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Educate yourself on all things related to NFTs and crypto. Listen in, as the interesting and the difficult-to-understand topics are explained to you with the information simplified into a digestible discussion with thought leaders in the NFT space and the cryptosphere.


Tokel Talk goes to Mars!
Join Ejuliano as he chats with Sarah Marie and Ian from the Crolon Mars team.
23:13 07/02/2023
Metaverse Gaming: Play & Earn The Next Frontier
For almost a decade  Anand (RX 669 Series) has been creating products for the metaverse. He talks to Ejuliano about his journey exclusively on Tokel Talk.Anand wears virtual reality headsets for hours, making weird gestures testing augmented reality applications, and talking to 3d AI chatbots . He has led multiple teams to successfully develop many oculus - virtual and augmented reality applications for a variety of service sectors. He has ideated and executed web augmented reality campaigns and prototypes for various international brands. Listen to a fascinating discussion about the metaverse.
48:04 13/12/2022
NFT Your Lifestyle - Token Public Relations
 Motti Peer (Reblonde PR Agency)  speaks to Ejuliano and Kelcie about the progress of web3. He remembers the bull cycle and all the successes as well as the bear market. He explains the ramifications of the price drops for the NFT industry.🎤 Motti Peer (Reblonde PR Agency)🎤 Ejuliano🎤 KelcieMarketing & post-production: +dreamTim
31:02 05/12/2022
NFT PowerUps - The Best Non-Funglible Tokens
Ayman Itani (NFT PowerUP)  discusses non-funglible tokens with Kelcie and Ejuliano, whilst introducing us to the concepts of a second chance to succeed in Web3, charity, community and transparency.The founders are 100% CertiK Web3 KYC Verified.Another fascinating episode into the world of NFTs from Tokel Talk.
39:14 25/11/2022
Play & Earn Strategic NFT Games with Anomura
Long Do from NFT game Anomura talk to you about blockchain, art, crypto and Non-Fungible tokens with hosts Ejuliano and Kelcie in an exclusive Tokel Talk interview.Learn more about games and the metaverse and how to benefit from both.🎙Long Do (Anomura)🎙Kelcie (Tokel)🎙Ejuliano (Tokel)Marketing & Post Production: +dreamTim
43:44 03/11/2022
Heard of Clean To Earn? Your NFT Prisoner Remains
 Immerse yourself into strange new worlds created just for you. Let the artists take you into a journey of self-discovery and the community to a place of content. LA artist Pondo, past Creative Director for Pixar, Anthony and storyteller and published author Vasil, join Ejuliano and Kelcie for a fascinating episode of Tokel Talk. You learn about Clean To Earn NFT programs and a world where language is a virus and stories are contagious.🎤 Pondo (MidnightCityNFT)🎤 Vasil Tuchkov (It Remains) 🎤 Anthony Christov (It Remains) 🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)Host: EjulianoMarketing & Post-production: +dreamTim
58:14 26/10/2022
Decentralized Science, NFTs, Securities & Charities
Mati Greenspan and Brian from Cherubs DAO meet Kelcie and Ejuliano to discuss doing good using NFTs, regulation and how NFTs are used as securities, and decentralized science (DeSci) as a vehicle to finding new cures faster and more efficiently.🎤 Mati Greenspan🎤 Brian (Cherubs DAO)🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)Host: EjulianoMarketing & Post Production: +dreamTim
45:13 20/10/2022
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) With NFTs
In this episode 3D and AI visual artist Strob (Eye of the Komodo) alongside conceptual Dutch artist Frank Tjepkema talk to Ejuliano, Kelcie and NutellaLicka about AI in the NFT space.A truly fascinating topic for something that is already all around us.🎤 Strob (Eye of the Komodo)🎤 Frank Tjepkema🎤 Kelcie🎤 NutellaLickaHost: EjulianoMarketing & Post Production: +DreamTim
45:51 13/10/2022
Bored Ape Yacht Club Review
Kelcie, Ejuliano and NutellaLicka present facts and stats alongside the famous success and background story of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). What made this project so successful? Why did BAYC do differently? How did it become popular with celebrities? Who are the holders? How much does it cost?And much more.🎤 Ejuliano (Tokel)🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)
49:29 12/09/2022
Vleppo, NFTs & The Law - Tokel Talk
Ejuliano and Kelcie talked to Vleppo CEO Peter Coco about the collaborative project with Tokel to bring legal capabilities to NFT technology. An industry first. Vleppo are experts in utilizing blockchain technology, and in particular Peer 2 Peer (P2P) File Transfer. Vleppo’s Blockchain system is called Alysides. It is a customized fork of theKomodo Protocol, and it is both public and permissionless.FTrSaroth is a multi-skilled NFT artist that publishes his work on multiple chains including the Tokel Platform.Special Guests:Peter Coco (Vleppo)FTrSaroth (artist)Hosts:Ejuliano (Tokel)Kelcie (Tokel)
47:14 06/09/2022
Half Yearly NFT News Review - Tokel Talk
Ejuliano, Kelcie and Leni from the Tokel team are talking about the state of the NFT industry in the first half of 2022.Guests:🎙️ Ejuliano (Tokel)🎙️ Kelcie (Tokel)🎙️ Leni (Tokel)Marketing & Post-Production:+DreamTim (Tokel)
51:03 11/07/2022
Mack Flavelle Exclusive: Cryptokitties, Dapper Labs & The Future - Tokel Talk
Tokel Talk Exclusive: Cryptokitties & Dapper Labs Co-Founder Mack Flavelle, speaks live about the past and the future of web3.Amongst other things, we discuss the start of it all, the birth of NFTs through virtual cat reproduction and the creation of the ERC-721 token. We are also talking about IP rights and how that influences the industry, bringing new challenges. Bill Starkov and members of the System Error project take us through their journeys and the fascinating aspects of their projects.Special Guests:🎙️ Mack Flavelle (Dapper Labs/Cryptokitties/MetaTrads)🎙️ Matt Pearlstein (System Error)🎙️ Ethan (System Error)🎙️ Bill Starkov (Apocalyptic Apes)Hosts:🎙️ Ejuliano (Tokel)🎙️ Kelcie (Tokel)🎙️ NutellaLicka (Tokel)Marketing & Post-Production:+DreamTim (Tokel)
54:28 06/07/2022
The Wild World Of NFTs - Tokel Talk
A gamer, actress/model got lucky with Ethereum & NFT’s. ETHeGirl talks about striking luck with Ethereum, Hollywood and placing herself in the metaverse with NFTs. Lester from The Munchie Mafia is talking about NFTs saving endangered species of animals and how communities can come together to do good for the planet and the environment. All that amidst market turmoil and more NFT adoption every day. 😀Special Guests🎙 Sarah Marie (@1ETHegirl)🎙 Lester (@themunchiemafia)🎙 NutellaLicka (@tokelplatform)Host: Ejuliano (Tokel)Co-host: Kelcie (Tokel)Tokel - NFT Platform
50:05 17/06/2022
NFT Game Changer - Tokel Talk
A community-owned blockchain NFT game, a large cryptocurrency exchange and a gasless multi-chain NFT marketplace are answering important industry questions for Ejuliano and the Tokel team. They take us through their journey into crypto and Non-Fungible Tokens.Special Guests:🎙Jesse Johnson (Pixelcraft Studios / Aavegotchi) 🎙Justin Hartzman (CoinSmart)🎙James Hakim (Curate)Host: Ejuliano (Tokel)Co-Host: Kelcie (Tokel)http://discord.tokel.io
56:18 07/06/2022
How To Sell Your NFTs - Tokel Talk
 Find out how you can sell your NFTs from experts in the field. As a bonus, filmmaker, author and entrepreneur Somi Arian presents FemPeak & Nadav Zemier talks about changing the future with web3 education.🎤 Nadav Zemier 🎤 Somi Arian 🎤 Tim Haldorsson 🎤 Arvin KhamsehHost: Ejuliano
69:27 18/05/2022
Sustainable Development With NFTs - Tokel Talk
Haischel Dabian from Dutch sustainability & supply chain blockchain consultancy firm Kryha speaks to Ejuliano and the Tokel Team about improving the mining of cobalt and verification of quality alongside the struggles of achieving the perfect balance for the phygital space. Why is it so hard to bridge the digital and physical worlds? NFT project Cyber Knights from DRIVENecosystem present their vision of NFTs used as a security mechanism to lock access to funds otherwise susceptible to fraud and hacks.We also cover the big news about the latest scandalous OthersideMeta mint from Yuga Labs that sent Ethereum gas fees soaring and record amounts spent. 🎤 Haischel Dabian (Kryha)🎤 Paul Socarde (Cyber Knights) 🎤 Niko Jukić (Cyber Knights)🎤 Brandon Desormeaux (Cyber Knights)🎤 Scott Crowley (Cyber Knights)🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)Host: Ejuliano (Tokel)
56:35 04/05/2022
NFT: The Next Generation - Tokel Talk
Youth meets technology in this exclusive episode of Tokel Talk. NFT projects Proton Planets, REXCreditNFT and Space Cadets talk to Ejuliano and the Tokel Team about their journey into the NFT world. Guests: ⭐Space Cadets NFT ⭐Proton Planets ⭐Rex NFT Proton Planets: Space Cadets: Rex NFT: Talk: Tokel is an open-source, dedicated, token & non-fungible token (NFT) platform. The Tokel platform provides end-to-end token solutions to creators, businesses and projects alike. Utilizing and developing on existing Komodo technologies, Tokel offers an array of layer 1 blockchain features, including UTXO based, on-chain token creation, management and decentralized trading functions (tokenDEX & NFT marketplace). Website:
49:51 23/04/2022
Tokenize Your Business With NFTs - Tokel Talk
Learn how to tokenize and NFT your business with Consilience, currently an entrepreneur and former financier that has sold multiple companies, exclusively on Tokel Talk.Ownership, identity and decentralization via tokenization are the key topics of this podcast.How can your business benefit from the token economy?What are the steps you need to take?All that and some big announcements from the Tokel Team.Guests:🎤 Consilience (Verus)🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)🎤 +dreamTim (Tokel)Host: Ejuliano
41:02 07/04/2022
Using NFTs In The Real World - Tokel Talk
Dutch Artist Frank Tjepkema and Hemp Coin Project Leader Exile13 speak to Ejuliano, NutellaLicka and the Tokel team about using NFTs in the real world and how useful blockchain can be to prove authenticity.They also discuss the new Phygital world, how NFTs are already becoming part of the metaverse, as well as matters of ownership that includes licencing of NFTs in real use cases.NFTs have brought people and artists closer than ever via the digital medium and the possibilities of proving authenticity in fashion, art, cars and even everyday products that we consume such as food are only starting to emerge.Will hardware catch up with software and what does this mean for simple people like me and you? 🙄🤨😉
53:59 27/03/2022
How To Create NFT Collections with Cyber Komodos - Tokel Talk
Komodo ecosystem member and Cyber Komodos project lead PTYX takes us through his journey in NFTs and the creation of his latest project on the Tokel Platform.He talks about his inspiration behind the project, his motivation to contribute to the community and the tools the project has built to pave the way for future artists to create their own NFT platforms.🎤 PTYX (Cyber Komodos)🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)🎤 Leni (Tokel)🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)🎤 +dreamTim (Tokel)🎤 Host: Ejuliano
71:02 12/03/2022
NFTs vs Tokens - Tokel Talk
Learn how professional photographer Faith West digitized early photos of the band Nirvana and how she sold them as NFTs. Kadan "ca333" Stadelmann explains the technical differences between tokens and NFTs. Ramonster42 takes us into his journey of conceptual art and his NFT curiosity.Ejuliano hosting, alongside Tokel Project Lead NutellaLicka and +dreamTim.All that plus weekly news from the exciting world of web3.
64:42 23/02/2022
NFTs in the Metaverse & Beyond - Tokel Talk
Photorealistic NFTs generated by a combination of A.I. and human artistry on NFT podcast Tokel Talk with special guest Violeta from Pionauts and the Tokel Platform team.Another exciting week in the NFT world unfolds with sales of $165 million. Guests🎤 Violeta (Pionauts)🎤 +dreamTim (Tokel)🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)Host: Ejuliano (Tokel)
53:28 09/02/2022
Building The Future With NFTs & DAOs - Tokel Talk
Brian from CherubsDAO speaks to Ejuliano, NutellaLicka, Kelcie and +dreamTim about doing good for just causes using the blockchain. He covers NFT-powered communities and building the future of tokenization with Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).Speakers:🎤 Brian (CherubsDAO)🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)🎤 +dreamTim (Tokel/BPSAA)🎤 Leni (Tokel)Host: Ejuliano (Tokel)Technical Director: Kaks (Pirate Chain)
69:15 26/01/2022
Tokel Talk: NFTs & Komodo Platform Technology
The Tokel team speaks to a number of projects about NFTs in 2022 and how Komodo Platform Technology is evolving in this space. CryptoCollider  PTYX (Komodo) +dreamTim (Tokel) Kelcie (Tokel) Ejuliano (Tokel)Website:https://tokel.ioCommunity: CQSnrF8J3eBA0EncQiCN
77:21 12/01/2022
Tokel Talk - Token & NFT Creation Tool
The Tokel Team got together to make a number of announcements and to introduce the brand new Token Creation Tool.Website: Exchanges Follow Tokel Twitter: Medium: Flote: Discord: Bitcointalk: Reddit: Telegram Group: Telegram Announcements: Odysee: LinkedIn: Youtube: Twitch: BitTube: Facebook: Instagram:
91:09 16/12/2021
Tokel Talk: Physical NFTs - Bridging Physical & Digital Ownership
The Tokel Team as part of Tokel Talk Tuesday speaks to a special guest about physical NFTs  and bridging physical & digital ownership using blockchain technology.Speakers: Tango808 - Verus Ejuliano - Komodo NutellaLicka - Tokel Website:
61:14 02/12/2021
Tokel Talk: Tokenization of Digital Assets & Public Policy
The IDO Phase 2 Tokel Talk about the Tokenization of Digital Assets & Public Policy with some very special guests. Speakers: Hashratez - Etho Protocol Zullu - Pirate Chain Sorokyne & Andrew - Pirate Party Australia Ejuliano - Tokel Team NutellaLicka - Tokel Team +dreamTim - Tokel Team Website: Socials:
88:19 29/11/2021
Tokel Talk: GameFi & Tokenization
The Tokel Talk Team meets Draeth from Night Life Crypto to discuss GameFi & and the future of tokenization.Draeth (Night Life Crypto)  NutellaLicka (Tokel)  +dreamTim (Tokel)  ejuliano (Komodo)https://tokel.io
59:12 18/11/2021
Komodo CTO Talks About AtomicDEX & IDOs - Tokel Talk
Tokel Platform Project Lead NutellaLicka interviews  Komodo CTO Kadan "ca333" Stadelmann about AtomicDEX, IDOs and the coming Tokel IDO.Website:
19:43 14/11/2021