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What if Bolsonaro really tries to stage a coup?
President Bolsonaro has hinted that he could try to stage a coup if he loses the upcoming election. If he really pulls that trigger, then what?Support the show
38:36 21/09/22
The broad front gets broader
Former Environment Minister Marina Silva, who until recently was highly critical of Lula and his Workers' Party, has just endorsed the former president. For her, democrats' main goal should be unseating Jair Bolsonaro.Support the show
20:57 14/09/22
LIVE: Bolsonaro pushes Brazilian democracy to its limits
Just a month shy of the elections, pro-Bolsonaro protesters will hit the streets on Independence Day to show their support for the current president. But could this September 7 impact the results at the ballot box? In a special live taking place in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, our very own Gustavo Ribeiro and Euan Marshall will discuss the demos and their significance with Beatriz Rey, SNF Agora fellow and columnist at The Brazilian Report. Special live appearances by Cedê Silva, in Brasília, and Constance Malleret, from Rio de Janeiro.Support the show
62:24 07/09/22
1822, Ep. 4: Pomp under circumstance
SPECIAL SERIES: In this fourth and final episode, we shed light on the multiple "Independence Days" across Brazil, each with its own significance.Support the show
20:14 06/09/22
1822, Ep. 3: The pacifist myth
SPECIAL SERIES: In the third episode of our series, we look at Brazil's wars of independence, showing that constituting this new country was not as bloodless as many believe.Support the show
15:05 05/09/22
1822, Ep. 2: Independence or Death
SPECIAL SERIES: In this second episode, we look at the real story of what happened on September 7 — not the one taught in school textbooks.Support the show
17:54 04/09/22
1822, Ep. 1: And Brazil was no longer a colony
SPECIAL SERIES: In this special mini-series, we walk you through the eccentricities and myths of this period, its legacies in the country 200 years later, and how Brazil became Brazil.Support the show
15:25 03/09/22
Do presidential debates still matter?
The much-anticipated confrontation between Lula and Jair Bolsonaro ended up being underwhelming. But besides that, have we really learned anything from Sunday's debate?Support the show
28:00 31/08/22
Has the internet killed TV and radio political ads?
The election four years ago led many to believe that TV and radio ads had become a thing of the past. But have they? This week we will talk about TV and radio ads, then and now.Support the show
28:35 24/08/22
Deflation for whom?
Brazil registered 0.68-percent deflation in July, suggesting that prices are easing. But a look beneath the headline numbers makes for some sobering findings.Support the show
19:37 17/08/22
Pro-democracy pushback
As President Jair Bolsonaro's anti-democratic antics grow in volume, banks and tycoons become vocal in their defense of democracy. A coup, after all, is bad for business.Support the show
21:59 10/08/22
The state of monkeypox in Brazil
Brazil has over 1,300 confirmed cases of monkeypox. With the exception of Peru’s 275 confirmed cases, no other Latin American countries have hit the 100-case mark, making Brazil the region's monkeypox hotspot.Support the show
22:13 03/08/22
Electoral gears start to heat up
The main candidacies in Brazil's presidential election in October have been made official by their parties. We discuss what that changes in the race.Support the show
22:11 27/07/22
Anitta enters the presidential race
Arguably Brazil's biggest pop star of the moment, singer Anitta has endorsed former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva — and is even giving him campaign advice.Support the show
30:47 20/07/22
Fears of political violence grow
The murder of a Workers' Party official spells a bad omen for Brazil's upcoming general election.Support the show
22:19 13/07/22
Bolsonaro is throwing money at his problems
The Brazilian president wants to sidestep election laws to jack up spending ahead of the election. Columnist Beatriz Rey warns of the risks of giving him such powers.Support the show
24:53 06/07/22
A second swing at Bolsonaro
The opposition failed to remove Bolsonaro from office with last year's Covid hearings. They want a new congressional investigation to hurt him at the ballot box.Support the show
21:03 29/06/22
The president v. Petrobras
While the price of gas isn't exactly the best metric to understand the economy at large, the ubiquity of fuel and its direct impact on people's monthly budgets make it an easy shorthand for the broader economic scenario — especially when prices are going up.Support the show
20:34 22/06/22
Where are Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira?
It has been 11 days since journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira were reported missing. The police are yet to find the two.Support the show
35:31 15/06/22
Is the Monroe doctrine dead?
A deflated Summit of the Americas won't bring many noteworthy resolutions, though it will be interesting to see what transpires from a bilateral meeting between Presidents Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Joe Biden of the U.S.Support the show
31:22 08/06/22
Hunger haunts Brazil again
Brazil thought the economic growth of the 2000s had rid the country of hunger. But this ghost of the past has returned to haunt the country.Support the show
14:28 01/06/22
Who will face off against Petro in Colombia?
The final spot in the presidential runoff in Colombia remains up for grabs. The dispute between populist Rodolfo Hernández and establishment conservative Fico Gutiérrez will be decided by a razor-thin margin.Support the show
37:04 25/05/22
China raises red flags in Brazil
April economic data from China came worse than expected. Given the sheer importance of the Asian giant to Brazil, that is something for President Jair Bolsonaro, who seeks re-election in October, to worry about. Support the show
25:26 18/05/22
Lula launches lunge for legacy
Former President Lula officially began the race for an unprecedented third presidential term. The challenges he will face are far greater this time around. Support the show
47:18 11/05/22
Warning Biden
A group of researchers from the U.S.-based Washington Brazil Office believes the threat of democratic rupture in Brazil is very real, and they want Joe Biden to react.Support the show
27:36 04/05/22
Bolsonaro rattles institutions. Could they break?
When the holder of the highest office in the land openly challenges judicial decisions, it spells a bad omen for the endurance of democratic institutions.Support the show (
22:54 27/04/22
Jair calls time on the pandemic
After over two years and more than 660,000 deaths in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is claiming "victory" over Covid-19 — but the government deserves no credit after its hapless pandemic response.  Support the show (
17:19 20/04/22
Why Venezuela will lead the world in growth
After years of economic debacle, President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has adopted more pragmatic economic policies. And the results are showing.Support the show
28:06 13/04/22
Brazilian 'third way' crashes and burns
Unpopular politicians, no unifying candidate, and erratic moves have scuppered the chances of Brazil's democratic right in the 2022 election.Support the show
24:09 07/04/22
Petrobras merry-go-round spins again
With inflation weighing down his chances of winning a second term, President Jair Bolsonaro has nixed the CEO of Petrobras. Again.Support the show (
22:51 30/03/22