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Optimising Retail Supply Chains
In this episode ecosio's EDI experts discuss the many issues affecting retail supply chains and the steps businesses can take to improve efficiency and resilience. Topics covered include...Achieving increased visibilityWhy flexibility is key and how to achieve itPreparing for the futureWhat optimisation looks like in practice
27:53 01/02/2023
Common EDI Mistakes
When handled well, EDI can bring businesses many impressive benefits. However, implementing and maintaining a successful EDI system can be tricky. In this episode, Will speaks to Julia Thaller - ecosio's Head of Sales - about the most common mistakes people make when it comes to EDI... and how to avoid them.
27:30 28/07/2022
Breaking Down Partner Onboarding
Onboarding EDI partners is an essential part of any modern supply chain, but for those involved, it can also be a very frustrating process. Thankfully, this doesn't have to be the case, however. In this episode we speak to ecosio's resident onboarding expert Paul Wandl, who gives a detailed overview of the process and shares some helpful tips on how to achieve a successful outcome.
31:08 13/07/2022
How Peppol Works
In recent years Peppol has become increasingly popular across Europe as more and more governments introduce regulations concerning invoice exchange automation. In this podcast In this episode Philipp Liegl and Will Smith look at (among other things) how Peppol began, how it works, how Peppol connectivity can benefit your business and what the future of Peppol looks like.
29:34 26/05/2022
Avoiding Supply Chain Fragility
In this episode ecosio's EDI experts identify five key supply chain weak points and discuss the practical steps you can take to tackle these issues and minimise your business's vulnerability.Topics tackled include:The problem with a linear modelEliminating bottlenecks Why reliance on humans is unwiseThe importance of being able to accurately predict changesHow to improve data visibility
27:42 07/04/2022
The Future of B2B Integration
In this episode EDI expert and ecosio co-founder Philipp Liegl shares his top five predictions for what he thinks EDI and B2B integration will look like in the coming years. Other topics discussed also include...Coping with e-invoicing regulationsWhy sustainability is key and how to achieve itWill new technologies such as blockchain, API and RPA be the death of EDI?Top tips for futureproofing your system
29:29 14/02/2022