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Design Feeling is a new podcast and community platform for design thinkers, people gatherers, dot connectors, technologists and creative problem solvers who want to increase their self-awareness, creative confidence and meaning. Join Nirish Shakya, Design Thinking Consultant, Educator and Coach, and his expert guests as they explore the human behind the human-centred designer. Their mission is to help you become a more empowered problem solver with a clearer mission for others and more compassion for yourself. It’s a mix of interviews, mentorship calls and solo shows from Nirish you’re not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe and get ready to deconstruct the designer in you.


Transforming self-perception: Petra Williams on authenticity, hope, and expression
In this episode, host Nirish Shakya speaks with motivational speaker, life coach and poet, Petra Williams. They explore the journey of overcoming societal standards and personal fears, the layers of identity with the inner illumination model, and transforming inspiration into actionable steps. Petra emphasises the importance of self-reflection, support networks, and managing ego. She also discusses the power of unfiltered self-expression through poetry, lessons from Viktor Frankl's 'Man's Search for Meaning,' and the critical role of hope and vision for the future. Tune in for Petra's advice on embracing authenticity, living life fully, and overcoming personal challenges.In this episode:Self-discovery of layers of identityOvercoming fear and shameThe power of choice and taking small stepsMeditation and self-reflectionThe role of support networksand much more!Get a free 20 minute coaching session with’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl a signed copy of the book ‘Designing Tomorrow’ by Martin Tomitsch and Steve BatyDrop a comment, DM or email with your response to the question “What would you design about tomorrow?”Show creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
89:25 23/05/2024
Designing tomorrow beyond human-centricity with Martin Tomitsch and Steve Baty (plus free book giveaways!)
In this in-depth discussion, recorded at the UTS podcast studio in Sydney, Australia, Nirish Shakya talks with Martin Tomitsch and Steve Baty, co-authors of the book 'Designing Tomorrow.' Keep listening to win a free copy of the book!They delve into the shifting paradigms of the design industry, advocating for a life-centred approach that goes beyond human and business needs to consider the health of the planet and all its life forms.The conversation covers the essential mindsets, tools, and techniques for designers, changemakers, and entrepreneurs to foster more sustainable practices and product life cycles. It also touches on the importance of collaboration across disciplines and sectors to achieve significant, positive change.Highlighting the roles of education, corporate responsibility, and individual action, Martin and Steve share insights into making impactful changes within organisations and the broader societal context.To enter the free book giveraway of the book ‘Designing Tomorrow’, drop a comment on any of our social media channels or email us ( with an example of an organisation or a local community group or an individual who's having a positive impact in a small but growing way.ShownotesOrder your copy of ‘Designing Tomorrow’https://www.designingtomorrowbook.comMartin Tomitsch Baty Carbon Calculator & Fugly creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
77:31 18/04/2024
The Power of Pointless Creativity Projects with Steve Chapman
This episode features a profound conversation with Steve Chapman, focusing on the liberation from societal constraints to embrace creative spontaneity and personal development. Steve shares his transition from as a organisational culture expert to pursuing artistic freedom, underlining the importance of lived experiences over traditional learning. Steve’s projects like 'Sound of Silence' and 'Lost Cat' underscore the value of initiating endeavours without fixed goals, highlighting an organic discovery process. Additionally, Steve discusses his mask workshops, derived from Keith Johnson's concepts and Gestalt therapy, which facilitate personal discovery by encouraging participants to express hidden facets of their identities. Through these workshops and his approach to creativity, Steve emphasises the significance of embracing life's uncertainties and contradictions, acknowledging 'not knowing' as an intrinsic part of the human condition and a gateway to deeper self-awareness and creative exploration.Show notesAttend Steve Chapman’s Mask Workshop on 17th May 2024 in London with Steve Chapman from Freedom by Erich Fromm creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
89:50 28/03/2024
Decolonising ourselves: The journey to healing-centered ecosystems with Lana Jelenjev
In this deep conversation with consultant, facilitator, and mentor, Lana Jelenjev, and host Nirish Shakya, they delve into topics of self-discovery, healing-centred ecosystems, and building deep connections. They discuss the importance of pausing, self-reflection, decolonising oneself, and the role of body consciousness in healing. Lana shares her personal story, weaving through the stages of her life, from battling breast cancer to embarking on a self-discovery journey. This episode is packed with deep introspective discussions, powerful anecdotes, and significant insights about personal healing and how it radiates to form healing-centred ecosystems.In this episode:From breast-cancer to self-discoveryHealing-Centered ecosystemsMindset reframe: we’re all born self-actualisedDecolonising oneselfThe practice of Nemawashi: A new approach to problem solvingThe art of pausingAnd much more!Lana Jelenjev's work primarily focuses on the dreaming, designing, and illumination of new systems. She collaborates with impact-driven organisations that serve groups whose voices need to be amplified, whether through training, mentoring programs, or by weaving communities of practice to deepen and integrate change. In her roles as a consultant, facilitator, mentor, and board leader, Jelenjev supports the organizations she works with by helping them expand their vision, connect with their target audience, define strategic directions for their services, design meaningful and engaging training programs, community of practice, or cohort learning programs, and facilitate safer and brave spaces.ShownotesConnect with Lana Jelenjev by Iyanla Vanzant creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
75:08 08/03/2024
Going to jail to save the world - Sam Griffiths
In this deep-dive interview, designer and activist Sam Griffiths details his journey from a design career into environmental activism, particularly with the organisation, Just Stop Oil. Sam discusses how entering the world of activism changed his perspective on the world and the importance of activism in our current climate crisis. Griffiths provides an insightful narrative on his confrontations with authorities, his experiences in prison, and the personal empowerment that arises as a result. He also shares advice for people feeling powerless in the face of massive systemic issues and emphasises the importance of collective action and resilience. Sam is also the founder of his business, Griffics, where he used play to help people access creativity through workshops and community projects.In this episode:Sam's arrest and experience in prisonCoping with confinement through art and mindfulnessChallenging the status quo in designThe role of designers in social changeThe power of stepping through fearAnd moreShownotesLess is More bookSam’s drawings in prisonjuststopoil.orgConnect with Sam creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
73:48 23/02/2024
Unlocking your unique identity within liminal spaces with Tutti Taygerly
Nirish Shakya interviews Tutti Taygerly, leadership coach, author and ex-Design leader at Meta and Disney, on navigating uncertain times and finding their unique place in the world. Diving into the notions of identity, systems, and personal growth amidst transitions, they discuss embracing individual uniqueness and the concept of 'otherness'. Tutti shares valuable insights on experimenting with personal leadership, trusting the process, seeking validation, and a deeper understanding of our position in the larger system. They also talk about Tutti's prolific multicultural background and how it influenced her career. Tune in to glean enlightening advice from Tutti's personal journey and reflections.In this episode:Embracing individual uniquenessDealing with transitionsExperimenting with personal leadershipUnderstanding our place in the systemAdvice from Tutti's personal journeyAnd more!Connect with Tutti Taygerley“Make Space to Lead” book by Tutti TaygerleyVisions in the Liminal Space Oracle Deck (new version of Postcards From the Liminal Space)How to sharpen your intuition as a designer using tarot with Dr. Adeola EnigbokanShow creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
79:04 08/02/2024
Achieving last year’s goals hasn’t made me happy. Here’s what I’m doing in 2024 instead.
Welcome to Season 5! Let's face it, 2023 was a challenging year for many designers and techies, and 2024 might not show immediate signs of improvement. Amidst this prevailing uncertainty, you might be seeing an influx of social media posts about setting new goals, while you're still trying to recharge and find your bearings.Falling into a cycle of setting goals, achieving them, and then feeling guilty for not achieving more is all too common. But what if a small shift in mindset could change your experience of the year ahead? What if you could learn to enjoy the journey of 2024, instead of just racing towards its end?In this episode, I share my three intentions for the year that could help you relax your focus on rigid goals and purposes. I discuss how playing without purpose, expressing yourself more holistically and authentically, and having faith that things are unfolding in the right time, can transform your approach to life and work. Tune in to discover how these intentions might bring more joy and fulfilment to your 2024.In this episode:The vicious cycle of goal-setting, achievement and self-loathingPlaying without purposeExpressing yourself more holistically and authenticallyHave faith in the universeMultiple book recommendations!ShownotesFour Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman Creative Body Process by Sian Davey and Abbie Trayler-Smith Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin Courage to Be Disliked: How to Free Yourself, Change Your Life, and Achieve Real Happiness by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
16:29 25/01/2024
Bonus episode: 15 minute guided end-of-year reflection
The new year is a great time to reflect on the past year, recalibrate your direction and refocus your energy for the new year. There are lots of great reflection exercises out there but many can take at least a few hours to do. If you’ve been thinking of doing a reflection but haven’t been able to find the time, I’ve designed a condensed version for you that’s less than 15 minutes long.I’ll guide you through:a reflection of your past year - what energised you and what drained youa visualisation of your ideal future self 12 months from nowa prioritisation of the tiniest next step to get your startedFollow Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
14:19 31/12/2023
Reflecting on your year, riding the waves you’re on and being aware of the mountain you're climbing with Josie Downey and Jason Mesut
#047 - We wrap up Season 4 reflecting on some end of year reflection workshops I ran with Design Strategist, Josie Downey, to help designers and changemakers reflect on their year and refocus on 2024. We are also joined by Product Strategy Consultant, Jason Mesut, who attended one of those workshops.Have you reflected on your year and set your intentions for 2024? If you already have or if you’re thinking of doing one, this episode might give you some ideas and new ways of going about it.In this episode:Bringing your body into your reflection exerciseEmbracing your moments from the year as they were without judging themPlaying with crazy ideas for the new year and embracing the unknownThe power of visualising the future and trusting your inner selfand much more!ShownotesJosie Downey Mesut for reflection curated by Jason MesutAndrea Mignolo’s At the end of a cycle year compass data-informed self-reflection creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
79:05 22/12/2023
From darkness to design leadership: A candid chat with Rob Armes on beating psychosis
#046 - How we feel has a direct impact on our creativity and confidence. However, we don’t openly talk about our mental health at work. In this episode, I speak to my friend Rob Armes who’s a design leader and founder of the UX consultancy, Circular UX. Rob opens up on his mental health struggles, including periods of psychosis and suicidal thoughts. And even after recovering and returning back to work, he experienced severe imposter syndrome. Rob shares how he got back on his feet and took back control of his life and career, which includes starting his own consultancy. Rob also shares his advice on freelancing and growing beyond your comfort zone in your career.ShownotesConnect with Rob Armes Brilliant by Andy CopeNielsen Norman GroupHow you can get into UX contracting and freelancing | by Rob Armes (He/Him) | Nov, 2023 | BootcampMental health support linksOverview - Psychosis - NHSContact Us | SamaritansContact us | MindShow creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
58:06 08/12/2023
Let go of the illusion of control and personal responsibility through facilitation - Charles-Louis de Maere
#045 - Do you take personal responsibility for things that don’t go according in your plan in your organisation? Do you try to control the outcome and burn yourself out in the process? What if you could let go of all that?In this episode, I speak to Charles-Louise de Maere who’s an expert facilitator helping organisations with collaborative thinking, storytelling and visual thinking. Charles-Louis shares some amazing facilitation techniques that’ll enable you transform your sense of personal responsibility into a collective one within your organisation. He also talks about “Kishōtenketsu”, an Asian storytelling framework which is not based on a conflict, like the “hero’s journey” is. Charles-Louise also shares tips on how you can use visual thinking to collaborate, regardless of your sketching abilities.ShownotesAttend the end of year retro for designers and changemakers with Charles-Louise de Maere Kishōtenketsu with Charles-Louis cafe method of facilitation creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
79:24 24/11/2023
Hey designers, they're gaslighting you - Sara Wachter-Boettcher
Designers, you’ve been sold a lie. You’ve been told you need to work harder, do more with less and prove your value. You’ve done all that but it’s left you frustrated, misaligned and burnt out.In this episode, Sara Wachter-Boettcher lifts the lid on the bottled up feelings so many designers have right now. Sara digs into the roots of where these (often well intended) messages are coming from and how you can manage them, putting your own needs and well-being first. Sara shares valuable advice to help to reframe your definition of success and your own value and reclaim agency of your work and career trajectory.Sara is a CEO of Active Voice where she helps people in tech and design become bold leaders by helping them understand themselves first. Sara was a content and UX consultant on responsible and inclusive design and she’s also the author of three books - Design for Real Life (with Eric Meyer), Content Everywhere and Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech.ShownotesSara on Linkedin up for the newsletter to learn about upcoming 2024 programs Attend Sara’s “Reclaim your power” workshop on 8th December 1-4pm ET (pay what you wish) designers, they’re gaslighting you. creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
73:49 10/11/2023
Systems thinking to know yourself and others better with Boon Chew
#042 - Join us in an insightful discussion with Boon Chew, a principal UX designer at Elsevier and a former board member at the London chapter of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Dive into the world of systems thinking as we explore how designers can utilise it to comprehend the larger systems they're designing for. From understanding our intrinsic cognitive systems to fostering empathy through awareness, Boon shares that systems thinking not only enhances our design perspective but also deepens our understanding of ourselves and others.ShownotesBoon Chew on LinkedIn loop diagram Systems Thinker Innovation Network creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
61:36 05/10/2023
Know your unique strengths for your own wellbeing and peace with Kate Berry
#042 - You need to be good at everything - that’s the narrative we’re sold from pretty early on. The industry celebrates unicorns, magical beings who can do almost anything. However, we all have strengths that are unique to each one of us and trying to use our lesser strengths can drain our energy, making it difficult for us to get into a state of flow and impacting our wellbeing.In this episode, I speak with Kate Berry, Instructor Manager at General Assembly and my strengths coach. Kate unravels the secrets to understanding and harnessing our innate abilities through strengths profiles. Whether you're battling imposter syndrome or seeking a deeper connection to your work and the people you work with, Kate will help you discover of the power of being great at less things instead of trying be good at everything.ShownotesConnect with Kate Berry on LinkedIn and Wellbeing: Regaining Balance When Life Changes profile Strengths Profile creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
74:02 21/09/2023
Redefining growth: Embracing curiosity and transversal skills with Saskia Listle
#041 - Join us in this enlightening episode with Saskia Listle, a digital humanist and founder of the Academy of Future Skills, which is a community of learning practice, a think-tank and a consultancy on the Future of our Skills. Dive deep into the value of transversal skills and why they offer a sense of purpose that hard skills can't. We'll explore the concepts of T-shaped vs V-shaped employees, the power of curiosity in shaping one's professional path, and the potential pitfalls of an unchecked growth mindset. Saskia also reveals her top 3 skills, which have been instrumental in her journey.ShownotesConnect with Saskia of Future Skills to Nirish on self-awareness as a skill on Saskia’s podcast, Conversations with My Future Skills creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
75:42 24/08/2023
Navigating the digital world with intention, heart and purpose with Katja Forbes
#040 - In a world driven by rapid growth, how do you stay connected to one’s inner compass and lead with intention, kindness and ethics? Join us for a candid chat with my good friend, Katja Forbes. Recognised as one of top 50 Australian professionals, Top 10 Women Disrupters and as one of Westpac/Australian Financial Review's '100 Women of Influence', Katja shares her learnings and wisdom from an illustrious career as a designer, design leader and entrepreneur.In this episode:Managing your inner criticHow to make it easier for people to give you useful feedbackThe highs and lows of running your own companyEthical navigation in the digital realmKnowing and sticking to your valuesand much more!ShownotesConnect with Katjakatjaforbes.com Purpose to Impact by Nick Craig and Scott A. Snook of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
76:59 10/08/2023
The power of mindsets and mindfulness with Rizwan Javaid
#039 - Welcome to Season 4 of the Design Feeling Podcast!We kick off the new season with an inspiring conversation with Rizwan Javaid, a seasoned human-centred designer from San Francisco and the creator of the Low Fidelity Newsletter and Unleash Your Mindset Podcast.Rizwan opens up about his struggles with fear, doubt, and imposter syndrome, and shares how he overcame these challenges through the deliberate practice of mindsets and mindfulness.Free UXConf ticket giveaway!Win a free virtual ticket worth £114 to attend the UX Conf conference on Wednesday 13th September. All you have to do is subscribe to this podcast and email Nirish at for your chance to win.Get 10% on the UXConf conference tickets for 13th September in the Southbank Centre in LondonUse the discount code DESIGNFEELINGPODCAST10 at theuxconf.comFree guide for Design Feeling listeners: Learn Three Powerful Mindsets to Boost Your Design Confidence and Unlock Your Potential the Low Fidelity newsletterhttp://www.lowfidelity.ioListen to the Unleash Your Mindset! Podcast creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
49:32 27/07/2023
Following your heart and empowering young people with Design Thinking with Jenna Maudlin
#038 - For the final episode of Season 3, join us in this inspiring conversation with Jenna Maudlin, a multi-award-winning designer and advocate for social good. Jenna is currently working with Apart of Me, a charity empowering children and young people to cope with loss and trauma. Jenna shares her journey of following her heart as a designer to teaching design thinking to young minds. We also discuss co-designing with children and young people as therapeutic intervention. Jenna also puts a call out for you to get involved with her exciting projects she’s working on. In this episode:Co-designing with children and young peopleFollowing your heart when the time is rightThe importance of lived experiencesKnowing your superpowersAnd much more!ShownotesConnect with Jenna on Linkedin and get involved her projects out Apart of Me game and Nadiya app. They’re free!www.apartofme.appJenna’s favourite resourcesBusiness Model Generation is Service Design Thinking Confidence in the news creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
76:34 09/06/2023
Beyond the Bootcamp: The Nuances of Becoming a Competent Designer
#037 - In this podcast episode, host Nirish Shakya has a heart-to-heart conversation with three of his UX design students from General Assembly, Junying Lim, Sarah Willet, and Freddie Grzybowski. They discuss the nuances of becoming a competent designer beyond just the methods and tools learned in a boot camp. They delve into personal and professional journeys that shape a designer's perspectives and approach to design.Key topics discussed:The courage it takes to embrace the unknown and the discomfort that comes with learning something newThe importance of personal experiences and perspectives in shaping a designerWhy knowing your strengths and weaknesses will make your career more sustainable and joyfulAnd much more!ShownotesJunying LimArt Instagram WilletLinkedin Thewillettway.comInstagram GrzybowskiLinkedIn creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
83:04 25/05/2023
Designing parenthood: A journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Rachel Arthur
#036 - Service designer, facilitator, coach and a recent mum, Rachel Arthur discusses the challenges and growth that come with parenthood and how it can lead to increased self-awareness. We also talk about the importance of slowing down and how our constant busyness might distract us from meeting our deeper needs. Rachel also shares how becoming a parent, particularly a mother, can force a reconnection with the body and serve as a powerful transition for personal growth. Rachel also shares practical tips for reconnecting with your body at any moment during your busy day.In this episode:The challenges and growth accompanying parenthoodThe discomfort of slowing down and the societal normalisation of busynessThe "fixing mindset" of designers and its possible drawbacksThe technique of ocean breathingRachel’s program Mamma Kind to help mums connect with their needsShownotesConnect with Rachel and Mama Kind Journal creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
55:32 12/05/2023
From overthinking to deep thinking with Kim Witten
#035 - Nirish Shakya talks to his coach Kim Witten PhD. Kim shares her journey from working in the design industry in San Francisco to pursuing a PhD in sociolinguistics in the UK. Kim shares her insights on how to turn overthinking into a superpower by reframing it as curiosity. She emphasises the need to be curious and non-judgmental when experiencing negative emotions, and to try to befriend them. They also discuss the importance of focusing on the essentials to do less but do them better and celebrating wins, no matter how small they are. Tune in to this enriching conversation about managing anxiety, focusing on values, and achieving success.In this episode:Importance of slowing down, noticing, and accepting one's feelings and bodily sensationsTreating oneself as the user of one's own lifeNoticing patterns and using tools like affinity mapping to make sense of themGiving ourselves grace in the processand much more!ShownotesGet 30% off Kim’s 90 minute one-to-one “Design Your Time” workshop if you mention the Design Feeling Podcast to Kim’s ‘Hold That Thought’ newsletter to Kim’s podcast to go from Overthinking to Expert Thinking by Kim Witten Signs That Separate Deep Thinkers From Over Thinkers by Jano le Roux this UX Method in Your Next Challenging Conversation creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
91:18 27/04/2023
The UX of Sex with Nina McNamara
#034 - Sex! It’s one of our most basic human interactions that also one that brings with it lots of complexities, unmet needs and plain awkwardness. What if you could approach it as a design challenge and simplify it a bit?In this episode, Nirish Shakya talks with Nina McNamara, a design leader, entrepreneur, and activist, about the UX of sex. Nina is the founder of UX of Sex and is on a mission to help people consciously design their relationships and sex lives. Together, they discuss how to co-create a relationship and cultivate candid conversations about relationships, sexual experience, and desire. Nina also shares a tip on running a sex retro with your partner! Join in on the conversation and learn how to bring more intentionality, creativity and clarity into your relationships.Key topics discussed:Using UX design in relationshipsThe importance of communication, context and timingUnderstanding one's motivations and desiresAI technology and dating appsCo-creation and empathy"Sex retro" exerciseApplying intentional structures and rituals in relationshipsand more!ShownotesGet a seat at the table for the next UX of Sex event; ‘What can we learn from Kink?’ with Nina People into Teams by Mary and David Sherwin creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
74:54 13/04/2023
Designing adventures and recreating awe for clarity and creativity with Kim Slade
#033 - When was the last time you felt a sense of awe? Research shows that experiencing can make you happier, healthier and more humble. So often we tend to lose our awe we had as kids as we turn into adults and life becomes a busy routine. Kim Slade is trying to change that. He is the founder of Unlost Co, where he designs immersive adventures to help people recreate that childhood awe. In this episode, Kim shares his method for designing these immersive experiences that engages the 5 senses through every touchpoint. He also talks about his 4 step story framework to create moments of adventure, mindfulness and reflection in our busy lives.In this episodeHow to design experiences - place, time, senses, storyUsing adventure and nature to find clarity and  creativityHow to know where to work for different types of workand much moreShownotesKim Slade Startup School Summercamp Gates’ think week frameworks creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
72:21 30/03/2023
Making work about humans, not just products
#032 - How safe do you feel failing, learning and growing in your organisation? In this episode, I had a chat with my good friends Sinem Erdemli and Callum Goodwilliam who’re also the co-founders of Random Animal, a social impact company that’s on a mission to improve work for everyone through better access to learning, design and community.Sinem and Callum emphasise the need to focus on the human aspect of work and creating conditions in organisations where teams and individuals thrive. They also talk about the importance of building safe spaces and communities where people can go to independent of their work, work on developing skills in a non-linear fashion, or get support from peers.ShownotesRandom Animal Random Animal’s test with new ways of learning, organising and worknig Animal's resources on Notion Second Mountain by David Brooks Podcast Organizations by Frederic Laloux Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile Range by David Epstein The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Dan Pink's Our Problem?: A Self-Help Book for Societies by Tim Urban 2 Episode 7: From Human-Centred Design to Life-Centred Design with Dr. Martin Tomitsch creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
65:39 16/03/2023
Using the future to design the present with Lena Tünkers
#031 - The future can seem like a figment of our imagination and devoid of reality. Our mind naturally creates multiple scenarios of how the future might unfold but we either ignore them or get worried about them.In this episode, I speak with designer, facilitator and futures literacy educator Lena Tünkers on futures literacy and how we can use the future to shape the present. Lena mentions how analysing alternate versions of the future can be a powerful exercise in making them a reality. Lena also shares simple techniques you can use to reframe your imagined futures.In this episode:What is futures literacy and how you can get better at itProbably, desirable and alternative futuresReframing assumptions of the futureCreating future personasGetting buy-in for future scenarios in organisationsand much more!ShownotesLena Tünkers up to Lena’s course ‘Using Futures in Practice’ starting in March 2023 Bergheim Layered Analysis Framework creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
64:29 02/03/2023
Skip the small talk with Jan Keck
#030 - Do you leave a networking event or a conference with a stack of business cards but not much connection? That’s because most of our conversations are limited to small talk and stay on the surface.In this episode, experience designer, facilitator, TEDx speaker and small-talk detoxer Jan Keck shares his advice on facilitating conversations that go deeper whilst building trust and connection.In this episode:Having genuine curiosity as a facilitatorPrioritising connection over contentFacilitating silenceIce-melters over ice-breakersStarting conversations like starting a campfireand much more!ShownotesConnect with app of Jan’s conversation starter cardshttp://app.askdeepquestions.comGoogle’s research on psychological safety Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
64:16 16/02/2023
Creativity, mindfulness and the impact of AI with Radim Malinic
#029 - Are you a designer or problem solver who wants to be more creative but are stuck in the routine of the daily grind? In this episode, I chat with Radim Malinic. Radim is a designer, creative director and best selling author of multiple books on branding, creativity and mindfulness. Radim takes us on a journey into his creative mind and how he thinks and feels creativity and incorporates mindfulness to keep himself grounded in the messiness of creativity.In this episode:Utilising your job titles but not be bound by themGiving yourself opportunities to exploreUsing feeling as a metricNurturing your relationship with creativityUsing mindfulness to give yourself perspectiveUsing AI as a tool to enhance creativityShownotesRadim Malinic’s books Motivator True Fans by Kevin Kelly The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense by Rory Sutherland’s favourite resourcesWorks of Sir Ken Robinson, Author Brooks, Simon Sinek, Alain De BottonShow creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter edited by Niall Mackay Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
61:53 02/02/2023
End of year reflections and being aware of the self and the system you're part of with Andi Mignolo
#028 - Welcome to Season 3! As designers, we are good at thinking and doing. But what about being? How does that look and feel like? In this first episode of Season 3, I spoke with Andrea (Andi) Mignolo, designer, executive coach and the President of the Interaction Design Association. Andi talks about self-awareness but also awareness of the system the self is part of.In this episode:Ontology: a way of beingCentering yourselfHow self-awareness makes you a better designerEmbracing resistance as part of the creative processUncoupling design and capitalismand much more!ShownotesAndrea on LinkedIn and Matter Interaction Design Association N T S . U S: an ontological design studio theme Andi designed writes a monthly newsletter about leadership, business, and being human, called Kitchen Party. creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter edited by Niall Mackay Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
59:49 19/01/2023
Best of Season 2: Recap and learnings
In this final episode of Season 2, Nirish recaps his top highlights and learnings from the 12 episodes of the season.Share your ideas and suggestions with Nirish at nirish@designfeeling.coShownotesTim Yeo, the Quiet Achiever Carlsson, Paradym app Problems That Matter: Design, Build & Launch Your Social Enterprise Idea by Ben Pecotich Book by Trenton Moss Bellringer capability paper - ecosystems case-study - value of diversity - Leech“Design, Think, Make, Break, Repeat” Book by Martin Tomitsch and Jed Lazar, Cozy Juicy Real Minute Method by Robbie Swale Pincott, Reality Prototyping Mokhtari Beliunaite Prada Erdemli Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
23:08 08/01/2023
Candid end of year reflections with three design leaders
#026 - To wrap up the year, I had a candid chat with 3 friends who are all design leaders and creatives. Egle is a designer, researcher and lifestyle photographer who leads design teams for a global corporation. Rafa is a Design Director, Product Design Consultant, and Visiting Lecturer at The Bartlett (UCL) and London College of Communication (UAL). Sinem is a Principal UX Designer and Design Lecturer. We talked about how the year 2022 was for each one of them and their biggest challenges, learnings and advice for designers.In this episode:Active listening and trusting people first before trying to solve problems with designImportance of alignment, trust and connectionLetting go of methodologies and building your agility in a cross-functional teamNot trying to control all the outcomesThinking about the long-term impact on product and peopleBeing comfortable with uncomfortable feelings and uncomfortable situationsShownotesHappy Startup School Brown Edmondson Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo, When Everybody Designs by Ezio Manzini New Work by Aaron Dignan Thousand Weeks*ck It by John C. Parkin Beliunaite Prada Erdemli creditsIllustrations by Isa Vicente by Brad Porter Design Feeling on social! LinkedIn Instagram Twitter TikTok Facebook
53:48 22/12/2022