 31: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
Scottie MOT is back and this month it is an extended edition with Cath Marchbank which could be re-titled Scottie MORT. That is because we discuss how owners and second pets should prepare for the passing of a Scottie.
48:46 09/09/2022
EP 30: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
After clearing out plants that could be dangerous for your Scottie, what to plant instead? We offer some ideas. And what's this javelin-shaped object that's known as a Foxtail? Cath Marchbank is our guest on Scottie MOT.
16:46 12/08/2022
EP 29: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
How do you cool a Scottie in the very hot July weather in the UK? Cath Marchbank comes up with some super tips on staying cool. And meet Hermes - the Scottie and owner rescued from Mariupol, Ukraine and coming to Britain.
27:46 13/07/2022
EP 28: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
So you have your dog groomed regularly. But what to do in between visits to the groomers? How to keep that top dog look? Jacky Ash explains what you need to do, and why you need to get familiar with a Slicker Brush. The next episode of Scottie MOT will be broadcast on 15 July 2022. During the summer months, Scottie MOT will be published once a month.
19:57 17/06/2022
Next Pawedcast 17 June
Scottie MOT is taking a break. Our next episode, EP 28, will be released on 17 June 2022. Now is a good time to catch up with episodes you may have missed earlier in the year.
00:22 06/06/2022
EP 27: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
We complete our series on cost of living and raising a Scottie with Cath Marchbank our guest on Scottie MOT. We also take a look at one expense that was not discussed so far - the cost of taking your dog to Europe. After Brexit EU Pet Passports no longer work.
28:23 27/05/2022
EP 26: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
It's Lyme Awareness Month, so we are all over ticks that are a nuisance to dogs and dangerous to humans. Guest Jacky Ash also indulges in how much it costs to own a Scottish Terrier. How does she measure up against our online poll? As promised on the show, we present our calculations for how much a Scottie would cost you in the UK over 5, 10 and 15 years.
27:27 20/05/2022
EP 25: Collared! United with Ukraine’s Scotties
Scotties are popular in Ukraine and sadly we have reports of some losses during the current conflict with Russia. On May 8, Pavel Semik, organiser of Kyiv's popular Black and White Parade, discussed with George Matlock about the conditions on the ground and how he is helping his country and the Scotties. First broadcast 13 May 2022.
27:15 13/05/2022
EP 24: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
Cost of living crisis means abandoned dogs. We talk to STECS's Cath Marchbank about the odious trend. Also we help a Member whose VIP Dakota likes her routine routes! And we reveal how many hours Scotties sleep? Plus how you tune in to your favourite "Pawed-Casts" Scottie MOT and Collared!
33:20 29/04/2022
EP 23: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
Alabama Rot is a growing and deadly menace for dogs in the UK. Jacky Ash explains how to spot it and what to do. We also discuss the first London Scottie Club Members' online poll on the topic of grooming and find out how the new podcast series are winning new listeners. LSC would like to apologise the audio was not optimal during this broadcast. A technical thing!
26:49 15/04/2022
EP 22: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
April is here. And with it the dodgy errands at work which turn out to be a spoof. We all know Scotties are comical but sometimes their antics can get to be too much for their owners. Cath Marchbank discusses how to evade a Storm in a Teacup and we celebrate some Scottie birthdays. Well, someone had to be born on April Fool's Day!
19:18 01/04/2022
EP 21: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
Crufts 2022, canine-friendly gardening, STECS donating medication campaign and sofa Scotties are the topics STECS Welfare Officer Cath Marchbank tackles in our latest edition of Scottie MOT from London Scottie Radio. During the show Cath mentioned a service that helps identify toxins which canines could meet on their adventures. LSC believes it is better if we can avoid the toxic plants in the first place and with Spring on the way, we therefore share here a list of dangerous plants as compiled by charity Dogs Trust.
31:41 18/03/2022
EP 20: Collared! Monty’s Medication Mountain
Imagine visiting the vets and it taking the vet 30 minutes to study the notes. Such was the story of one Scottish Terrier who had many ailments in his life but still managed to live with his devoted owners for 11 years. Hear the amazing story of Monty told by owner Holly Rogers.
28:49 11/03/2022
EP 19: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
Nail-biting episode of Scottie MOT with Jacky Ash, and we ask what to do if you no longer need medication prescribed for your Scottie?
17:08 04/03/2022
EP 18: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
STECS Welfare Officer Cath Marchbank tackles the nuisance of fleas and discuss one of the most prevalent illnesses to hit Scotties, bladder cancer. We dedicate this episode of Scottie MOT to the memory of Gordon the Wheaten Scottie from Virginia, USA. If you have a question for Scottie MOT be sure to visit www.Scottie.Scot and provide as much detail as you can (attach photos or short video if this helps). All Scottish Terrier owners are welcome to submit questions.
21:24 18/02/2022
EP 17: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
Did you know you could extend your Scottie's life by three years if you look after their teeth? Jacky Ash explains why keeping your Scottie's teeth healthy matters more than vanity. A transcript of the recording is available under the player button for this episode from our website LondonScottie.Club We apologise for the poor audio quality of this episode - we were having some dental work carried out!
22:21 04/02/2022
EP 16: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
This week we make a meal of it. Scottie diets can be balanced kibble and soft, or they can involve raw food or processed food. Cath Marchbank tackles the latest questions. If you have a question for Scottie MOT be sure to visit and provide as much detail as you can (attach photos or short video if this helps). All Scottish Terrier owners are welcome to submit questions.
12:34 21/01/2022
EP 15: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
What is your dog trying to tell you if they adopt difficult habits like urinating indoors or stalling in the street anytime someone approaches? Jacky Ash tackles the latest questions and advises finding canine behaviour specialists locally - with a little help from your vet. If you have a question for Scottie MOT be sure to visit and provide as much detail as you can (attach photos if this helps). All Scottish Terrier owners are welcome to submit questions.
19:50 07/01/2022
EP 14: Collared! Fostering a Scottie
What is it like to suddenly lose your Scottie, even if you know it has a long-term illness? Karen Randall adopted Remy, but for the year they were together it was more like fostering a Scottie. Hear about the emotions and why Karen would do it all again. Around 50 Scotties need rehoming each year in the UK, according to charity STECS statistics. Find out why we need to help.
30:25 31/12/2021
EP 13: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
Following STECS Welfare Officer Cath Marchbank's debut on Scottie MOT she had two health enquiries from listeners who heard the show. In her second monthly episode Cath explains how to "Take Back Control". Not Britain away from Europe, but Scotties away from squirrels or standoffs with cats. Cath also gives advice on how to treat your Scottie during the looming holiday season, in this fun, festive edition of Scottie MOT, the last of 2021. Be sure to send in your questions for 2022 using the Contact form and mark the subject title "MOT".
26:23 17/12/2021
EP 12: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
Jacky Ash is back on Scottie MOT ! Swap a stethoscope for headphones in this latest Scotify dogcast on London Scottie Radio. Jacky of Ashgate Grooming & Kennels in Somerset tells George Matlock about how a canine formula of garlic can healthily keep fleas away, and we answer a question about the mysterious presence of green mucus. Shiver! If you have a question about the health of your Scottie, send it to Scottie MOT and we will try to feature it soon! Use the Contact page.
08:56 03/12/2021
EP 11: Collard! Hami the Hero Saves Nicola
In our first edition of Collard! the new in-depth interview series on London Scottie Radio, George Matlock talks to London Scottie Club meeting marshal Nicola Murray about when she witnessed a terror attack in the capital and how Scottie Hami became her hero to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hami also later helped Nicola confront the scene of the atrocity on London Bridge in an amusing style! Recorded on 15 November, the day after a terror attack at Liverpool Women's Hospital, Merseyside, hear Nicola explain her path to personal freedom as we approach 29 November, which marks the second anniversary of the London attack.
23:57 26/11/2021
EP 10: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank
Swap a stethoscope for headphones in the latest Scotify dogcast on London Scottie Radio. Cath Marchbank, Welfare Officer at charity STECS talks to George Matlock about this weekend's Discover Dogs event in London where STECS will be exhibiting on Sunday, and about the characteristics of Scotties for anyone keen to offer a home. Cath also talks about her role helping Scotties day-to-day and how to deal with aggression in Scotties. Did you know they have the biggest canine teeth? Be prepared to be amazed! If you have a question about the health of your Scottie, send it to Scottie MOT and we will try to feature it soon! Use the Contact page. You don't have to be a London Scottie Club member to send in your question.
14:04 19/11/2021
EP 09: Scottie MOT | Jacky Ash
Remember the 5 of November. We introduce new series Scottie MOT with a bang! Swap a stethescope for headphones in this latest Scotify dogcast on London Scottie Radio. Jacky Ash of Ashgate Grooming & Kennels in Somerset tells George Matlock about the decline of handstripping - at precisely the time that demand for Scotties and the healthiest choice for grooming are back. And what advice has Jacky for keeping canines safe from fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night? If you have a question about the health of your Scottie, send it to Scottie MOT and we will try to feature it soon! Use the Contact page.
10:27 05/11/2021